Please note that this is not a complete list of all WAFL players since 1885. Listed records are complete for all players since 1994 only, when electronic recording of statistics began. Before 1994 select players who won individual awards or honours are listed. Should you require information on any WAFL player not listed or can supply missing information for those listed, please contact the WAFL historian Greg Wardell-Johnson by e mail:

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# Name Club DOB Club From Points Active
31ABBOTT, BrendenClaremont01 Jan 1995Royals - Albany1
45ABBOTT, CampbellEast Perth21 Nov 1996Mt Lawley1
51ABBOTT, DarrenPerth03 Nov 1992Southern Districts0
-ABBOTT, PaulEast Fremantle25 Oct 1964-0
-ABBOTT, TravisSouth Fremantle19 Mar 1998Kojonup JFC0
26ABBOTT, TravisSouth Fremantle19 Mar 1998Kojonup JFC1
51ABRAHAM, MatthewSouth Fremantle21 Aug 1998Narrogin Hawkes1
14ABRAHAM, RichardSwan Districts16 Jun 1995Bassendean JFC0
-ABRAHAM, WinstonPerth29 Sep 1974-0
1ACRES, BlakeWest Perth07 Oct 1995Edgewater Woodvale JFC1
53ACRES, DanielWest Perth27 Jul 1994Wanneroo0
29ADAMINI, JesseEast Fremantle21 Jul 1996Railways1
-ADAMS, AidenSwan Districts13 Oct 2001Swan View Football Club0
73ADAMS, JordanPeel Thunder06 Nov 1996Baldivis0
21ADAMS, LukeSwan Districts10 Aug 1991Kalamunda JFC0
24ADAMS, MarcusWest Perth30 Jun 1993Upper Swan JFC0
11ADAMS, MatthewSwan Districts11 Aug 1993Mazenod JFC0
8ADAMS, ReeceSouth Fremantle18 Sep 1989Bibra Lake JFC0
7ADAMS, TheoSouth Fremantle26 Jun 1985Lakes JFC0
57ADAMS, VincentSwan Districts12 May 1997Roebourne/Wesley0
-ADAMSON, BrianWest Perth30 Jun 1952-0
18ADAMSON, CoreySubiaco23 Feb 1992Ballajura JFC1
-ADAMSON, LukeEast Perth27 Mar 2001Kingsway JFC0
28ADAMSON-HOLMES, JordanSubiaco12 Dec 1986Girawheen Koondoola0
-ADDINSAL, MattEast Perth06 Jul 1973-0
6ADDISON, ZacharyEast Fremantle29 Jul 1993Railways0
-ADKINS, DamienPerth09 Mar 1981Collingwood0
32ADLER, NathanSubiaco04 May 1996Whitfords0
-AGNEW, BrocPeel Thunder01 Jun 1979-0
18AGOSTINO, FrankPerth05 May 1983Noranda JFC0
14AGOSTINO, PeterEast Perth22 Nov 1984Noranda JFC0
-AH CHEE, BrendonEast Perth21 Dec 1993South Fremantle0
63AH CHEE, CallumSouth Fremantle09 Oct 1997Kelmscott JFC0
-AH CHEE, CallumSouth Fremantle09 Oct 1997kelmscott0
39AH SIU, ChristopherSouth Fremantle05 Jul 1998Winnacott1
50AH SIU, MatthewSouth Fremantle20 Jul 1996Bullcreek Leeming JFC1
18AH-CHEE, KainePeel Thunder19 Apr 1996Pinjarra1
-AHCHEE, DudleyWest Perth21 Oct 1973-0
-AIKEN, AnthonySwan Districts21 Jan 1979-0
3AIKEN-FEATHERSTONE, Enrique South Fremantle07 Dec 1999Jandakot1
-AINLEY, MarkEast Perth07 Nov 1981Sandringham Interstate0
40AINSWORTH, BraydenEast Perth21 Nov 1998Ports0
-AINSWORTH, DonaldEast Fremantle21 Apr 1935-0
8AINSWORTH, JamesSubiaco13 Aug 1998Warwick-Greenwood JFC1
-AISBETT, ArthurEast Fremantle09 Jun 1886-0
-AISBETT, PeterEast FremantleN/A-0
48AITCHISON, MathewClaremont01 Jun 1988SDFC0
38AITKEN, EdwardClaremont22 Aug 1998Swanbourne JFC1
45AITKEN, JordanClaremont28 Mar 1991West Coast JFC / Hale0
84AITKEN, KaidenPeel Thunder03 Oct 1994Harvey Brunswick Leschenault0
41AJANG, AjangEast Perth01 Jan 1997Ellenbrook JFC1
-ALBURY, JamieWest Perth23 Sep 1999Whitford JFC1
-ALDERMAN, BillSubiaco04 Apr 1923-0
-ALDERTON, RobWest Perth09 Mar 1959-0
40ALEXANDER, CodeySubiaco14 Feb 1989Mines0
-ALEXANDER, DeanSubiaco02 Oct 2001Sorrento-Duncraig JFC0
5ALEXANDER, MaxWest Perth07 Nov 1991Stirling1
-ALEXANDER, RonaldEast Perth10 Dec 1950-0
41ALEXANDRE, NathanWest Perth01 Jun 1997Quinns JFC1
17ALIIR, AliirEast Fremantle05 Sep 1994Aspley5
-ALIIR, DombaiSouth Fremantle09 Apr 1991Lynwood0
-ALIIR, DombiaSouth Fremantle09 Apr 1991Lynwood0
-ALLAN, BenjaminClaremont15 Oct 1968-0
-ALLAN, LincolnClaremont27 Jul 2001Mosman Park JFC0
3ALLAN, MarcusClaremont23 May 1986Brisbane Lions0
62ALLAN, NicholasClaremont25 Mar 1999Claremont JFC1
-ALLARD, WayneEast Fremantle29 May 1974-0
55ALLEN, AngusWest Perth05 Aug 1997Whitfords1
-ALLEN, CameronSouth Fremantle30 May 1975-0
-ALLEN, FrankEast Perth05 Dec 1926-0
-ALLEN, FrankEast Fremantle15 Mar 1880-0
-ALLEN, JackSwan Districts07 Nov 2001Kalamunda JFC0
42ALLEN, MatthewEast Perth18 Oct 1997Glenelg0
99ALLEN, OscarEast Perth19 Mar 1999Whitford JFC0
-ALLEN, TerrenceEast Fremantle14 Mar 1944-0
-ALLENDER, JaycePerth23 Oct 1994Thornlie JFC0
15ALLISON, CadenClaremont26 Jul 1992Rovers0
57ALLISON, CameronSouth Fremantle09 Aug 1991Narrogin0
64ALLISON-GREEN, JaySubiaco05 May 1997Warwick-Greenwood JFC0
31ALLSOP, CiaranEast Perth06 Jan 1997Coolbinia JFC1
64ALLSOP, DanielEast Perth04 Aug 1990Coolbinia West Perth0
70ALONE, GordonEast Perth23 Sep 1993Nollamara0
18ALONE, JaimonEast Fremantle12 Oct 1999Rovers1
66ALONE, MichaelSwan Districts16 Feb 1984Swan Athletic0
-ALSOPP, KelvinClaremont16 Jul 1933-0
-ALTHORPE, NeilSubiaco13 Jun 1924-0
-ALTHOUSE, BasilClaremont03 Oct 1994Warmun0
100ALTUS, AlexSouth Fremantle11 Feb 1999Katanning Wanderers1
-ALVARO, AnthonyWest Perth28 May 1976-0
-ALVARO, Brady West Perth05 Aug 2001Merredin JFC0
-ALVARO, Jordan Swan Districts22 Aug 1998Swan Athletic FC1
-AMARANTI, MarkEast Fremantle10 Jan 1967-0
-AMARANTI, PeterSubiaco15 Mar 1933-0
-AMARANTI, TobiClaremont19 Sep 2000Cottesloe JFC1
34AMATO, CorrySouth Fremantle23 Jul 1984Fremantle JFC0
-AMBROSE, RichardSubiaco10 Jun 1972-0
-AMBROSE, RyanEast Fremantle22 Nov 1998Winnacott0
43AMEDURI, ChristianEast Perth02 Aug 1999Noranda1
9AMEDURI, JulianEast Perth12 Mar 1994Noranda JFC1
11AMES, TallanSwan Districts18 Oct 1983Trinity Aquinas1
35AMOROSO, TonySubiaco07 Sep 1995Winnacott JFC0
53AMOS, JackEast Perth07 Jun 1997Mazenod JFC1
48AMOS, ThomasEast Perth07 Jun 1997Mazenod JFC1
-AMPHLETT, SamEast Fremantle18 May 1993Chapman Valley0
31ANDERSON, AidanSwan Districts08 Oct 1996Upper Swan JFC1
-ANDERSON, BenWest Perth13 Oct 1982Rochester0
16ANDERSON, BlakeClaremont07 Oct 1988West Coast JFC0
-ANDERSON, BradyEast Perth12 Jun 1975-0
-ANDERSON, CameronClaremont25 Sep 2001Wembley Downs JFC0
48ANDERSON, CedricPerth19 Apr 1998Maddington AFC0
-ANDERSON, ClaytonEast Fremantle06 May 1971-0
-ANDERSON, DarrylSouth Fremantle10 Feb 2001Narrogin Hawks0
-ANDERSON, DesmondEast Fremantle02 Mar 1937-0
-ANDERSON, DouglasSwan Districts21 Sep 1924-0
3ANDERSON, JakeClaremont14 Aug 1995Scarborough JFC0
-ANDERSON, JohnWest Perth03 Mar 1909-0
14ANDERSON, KieranSubiaco10 Sep 1993Stirling0
6ANDERSON, KyleEast Perth07 Jun 1990Augusta Margaret River1
-ANDERSON, LeeEast Perth14 May 1979Mafftra0
-ANDERSON, Leonard East Fremantle01 Jul 1938-0
2ANDERSON, MalcomSwan Districts20 Sep 1993South Hedland0
31ANDERSON, MitchellEast Fremantle25 Apr 2000Melville1
99ANDERSON, ReeceEast Fremantle25 Jan 1999Attadale JFC0
-ANDERSON, StuartSwan Districts28 Mar 1983-0
-ANDERSON, StuartSouth Fremantle27 Jun 1974-0
50ANDERSON, TyPeel Thunder23 Apr 2000Harvey Brunswick Lesch1
62ANDERSSON, JakeSwan Districts23 Apr 1996Busselton1
99ANDREOLI, WarrickSouth Fremantle28 Feb 1992Ramblers0
-ANDREW, Robin East Fremantle19 May 1945-0
-ANDREWS, Arthur East Fremantle05 Oct 1884-0
99ANDREWS, BraydenSouth Fremantle11 Nov 1995Perth FC0
43ANDREWS, ChristopherSwan Districts15 Jan 1991South Bunbury0
-ANDREWS, MervynEast Fremantle26 Sep 1926-0
24ANDREWS, MitchellClaremont05 Dec 1986Broadbeach / WPFC2
-ANDREWS, ReeceSouth Fremantle16 Jul 1997Wagin0
-ANGEL, Geoffrey East Fremantle18 Mar 1952-0
30ANGI, AlfiePeel Thunder26 Nov 1992Waroona JFC0
21ANILE, PaulSouth Fremantle29 Jul 1993Maddington0
27ANILE, PaulPerth29 Jul 1993Roleystone0
-ANNANDALE, ScottEast Fremantle13 Apr 1968-0
-ANNERT, Walter East FremantleN/A-0
-ANNING, ArthurWest Perth25 Oct 1924-0
-ANNING, BrockClaremont08 Jul 2001Albany Football Club0
-ANNOIS, William East Fremantle21 Feb 1905-0
41ANSEY, FrankClaremont20 Jan 1992Broome/Christchurch0
99ANSEY, NelsonPerth15 Apr 1996Wickham3
-ANSTEY, Shelton Perth28 Jul 1998Cervantes FC1
53ANTHONY, AidenEast Fremantle18 Jun 1992Railways0
20ANTHONY, DionEast Fremantle26 Apr 1994Railways1
27ANTHONY, JackSubiaco19 Jan 1988Collingwood0
3ANTHONY, LiamEast Fremantle09 Sep 1987Railways, GNFL1
56ANTICICH, MattPeel Thunder09 Oct 1990warbro0
2ANTONIO, BraydenWest Perth09 Aug 1994Quinns District JFC1
-ANTONIO, GlennWest Perth03 Sep 1970-0
11ANTONIO, MitchellWest Perth18 Mar 1997Quinns Districts JFC1
-ANTONOWICZ, DavidSubiaco01 Jun 1980-0
33ANZELLINO, RhysPeel Thunder11 Jan 1995Waroona JFC0
35APENESS, MichaelPeel Thunder28 Jan 1995Eastern Ranges0
-APPLEBY, Kenneth East Fremantle01 Jan 1925-0
1ARANDA, NelsonEast Fremantle15 Aug 2000Willeton JFC1
47ARANGIO, DanielPerth30 Mar 1994South Perth JFC0
69ARASI, JoelEast Fremantle22 Dec 1993Canning Vale JFC0
52ARBON, JacksonEast Perth01 May 1994Busselton0
39ARBON, NathanEast Perth15 Aug 1998Busselton1
-ARGALL, DaleSwan Districts14 Nov 1977Tuggeranong, ACTAFL0
23ARGENTO, EdoardoClaremont24 Jan 1994Marist JFC / Scotch0
14ARIAS, PaulEast Perth04 Mar 1987Carine JFC0
-ARMFIELD, DennisSwan Districts22 Dec 1986Eastern Hills JFC1
2ARMITAGE, JesseSubiaco15 Sep 1993Kinglsey JFC0
-ARMITAGE, JoeySubiaco21 Jul 2001Warwick Greenwood JFC0
57ARMITAGE, TyPeel Thunder13 Dec 1995HBL0
35ARMSTRONG, BrandyEast Perth29 Jul 1996Manjimup0
99ARMSTRONG, CameronSouth Fremantle08 Mar 1993Mandurah1
43ARMSTRONG, GavinSubiaco08 Jun 1990Railways0
33ARMSTRONG, JonathanSwan Districts14 Apr 1997Kalamunda JFC1
-ARMSTRONG, KennethPerth27 Jan 1936-0
-ARMSTRONG, RileySubiaco31 Jul 2000Sorrento-Duncraig JFC1
22ARMSTRONG, RohanSwan Districts18 May 1998South Alice Springs0
17ARMSTRONG, StevenPerth12 Jan 1984Kalamunda JFC0
99ARMSTRONG, TysonSouth Fremantle19 Aug 1998Katanning Wanderers0
-ARNFIELD, G.East Fremantle02 Oct 1926-0
29ARNOLD, BlakeWest Perth31 Jul 1984Quinns JFC0
-ARNOLD, LaurenceEast Fremantle10 Sep 1926-0
-ARNOLD, PaulSouth Fremantle08 Nov 1956-0
-ARNOTT, GeorgeEast FremantleN/A-0
13ARROWSMITH, AshleyPeel Thunder12 Apr 1989Calder Cannons0
-ARUNDEL, DonaldEast Fremantle15 Apr 1905-0
-ARVINO, PaulSwan Districts16 Jun 1974-0
-ASH, NoahSubiaco19 Feb 2001Kingsway JFC0
23ASHBY, DanielEast Perth27 Jan 1998Ellenbrook0
-ASHBY, HarrisonPerth03 Jan 1939Kelmscott0
8ASHBY, LeighClaremont14 Nov 1992West Coast JFC0
3ASHBY, LoganEast Perth27 Jan 1998Ellenbrook JFC0
-ASHBY, Ross East Fremantle27 Aug 1948-0
-ASHBY, SamSubiaco30 Oct 1999Newtown Condingup FC0
52ASHFIELD, MichaelWest Perth23 May 1996Kingsley JFC1
32ASHFORD, NicholasClaremont19 Nov 1997Albany Royals0
44ASHMAN, JoelSubiaco28 Jun 1993Kingsley JFC0
-ASHTON, Arthur East Fremantle28 May 1877-0
-ASHTON, ArthurSouth Fremantle20 Mar 1905-0
-ASHWORTH, TaylorWest Perth02 May 2001Joondalup/Kinross JFC0
27ASPINALL, David East Fremantle01 Feb 1998Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
-ASTBURY, RowanPeel Thunder16 Feb 1980-0
-ASTLE, NickPeel Thunder08 Jan 1981-0
99ATHANASIOU, JohnSouth Fremantle25 Jan 1991South Coogee JFC0
54ATHANASSIOU, JamieSouth Fremantle06 Apr 1992CBC Fremantle0
38ATKIN, CameronEast Perth12 Jan 1994Booragoon JFC0
-ATKINS, CEast Fremantle25 Aug 1873-0
-ATKINS, ChristopherEast Fremantle25 Oct 1978-0
-ATKINS, ClintSubiaco16 Jul 1975-0
-ATKINS, Edward East Fremantle25 Aug 1873-0
-ATKINS, MartinSouth Fremantle04 May 1969-0
16ATKINSON, DarrenWest Perth18 Sep 1985Bendigo0
-ATKINSON, GregPeel Thunder03 May 1978-0
-ATKINSON, JaidynEast Fremantle13 Sep 2000Winnacott JFC1
5ATKINSON, JakobSubiaco10 Apr 1997Toodyay FC1
-ATTARD, MarkSubiaco29 Jul 1974-0
31ATTHOWE, ChristopherPeel Thunder14 Feb 1989Eaton0
-ATWELL, BrentPeel Thunder29 Aug 1984Mundijong JFC0
52ATWELL, CodySouth Fremantle13 Mar 1992Gosnells0
-ATWELL, MalcolmPerth05 Mar 1936-0
-ATWELL, Walter East Fremantle26 Jul 1975-0
12ATWELL, Zaine South Fremantle13 Mar 2001South Coogee JFC1
-AUGUST, Ashley East Fremantle15 Mar 1940-0
99AURISCH-PIKE, NathanPerth14 Aug 1996York FC0
53AUSTGEN, JamesSwan Districts02 Feb 1995Upper Swan0
-AUSTIN, BurkePerth09 Oct 1975-0
39AUSTIN, ClaytonWest Perth26 Dec 1999Quinns Districts JFC1
-AUSTIN, JermainePerth20 May 1996Jandakot 1
29AUSTIN, ZacSouth Fremantle16 Feb 1989Bibra Lake0
12AVERY, BenEast Perth11 Oct 1996Busselton0
-AVERY, NoelEast Fremantle05 Nov 1952-0
-AVERY, PeterWest Perth25 May 1962-0
-AYRE, RossWest Perth15 Jul 1936-0
-AYRES, RossEast Fremantle03 Nov 1937-0
30AYTON, TomClaremont28 Mar 1988Albany - Royals0
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