Please note that this is not a complete list of all WAFL players since 1885. Listed records are complete for all players since 1994 only, when electronic recording of statistics began. Before 1994 select players who won individual awards or honours are listed. Should you require information on any WAFL player not listed or can supply missing information for those listed, please contact the WAFL historian Greg Wardell-Johnson by e mail:

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# Name Club DOB Club From Points Active
-BACCINI, Desmond East Fremantle14 Dec 1935-0
-BACK, Walter East Fremantle09 Apr 1905-0
-BACKSHALL, Alfred East FremantleN/A-0
-BACKSHALL, DwaynePeel Thunder22 Apr 1990Mandurah JFC0
-BADHAM, StanSouth Fremantle11 Dec 1938-0
-BAGLEY, KennethSwan Districts07 Oct 1940-0
-BAGULEY, John East Fremantle30 Jun 1948-0
-BAHEN, ClemSubiaco14 Mar 1905-0
-BAILEY, GeorgePerth05 Jul 1919-0
-BAILEY, HaroldEast Fremantle12 Mar 1905-0
43BAILEY, LachlanEast Fremantle09 Feb 1998Attadale JFC1
-BAILEY, MaxWest Perth23 Oct 1986Narembeem0
-BAIN, DavidEast Perth02 May 1966-0
3BAIN, MitchellSwan Districts05 Dec 2000High Wycombe1
-BAIRD, ErnestEast Fremantle10 Jan 1903-0
50BAIRSTOW, DylanSouth Fremantle12 Mar 1991South Bunbury0
-BAIRSTOW, MarkSouth Fremantle24 Jul 1963-0
-BAIRSTOW, TobySouth Fremantle02 Nov 1988South Bunbury0
2BAKER, AdamWest Perth27 Nov 1995Wanneroo0
22BAKER, ArronPerth29 May 1987Busselton0
-BAKER, BillWest Perth10 Jul 1920-0
-BAKER, BrendonPerth21 Aug 1968-0
-BAKER, CraigSouth Fremantle02 Nov 1974-0
-BAKER, CraigeWest Perth20 Apr 1945-0
-BAKER, DamienSubiaco17 Nov 1993Stirling0
-BAKER, DanielPeel Thunder21 Aug 1979-0
-BAKER, DennisClaremont29 Dec 1947-0
-BAKER, JackSwan Districts06 Feb 1996Mazenod JFC0
33BAKER, JustinPeel Thunder25 Jul 1987Mandurah Centrals0
-BAKER, LeonSwan Districts17 Aug 1956-0
61BAKER, LiamSubiaco27 Jan 1998Lake Grace1
17BAKER, LucasClaremont15 Jan 1998Wembley Downs0
-BAKER, PaulSubiaco19 Dec 1970-0
-BAKER, RobertClaremont27 Apr 1999Albany Football Club1
28BAKER, ShawnPeel Thunder07 Jan 1994Halls Head0
-BAKER, TedEast Perth17 Nov 2001Southerners0
34BAKKER, BrockPerth23 Feb 1993Jurien Bay0
99BAKKER, LukePerth23 May 1996Jurien Bay FC/Victoria Park JFC0
-BALCHIN, MatthewEast Perth27 Apr 1977-0
-BALDWIN, JustinSouth Fremantle20 Feb 1971-0
-BALDWIN, ThomasClaremont31 Aug 2000Royals FC1
68BALDWIN-WRIGHT, DakotaPerth16 Sep 1998Vic Park JFC1
5BALDWIN-WRIGHT, DakotaPerth16 Sep 1998Vic Park JFC0
-BALES, DanielWest Perth26 Jan 1981-0
33BALESTRA, JakeEast Perth08 Dec 1998Mt Lawley1
24BALIC, HarleyPeel Thunder05 Jan 1997Sandringham Dragons0
-BALL, JasonSwan Districts21 Nov 1972-0
-BALL, MichaelSouth Fremantle12 Apr 1972-0
-BALL, MikeClaremont11 Nov 1955-0
-BALL, ShaneSwan Districts21 Nov 1972-0
-BALLANTYNE, DaleClaremont10 Feb 1969-0
37BALLANTYNE, HaydenPeel Thunder16 Jul 1987Baldivis JFC0
45BALLANTYNE, JackPerth18 Jun 1999Morawa1
-BALLARD, DarrynSouth Fremantle05 May 1970-0
44BALLARD, JacobPeel Thunder26 Feb 1994Northern Blues0
-BALLARD, RyanPeel Thunder29 Nov 1977-0
-BALLEM, MichaelWest Perth27 Sep 1984-0
-BALLINGALL, HaroldEast Fremantle13 Dec 1921-0
-BAMESS, DouglasEast Fremantle27 Apr 1927-0
-BANCROFT, HaroldSubiaco12 Mar 1910-0
-BANDY, DanielClaremont18 Nov 1975Kelmscott0
34BANFIELD, BaileyPeel Thunder26 Feb 1998Swanbourne JFC/Scotch1
-BANFIELD, DrewSubiaco27 Feb 1974Scotch College0
-BANFIELD, TimClaremont18 May 1972-0
9BANFIELD, ToddSwan Districts28 Jun 1990Upper Swan1
-BANHAM, GeorgeEast Fremantle13 Mar 1905-0
-BANK, WarrenEast Fremantle06 Jul 1981-0
-BANKS, EdwardEast Fremantle17 Sep 1941-0
99BANKS, MitchellSouth Fremantle25 Mar 1995Boddington0
15BANNER, MitchSouth Fremantle05 Jun 1990Port Adelaide0
35BANNISTER, MatthewEast Fremantle02 Sep 1991Scarborough0
-BARBARO, DamianEast Perth29 Dec 1995Noranda JFC 0
-BARBARO, DamianEast Perth29 Dec 1995Noranda JFC0
-BARBARO, NicholasEast Perth24 May 1992Noranda JFC0
-BARDEN, AlexSubiaco28 Jan 1993Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
22BARDEN, DarcyWest Perth13 Feb 1992Lower Plenty0
-BARFIELD, DesmomdEast Fremantle29 Jan 1939-0
-BARICH, AdrianPerth05 Dec 1963-0
43BARILE, AlexanderWest Perth20 Jan 1996Sorrento Duncraig0
45BARKER, AndrewPeel Thunder13 Sep 2000Halls Head FC1
8BARKER, Brayden Subiaco05 Nov 1997Newtown Condingup Football Club 0
-BARKER, ClarenceEast Fremantle15 Feb 1903-0
-BARKER, EdwardSwan Districts11 Nov 1926-0
57BARKER, KyeSwan Districts24 Jan 2000Upper Swan JFC1
29BARKER, NicholasSubiaco08 Feb 1999Kingsley0
2BARLOW, MichaelPeel Thunder18 Dec 1987Werribee0
-BARNARD, BrendanEast Perth25 Jan 1978-0
-BARNARD, JeremyEast Perth30 Dec 1971-0
-BARNARD, PaulEast Perth13 Feb 1973-0
99BARNDEN, JoelEast Fremantle15 Oct 1998Attadale0
-BARNDEN, WayneEast Fremantle11 Jan 1973-0
35BARNDON, SamPeel Thunder09 Mar 1994Warnbro JFC0
-BARNETT, MatthewSwan Districts15 Jun 1977-0
99BARNETT, SlaydeSouth Fremantle12 Feb 1998Forrestdale JFC0
44BARNS, ChadSubiaco21 Jan 1997North Beach JFC1
69BARNS, FraserPerth21 Sep 1998Mt Lawley1
-BARNSBY, TajEast Perth01 Aug 2001Southerners0
8BARNSLEY, KyleWest Perth24 Sep 1996Wesley Curtin0
39BARONE, BarryEast Fremantle26 Jan 1996Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
6BARONE, DeanEast Fremantle16 Jul 1998Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
-BARONI, LucioEast Perth11 Oct 1965-0
9BARONI, NicholasSubiaco19 Dec 1998Sorrento-Duncraig JFC1
58BARR, Nicholas East Perth09 Dec 1999Augusta Margaret River FC1
51BARR, SachinSwan Districts06 Apr 1998Newman National FL1
40BARRASS, ThomasEast Perth08 Oct 1995Scarborough JFC / Hale0
59BARRETT, JoshuaClaremont20 Nov 1995Mosman Park0
-BARRETT, KieranSwan Districts01 Nov 1976-0
-BARRETT, Kim East Fremantle17 Mar 1954-0
56BARRIE, JamesPeel Thunder08 Nov 1990Bunbury0
99BARRITT, MilesSouth Fremantle09 Jun 1997Katanning 0
40BARRON, TysonPerth27 Feb 2000Belmont JFC1
29BARROW, NicholasClaremont27 Aug 1996North Albany0
-BARROWS, BrendanWest Perth17 Oct 1970-0
2BARTEL, KirkWest Perth03 Jul 1994Gin Gin0
99BARTHOLOMEW, RaymondWest Perth28 Apr 1985Quinns JFC0
-BARTLETT, AdrianEast Fremantle20 Aug 1968-0
13BARTLETT, DanielPerth21 Jan 1994Vic Park JFC0
-BARTLETT, GlenEast Perth06 Oct 1964-0
-BARTLETT, TonyWest Perth11 Jan 1971-0
54BARTON, AlexanderSouth Fremantle09 Jun 1994North Fremantle0
-BARTON, BradleyEast FremantleN/A-0
10BARTON, IsaacClaremont13 Nov 1999Wembley Downs JFC1
-BARTRAM, DrewSouth Fremantle29 Apr 1977-0
-BARTUL, IvanSouth Fremantle22 Mar 1974-0
38BARTY, JoshuaClaremont23 Apr 1996Pennant Hills0
-BARWISE, Henry East FremantleN/A-0
55BASEDEN, MattEast Fremantle18 Feb 1994Winnacott JFC0
55BASHEMULE, EricEast Perth07 Oct 1999Coolbinia JFC1
36BASILE, ChristopherEast Fremantle12 Mar 1987Kardinya JFC0
31BASKERVILLE, KyleEast Fremantle19 Jul 1998Winnacott1
-BASTICK, HarmWest Perth24 Apr 2001Wanneroo JFC0
-BATCHELOR, TedClaremont07 Feb 2001North Albany FC0
-BATCHELOR, TrevorEast Perth15 Mar 1983Box Hill VFL0
7BATEMAN, ChancePerth21 Jun 1981York0
-BATEMAN, DanielPeel Thunder09 Jun 1992warnbro0
-BATEMAN, Francis East Fremantle22 Feb 1905-0
-BATEMAN, WilliamFremantle (WANFL)11 Sep 1866-0
52BATES, BrodieSouth Fremantle11 Sep 2000Jandakot Jets1
-BATES, RyanSubiaco26 Sep 1974-0
-BATHURST, FrederickEast Fremantle01 Sep 1943-0
-BATHURST, William East Fremantle27 Oct 1924-0
-BATKA, ChrisSubiaco21 Mar 1974-0
13BATTEL, JordanEast Fremantle20 Feb 1998Winnacott0
29BATTERHAM, JamesWest Perth05 Apr 1993Carine JFC1
60BATTERHAM, TrentEast Perth27 Apr 1991Carine JFC0
56BATTERSBY, IsaacSouth Fremantle16 Jun 1997Wagin FC0
-BATTY, DavidSouth Fremantle19 Nov 1964-0
6BATTYE, MatthewPeel Thunder05 Nov 1985Pinjarra0
31BAUER, KadinClaremont07 Dec 1992Broome0
51BAULCH, ThomasEast Perth26 Nov 1999Mackay City Hawks FC1
31BAUM, IsaacClaremont09 Jan 1996Boxwood Hills / Scotch0
-BAUSKIS, RaySouth Fremantle17 Jun 1954-0
51BAWDEN, DavidEast Perth09 Jan 1992Warwick Greenwood JFC0
-BAXTER, CraigEast Fremantle08 Dec 1935-0
-BAXTER, GuyEast Fremantle25 May 1962-0
-BAXTER, JamesEast Fremantle19 Feb 1905-0
-BAXTER, ShaunEast Perth02 Oct 1977-0
-BAYLES, JustinPerth24 Oct 1977-0
35BAYLISS, JamesEast Fremantle27 Apr 1990Rostrata JFC0
-BAYNES, DaleEast Fremantle29 Nov 1980-0
-BAYNES, TyronePeel Thunder20 Jun 1979-0
52BAYOK, TarirEast Perth08 Mar 1998Ellenbrook0
-BAZZO, StevenPeel Thunder01 May 1969-0
-BEARD, ColinSouth Fremantle12 Dec 1941-0
12BEARD, KylePerth19 Feb 1993Cunderdin0
-BEARD, NevillePerth19 Nov 1936-0
-BEARDMAN, Kenneth East Fremantle27 Feb 1926-0
-BEARMAN, KarlEast Perth27 Jun 1939-0
34BEASLEY, JoelPeel Thunder27 Jul 1992Pinjarra JFC0
-BEASLEY, SimonSwan Districts26 Jul 1956-0
17BEATTIE, AnthonySubiaco13 Dec 1980Toodyay MFL0
-BEATTIE, MatthewPerth28 May 1973-0
-BEATTY, SpencerPerth24 Jan 1999Wesley Curtin AFC1
-BECCARIA, BrunoEast Fremantle15 Dec 1915-0
-BECHELLI, JackEast Fremantle20 Jul 1995Wesley Curtin AFC1
11BECK, JacksonSwan Districts07 Apr 2000Bassendean JFC1
-BECK, PeterSubiaco16 May 1979-0
-BECKHAM, MervynSubiaco02 Jan 1927-0
56BECKMAN, ZacharyPeel Thunder05 Nov 1998Halls Head JFC1
-BECROFT, JakeClaremont11 May 1998North Albany FC0
-BECU, Robert East Fremantle23 Dec 1950-0
-BEDFORD, EricSwan Districts06 Sep 1990Karratha Falcons0
10BEDFORD, JamahlClaremont24 Jan 1994Cable Beach0
49BEDFORD, LiamClaremont12 Jul 1988Halls Creek0
-BEE, GeorgeWest Perth18 Aug 1878-0
-BEE, Henry East Fremantle05 Oct 1904-0
35BEE, MatthewPeel Thunder21 Apr 1994Pinjarra JFC0
9BEECK, JackClaremont26 Jul 1995Swanbourne JFC1
30BEECK, ZacharyEast Perth30 Jun 1982Busselton0
-BEECROFT, BrettSwan Districts28 Oct 1976-0
-BEECROFT, RobertSwan Districts11 Jan 1952-0
69BEER, JackEast Fremantle20 Mar 1995Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
19BEEVER, LloydPeel Thunder08 Jun 1994Pinjarra DFDC0
52BEGG, BlakePerth01 Apr 1996Moora Mavericks0
62BEGG, SamuelEast Perth07 May 1992Coolbinia JFC0
-BEGOVICH, DaneSwan Districts30 Aug 1999Upper Swan JFC1
-BEGOVICH, PeterSouth Fremantle20 Jun 1974-0
25BEISSEL, LukeSubiaco06 Jul 1996Quinns JFC0
-BEKKEVOLD, ThorPerth24 Jan 1983Victoria Park JFC0
21BELL, BlairPeel Thunder10 Sep 1993South Mandurah JFC1
-BELL, Francis East Fremantle19 Aug 1989-0
-BELL, Frank East Fremantle27 Jan 1953-0
-BELL, GavinWest Perth20 Aug 1973-0
31BELL, JaredPerth27 May 1996South Perth JFC1
6BELL, MitchellEast Perth17 Jan 1995Mt Lawley 0
-BELL, MitchellPerth17 Jan 1995Manjimup Tigers0
11BELL, PeterSouth Fremantle01 Mar 1976Kojonup UGSFL0
-BELLCHAMBERS, JaxonSouth Fremantle19 Mar 2001Bibra Lakes JFC0
54BELLINI, MarkSubiaco04 May 1989Karrinyup JFC0
-BELLION, WilliamWest Perth01 Sep 1890-0
-BELLOTTI, Darren East Fremantle25 Aug 1964-0
-BELLOTTI, LaurieClaremont28 Feb 1976-0
-BELLOTTI, RaphaelPerth19 Jul 1980-0
-BELOTTI, BarryPeel Thunder06 Sep 1981-0
-BENBOW, NickPeel Thunder21 Jan 1985-0
-BENDER, ReginaldEast Fremantle12 Oct 1879-0
-BENETTI, JakeClaremont27 Jun 2001Marist JFC0
-BENJAMIN, ClintonClaremont27 Jul 1988Hale School0
37BENJAMIN, WarrenClaremont10 May 1990Broome0
4BENNELL, ArthurEast Perth09 Mar 1992Imperials0
16BENNELL, CaelenPerth04 Oct 1998Kenwick1
-BENNELL, CameronSwan DistrictsN/A-0
32BENNELL, DamienPerth14 Oct 1999Perth DFDC0
17BENNELL, HarleyPeel Thunder02 Oct 1992Pinjarra0
4BENNELL, JamieSwan Districts07 Jun 1990Carey Park1
71BENNELL, JohnPeel Thunder01 Feb 1990Pinjarra0
-BENNELL, Matthew Peel Thunder05 May 1999Mandurah FC1
58BENNELL, MervynPeel Thunder30 Nov 1995South Mandurah FC1
66BENNELL, MichaelSwan Districts18 Apr 1994Albany0
41BENNELL, RyanSwan Districts01 Jan 2000South Bunbury FC1
12BENNELL, SamuelSouth Fremantle13 Feb 1999Brookton/ Pingelly FC1
3BENNELL, TrayePeel Thunder08 Jan 1995Eaton1
28BENNETT, BaileyClaremont02 Oct 1997Albany Railways1
-BENNETT, Darren East Fremantle09 Jan 1965-0
7BENNETT, JacksonEast Fremantle13 Nov 1999Willeton1
-BENNETT, JamieSubiaco19 Oct 1999Warwick Greenwood JFC1
63BENNETT, JoelWest Perth07 Mar 1998Quinns District Bulls1
-BENNETT, JoelWest Perth07 Mar 1998Quinns District Bulls0
-BENNETT, JoelWest Perth07 Mar 1998Quinns District Bulls0
36BENNETT, JoshuaClaremont20 Feb 1998Cottesloe / Scotch1
-BENNETT, Paul East Fremantle06 Apr 1955-0
-BENNETT, ScottClaremont08 Jan 1980Willetton JFC0
37BENNETT, ThomasEast Fremantle30 Apr 1997Willetton JFC1
-BENNETT, ToddSubiaco08 Nov 1977-0
43BENNETT, TylerSwan Districts06 Apr 2000Upper Swan JFC1
-BENTLEY, HarryEast Fremantle10 Dec 1941-0
-BENTLEY, MaximilianClaremont23 May 1995Subiaco JFC / Scotch1
-BENTLEY, Ronald East Fremantle07 May 1948-0
9BENTLEY, SebastianClaremont01 Aug 1997Claremont JFC0
-BENTLEY, TedClaremont28 Nov 2001Swanbourne JFC0
-BENTON, WilliamWest Perth11 Mar 1906-0
60BERARDINI, LucaClaremont03 Aug 1992Marist JFC0
-BERESFORD, BrianClaremont28 Sep 1967-0
29BEREYNE, JamesPerth29 Apr 1998Kenwick0
30BERGLUND, JaydenSouth Fremantle02 May 1999Kwinana1
8BERGLUND, JessSubiaco05 Jul 1998Sorrento-Duncraig JFC1
15BEROS, ShaneSwan Districts22 Oct 1973West Coast WAAFL0
-BERRINGER, Stephen East Fremantle16 Feb 1942-0
-BERRY, William East Fremantle27 Jun 1957-0
57BERRYMAN, StuartSubiaco29 Mar 1993West Coast JFC0
63BERTOLA, NicholasClaremont27 Jun 1997Royals FC0
59BERTOLA, ThomasClaremont02 Jun 1995Royals0
-BERTRAM, DeanEast Perth27 Apr 1969-0
53BESCI, ConnorPeel Thunder23 Aug 1996Rockingham JFC0
35BEST, JarrodEast Perth12 Sep 1994Quinns District JFC0
-BESTER, AaronSubiaco02 Sep 1974-0
25BESTRY, JordanSubiaco05 Feb 1995Kingsway JFC1
36BESTRY, ZacSubiaco04 Jul 1997Kingsway JFC0
46BESWICK, DeanPeel Thunder01 Mar 1991Pinjarra0
13BESWICK, DylanPeel Thunder24 Sep 1996Pinjarra JFC0
-BESWICK, JamesEast Fremantle04 Mar 1877-0
8BESWICK, RobertPeel Thunder15 Apr 1988Pinjarra JFC0
-BETHERAS, RupertEast Perth23 Nov 1975-0
60BETTI, MichaelPeel Thunder14 Dec 1992North Albany1
-BETTI, TravisEast Perth28 Jul 1994Noranda JFC0
12BEUTEL, NicholasWest Perth13 Dec 1995Joondalup Kinross JFC0
6BEVAN, PaulPerth27 Sep 1984Sydney0
41BEVAN, SamuelClaremont12 Jun 1996Wembley Downs JFC / Hale1
47BEVERLEY, JackSubiaco08 Jul 1998Sorrento Duncraig JFC1
-BEVERLY, LachlanPeel Thunder20 Feb 2001Secret Harbour Dockers FC0
8BEWICK, RohanWest Perth10 Oct 1989Kingsley JFC0
6BEWICK, ShaunSouth Fremantle10 Oct 1989Kingsley JFC2
31BEZUIDENHOUT, JaredPeel Thunder21 Oct 1990Warnbro0
-BIDDISCOMBE, RyanPerth20 Mar 1980-0
-BIDSTRUP, Edward East Fremantle11 Dec 1900-0
-BIDSTRUP, Leonard East Fremantle26 Feb 1905-0
99BIELAWSKI, WesleySwan Districts13 Oct 1996Darlington Parkerville JFC0
-BIFFIN, Allan East Fremantle11 Feb 1940-0
63BIGGS, DylanPerth12 Apr 1995South Perth JFC0
39BILCHURIS, JaxonSubiaco17 Feb 2001Wanneroo JFC1
-BILCICH, StephenEast Fremantle01 Jan 1970-0
-BILGIN, LeightonClaremont06 Jun 1995Fitzroy0
61BILITY, AbdulayePerth25 Mar 1998High Wycombe/Redcliffe JFC1
-BILL, JaymeSwan Districts11 Jan 2002Swan View Football Club0
65BILL, JordanSwan Districts25 Sep 1997Swan Valley1
-BILLCHURIS, JaxonSubiaco17 Feb 2001Wanneroo JFC0
-BILLETT, RonaldEast Fremantle07 Apr 1927-0
-BILLING, JacobSubiaco20 Sep 2001Mines Rovers FC0
19BILLINGS, ChrisPerth10 Dec 1987Rossmoyne JFC0
-BILLINGTON, JamieSubiaco02 Jul 1970-0
54BILLSON, DanielPerth05 Apr 1989Gosnells JFC0
-BILTON, DEast Fremantle25 Mar 1905-0
-BIN BUSU, TerranceClaremont03 Mar 1994Waringarri0
-BIN BUSU, ZamahlClaremont27 Nov 1999Albany Football Club1
11BIN OMAR, DanielEast Perth13 Jun 1993Swan View0
-BINNS, Harry East Fremantle05 Apr 1885-0
-BIRCH, AaronClaremont20 Mar 1996Cable Beach / Aquinas0
-BIRCH, DarrenSouth Fremantle22 Jul 1978-0
-BIRD, JackPerth20 Feb 2001South Perth JFC1
-BIRD, PeterPeel Thunder30 Jan 1976-0
28BIRD, RobertPeel Thunder01 May 1998Pinjarra0
40BIRRELL, JamieEast Perth12 Aug 1986Trinity Aquinas0
-BISHOP, HarveySubiaco05 Dec 2000Ports FC1
-BISHOP, Keith East Fremantle23 Jan 1929-0
-BIZZACA, BenjamenSubiaco23 Jun 1986Railways GFL0
53BLAAUW, JackClaremont03 Dec 1998Swanbourne JFC1
1BLACK, AaronWest Perth25 Dec 1992Kinglsey JFC1
99BLACK, AaronPeel Thunder29 Nov 1990Eaton Boomers0
52BLACK, CallumPeel Thunder31 Mar 1994Baldivis0
-BLACK, EarltonEast FremantleN/A-0
21BLACK, HeathPeel Thunder28 May 1979St Kilda0
2BLACK, JarradEast Fremantle12 Mar 1997Bullcreek Leeming0
-BLACK, SimonEast Fremantle03 Apr 1979-0
24BLACKBURN, MatthewPerth07 Dec 1990Attadale JFC0
32BLACKLEY, MatthewEast Perth01 Feb 1995Towns1
50BLACKLEY, Mitchell East Perth05 Sep 1997Towns FC (Broome)0
65BLACKWELL, DeanClaremont12 Aug 1989Maddington0
3BLACKWELL, LukeClaremont12 Nov 1986Swan Districts / Carlton FC0
-BLAIR, DennisSubiaco20 Aug 1951-0
-BLAIR, PaulSubiaco27 Feb 1978-0
5BLAKE, BradleySwan Districts02 Apr 1993Bunbury0
24BLAKE, NathanSubiaco04 Apr 1998Kingsway0
23BLAKELY, ConnorPeel Thunder02 Mar 1996Bunbury1
23BLAKELY, NathanSwan Districts03 Dec 1992Bunbury0
-BLAKEMORE, CamSubiaco15 Dec 1943-0
-BLAKERS, Mitchell Claremont04 Sep 1998Scarborough JFC1
-BLAKERS, Mitchell Claremont04 Sep 1998Scarborough JFC0
37BLAKISTON, JarydPerth02 Apr 1995Vic Park JFC0
47BLANCH, HarryEast Perth19 Nov 1997Noranda1
-BLAND, AdrianPerth21 Feb 1978-0
3BLECHYNDEN, ReeceSubiaco02 Feb 1990Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
-BLECHYNDEN, TomSouth Fremantle10 Jan 2000Brookton/ Pingelly FC1
10BLEE, NathanEast Perth07 Sep 1990Ballajura JFC1
67BLEE, ShannonEast Perth19 May 1993Kingsway JFC0
52BLESING, RyanPerth09 Jul 1988West Adelaide0
-BLETHYN, GeoffClaremont28 Oct 1950-0
63BLIGHT, AidenSwan Districts21 Jan 1989Midvale JFC0
2BLIGHT, JarradSwan Districts24 Jan 1991Midvale JFC1
10BLIGHT, LachlanEast Fremantle14 Jun 1996Melville0
17BLINMAN, GarrickSwan Districts16 Dec 1992Wanneroo JFC0
-BLISSETT, Benjamin Swan Districts24 Sep 2001Swan View Football Club0
26BLOOMER, CalebPeel Thunder20 Oct 1992Rockingham0
22BLOOMFIELD, JakePeel Thunder29 Jul 1997HBL0
7BLOXSIDGE, KaneSubiaco08 Sep 1986Waroona0
-BLURTON, AshleyPeel Thunder05 Mar 1975-0
32BLURTON, DrewEast Fremantle08 Jul 1999Winnacott JFC1
-BLYTHMAN, CraigClaremont10 Jun 1980-0
-BOAKE, SamuelPerth30 Apr 1986TOCUMWAL0
-BOASE, Timothy East Fremantle31 Aug 1949-0
8BOCKMAN, Timothy East Fremantle10 Dec 1999East Frremantle1
29BODDINGTON, LionelSwan Districts09 Oct 1994Forrestfield0
39BODDY, CameronSwan Districts14 Feb 1991High Wycombe JFC0
29BODESTYNE, MarkSubiaco03 Jul 1994Marist JFC0
99BODLE, Jack Swan Districts28 Feb 1998Ballajura AFC1
-BODLOVICH, OliverEast Fremantle18 Oct 2000Attadale JFC1
18BODNEY, CoreySubiaco10 Sep 1994Nollamara JFC0
99BOEKHORST, BlaineEast Fremantle02 Sep 1993Port Headland10
11BOGENSPERGER, MatthewSubiaco29 Jan 1993Kalgoorlie City1
-BOGUNOVICH, MurraySouth FremantleN/A-0
-BOKHARI, HaaronClaremont07 Jan 1978-0
12BOLAND, MatthewSubiaco21 Dec 1990Parkdale FC0
27BOLGER, MylesSouth Fremantle25 Mar 1993Kwinana JFC0
-BOLGER, PatrickEast Fremantle07 May 1909-0
59BOLLENHAGEN, JustinSwan Districts17 Dec 1991Reynella0
61BOLSTAD, AsenSouth Fremantle02 Nov 1992Jerramungup0
-BOLT, Frederick East Fremantle14 Nov 1924-0
-BOLTON, DarrenPeel Thunder26 Nov 1976West Arthur UGSFL0
14BOLTON, DwayneEast Perth03 May 1995Maddington FC1
11BOLTON, JyeClaremont03 Mar 1992Werribee Tigers / COLL10
-BOLTON, NickSouth Fremantle17 Mar 1972-0
48BOLTON, QuintonPeel Thunder27 Jan 1984West Arthur0
99BOLTON, ShaiSouth Fremantle08 Dec 1998Forrestdale1
-BOLTON, TyronPeel Thunder15 Jul 1979-0
52BOMBARDIERI, AaronPeel Thunder22 Mar 1993South Mandurah JFC0
36BOND, FraserEast Perth29 Nov 1993Noranda JFC0
35BOND, JoshPerth10 Nov 1984Thornlie SFL0
99BOND, KallenSouth Fremantle25 Aug 1989Lakes JFC0
-BOND, Lewis East Fremantle25 Nov 1999South Perth JFC1
-BOND, ShaneEast PerthN/A-0
-BONE, WalterSubiaco10 May 1925-0
51BONGIASCIA, DavidEast Fremantle10 Jan 1987Kardinya JFC0
45BONGIOVANNI, StevenWest Perth11 May 1984Kalamunda JFC0
66BONNEY, PeterSwan Districts22 Jun 1989South Bunbury0
51BONNEY, ShaneWest Perth31 Mar 1991Brigades1
65BONOMELLI, NicholasEast Fremantle12 Jun 1998Melville1
-BONSER, Ray mondEast Fremantle19 Mar 1920-0
40BOONE, AdamPeel Thunder08 Apr 1986Mandurah0
17BOOTH, JamesWest Perth05 Jun 1996Warwick Greenwood JFC0
-BOOTSMA, BradleySouth Fremantle30 Dec 1972-0
23BOOTSMA, JaydenPeel Thunder23 Nov 1995North Albany0
74BOOTSMA, JoshuaPeel Thunder22 Feb 1993South Fremantle/Carlton0
5BORCH, HarrisonSwan Districts29 Jul 1993South Bunbury0
22BORCHET, RyanSubiaco15 May 1997Railways FC1
66BORGOGNO, DanielEast Fremantle04 Mar 1998West Coast 1
99BORICH, IvanSouth Fremantle28 Feb 1993Cockburn JFC0
-BORLAND, MatthewSubiaco14 May 1997Kingsway JFC0
5BORMOLINI, AlexanderSubiaco05 Mar 1993Whitford JFC0
58BORMOLINI, PeterPerth10 Feb 1992Mt Lawley JFC0
99BOROVAC, NicholasSouth Fremantle26 Oct 1991Winnacott JFC0
100BOROVAC, StephenSouth Fremantle01 Jan 1990CBC0
20BOROWSKI, CalvinEast Perth17 Aug 1996Morley Bulldogs JFC0
38BORRELLO, LukeWest Perth20 May 1996Wanneroo JFC0
76BORRETT, BlakePerth05 Nov 1992EPFC0
-BOSCHMAN, BenjaminPerth05 Aug 1976-0
29BOSSONG, ChristopherSouth Fremantle12 Jul 1978Port Melbourne0
24BOSTOCK, RhysWest Perth27 Dec 2000Quinns Districts JFC1
65BOSUEN, SamuelEast Perth11 Mar 1997Ellenbrook0
-BOSUSTOW, BrentSwan Districts23 Feb 1985-0
-BOSUSTOW, PeterPerth27 Oct 1957-0
-BOTHA, EricSouth Fremantle05 Jul 2000Booragoon JFC1
-BOTHE, MatthewEast Fremantle05 Jul 1980-0
-BOTHROYD, Alfred East Fremantle14 Feb 1905-0
-BOTSIS, SimeonSubiaco02 Jan 1976-0
59BOTTECHIA, ChristianSubiaco05 Jul 1992Carine JFC0
-BOTTRELL, TomSouth Fremantle25 May 1972-0
-BOUCHER, ChaddSubiaco30 Jul 1974-0
-BOUCHER , RonaldSwan Districts24 Jan 1953-0
43BOUDVILLE, GuyClaremont09 Sep 1987West Coast0
99BOUGHTON, Steven South Fremantle26 Mar 1991Narembeen FC0
-BOULES, AdamEast Perth23 Apr 2002Mt Hawthorn JFC0
25BOULLINEAU, JordanPeel Thunder04 May 1999Baldivis JFC1
-BOUNDY, BradleySwan Districts07 Feb 1980-0
-BOURKE, AnthonySouth Fremantle18 Mar 1980Eastlake ACT0
-BOURKE, Anthony East Fremantle13 Jun 1976-0
-BOURKE, Terence East Fremantle24 Mar 1927-0
-BOURNE, DavidSubiaco13 Dec 1978-0
43BOURNE, RichardPerth04 May 1995Forrestdale JFC1
-BOVELL, BenjaminEast Fremantle26 Mar 1905-0
-BOVELL, HenryEast Fremantle15 Mar 1936-0
-BOW, DamienEast Fremantle12 Nov 1976-0
-BOW, GlenSouth Fremantle12 Aug 1938-0
-BOWDEN, RhettEast Fremantle14 Mar 1972-0
-BOWE, JohnSubiaco14 Jul 1911-0
14BOWE , Nicholas West Perth14 Jan 1995Whitford JFC 0
-BOWE, RossSouth Fremantle05 Oct 1943-0
-BOWEN, JeromeEast Fremantle08 Apr 1905-0
-BOWEN, LaurenceWest Perth05 Sep 1925-0
2BOWER, PaulPeel Thunder09 Jan 1988South Mandurah0
46BOWERING, TomClaremont15 Dec 1993Railways0
34BOWERS, AaronSwan Districts07 Apr 1986Kelmscott JFC0
52BOWEY, ThomasEast Fremantle12 Oct 1993Canning Vale JFC0
-BOWLER, ConnorEast Fremantle14 Dec 2000Attadale JFC1
29BOWLES, ZackClaremont13 Nov 1998Claremont JFC1
-BOWLEY, RyanEast Fremantle31 Aug 1982-0
32BOWMAN, JarrodPeel Thunder26 May 1995Halls Head0
-BOXALL, Gregory East Fremantle26 Mar 1951-0
40BOYATZIS, MarcClaremont14 Aug 2000Cottesloe JFC1
-BOYD, AidanSouth Fremantle10 Feb 1973-0
25BOYD, ConorEast Fremantle11 Apr 1995Winnacott JFC0
36BOYD, CullenSwan Districts26 Aug 1995Bunbury0
-BOYD, HaroldWest Perth10 Dec 1900-0
-BOYES, AshleyPerth25 Sep 1992Coolbinia JFC0
22BOYES, ThomasWest Perth22 Jan 1999Joondalup/Kinross JFC1
3BOYLAN, ConorSubiaco10 Mar 1999North Beach JFC1
-BOYLE, AlexanderPeel Thunder14 May 1974-0
49BOYLE, DarcySubiaco07 Aug 1993Hammersly Carine0
48BOYLE, JamesPeel Thunder06 Dec 1992Halls Head JFC0
38BOYLE, MatthewPerth17 Nov 1992Victoria Park JFC0
14BOYLE, MitchellEast Fremantle22 Apr 1992Railways1
31BOYLE, ThomasPeel Thunder19 Feb 1998Harvey Brunswick0
-BOYS, BlakeSwan Districts05 Nov 2001Mazenod JFC0
-BOYS, HowardClaremont24 Feb 1913-0
25BOYS, JoeEast Perth20 Aug 1988North Beach0
32BOZANICH, ZakPeel Thunder18 Oct 1994High Wycombe JFC0
-BOZANICH, ZakSwan Districts18 Oct 1994High Wycombe0
10BRABAZON, RyanClaremont26 Dec 1986North Albany0
-BRADBROOK, GrantSwan Districts02 Sep 1972-0
40BRADBURY , EganEast Perth05 May 2000Fremantle CBC1
-BRADBURY, NathanPeel Thunder02 Mar 1982-0
99BRADDOCK, NathanPerth20 Jan 1985Geelong Falcons0
-BRADFORD, LiamSouth Fremantle27 Dec 2001Roleystone JFC0
17BRADLEY, KeplerClaremont13 Nov 1985Kingsley JFC0
-BRADLEY, Mark East Fremantle28 Jan 1963-0
-BRADLEY, MaxSwan Districts20 Aug 2000High Wycombe JFC1
61BRADLEY, MilesEast Fremantle16 Feb 1992East Fremantle JFC0
38BRADLEY, SeanSubiaco30 Dec 1992Hamersley Carine FC1
-BRADLY, MarkEast FremantleN/A-0
-BRADMORE, PhilipWest Perth02 Apr 1959-0
45BRADSHAW, ClintonSubiaco31 Oct 1989Augusta Margaret River0
64BRADSHAW, ClintonEast Perth31 Oct 1989Ballajura JFC0
7BRADSHAW, JackClaremont30 Sep 1992West Coast JFC / Hale1
-BRADSHAW, MichaelSwan Districts16 Apr 1982-0
31BRADSHAW, TrentEast Perth06 Jan 1994Mt Lawley Inglewood JFC 0
-BRADY, JohnEast Fremantle13 Apr 1905-0
40BRADY, LondonSwan Districts08 Mar 1995South Bunbury0
-BRAHAM, TravisSwan Districts03 Nov 1978-0
-BRAITHWAITE, BrendonPeel Thunder19 Dec 1972-0
-BRAITHWAITE, HenryWest Perth13 Mar 1905-0
62BRAMLEY, CallumSubiaco12 Nov 1997Mines Rovers FC0
32BRANCH, CameronWest Perth26 Jun 1987Wanneroo JFC0
29BRANCH, RileyEast Fremantle01 Feb 2000Rostrata JFC1
56BRANCH, RyanWest Perth06 Feb 1989Wanneroo0
10BRANCHI, JoshuaSouth Fremantle15 Apr 1994Eaton1
-BRAND, LeithanSwan Districts24 May 1995NNFL0
61BRAUN, MichaelSubiaco24 Mar 1978Bendigo0
-BRAUT, Carl Subiaco12 Aug 1999Coolbinia JFC1
25BRAUT, MichaelSubiaco27 Jun 1997Mt Hawthorn1
61BRAVINGTON, NathanWest Perth01 Sep 1993Joondalup Kinross JFC0
13BRAY, AlexanderPeel Thunder13 Oct 1997Rockingham1
-BRAYSHAW, MarkClaremont05 Feb 1966-0
-BRAYSHAW, TimothyPerth19 Jan 1989Kalgoorlie City FC0
3BREAKEY, HugoClaremont02 Aug 1993Swanbourne JFC0
-BREEN, EthanSubiaco03 Sep 2001Warwick Greenwood JFC0
-BREEN, Kevin East Fremantle28 May 1953-0
-BREEN, MathewPeel Thunder27 Jun 1989Halls Head JFC0
9BREEZE, ThomasSubiaco08 Aug 1997Boulder City FC0
-BREHAUT, GregoryPerth01 Aug 1946-0
4BREMAN, AaronSubiaco07 Sep 1998Sorrento-Duncraig JFC1
-BREMAN, ToddSubiaco28 Oct 1965-0
4BRENNAN, DeanEast Perth05 Oct 1978Perth0
60BRENNAN, JacobEast Fremantle24 Jan 1990Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
19BRENNAN, JasonPerth23 Feb 1990Federals0
-BRENNAN, MichaelEast Fremantle29 Jun 1965-0
-BRENNAN, MichaelEast Fremantle29 Jan 1932-0
6BRENNAN, NedSouth Fremantle16 Oct 1998Booragoon1
99BRENNAN, ReubenSouth Fremantle19 Aug 1992Bibra Lake JFC0
29BRENNEN, PatrickClaremont17 Jul 1989Marist JFC0
-BRENTNALL, ReginaldEast Perth27 Mar 1893-0
-BRENTON, Leigh East Fremantle15 Feb 1958-0
99BRETAG, NichalosSouth Fremantle29 Nov 1998Kwinana0
-BREWER, IanClaremont15 Jun 1936-0
-BRIANT, MarkSouth Fremantle19 Nov 1980-0
-BRIDGES, DonaldEast Fremantle26 May 1926-0
56BRIDGLAND, JackEast Fremantle11 Oct 1994Nungarin and Towns0
14BRIFFA, VinnyEast Fremantle16 Dec 1998Willetton0
-BRIGGS, Clarence East Fremantle26 Aug 1916-0
24BRIGHT, SebastianSwan Districts28 May 2001High Wycombe JFC1
-BRINDLEY, Peter East FremantleN/A-0
27BRISTOW, JamesEast Fremantle29 Jan 1989Golden Square5
1BRISTOW, JasonSubiaco19 Jan 1984Chelsea0
17BRISTOW, TimothyEast Fremantle03 May 1987Sale3
-BRITTEN, GlenWest Perth28 Feb 1976Dianella Morely0
24BRITZA, AustinEast Perth27 Jan 1998Busselton0
-BRITZA, MervynEast Fremantle25 Aug 1916-0
29BROAD, NathanSwan Districts15 Apr 1993Upper Swan JFC0
-BROADBENT, RyleyEast Perth29 Sep 2001Countrys JFC0
-BROADBRIDGE, MichaelSwan Districts15 Jun 1968-0
32BROADHURST, BlakeSubiaco29 Dec 1985Warwick Greenwood JFC0
35BROADMORE, ThomasPerth03 Oct 1993Willetton JFC0
48BROCK, MatthewSwan Districts26 Jan 2001Caversham JFC1
40BROCKBERND, AshleySwan Districts18 Dec 2001Mazenod JFC1
47BROCKBERND, DylanSwan Districts18 Dec 2001Mazenod JFC1
35BROCKBERND, JarrodSwan Districts16 Mar 2000Mazenod JFC1
-BROCKMAN, PhillipEast Perth31 Mar 1979-0
-BROMAGE, AdrianEast Fremantle11 May 1971-0
36BROMLEY, BradleyPeel Thunder02 Mar 1995Waroona0
-BROMLEY, Ernest East FremantleN/A-0
-BROMOT, DanielEast Perth14 Dec 1978-0
-BROOKES, RowanPerth08 May 1992EPFC0
52BROOKS, JaydenClaremont24 Jul 1984Jerramungup0
-BROOKS, NathanEast Perth13 Feb 1969-0
39BROOME, LewisClaremont02 Mar 1991Looma Eagles FC0
21BROPHY, PaddyEast Perth22 Feb 1994Ireland0
-BROPHY, WilfredSubiaco19 Mar 1905-0
-BROSNAN, JeremiahEast Fremantle19 Feb 1905-0
26BROTHERSON, MilesEast Fremantle26 Apr 1993Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
-BROUGHTON, ChadPeel Thunder26 Jan 1979-0
8BROUGHTON, GregSubiaco29 Sep 1986Kingsley JFC0
44BROWN, AbelSouth Fremantle12 May 1998Melville 1
-BROWN, CaseySubiaco11 Oct 1995North Fremantle AFC1
-BROWN, ClintonSubiaco27 Feb 1962-0
99BROWN, DylanSouth Fremantle23 Feb 1998Exmouth0
-BROWN, EdwardPerth18 Mar 1985Gosnells JFC0
-BROWN, George East FremantleN/A-0
-BROWN, HarleySouth Fremantle02 Apr 1996Brigades0
-BROWN, HoraceEast Fremantle04 Mar 1905-0
-BROWN, JaddSwan Districts20 May 1977-0
-BROWN, JaydenSwan Districts22 May 1996Wickham Wolves0
9BROWN, Joel West Perth24 Feb 1995Whitford JFC 0
-BROWN, JohnEast FremantleN/A-0
-BROWN, JoshuaEast Fremantle23 Jan 1997Willeton0
-BROWN, LeighPeel Thunder23 Feb 1982-0
-BROWN, LennyWest Perth03 Sep 1997Kingsway JFC0
-BROWN, Leonard East Fremantle15 Aug 1898-0
-BROWN, LionelEast Fremantle07 Apr 1905-0
-BROWN, MackenzieWest Perth17 Oct 2000Hyden/ Kalgarin FC1
-BROWN, MalcolmEast Perth26 Oct 1946-0
7BROWN, MathewPeel Thunder25 Mar 1988Harvey Brunswick Leschenault0
-BROWN, MichaelSouth Fremantle20 Sep 1976-0
28BROWN, MitchPeel Thunder04 Mar 1991Pinjarra0
22BROWN, MitchellEast Perth17 Dec 1988North Ballarat0
54BROWN, MitchellWest Perth25 Jan 1992Whitford JFC0
99BROWN, MitchellPerth05 Mar 1998Belmont0
-BROWN, RoyEast Fremantle05 Mar 1905-0
-BROWN, StanleyEast Fremantle08 Apr 1905-0
-BROWN, WalterSwan DistrictsN/A-0
8BROWNE, AndrewClaremont14 May 1984Swanbourne JFC / FFC0
39BROWNE, JordanEast Perth22 Dec 1996Quinns1
-BROWNE, Leslie East FremantleN/A-0
13BROWNE, MitchellPerth15 Jan 1996Wongan-Ballidu FC1
-BROWNE, Richard East Fremantle27 Jul 1946-0
7BROWNE, StevenWest Perth01 Feb 1989Whitford JFC1
-BROWNING, ClintonEast Fremantle03 Jul 1962-0
-BROWNING , FrederickEast Fremantle01 Apr 1874-0
-BROWNING, NigelEast Perth23 Sep 1976-0
51BROWNING, SamEast Fremantle20 Sep 1994Kondinin0
-BRUCE, JeffWest Perth09 Nov 1973-0
55BRUCE, TimothyEast Fremantle06 Jan 1989East Fremantle JFC0
-BRUNTON, DeanWest Perth22 Jul 1973-0
-BRUNTON, TedWest Perth03 Aug 1925-0
6BRYAN, ChristopherSubiaco06 Oct 1995North Beach JFC1
-BRYANT, KevinEast Perth08 Jul 1955-0
-BUBB, MalcolmSouth FremantleN/A-0
-BUCHANAN, RichardEast Fremantle01 Dec 1902-0
2BUCK, ReeceSwan Districts05 Sep 1998La Salle 1
-BUCKENARA, GarySubiaco03 Jul 1958-0
-BUCKINGHAM, DougPerth27 Aug 1933-0
5BUCKLEY, JacobSubiaco10 May 2000Ports FC1
-BUCKLEY, KaineEast Perth16 Sep 1995Noranda JFC0
-BUCKLEY, Michael East Fremantle20 May 1961-0
33BUCOVAZ, BenEast Fremantle02 Nov 1990Geelong Falcons0
-BUDD, ErnestWest Perth25 May 1906-0
-BUDD, LiamClaremont03 Mar 1997Wembley Downs0
-BUDISELIK, AnthonyPerth30 Mar 1981York AFA0
-BUHAGIAR, Anthony East Fremantle03 Oct 1955-0
-BUKTENICA, BrettEast Fremantle29 Jul 1964-0
67BULKOCH, GarangPerth15 Jan 1996North Ballarat City FC0
18BULL, DamonEast Fremantle22 Jul 1987Rostrata JFC0
-BULL, NedEast Perth06 Jan 1933-0
35BULLER, JackClaremont16 May 2001Cottesloe JFC1
-BULLIARD, Lionel East Fremantle24 May 1903-0
-BULLMORE, William East FremantleN/A-0
50BUMANN, KanePeel Thunder11 Aug 1995South Bunbury1
31BUNGEY, GeorgeClaremont18 Mar 1994Borden / Aquinas0
-BUNN, IkeSubiaco02 Dec 1996Marist0
36BUNN, JackSubiaco25 May 1995Marist0
20BUNN, PaulPerth20 Nov 1982Myrtleford O&M0
-BUNTON (JUN), HaydnSwan Districts05 Apr 1937-0
-BUNTON (SNR), HaydnSubiaco05 Jul 1911-0
-BURFORD, MichaelPerth07 Oct 1981Gawler Central BLGFL0
-BURGE, RaymondEast Fremantle16 Feb 2001Bullcreek Leeming FC0
-BURGES, JarradPerth20 Apr 2001Cunderdin FC0
-BURGESS, CarlEast Perth26 Mar 1999Scarborough JFC1
37BURGESS, DylanEast Perth14 Jun 1994Toodyay FC0
-BURGESS, EricSwan Districts26 Sep 1989Kalamunda JFC0
-BURGESS, GrantEast Perth30 Aug 1978-0
-BURGESS, JamieEast Perth01 Aug 1975-0
-BURGESS, JulianPerth22 May 1973-0
-BURGESS, ToddWest Perth03 Apr 1975-0
-BURGIEL, AdrianPerth16 Apr 1980-0
36BURKE, DanielSouth Fremantle19 Sep 1998Jandakot Jets JFC1
-BURKE, DarrylClaremont22 Aug 1991Denmark-Walpole0
34BURKE, Jack West Perth26 Dec 1999Quinns Districts JFC0
32BURKE, JoshuaPerth07 Jul 1997Kenwick1
62BURKE, PeadarClaremont15 May 1989Mt Lawley0
42BURKE, RileySouth Fremantle06 Jul 1998Jandakot Jets1
54BURKETT, JacksonPeel Thunder03 May 1998Mandurah Centrals1
66BURLEY, MatthewSouth Fremantle03 Apr 1990Coorow Latham0
53BURN, JaydenSouth Fremantle31 Mar 2000Kardinya JFC1
-BURN, MatthewPerth10 Jan 1985St Josephs0
-BURNETT, DaineSwan Districts10 Oct 1977-0
59BURNETT, EthanSubiaco02 Feb 1997Newtown - Condingup FC1
3BURNETT, EthanSubiaco02 Feb 1997Newtown - Condingup FC0
-BURNETT, KyleEast Perth10 Sep 1994Noranda JFC0
-BURNETT, ShannonSouth Fremantle07 May 1993Cockburn JFC0
99BURNHAM, JacobSwan Districts11 Feb 1993Bassendean JFC0
9BURNS, DustinWest Perth17 Apr 1981Wadonga0
21BURNS, JacobEast Fremantle29 Aug 1993Willetton JFC0
62BURNS, JordanEast Fremantle10 Feb 1995Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
-BURNS, RonnieWest Perth13 Mar 1973-0
-BURNS, ThomasEast FremantleN/A-0
-BURNS, William East Fremantle27 Feb 1905-0
43BURRAWANGA, IsaacSubiaco13 Jul 2000Clontarf1
-BURRIDGE, NathanSouth Fremantle12 Apr 1977-0
-BURROWS, CraigEast Fremantle20 Dec 1972-0
99BURROWS, RyanSouth Fremantle13 Nov 1998Roleystone FC1
-BURTON, JasonSouth Fremantle16 Sep 1983-0
-BURTON, JaySubiaco25 Oct 1972-0
-BURTON, MatthewSubiaco19 May 1970-0
45BURTON, MatthewEast Fremantle11 Jun 1998Bullcreek Leeming JFC1
-BURTON, PaulClaremont30 Apr 1969-0
-BURTON, PeterSubiaco04 Nov 1946-0
16BURTON, RileySouth Fremantle02 Oct 2000South Coogee JFC1
-BURTON, TravisSubiaco27 Jul 1974-0
15BUSCALL, CoreySubiaco31 Oct 1995Kingsway JFC0
-BUSHELL, DavidEast Fremantle31 Jul 1963-0
15BUSHER, HaydnClaremont21 Aug 1991Vic Park JFC / Perth FC3
30BUSHER, JordanPerth26 Oct 1994Carlisle0
-BUSS, CadellEast Fremantle26 Dec 1967-0
12BUSS, CameronPeel Thunder25 Jun 1981South Coogee JFC0
-BUSSELL, AidanPeel Thunder11 Mar 1975-0
-BUSSLINGER, BenPeel Thunder10 Dec 2001Harvey Brunswick Lesch0
4BUSZAN, DeanPeel Thunder16 Dec 1980Pinjarra0
-BUTCHER, ChristopherPerth30 Dec 1993South Perth0
-BUTCHER, FrancisEast Fremantle05 Mar 1909-0
-BUTCHER, JoelSouth Fremantle22 Mar 1982-0
-BUTCHER, KentEast Perth05 Nov 1973-0
2BUTCHER, KieranPeel Thunder02 Mar 1992Eaton0
-BUTCHER, LeviPerth20 Jun 2000Moora FC1
-BUTCHER, TroyEast Perth29 Apr 1978-0
99BUTCHER CORNEY, Rhyce Swan Districts18 Mar 2000Kalamunda FC1
-BUTLER, AdamSouth Fremantle04 Mar 1982-0
41BUTLER, AndrewPeel Thunder07 Oct 2000Secret Harbour Dockers1
-BUTLER, CodySubiaco13 Nov 2000Kingsway JFC1
5BUTLER, DavidPeel Thunder02 Jan 1986Harey Brunswick Lescanault SWFL0
-BUTLER, DylanPerth02 Jul 1977-0
77BUTLER, JackPerth30 May 1997Victoria Park JFC0
-BUTLER, JacksonSwan Districts08 Jul 1999Bruce Rock FC1
3BUTLER, SamEast Perth14 Jan 1986Gawler0
59BUTLER, ShaunPeel Thunder20 Feb 1986Eaton0
-BUTLER, ThomasPerth30 May 1997Victoria Park0
66BUTT, JarredWest Perth29 May 1991Whitford JFC0
-BUTTERS, Isaiah Claremont16 Sep 2001Mosman Park JFC0
-BUTTSWORTH, FrederickWest Perth29 May 1927-0
-BUTTSWORTH, WallaceWest Perth21 Jan 1917-0
-BUXTON, LyndenSwan Districts06 Mar 1996South Hedland Swans0
49BUXTON, MatthewEast Perth22 Feb 1992High Wycombe0
-BYERS, RobertEast Fremantle24 May 1875-0
-BYFIELD, ArnoldClaremont01 Nov 1923-0
-BYGRAVES, GaryEast Perth30 Mar 1950-0
-BYRNE, ClaytonSubiaco12 Feb 1972-0
5BYRNE, CoreyClaremont05 May 1995Royals - Albany0
14BYRNE, CoreyPerth19 May 1997Thornlie JFC1
21BYRNE, DannyEast Perth08 Aug 1979Geelong VFL0
-BYRNE, JamesSouth Fremantle23 Apr 1978-0
23BYRNE, RyanPerth03 Nov 1995Thornlie JFC0
100BYRON, BrettSouth Fremantle07 Aug 1995Ramblers0
46BYRON, GlennSouth Fremantle03 Mar 1999Carnarvon1
-BYRON, WilliamClaremontN/A-0
40BYRON-PENDERGAST, MackEast Fremantle17 Feb 1994East Fremantle JFC0
57BYWATERS, KaneSwan Districts01 Aug 1992Goomalling0
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