Please note that this is not a complete list of all WAFL players since 1885. Listed records are complete for all players since 1994 only, when electronic recording of statistics began. Before 1994 select players who won individual awards or honours are listed. Should you require information on any WAFL player not listed or can supply missing information for those listed, please contact the WAFL historian Greg Wardell-Johnson by e mail:

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# Name Club DOB Club From Points Active
58CABASSI, AlexanderSouth Fremantle14 May 1999Forrestdale1
-CABASSI, Benjamin South Fremantle28 Feb 2001Mundijong Centrals JFC0
38CABASSI, DanielSouth Fremantle02 Dec 1997Forrestdale JFC1
-CABLE, BarryPerth22 Sep 1943-0
53CABLE, BenjaminPerth07 Jan 1997Melville JFC0
-CABLE, ShanePerth21 Feb 1970-0
58CABLE, TimothyPerth19 Apr 1996Rossmoyne JFC0
-CACCAMO, DavidEast Perth17 Mar 1983-0
10CACCAMO, NathanSubiaco15 Sep 1993Whitford JFC0
-CACHARD, AdrianPerth20 Oct 1970-0
-CADWALLADER, DeanEast Perth21 Aug 1990Stirling0
-CADZOW, StuartPerth10 Apr 1978-0
-CAESAR, ErnestEast Fremantle21 Dec 1882-0
-CAFFELL, JohnClaremontN/A-0
37CAHILL, JaxonEast Perth02 Jul 1999Noranda JFC1
-CAHILL, SteeleEast Perth27 Apr 2001Noranda JFC0
-CAIMANOS, CooperPerth04 Apr 1999Chapman Valley Juniors1
-CAIN, ThomasEast Fremantle03 Mar 1905-0
32CAIRNS, MatthewClaremont03 Jul 1996Swanbourne JFC / Scotch0
-CALCUTT, ArthurEast FremantleN/A-0
1CALLADINE, BrandonSubiaco28 Sep 1993Whitford JFC0
-CALLAGHAN, CraigSwan Districts09 Mar 1976Bassendean JFC0
17CALVER, JarrydPeel Thunder13 May 1999Mandurah Mustangs0
-CAMARDA, NicholasSouth Fremantle24 Jan 2001Fremantle City Dockers JFC0
45CAMERON, CharlieSwan Districts05 Jul 1994Saints0
18CAMERON, DarcyClaremont18 Jul 1995North Albany/Hale0
15CAMERON, JarredSwan Districts03 May 2000Centrals Football & Sporting Club1
43CAMERON, LukeClaremont27 Nov 1990North Albany0
-CAMERON, WilliamEast FremantleN/A-0
8CAMPBELL, AdamSubiaco25 Jan 1985North Ballarat0
-CAMPBELL, AndrewPeel Thunder10 Oct 2000South Bunbury JFC1
-CAMPBELL, BradSubiaco21 Dec 1975-0
-CAMPBELL, CraigEast Fremantle12 Feb 1985-0
-CAMPBELL, DonaldClaremont04 Aug 1967-0
54CAMPBELL, DylanWest Perth09 Jan 1997Sorrento Duncraig JFC1
14CAMPBELL, DylanEast Fremantle21 Sep 1998Willeton1
38CAMPBELL, GavinSouth Fremantle14 Jul 1988South Coogee JFC0
-CAMPBELL, GrantEast Perth08 Apr 1962-0
-CAMPBELL, HughEast Perth12 Mar 1905-0
-CAMPBELL, JaySubiaco26 Dec 1978-0
-CAMPBELL, JohnSouth Fremantle01 Mar 1894-0
-CAMPBELL, JohnEast Perth19 Oct 1926-0
99CAMPBELL, LachlanEast Fremantle20 Jan 1994Winnacott JFC0
-CAMPBELL, TonyPerth13 Aug 1967-0
-CAMPBELL, WarrenSouth Fremantle19 Oct 1974-0
-CAMPO, RobertSwan Districts13 Mar 1980-0
-CANNON, GuyPerth06 Mar 1971-0
-CANNON, LeePerthN/A-0
-CANT, PierseEast Fremantle12 Jan 2001Attadale JFC0
-CAPES, AnthonyClaremont18 Jan 1935-0
-CAPES, FrancisEast Fremantle10 Dec 1930-0
-CAPEWELL, DarrenPerth25 Oct 1973-0
-CAPOGRECO, MarkEast Perth12 Jun 1975-0
43CAPORN, KennethClaremont12 Sep 1927-0
68CAPORN, KristianEast Perth17 Apr 1995Ballajura JFC 1
-CAPUANO, MathewSouth Fremantle02 Sep 1975-0
52CAPURSO, JacksonPeel Thunder01 Jul 1998South Mandurah1
-CAPUTI, BenEast Fremantle11 Feb 1984East Fremantle JFC0
-CAPUTI, NicholasEast Fremantle11 Jan 1972-0
13CARATOZZOLO , DamianSwan Districts28 Jan 1994Swan View 0
47CARATOZZOLO , Luke Swan Districts12 Sep 1995La Salle College 0
33CARATTI, JaydenPeel Thunder08 Aug 1995Waroona0
-CARATTI, Jeremy Peel Thunder11 Jan 2001Waroona JFC0
-CARATTI, PaulSouth Fremantle13 Jun 1971-0
-CARBON, ArthurEast Fremantle26 Oct 1920-0
-CARDER, RonaldEast Fremantle22 Apr 1943-0
63CARLINO, JordanSouth Fremantle02 Feb 1993Attadale JFC0
22CARLON, TroyClaremont31 Mar 1980West Coast WAAFL0
62CARLSON, ChristopherEast Fremantle16 Apr 1994Palmyra JFC0
51CARLSON, NicholasSouth Fremantle24 Dec 1992East Fremantle JFC0
-CARLSON, VictorEast Fremantle16 Jun 1893-0
-CARLYLE, WarrenPerth04 Oct 1983Coburg VFL0
-CARMODY, DaneSubiaco11 Oct 1979-0
-CARMOODY, DalePeel Thunder04 Oct 1973-0
-CARNEY, BernardSwan Districts06 Jan 1973-0
-CARNEY, DanielPerth02 Feb 2000Maddington1
49CARNEY, NickWest Perth17 Mar 1991Ocean Ridge JFC0
30CARR, DylanWest Perth02 Feb 1998Quinns District Bulls0
-CARR, JoshuaEast Fremantle29 Apr 1980Goomalling0
-CARR, MatthewSwan Districts29 Dec 1978Goomalling0
-CARRIE, AngusEast Perth04 Jun 2001Booragoon JFC0
-CARROLL, EvanClaremont08 Nov 1978SDFC, NEWMAN0
-CARROLL, NathanClaremont20 Oct 1980-0
-CARROLL, SeanSubiaco15 Dec 2001Noranda JFC0
-CARROLL, TrentClaremont28 Apr 1978WARWICK JFC (WCE)0
-CARROTT, Mervyn East Fremantle22 Jul 1953-0
23CARRUTHERS, JackClaremont08 Apr 1995Lake Grace / Aquinas0
68CARSON, ChristopherSwan Districts10 Feb 1994Northampton0
-CARSON, RobertSouth Fremantle19 Jan 1904-0
99CARTER, AdamSouth Fremantle17 Apr 1994Jandakot JFC1
-CARTER, DonSubiaco13 Apr 1905-0
-CARTER, GraemeEast Fremantle02 Mar 1959-0
47CARTER, JacksonSouth Fremantle28 Nov 2000Jandakot1
15CARTER, Jason Claremont11 Jan 2000Port Wyndham Crocs1
37CARTER, JeffreyEast Fremantle04 Nov 1994Pinjarra JFC0
99CARTER, MitchellSouth Fremantle02 Jul 1991Jandakot JFC0
-CARTER, NoelSouth Fremantle09 Feb 1955-0
-CARTER, PhillipEast Fremantle19 Aug 1897-0
-CARTWRIGHT, AydenSwan Districts29 Jan 2001Kalamunda JFC0
58CARY, JakSubiaco06 Oct 1995Esperance0
16CARY, KristianPerth22 Mar 1995North Albury FC5
23CARY, RickySwan Districts12 Oct 1991Trinity1
-CASELLA, AlexSwan Districts21 Sep 1974-0
34CASEY, ZacPerth06 Jan 2000Federals FC1
7CASSELLS, SamuelEast Fremantle21 Sep 1994Melville JFC0
65CASSELLS, SamuelSouth Fremantle21 Sep 1994CBC Fremantle0
-CASSERLEY, AlanEast Fremantle15 Aug 1962-0
-CASSERLY, Anthony East Fremantle24 Apr 1944-0
99CASSERLY, TravisSwan Districts20 May 1987Swan View JFC0
-CASSERLY, WilliamEast Fremantle01 Apr 1905-0
-CASSIDY, BradleySouth Fremantle25 Jul 1976-0
-CASSIDY, JeffreyEast Fremantle27 Sep 1956-0
-CASSISI, DomenicEast Fremantle22 Apr 1982-0
-CASSON, DamienSwan Districts23 Nov 1978West Perth0
-CASSON, LiamSwan Districts25 Sep 1981-0
-CASTINELLI, RobertEast FremantleN/A-0
-CASTLEDINE, MichaelSwan Districts01 Nov 1972-0
-CATALANO, AndrewPerth29 May 1981-0
26CATALANO, JoelPeel Thunder21 Aug 1991Waroona JFC0
59CATALFAMO, LiamSubiaco09 Apr 1998North Beach JFC1
-CATON, KevinSwan Districts10 May 1965-0
-CATTOGIO, VinSubiaco13 May 1954-0
8CAVANAGH, MitchellWest Perth18 Feb 1994Ocean Ridge JFC0
42CAVANAGH, ZacharyWest Perth14 Nov 1991Ocean Ridge JFC0
23CAVKA, DamianEast Perth03 Jun 1996Caldder0
68CECCHI, AlexEast Fremantle27 Apr 1994Melville JFC0
51CECIL, TysonSwan Districts15 Dec 1999Bassendean JFC1
-CELESTO, AndyPeel Thunder22 Oct 2001North Mandurah JFC0
36CERA , MitchellWest Perth03 Feb 1995Ocean Ridge JFC 0
-CHADWICK, DerekEast Perth28 Mar 1941-0
-CHADWICK, JohnEast FremantleN/A-0
-CHADWICK, NathanEast PerthN/A-0
1CHALMERS, BaileyWest Perth05 Dec 1999Ocean Ridge JFC0
6CHALMERS, CoreyWest Perth24 Nov 1994Quinns District JFC1
15CHALWELL, BrodieEast Fremantle20 May 1995Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
29CHALWELL, TylerEast Fremantle10 Mar 1992Willeton JFC0
5CHAMBERLAIN, JackEast Fremantle31 Jul 1993Swanbource JFC0
34CHAMBERS, Billy Peel Thunder29 Nov 1999Pinjarra0
19CHAMBERS, BrantSubiaco04 Jan 1980Gembrook0
7CHAMBERS, CallumWest Perth19 Nov 1979Carlton0
-CHAMBERS, JamesEast Fremantle23 Oct 1979-0
-CHAMBERS, ShaynSubiaco12 Feb 1997Boulder City FC0
32CHAMPION, AnthonySubiaco23 Feb 1996Mines Rovers0
23CHAN, MarkPerth10 Jan 1994Federals0
-CHANDLER, BertSouth Fremantle07 Oct 1913-0
33CHANTER, CoreySouth Fremantle30 Dec 2000South Coogee1
13CHAPELHOW, StevenPeel Thunder13 Feb 1983Mandurah0
-CHAPLIN, GavinWest Perth02 Jan 1964-0
65CHAPMAN, JacksonEast Fremantle31 Oct 1993Manning0
-CHAPMAN, JarrodPerth26 Mar 1973-0
45CHAPMAN, JoshSubiaco05 Oct 1997Carine1
49CHAPMAN, LeePeel Thunder07 Mar 2000Halls Head FC1
32CHAPMAN-HILL, DanielSwan Districts12 Apr 1998High Wycombe JFC0
-CHAPPELL, RossEast Fremantle01 Jan 1952-0
-CHAPPLE, DrewPeel Thunder13 May 1975-0
61CHARLIE, AlphonseWest Perth09 Jan 1997Ocean Ridge0
-CHARLTON, JamiePeel Thunder01 Aug 1975-0
16CHARTRES, DannyPeel Thunder17 Jan 1986EFC1
-CHATFIELD, Kimberely East Fremantle02 Jul 1960-0
17CHATLEY, BeauEast Perth03 Feb 1995Manjimup Tigers0
-CHEEVERS, RobertEast Fremantle05 May 1984Port Melbourne VFL0
-CHEGWIDDEN, HarmonEast Fremantle25 Jan 1907-0
-CHEGWIDDEN, JonathonSouth Fremantle30 Apr 1999Melville1
100CHEN, BrendanSouth Fremantle18 Jul 1994Winnacott JFC0
-CHESSER, GavinEast PerthN/A-0
17CHESTER, KurtisPerth08 Mar 1995Goomalling1
-CHIARELLI, Connor South Fremantle16 Mar 2001Bullcreek Leeming FC0
8CHICK, DanielSubiaco10 Feb 1976Northampton0
1CHIDGZEY, NicholasClaremont30 May 1984East Fremantle FC0
10CHIDLOW, DanielEast Fremantle24 Jul 1985Rockingham JFC0
-CHIPPERFIELD, JarrodPeel Thunder24 Aug 1970-0
-CHISHOLM, ScottSouth Fremantle28 May 1973-0
-CHITTLEBOROUGH, FrederickEast Fremantle01 Dec 1873-0
16CHITTY, KevinEast Fremantle12 Aug 1994CBC Fremantle0
38CHIVERS, ClintPerth03 Apr 1997Mingenew FC/South Perth JFC1
44CHRIMES, TylerPerth13 Feb 1993Federals0
52CHRISP, KobeEast Perth15 Aug 1997Ellenbrook1
-CHRISTIAN, Alan East Fremantle09 Mar 1943-0
-CHRISTIAN, EricEast Fremantle27 Feb 1936-0
-CHRISTIE, GeorgeEast Fremantle11 Dec 1961-0
59CHRISTIE, KaelebSwan Districts08 May 1999La Salle 1
62CHRISTOFIS, EthanEast Perth21 Mar 1998Deanmill0
-CHRISTY, DavidEast Fremantle03 Jul 1869-0
-CICCOTOSTO, BrianSouth Fremantle06 Apr 1948-0
-CICERELLO, MatthewEast Fremantle14 Jul 1981-0
-CICERELLO, NathanEast Fremantle12 Jun 1979Willetton JFC0
-CICERELLO, RonaldEast Fremantle02 Jan 1944-0
-CINORIS, Leonard East Fremantle28 Feb 1898-0
20CIOTTI, AlexEast Fremantle22 Jul 1987Rossmoyne JFC0
17CIPRO, Joshua Swan Districts10 May 1998Upper Swan/ Guildford Grammar1
-CIVICH, CraigSouth Fremantle10 Nov 1976-0
-CIVICH, DanielSouth Fremantle18 Aug 1952-0
-CLAESSEN, JohnEast Fremantle05 Jun 1960-0
-CLAIR, JordanClaremont07 Apr 1998North Beach0
-CLANCY, AshleySouth Fremantle17 Jun 1980-0
-CLANCY, PhilWest Perth15 Feb 1971-0
-CLAPE, MattEast Perth28 May 1969-0
-CLARK, AdamClaremont29 Apr 1965-0
-CLARK, Brian East Fremantle15 May 1944-0
-CLARK, DavidClaremont27 Aug 1983-0
-CLARK, DavidSubiaco07 May 1981-0
12CLARK, GregorySubiaco24 May 1997Sorrento Duncraig JFC1
-CLARK, HarryEast Fremantle23 Apr 1892-0
-CLARK, JamesEast Fremantle08 Apr 1917-0
-CLARK, JohnEast Fremantle28 Jun 1873-0
-CLARK, JohnEast Fremantle31 Mar 1925-0
34CLARK, JordanClaremont16 Oct 2000Railways FC1
-CLARK, JyeClaremont02 Oct 2001Railways FC0
46CLARK, LachlanSouth Fremantle11 Nov 1995Nth Fremantle0
33CLARK, MichaelEast Perth15 Jul 1981Mitcham0
-CLARK, MichaelSwan Districts31 Mar 1978-0
-CLARK, MitchellEast Fremantle19 Oct 1987Rossmoyne JFC1
-CLARK, NicholasEast Fremantle23 Dec 1957-0
-CLARK, RussellPerth01 Apr 1968-0
53CLARK, RyanWest Perth23 Sep 1988Kingsley0
59CLARKE, AdrianWest Perth09 Feb 1991Whitford JFC0
50CLARKE, AidanSwan Districts21 Oct 1998Bunbury Bulldogs1
-CLARKE, AndrewClaremont01 Jan 1986Claremont JFC0
-CLARKE, AnthonyEast Fremantle26 Jan 1954-0
-CLARKE, BenjaminPerth26 Apr 1990Goomalling0
41CLARKE, DylanSubiaco21 Mar 1994Kalgoorlie City1
-CLARKE, FrancisEast Fremantle23 Feb 1922-0
40CLARKE, JakeWest Perth13 Jun 1995Whitford JFC0
-CLARKE, John (Jack)East Fremantle26 Nov 1931-0
37CLARKE, MatthewClaremont24 Jul 1989Bullcreek / Leeming0
-CLARKE, MatthewPerth02 Oct 2001Northam Saints0
-CLARKE, Mitchell Claremont26 Nov 1999West Coast JFC1
55CLARKE, NathanPerth12 Feb 1993Calingiri0
-CLARKE, ReganPerth15 Jun 2001Manning JFC1
-CLARKE, SydneyClaremont05 Apr 1914-0
29CLARKE, ThomasPeel Thunder24 Apr 1989Eaton0
44CLARKE, ZacPeel Thunder28 Mar 1990Oakleigh Chargers0
-CLARKSON, JohnSwan Districts02 May 1969-0
99CLARKSON, LiamEast Fremantle05 Feb 1993Railways0
-CLARKSON, WaynePerth03 Feb 1973-0
-CLATWORTHY, StanleyEast Fremantle13 Mar 1905-0
-CLAUDIUS, BrettPerth06 Jun 1982Huntingdale JFC0
-CLAYTON, HarrisonSwan Districts16 Nov 2001Ellenbrook JFC0
-CLAYTON, JoshuaEast Fremantle02 Jun 1989North Fremantle JFC0
-CLAYTON, RileySouth Fremantle14 Sep 2001Fremantle City Dockers JFC0
67CLEAVER, AaronSouth Fremantle06 Mar 1992Rockingham1
-CLEGG, JacksonPerth08 Oct 1998Thornlie FC1
-CLEGGETT, TravisPeel Thunder16 May 1996Collie0
-CLEMENT, JamesSouth Fremantle04 Sep 1976-0
-CLEMENTI, AshleySouth Fremantle13 Nov 1967-0
34CLEMENTS, JyeEast Fremantle14 Jul 1997Gosnells JFC1
-CLEMENTS, MaxwellSwan Districts27 Aug 1935-0
69CLEMETT, WilliamWest Perth17 Jun 1993Whitford JFC0
40CLIFFORD, SeanSubiaco23 Mar 1988Lynwood Ferndale JFC0
-CLIFFORD, WayneSwan Districts09 Jul 1974-0
-CLIFFORD-SMITH, AndrewPerth14 Apr 1980-0
-CLIFTON, BodhiPeel Thunder10 Dec 1992Lake Grace/ Pingrup FC1
-CLIFTON, JonsonSouth Fremantle26 Jan 1978-0
-CLINCH, AbrahamSubiaco25 Sep 2000Warwick Greenwood JFC0
32CLINCH, BrianSubiaco23 Jul 1994Esperance0
12CLINCH, JuddSubiaco27 Apr 1999Ocean Ridge JFC1
35CLINCH-PHILLIPS , CaseyEast Perth06 May 1999Nollamara0
-CLOSE, BrianSwan Districts07 Nov 1952-0
-CLOSE, DuarneSubiaco08 Apr 1999Mines Rovers FC0
-CLOUTER, AndrewEast Fremantle07 Jul 1998Melville JFC0
-CLUCAS, MatthewSouth Fremantle18 Mar 1978East Fremanlte0
-CLUCAS, PhillipEast Fremantle15 Nov 1955-0
-CLUNE, KevinClaremont03 Apr 1935-0
30CLUNE, NoahWest Perth23 Jul 1999Whitford JFC0
27CLUTTERBUCK, FreddieSwan Districts22 Sep 1990Noranda JFC7
-COATES, CharlesEast Fremantle08 Feb 1876-0
-COATES, KerryEast Fremantle07 Oct 1949-0
37COCI, DanielEast Perth09 Jun 1999Ballajura FC1
-COCKAYNE, AdamSubiaco17 Sep 2001Wembley Downs JFC0
-COCKER, ShaneSubiaco02 Mar 1961-0
7COCKIE, AdamSubiaco18 Apr 1989Sorrento Duncraig JFC1
-COCKIE, JordanSubiaco19 Oct 1994Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
-COCKS, RyanEast Fremantle15 May 1992Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
50COE, AlexanderWest Perth06 Dec 1996Bencubbin FC1
71COE, AlexanderWest Perth06 Dec 1996Bencubbin0
33COE, JamesSubiaco21 Feb 1993Kinglsey JFC0
-COFFEY, Denis East Fremantle13 Aug 1904-0
-COFFEY, GlenEast Fremantle05 Jan 1950-0
-COHEN, AlexPeel Thunder12 Oct 1998North Mandurah1
-COHENCA, JoshuaClaremont30 Nov 2001Marist JFC0
51COKER, MathewPerth31 Oct 1987South Fremantle0
-COLBUNG, AshleyPerth05 Jan 2001Northam Barons0
99COLBUNG, BrandonSouth Fremantle03 Sep 1996Jandakot JFC1
27COLBUNG, BrandonSouth Fremantle08 Sep 1996Jandakot JFC0
65COLBUNG, Dennis West Perth25 Jul 1988Nollamara1
61COLBUNG, GregorySwan Districts06 Aug 1996Royals0
-COLBUNG, MichaelPeel Thunder03 May 1993Bassendean FC1
-COLBUNG, ShaunEast Perth07 Aug 1968-0
50COLBUNG, ShawnEast Perth23 May 1988Albany0
24COLE, BrodieSubiaco22 Sep 1998Sorrento-Duncraig1
-COLE, DavidEast Fremantle06 Apr 1926-0
-COLE, DeanEast Fremantle28 Sep 1967-0
37COLE, JaredWest Perth27 Mar 1999Kingsway JFC0
-COLE, ShaneClaremont19 Feb 1979-0
39COLE, TomEast Perth28 May 1997Bendigo0
99COLEGATE, JayeSwan Districts29 May 1993Three Springs0
100COLEMAN , Elijah South Fremantle17 Feb 1999Narrogin Hawks1
35COLEMAN, AlexSubiaco26 Jul 1997Carine0
-COLEMAN, BobPerth03 Apr 1917-0
99COLEMAN, JoshuaSouth Fremantle13 Mar 1993Willetton0
33COLEMAN, KaelWest Perth24 Jan 1997North Beach1
33COLEMAN, LachlanEast Perth27 Aug 1998MT Lawley FC1
-COLEMAN, MatthewSubiaco24 Nov 2001Sorrento-Duncraig JFC0
5COLEMAN, SamEast Fremantle12 Mar 1999Winnacott JFC1
38COLI, MarcusEast Perth01 Mar 1995Collegians0
-COLLARD, AdrianSouth Fremantle13 Jul 1973-0
-COLLARD, AshleyPeel Thunder10 Apr 1987Kulin Kondinin0
-COLLARD, BradSouth Fremantle25 Feb 1964-0
-COLLARD, BradleySouth Fremantle29 Dec 1986South Coogee JFC0
21COLLARD, BrandonEast Fremantle23 Nov 1999Kelmscott JFC1
-COLLARD, BrendonSubiaco15 Mar 1999Boulder City1
74COLLARD, CallumPerth24 Jan 1994Kelmscott1
-COLLARD, ClaytonPeel Thunder04 Dec 1988Kulin Kondinin0
-COLLARD, CliffordSouth Fremantle17 May 1967-0
-COLLARD, DerekEast Perth16 Feb 1967-0
-COLLARD, DouglasPeel Thunder07 Dec 1994Mandurah0
50COLLARD, EmmanuelSouth Fremantle16 Aug 1994Kwinana JFC0
33COLLARD, JayPeel Thunder17 Feb 1994Waroona0
35COLLARD, JoshuaSouth Fremantle21 Jul 1997Jandakot Jets JFC1
64COLLARD, KarlPeel Thunder03 Oct 1996Eaton Boomers0
48COLLARD, LawrenceSouth Fremantle04 Nov 1990Katanning0
62COLLARD, ShannonPerth16 Jan 1992Kelmscott0
28COLLARD, TroyPeel Thunder21 Jan 1996Halls Head0
99COLLARD, WadeWest Perth23 Sep 1999Narembeen FC1
12COLLEDGE, BrantPerth25 Oct 1994Attadale JFC1
99COLLICA, AnthonySouth Fremantle17 Mar 1991Kardinya JFC0
-COLLICA, MichaelEast Fremantle09 Jul 1977Hawthorn0
99COLLIER, BillySouth Fremantle04 May 1996South Coogee JFC0
12COLLINS, BrodiePerth19 Jan 1993Thornline0
-COLLINS, DavidSouth Fremantle08 May 1974-0
-COLLINS, DonaldEast Fremantle08 Sep 1938-0
-COLLINS, FrancisEast Fremantle09 Jun 1892-0
-COLLINS, GlenPerth26 Sep 1977-0
-COLLINS, MarkSouth Fremantle30 Dec 1967-0
40COLLINS, SamPeel Thunder15 May 1994Boxhill Hawks0
19COLLINS, SamuelEast Perth12 May 1994Mt Lawley0
37COLLINS, StefanEast Perth18 May 1993Mt Lawley Inglewood JFC0
99COLPITTS, JarrenSouth Fremantle13 Aug 1998Jandakot1
19COLREAVY, BenSwan Districts29 Jan 1982West Coast JFC0
17COLREAVY, GerardEast Fremantle21 Mar 1993Attadale JFC0
24COLREAVY, WillEast Fremantle05 Mar 1996Attadale0
-COLTHART, MarkEast Perth24 Sep 1972-0
61COLVIN, JakeClaremont01 Jan 1994Marist JFC0
18COLVIN, JasonPerth03 Feb 1994Gosnells JFC0
28COLVIN, KyleEast Fremantle12 Mar 1996Canning Vale JFC0
-COLYER, TravisClaremont24 Aug 1991Marist JFC0
51COLYER, VaughnSwan Districts22 Sep 1991Augusta Margaret River0
17COMBEN, BlakeEast Fremantle10 May 1994Mingenew0
-COMEAGAIN, JordanSouth Fremantle10 Jul 1994Mullewa0
-COMERFORD, GraemeWest Perth20 May 1959-0
16CONCA, ReecePerth12 Aug 1992Victoria Park JFC0
-CONDON, DamienEast Fremantle01 Feb 1967-0
45CONGDON, RyanSwan Districts20 Jan 1993Upper Swan JFC0
3CONIGLIO, JacobSwan Districts25 Jul 1995La Salle1
3CONIGLIO, StephenSwan Districts15 Dec 1993Upper Swan JFC0
-CONNELL, JustinSubiaco17 Jun 1974-0
-CONNELL, MatthewSubiaco03 Aug 1972-0
60CONNELLY, BrettPerth24 Feb 1989Gippsland0
-CONNOLLY, JohnEast FremantleN/A-0
64CONNOLLY, LiamSubiaco16 Jul 1998Scarborough1
6CONNOR, AlexPeel Thunder10 Jan 1996Mandurah0
45CONNOR, AlexPeel Thunder10 Jan 1996Mandurah Mustangs0
-CONSTANTINO, PeterClaremontN/A-0
66CONWAY, AidanPerth23 Feb 1999Yanchep JFC0
-CONWAY, Denis East Fremantle25 Feb 1920-0
-CONWAY, FrancisEast Fremantle12 Apr 1905-0
-CONWAY, JamesEast Fremantle14 Jun 1925-0
34CONWAY, LeighEast Fremantle08 Feb 1987Rostrata JFC0
17COOK, AlecEast Fremantle08 Mar 1995Canning Vale JFC0
43COOK, BraydenWest Perth24 Sep 1998Kingsley JFC0
-COOK, BrianPerth27 Jun 1953-0
-COOK, DwayneEast Perth04 Mar 1978-0
-COOK, Keeshawn Perth15 Jul 2000Kelmscott JFC0
-COOK, KietSwan Districts10 Jun 1995Swanleigh JFC0
-COOK, LorneClaremont26 Mar 1940-0
32COOK, RyanSouth Fremantle16 Feb 1988Collingwood3
2COOK, TroyPerth12 Aug 1976Kenwick0
-COOKE, BrendanPeel Thunder12 Jul 2001Warnbro Swans JFC0
6COOKE, FletcherEast Perth15 Jul 1996Morley Bulldogs JFC0
-COOLEY, JackClaremont09 Jan 2001Claremont JFC0
-COOLING, DennisEast Fremantle31 Dec 1931-0
-COOMBES, SamuelClaremont15 Nov 2001Marist JFC0
-COOMBES, ThomasClaremont20 Mar 1996Swanbourne Tigers0
-COOPER, BarrySouth Fremantle30 Mar 1953-0
32COOPER, BradEast Fremantle24 Jul 1990Brigades0
-COOPER, BrentonPerth27 Jul 1973-0
-COOPER, EricEast Fremantle04 Jul 1961-0
-COOPER, FredEast Fremantle18 Feb 1905-0
-COOPER, IanSwan Districts02 Apr 1946-0
-COOPER, JohnSubiaco29 Dec 1922-0
-COOPER, JohnSwan Districts04 Feb 1930-0
-COOPER, LaytonSwan Districts26 Nov 1979-0
19COOPER, MathewEast Fremantle17 Feb 1994South Perth JFC0
48COOPER, MichaelEast Perth18 Jan 1991Ballajura JFC0
36COOPER, MorganSouth Fremantle25 Mar 1987Roleystone JFC0
-COOPER, RonaldClaremont08 Jun 1911-0
-COOPER, RussellEast Fremantle04 May 1959-0
29COOPER, SheldonSubiaco23 Jul 1997Mines Rovers FC0
-COOPER, StaffordSwan Districts13 Mar 1975-0
-COOPER, TrentPeel Thunder19 Jun 1974-0
11COOYOU, RhysEast Fremantle22 Mar 1991Towns0
15COPELAND, BrendonPeel Thunder11 Jul 1994Baldivis JFC0
-COPPIN, David Claremont03 Feb 1996Marist0
-COPPIN, DominicSwan Districts22 May 1995South Hedland Swans0
60COPPIN, MorrisSwan Districts27 Aug 1985South Headland0
-COPPIN, ReeceSwan Districts17 Jul 1995South Hedland Swans0
-COPPING, BenetEast Perth07 Oct 1986-0
21CORBETT, AidanWest Perth08 Dec 1997Whitford JFC0
50CORBETT, DesmondEast Perth03 Sep 1989Carey Park0
-CORBETT, JordanPeel Thunder30 Aug 1999South Bunbury FC1
-CORBETT, MarkSubiaco28 Aug 2001Warwick Greenwood JFC0
-CORBETT-WYNNE, ThomasSouth Fremantle22 Apr 1986Bibra Lake JFC0
-COREY, JoelEast Perth17 Feb 1982-0
-CORKHILL, MauriceEast Fremantle15 Jun 1887-0
41CORKIN, NathanWest Perth09 Apr 1996Whitford JFC0
-CORMACK, DarrylEast Fremantle20 May 1940-0
47CORMACK, DeclanEast Fremantle02 Apr 1992Swanbourne JFC0
-CORMACK, GeorgeEast Fremantle27 Feb 1909-0
-CORMACK, HughEast Fremantle14 Feb 1928-0
61CORMACK, JaceSwan Districts17 Nov 1990Bunbury0
-CORMACK, WayneEast Fremantle01 Jul 1957-0
-CORNELIUS, DrewPerth12 Jun 1974-0
-CORNELIUS, JoelSwan Districts14 Apr 1975South Bunbury0
30CORNELL, MitchellSouth Fremantle14 Mar 1983Goomalling0
42CORNER, BodhiSouth Fremantle18 Aug 1997South Coogee JFC1
13CORNER, JamesPerth27 Jul 1997South Perth FC0
20CORNISH, DylanWest Perth23 Mar 1995Nukarni0
-CORREIA, AdamSouth Fremantle17 Aug 2001South Coogee JFC0
59CORUNNA, AdamClaremont25 Apr 1992Halls Head JFC0
59COSGROVE, JacksonPeel Thunder06 Oct 1995Cerberus0
3COSSOM, ChadSubiaco03 Oct 1981Kingsley JFC0
-COSTELLO, AdamSouth Fremantle19 May 1985Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
-COUGHLAN, AndrewSouth Fremantle18 Jan 1975-0
34COUGHLAN, DanielClaremont02 May 1997West Coast JFC0
-COUGHLAN, MarkPerth20 Apr 1982-0
-COULSON, FrankEast Fremantle07 Nov 1933-0
63COULTHARD, DylanEast Fremantle14 Apr 1994Brigades0
-COUNCILLOR, GregorySwan Districts05 Apr 1979-0
-COUNCILLOR, KanePerth04 May 2001Towns Juniors0
-COUPER, MurrayPerth24 Oct 1948-0
-COURT, HarrisonClaremont03 Mar 1996Wembley Downs JFC0
5COUSENS, MichaelClaremont26 Mar 1982West Coast WAAFL0
-COUSINS, BenEast Fremantle30 Jun 1978Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
-COUSINS, BrettWest Perth06 Mar 1977Warwick JFC0
-COUSINS, BryanPerth29 Dec 1953-0
-COUSINS, TrevorEast Fremantle07 Jun 1951-0
53COUTINHO, Andre`South Fremantle06 Apr 1998Kwinana JFC1
7COVICH, MaxWest Perth19 Aug 1995Kingsley0
-COWAN, AlexanderEast Fremantle28 Apr 1912-0
-COWAN, LukePeel Thunder26 Aug 1979-0
-COWAN, MervynEast Fremantle05 Apr 1925-0
100COWCHER, KhalvinSouth Fremantle23 Dec 1999Williams1
-COWCHER, RussellSouth Fremantle07 Dec 2000Williams FC1
51COWDRAY, BenPeel Thunder26 Jun 1992Mandurah JFC0
8COWELL, BrentEast Perth07 Feb 1980Geelong0
-COX, AndrewClaremont08 Jan 1971-0
19COX, BenjaminWest Perth18 Mar 1995Whitford JFC0
36COX, BrennanPeel Thunder13 Aug 1998Woodville South0
43COX, DanielSwan Districts06 May 1995Halls Creek0
28COX, DarrinEast Perth26 Jun 2000South Perth JFC1
75COX, DeanEast Perth01 Aug 1981Karratha0
35COX, DylanPerth01 Mar 1995South Perth JFC1
-COX, JasonSwan Districts22 Oct 1983Dampier NPFL0
-COX, JosephSwan Districts08 Sep 1929-0
-COX, KayneEast Perth15 Jan 2001Busselton Magpies FC0
-COX, NevilleEast Fremantle24 Apr 1905-0
-COX, NormanSouth Fremantle20 Jan 1944-0
-COX, PatrickClaremont12 Sep 1971-0
-COX, PaulSubiaco15 Sep 1969-0
-COX, PeterEast Fremantle26 Aug 1981-0
3COX, Rhai-arnEast Perth01 Mar 2001Mt Hawthorn JFC1
-COX, ShannonSouth Fremantle07 Mar 1986Rovers0
25COX, TerykkSouth Fremantle24 Nov 1998Canarvon Warriors1
33COX, TomSubiaco28 Aug 1993Cable Beach0
10COX, ZennethClaremont06 Oct 1995Yardgee - Halls Creek0
-COYLE, GlennSubiaco14 Apr 1967-0
51COYNE, JoelClaremont06 Sep 1990North Albany0
8CRABB, JaxonClaremont07 Nov 1979Christchurch Grammar0
-CRAIG, JamesWest Perth15 Oct 1900-0
-CRAIG, JohnathonSwan Districts03 Dec 1982Swanleigh0
-CRAIG, KevinEast FremantleN/A-0
-CRAIG, WilliamEast FremantleN/A-0
-CRAIG, WilliamEast Fremantle13 Apr 1930-0
-CRAIGIE, MasonSouth Fremantle08 Oct 2001Kwinana JFC0
-CRAIN, MichaelEast Fremantle12 May 1971-0
15CRAMER, DamonPeel Thunder14 Aug 1998Rockingham Rams1
51CRANE, ShaunPerth21 Jan 1991South Bunbury FC0
99CRANENBURGH, CallanSwan Districts01 Jun 1996Darlington/Parkerville1
43CRANLEY, KyalSubiaco01 Sep 1991Eaton0
-CRANNAGE, RaymondEast Fremantle04 May 1926-0
58CRANSBERG, DanielPeel Thunder12 Feb 1993Mandurah Mustangs0
19CRAWFORD, DavidClaremont14 Jul 1983Mosman Park JFC0
-CRAWFORD, IanEast Fremantle24 Sep 1955-0
-CRAWFORD, JustinSouth Fremantle20 Mar 1977CBC0
10CRAWFORD, Nicholas Subiaco11 Nov 1998Railways JFC0
-CRAWLEY, JeremyClaremont02 Nov 1972-0
59CREASEY, HarryEast Fremantle28 Jan 1998Bunbury1
-CREEDON, DonaldEast Fremantle07 Feb 1931-0
42CREEPER, AdamSubiaco19 Oct 1996Sorrento Duncraig JFC1
-CREES, TyronePerth11 Jun 2001Northam Saints0
-CREEVEY, ShanePeel Thunder02 Sep 1981-0
-CREW, JamieSubiaco14 Nov 2000Railways FC1
7CREW, MitchellSubiaco09 Aug 1998Railways FC1
4CRICHTON, JesseEast Fremantle18 Jun 1991Werribee10
-CRIMMINS, DamianClaremont20 Jan 1977-0
49CRIPPS, DanielSwan Districts07 Apr 1992Trinity Aquinas0
28CRIPPS, JackEast Fremantle20 Jan 1996Northampton0
57CRIPPS, JamieEast Perth23 Apr 1992Northampton0
21CRIPPS, PatrickEast Fremantle18 Mar 1995Northampton0
32CRISAFIO, CameronEast Fremantle24 Jul 1990Canning Vale JFC0
99CRISP, MarcWest Perth25 Jan 1987Kulin Kondinin0
58CRISPIN, DamienClaremont12 Feb 1991Broome0
22CRISTINELLI, ColemanClaremont11 Dec 1991Railways - Albany0
-CROAD, TrentClaremont09 May 1980-0
33CROCKETT, JordanClaremont02 Jan 1996Swanbourne JFC0
99CROGNALE, Dale Swan Districts15 Dec 1993Swan districts 0
20CRONAN, LouisEast Fremantle02 Jan 1991East Fremantle JFC0
29CRONAN, MarcusSouth Fremantle18 May 1992East Fremantle JFC0
36CRONAN, MichaelEast Fremantle19 Feb 1997East Fremantle1
-CRONAN, RoderickEast Fremantle01 Oct 1954-0
-CRONIN, DeverickEast Perth01 Sep 1911-0
23CRONIN, RichardClaremont17 Nov 1987Albany - Royals0
-CRONJE, ChristoffClaremont12 Jun 1998North Albany0
53CROOK, MarshallWest Perth22 Mar 1993Nukarni0
-CROOK, ScottEast Perth12 Mar 1975-0
-CROOKES, LiamSouth Fremantle20 Sep 1998Kwinana0
-CROSBY, JarrodSubiaco14 Oct 1974-0
-CROSBY, LukeWest Perth12 Jan 1985Whitford JFC0
-CROSS, CalebSubiaco29 Aug 2001Warwick Greenwood JFC0
-CROSS, CameronSwan Districts13 Dec 1996Wickham Wolves0
50CROSS, JarrodSwan Districts04 Aug 1994Roeburn0
-CROSS, RonaldEast Fremantle25 Apr 1954-0
-CROSS, TrevelEast Fremantle18 Jan 1993Rovers0
-CROSSLAND, DavidWest Perth02 Aug 1981West Perth0
-CROSSLAND, SimonWest Perth20 Apr 1989Corrigin0
38CROSSLAND, TomWest Perth04 Oct 1986Corrigin0
-CROTHERS, TrevorWest Perth19 Mar 1969-0
-CROUCH, JeremyWest Perth04 May 2001Quinns Districts JFC0
-CROUCH, RogerEast Fremantle27 Apr 1959-0
-CROUCH, TristanEast Fremantle15 Nov 2001Bullcreek Leeming FC0
-CROUGH, JeremyEast Perth30 Jan 1970-0
-CROW, KennethEast Fremantle21 Jan 1927-0
-CROW, RobertEast Perth15 Apr 1907-0
-CROWE, AlexEast Fremantle31 Aug 2001Rossmoyne JFC0
43CROWE, JacobClaremont16 Jun 1959North Albany0
-CROWLEY, KevinEast FremantleN/A-0
15CROWLEY, RyanSwan Districts05 Mar 1984Calder Cannons0
-CROXFORD, RhysClaremont21 Mar 1974-0
18CROZIER, HaydenPeel Thunder24 Dec 1993Eastern Rangers0
-CROZIER, JaredSouth Fremantle02 Jul 2001Jandakot Jets JFC0
46CRUICKSHANK, DanielWest Perth13 Aug 1999Ocean Ridge JFC0
34CRUMP, AlexanderClaremont05 Feb 1999Swanbourne JFC1
-CRUMP, Nicholas Claremont12 Feb 2001Cottesloe JFC0
24CRUTTENDEN, IanPerth10 Nov 1984Tuggrenong0
-CRUTTENDEN, LachlanSubiaco09 Apr 1998Newton/ Condingup FC0
-CUCEL, KimEast Fremantle28 Sep 1948-0
35CULBERT, HamishWest Perth13 Sep 1999Quinns JFC0
43CULLEN, JaydonPeel Thunder16 Feb 2000South Mandurah FC1
39CULLEN, LachlanPeel Thunder16 Feb 2000South Mandurah1
-CULLEN, MattEast Perth06 Feb 1967-0
28CULLEN, MatthewSubiaco07 Jul 1991Kalgoorlie City0
100CULLETON, JamesSouth Fremantle11 Sep 1995Williams0
-CULLINAN, DanielWest Perth05 Nov 1982Marcellin VAFA0
-CULPITT, BrodyPeel Thunder21 Nov 1986Castlemaine0
-CUMBERS, MervynEast Fremantle27 Jun 1927-0
-CUMMINGS, ScottSwan Districts18 Jan 1974-0
-CUMMINGS, StevenPerth21 Sep 1966-0
-CUMMINGS, TrentPeel Thunder28 Dec 1973-0
-CUMMINS, JamesEast Fremantle15 May 1973-0
42CUNEO, JoshuaEast Fremantle03 Jan 1995Winnacott JFC1
-CUNNING, ToddPeel Thunder06 Oct 1982Warnbro0
-CUNNINGHAM, BenClaremont22 Nov 1981Warwick JFC0
36CUNNINGHAM, GeorgeClaremont14 May 1992Hale0
53CUNNINGHAM, JosephEast Fremantle27 Feb 1995Canning Vale JFC0
-CUNNINGHAM, RileyClaremont04 Aug 1999Coorow Latham1
8CUPIN, JacobSouth Fremantle18 Dec 1996Melville0
-CURLEY, AdamWest Perth05 Sep 1977Warwick JFC0
-CURLEY, AdrianEast Fremantle03 May 1985Mullewa GNFL0
-CURLEY, DylanEast Fremantle02 Nov 2000Mullewa FC1
38CURLEY, GodfreyEast Fremantle08 Dec 1992Mullewa0
-CURLEY, LesEast Fremantle17 Sep 1999Mullewa FC1
-CURLEY, ToddWest Perth14 Jan 1973-0
33CURNOW, MitchelPeel Thunder23 Apr 1997Rockingham JFC1
46CURNOW, SamuelWest Perth26 Sep 1992Royals0
99CURNOW, SamuelSwan Districts26 Sep 1992Whitfords1
-CURRALL, JeremyPerth21 Jan 1983-0
-CURRAN, JosephEast Fremantle04 Mar 1905-0
-CURRELL, JakePeel Thunder22 Apr 1999Harvey Brunswick Leschenault 1
7CURREN, TomClaremont29 Jul 1992Sandringham FC10
49CURRIE, JasonPerth30 Sep 1988Kalamunda0
-CURRIE, RichardEast FremantleN/A-0
-CURTIN, CaidenClaremont25 Feb 1998Warmun0
-CURTIN, HarryEast Perth21 Dec 2001Saints JFC0
27CURTIN, JarrodClaremont01 Feb 1996Wesley Curtin0
35CURTIN, ThomasEast Perth17 Dec 1993Ongerup0
43CURTIS, DanielSwan Districts19 Apr 1995Kalamunda JFC0
60CURTIS, Joel Swan Districts04 Nov 1999Kalamunda JFC1
-CURTIS, StephenEast Perth19 Jun 1956-0
-CUSACK, JohnSwan Districts10 Apr 1927-0
16CUSWORTH, JoshuaPerth14 Jul 1995Thornlie JFC0
-CUSWORTH, MitchellEast Fremantle07 May 2001Willeton JFC1
-CUTLER, JayWest Perth02 Mar 2001Whitford JFC0
-CUTTEN, AndrewEast Fremantle05 Jul 1975-0
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