Please note that this is not a complete list of all WAFL players since 1885. Listed records are complete for all players since 1994 only, when electronic recording of statistics began. Before 1994 select players who won individual awards or honours are listed. Should you require information on any WAFL player not listed or can supply missing information for those listed, please contact the WAFL historian Greg Wardell-Johnson by e mail:

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# Name Club DOB Club From Points Active
-EADES, AshleyPeel Thunder28 Dec 1996-1
36EADES, BrettEast Perth08 Dec 1987Fremantle JFC0
48EADES, BrodeyPerth03 Nov 1998Kelmscott AFC1
6EADES, CoreyPeel Thunder07 Aug 1994Katanning0
48EADES, JordanSubiaco06 Oct 1991Midvale JFC0
-EADES, KimSwan Districts23 May 1980-0
34EADES, NijalEast Perth16 Oct 1997Ellenbrook0
63EADES, YestinSwan Districts10 Feb 1997Swan View1
-EALES, KyronEast Fremantle26 Sep 2002Willeton JFC1
7EARDLEY, CameronEast Fremantle24 Jun 1993East Fremantle JFC1
41EARDLEY, JamesPeel Thunder20 Jun 1993Secret Harbour JFC0
24EARDLEY, JoeyEast Fremantle25 Aug 1999East Fremantle Power 0
17EAST, Blake East Perth06 Aug 2000Deanmill FC1
-EAST, HeathEast Perth30 Nov 1971-0
5EAST, JaxonEast Perth30 May 2000Deanmill FC1
36EAST, SamEast Perth18 Jun 1999Manjimup Imperials1
-EASTAUGH, SimonSouth Fremantle12 Jun 1973-0
-EASTAUGH, SimonEast Fremantle12 Jun 1973-0
61EASTAUGH, ThomasEast Fremantle10 Apr 1999East Fremantle1
99EASTER, DanielSouth Fremantle31 Jan 1990South Coogee JFC0
21EASTLAND, Oliver Claremont26 Mar 1998Swanbourne JFC / Scotch1
24EASTWELL, JonathonEast Perth08 Feb 1987Busselton0
14EASTWELL, JordanEast Perth03 Feb 1990Busselton0
-EATON, CaidenSubiaco24 Mar 2001Sorrento-Duncraig JFC0
100EATON, CalegroSouth Fremantle17 Jan 1999Warriors FC1
17EATON, NathanEast Perth26 May 1997Mt Lawley1
-EATON, StephenSwan Districts08 Apr 1970-0
-EBBS, AlanEast Fremantle22 Mar 1917-0
-EBBS, KennethEast Fremantle10 Feb 1921-0
31EBERT, BradleyPeel Thunder04 Feb 1990Port Adelaide0
66EBERT, JoelClaremont29 Apr 1995Ravensthorpe / Hale0
29EBSARY, LachlanSwan Districts27 Feb 1999Mazenod1
63ECCLES, JamesSubiaco18 Mar 1997Warwick-Greenwood JFC0
48ECCLES, SamuelPeel Thunder21 Jan 1993Baldivis0
37ECCLESTONE, JackEast Perth05 Apr 1997Busselton0
-EDDY, CallanPeel Thunder13 Feb 1992Pinjarra JFC1
15EDDY, JoshuaPeel Thunder21 Jun 1998Halls Head JFC0
-EDDY, WilliamEast Fremantle11 Mar 1920-0
28EDGAR , Jarryd East Fremantle16 Jul 1999Wesley College1
-EDGAR, ArthurSouth Fremantle17 Mar 1905-0
65EDGAR, JaredEast Perth19 Sep 2000Deanmill FC1
-EDGAR, StephenEast Fremantle01 Feb 1967-0
-EDGCUMBE, GregPeel Thunder01 May 1984-0
17EDGELOW, ZacharyPerth04 Oct 1998Kelmscott FC1
21EDINGER, GeorgeEast Fremantle14 Jul 1995East Fremantle JFC0
33EDMONDS, BrentPerth27 Jul 1994Federals1
-EDMONDS, TravisSwan Districts09 Feb 1971-0
-EDMONDSON, Perth25 Nov 1872-0
35EDMONDSON, RhysEast Perth21 Aug 1992Whitford JFC0
-EDWARDS, AaronSwan Districts02 Mar 1984-0
-EDWARDS, AdamEast Perth23 Feb 1985Bombers JFC0
3EDWARDS, BenClaremont26 Feb 1999University1
-EDWARDS, BenjaminClaremont18 May 1976-0
23EDWARDS, BrentonSouth Fremantle28 Feb 1986Kukerin Dumbleyung UGSFL0
22EDWARDS, BrettPerth29 Sep 1983North Ballarat0
-EDWARDS, ColinSwan Districts16 Apr 1932-0
-EDWARDS, CraigSouth Fremantle25 Apr 1961-0
-EDWARDS, DaleClaremont20 Aug 1941-0
47EDWARDS, DustinEast Fremantle21 Jun 1990Canning Vale JFC0
-EDWARDS, EddieEast FremantleN/A-0
-EDWARDS, GaryClaremont09 Nov 1967-0
21EDWARDS, Harry Swan Districts01 Oct 2000Mazenod JFC1
58EDWARDS, JeddEast Perth09 Apr 1999Bassendean JFC1
-EDWARDS, LeithPeel Thunder14 Dec 1979-0
20EDWARDS, MichaelEast Fremantle29 Feb 1992Aquinas College0
-EDWARDS, NigelPerth07 Mar 1980-0
-EDWARDS, PaulSubiaco27 Sep 1973-0
41EDWARDS, Reece East Perth14 Sep 2000Tigers1
47EDWARDS, RhysClaremont28 Sep 1993Scarborough0
-EDWARDS, ScottClaremont23 Aug 1968-0
17EDWARDS, StevenSouth Fremantle06 Jul 1995Royals - Albany2
46EDWARDS, TimothySubiaco03 Feb 1996Carine JFC0
-EDWARDS, TonyWest Perth16 Sep 1970-0
37EDWARDS, TroySubiaco28 Aug 1999Gibson0
-EDWARDS, ZacharySwan Districts17 Jul 1997Bunbury0
54EDWARDS-BALDWIN, ThomasSubiaco11 May 1999Kingsley JFC1
-EGAN, GregoryEast Fremantle05 May 1974-0
68EGAN, JamesClaremont21 Jan 1999Port Wyndham FC1
36EGAN, JaxonPeel Thunder28 Mar 2001Harvey Bulls FC1
64EGAN, KristianPerth05 Jan 1992Rovers0
55EGAN, KyleWest Perth24 Dec 1995Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
64EGAN, StuartEast Fremantle14 Sep 1994Towns FC1
-EHLERS, CianSwan DistrictsN/AHigh Wycombe JFC1
48EHLERS, DavidSubiaco06 Dec 1996Marist1
51EHLERS, MatthewSubiaco06 Dec 1996Marist1
37EIFFLER, DylanWest Perth07 May 1985Kinsgley JFC0
3ELARI, AaronSwan Districts24 Apr 1991Moora/Perth3
-ELARI, NathanPerth02 Mar 1985Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
28ELISSEOU, AlexClaremont30 Jan 1992Whitford JFC0
31ELISSEOU, PaulWest Perth12 Oct 1989Whitford JFC0
-ELKINGTON, LukeSubiaco07 Sep 1978-0
5ELLARD, DavidSwan Districts13 Mar 1989Midvale1
-ELLEMENT, BruceEast Fremantle29 Dec 1935-0
-ELLIOTT, BenjaminClaremont30 Dec 2001Wembley Downs JFC1
-ELLIOTT, DavidWest Perth18 May 1971-0
29ELLIOTT, DylanSubiaco04 Mar 1993Ocean Ridge JFC0
-ELLIS, BlakePerth30 May 2000Lynwood/ Ferndale FC1
34ELLIS, BrandonEast Fremantle30 Dec 1993Rossmoyne JFC1
14ELLIS, BryceWest Perth14 Jan 1993Wanneroo JFC0
27ELLIS, CallumEast Fremantle03 Sep 1996Rossmoyne0
33ELLIS, HarrisonSwan Districts27 Nov 1995Waroona FC1
-ELLIS, JohnPerth20 Sep 1948-0
-ELLIS, JoshuaClaremont04 Jan 2001Cottesloe JFC0
14ELLIS, LiamSubiaco30 Jun 1995Mines Rovers0
-ELLIS, ShaneEast Fremantle27 Sep 1960-0
10ELLIS, XavierSwan Districts28 Feb 1988WCE12
57ELLISS, BlakePeel Thunder13 Jun 1996Warnbro0
33ELSBURY, BenEast Fremantle18 Mar 2000Melville JFC1
32ELTON, AaronWest Perth23 Sep 1996Joondalup Kinross0
27EMBLEY, AndrewSwan Districts27 Jun 1981Bassendean JFC0
38EMBLEY, JamesWest Perth27 Mar 1989Bassendean JFC0
-EMBLEY, MichaelSwan Districts20 Nov 1985Bassendean JFC0
10EMERY, MitchellEast Fremantle20 Dec 1994Palmyra JFC0
-EMERY, SamuelEast Fremantle02 Nov 2002Applecross Mount Pleasant JFC1
41ENDERS, CodySubiaco05 Oct 1990Kingsley JFC0
6ENGLAND, CallanEast Perth15 Oct 1999Wembley Downs JFC1
53ENGLAND, TysonClaremont29 Jul 1997Hale1
2ENGLISH, LukePerth20 Aug 2000Manning JFC1
60ENGLISH, TimothySouth Fremantle10 Aug 1997Dalkeith Nedlands JFC0
-ENNOR, GeorgeEast Fremantle21 Feb 1905-0
69ENOSA, DamonClaremont17 May 1999Towns FC (Broome)1
-ENRIGHT, EEast Fremantle25 Mar 1905-0
5ENTWISTTLE, MichaelEast Perth18 Feb 1997Ellenbrook0
71EPANOMITIS , Theo East Perth11 Feb 1999Mt Lawley-Inglewood JFC0
-ERCEG, AdamSwan Districts12 Mar 1984-0
35ERCEG, BrandonSwan Districts13 Feb 1993Bassendean JFC1
-ERCEGOVICH, DeanSouth Fremantle03 Jun 1974-0
99ERICSON, KristianSouth Fremantle26 Sep 1986North Albany0
25ERIKSON, KallumWest Perth05 Jun 2001Quinns Districts JFC1
-ERIKSSON, EricSouth Fremantle05 Jan 1925-0
-ERNST, ClintonEast Perth15 Aug 1982Cunderdin Avon FA0
18ETTO, TaranPerth06 Jul 1995Western Suburbs Magpies5
-EVANS, AnthonyClaremont14 Jun 1969-0
20EVANS, BenSubiaco20 Apr 1996Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
-EVANS, BenClaremont11 Mar 2002Cottesloe JFC1
-EVANS, ChristopherSubiaco12 May 2001Warwick Greenwood JFC0
-EVANS, DannySubiaco31 May 2001Warwick Greenwood JFC0
-EVANS, GeorgeEast Fremantle24 Dec 1915-0
-EVANS, JackPerth25 Oct 2002Riverton JFC1
20EVANS, JoshuaEast Perth20 Mar 1997Noranda0
45EVANS, LawrenceClaremont12 Apr 1996Swanbourne JFC1
-EVANS, MichaelEast Perth27 May 1976-0
-EVANS, NickClaremont16 Sep 1997Marist JFC0
-EVANS, PaulEast Perth06 Sep 1968-0
-EVANS, PaulEast Fremantle16 Aug 1966-0
-EVANS, RonWest Perth07 Jul 1939-0
-EVANS, RyanPeel Thunder10 Jun 1982-0
41EVANS, SamuelPeel Thunder25 Feb 1997Halls Head0
-EVANS, ShanePerth28 Nov 1969-0
-EVANS, ShawnSouth Fremantle06 Aug 2002Kwinana JFC1
-EVANS, TonyClaremontN/A-0
-EVANS, WalterPerth29 Sep 1897-0
2EVENSEN, AlecEast Fremantle16 Nov 2001Applecross/Mt Pleasant JFC1
-EVERETT, BrodieSubiaco02 Nov 2002Sorrento-Duncraig JFC1
-EVERETT, ThomasEast Fremantle14 Nov 1932-0
-EVES, CooperEast Fremantle03 Apr 2002East Fremantle JFC1
72EWEN, BeauClaremont20 Jun 1999Railways FC1
-EWEN-CHAPPELL, KennethWest Perth23 Jun 1981-0
31EWING, JamesPeel Thunder22 Feb 2001Eaton Boomers1
60EYRE, RyanSwan Districts11 May 1990Carey Park0
21EYRES, ChristianPerth10 Oct 1990Trinity Aquinas1
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