Please note that this is not a complete list of all WAFL players since 1885. Listed records are complete for all players since 1994 only, when electronic recording of statistics began. Before 1994 select players who won individual awards or honours are listed. Should you require information on any WAFL player not listed or can supply missing information for those listed, please contact the WAFL historian Greg Wardell-Johnson by e mail:

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# Name Club DOB Club From Points Active
34FABIAN, CameronSubiaco03 Jan 1991Hamersly Carine0
-FABILA, MatthewSwan Districts17 Aug 2001Caversham JFC0
33FABRE, MaxEast Perth02 Aug 2000Augusta Margaret River FC1
28FAHEY, NathanEast Fremantle03 Apr 1996Halls Head JFC2
39FAIRCLOUGH, Mitchell East Perth30 Nov 1997Augusta Margaret River FC0
100FAIRHEAD, BraydenSouth Fremantle16 Nov 1999Brookton/ Pingelly FC1
-FAITHFUL, William East Fremantle19 Jul 1999Towns FC1
-FAITHFULL, MarkEast Perth31 Aug 1971-0
67FALCO, JordanSouth Fremantle27 Jun 1999SWJFL1
37FALCONER, LukeClaremont14 May 1993West Coast JFC0
-FALKINGHAM, ClaytonPerth22 May 1974-0
-FALKSTROM, MathewPeel Thunder26 Jun 1991Halls Head0
-FALKSTROM, RobertPeel Thunder26 Jun 1991Halls Head0
-FALLOWS, AdamPeel Thunder31 Jul 1973-0
-FANCHI, GuiseppeWest Perth12 May 1939-0
-FANCOTE, DeanEast Perth28 Nov 1974-0
-FANCOTE, KimPerth24 Mar 1960-0
41FANNON, CameronEast Fremantle15 Sep 1993Melville JFC0
-FARAONE, ConnorSubiaco11 Jan 2002Scarborough JFC1
11FARAONE, Jordan Subiaco02 Mar 2000Harvey Bulls1
-FARE, CooperWest Perth12 Feb 2002South Perth JFC1
-FARMER, ClintonEast Fremantle28 Mar 1950-0
35FARMER, CraigWest Perth20 May 2001Merredin JFC1
-FARMER, DanielPeel Thunder02 May 1978-0
-FARMER, Graham (Polly)East Perth10 Mar 1935-0
8FARMER, JeffreySouth Fremantle24 Jun 1977Tambellup0
-FARMER, KimberleySubiaco10 Apr 1995Nollamara0
55FARMER, Lachlan Subiaco04 Dec 2000Warwick Greenwood JFC1
99FARMER, PeterSouth Fremantle18 Oct 1996Marist0
-FARMER, PhillipEast Fremantle04 Jan 1947-0
-FARMER, PhillipWest Perth15 Feb 2002Quinns Districts JFC1
-FARMER, RobertPeel Thunder29 Oct 1982-0
-FARMER, RobinClaremont15 Mar 1925-0
64FARMER JNR, JeffreySubiaco16 Aug 1997Karratha Kats1
-FARQUHARSON, JackEast Perth03 Feb 1993Warwick Greenwood JFC0
-FARRANT, DougPerth02 Apr 1949-0
99FARRANT, JayenSwan Districts29 Dec 2000Bunbury JFC1
7FARRANT, PatrickSwan Districts01 Oct 1999Bunbury FC1
-FARRELL, CoryEast Fremantle27 Feb 2002Thornlie JFC1
-FARRELL, MarkEast Fremantle20 Dec 1995Kelmscott0
-FARRELL, PaulPerth02 Apr 1969-0
-FARRELL, ZachSubiaco22 May 2002Sorrento-Duncraig JFC1
-FARREN, Michael East Fremantle27 Apr 1958-0
-FARRER, JyClaremont07 Dec 1996Halls Creek Cowboys0
48FARRER, WilliamClaremont05 May 1995Wirrimanu0
99FARRINGDON, JackSouth Fremantle20 May 1993Winnacott JFC0
36FASOLO, AlexanderEast Fremantle08 Jun 1992Attadale JFC0
5FASOLO, LewisEast Fremantle01 May 1990Attadale JFC0
-FAUL, WilliamSubiaco08 Jun 1909-0
-FAULDS, KennethEast Fremantle15 Nov 1924-0
7FAULKNER, AdamSwan Districts03 May 1992La Salle College1
45FAULKNER, BrunoSouth Fremantle21 Sep 1999Mundijong1
-FAULKNER, JamesClaremont11 Mar 1981-0
-FAULKNER, JohnEast Fremantle11 Jun 1957-0
21FAULKS, PeterPeel Thunder24 Apr 1988Casey Scorpions0
-FAWCETT, HenryEast Fremantle10 Apr 1905-0
5FAZIOLI, JarradPeel Thunder14 May 2000Eaton Boomers1
-FEATHERBY, JasonSubiaco24 Apr 1975-0
-FEATHERBY, NathanSubiaco28 Feb 1980-0
-FEATHERBY, PeterSubiaco22 Dec 1951-0
-FEATONBY, HarrisonSwan Districts01 Aug 1995Karratha Kats0
-FEDDEMA, BrendonEast Fremantle14 May 1974-0
54FEENEY, AdamSouth Fremantle10 Jan 1992Bibra Lake0
22FEENEY, LachlanSouth Fremantle31 Aug 1999Jandakot Jets1
4FEENEY, TroySouth Fremantle21 Jun 1994Cockburn JFC0
-FELTHAM, PaulEast Fremantle01 Oct 1948-0
-FELTHAM, PeterEast Fremantle01 Feb 1952-0
62FENN, AntonySwan Districts21 Dec 1994Bassendean JFC0
-FENNER, GaryEast Fremantle25 Mar 1950-0
-FENTON, JackSouth Fremantle08 Oct 2001Winnacott JFC1
23FENTON, James Peel Thunder30 May 1999South Mandurah0
-FENTON, MichaelPeel Thunder26 May 2001South Mandurah JFC0
-FERGUSON, JamesClaremont30 Dec 1971-0
35FERGUSON, MatthewPerth01 Oct 1984St Kilda0
-FERGUSON, NeilEast Fremantle28 Nov 1945-0
-FERGUSON, NormanEast FremantleN/A-0
-FERGUSON, ReillyPerth13 Aug 2001Merredin JFC0
55FERNANDO, ShannonSwan Districts09 Apr 1993Upper Swan JFC0
34FERRARO, KayneSouth Fremantle12 Jul 2000Jandakot1
45FERRIER, JacobPeel Thunder04 Nov 1989South Mandurah0
18FETHERSTONHAUGH, WilliamSubiaco26 Apr 1994Gibson1
-FEWSON, WesleyPeel Thunder23 Aug 2002Halls Head JFC1
-FEWSTER, BrendonWest Perth04 Jan 1974-0
51FIAMENGO, DavidSouth Fremantle24 Jan 1995North Fremantle FC1
22FIEGERT, BrodieClaremont04 Mar 1993Ord River Magpies0
10FIEGERT, JoelPerth10 Oct 1990Belmont JFC0
12FIEGERT, JoelClaremont03 Feb 1995Ord River Magpies0
29FIELD, AidenPeel Thunder13 Jun 1994Rockingham JFC0
60FIELD, LukeSwan Districts01 Mar 1991Coolbinia JFC0
-FIELDER, JackClaremont27 Nov 2000Bridgetown FC0
-FIELDING, LucasEast Fremantle02 Jul 1983ST BERNARDS FC0
5FIELDING, SamuelSouth Fremantle30 Sep 1988Tasmania0
-FIELDS, NevilleEast Fremantle21 Nov 1951-0
34FILO, BrodiePeel Thunder14 Apr 1990Eaglehawk0
32FIMMANO, BradenSubiaco28 Oct 1995South Fremantle FC1
-FIMMANO, NedSouth Fremantle06 Sep 1964-0
26FINCHETT, JamesWest Perth13 Sep 1994Wanneroo JFC1
-FINDLAY, JamesPerth20 Aug 1971-0
-FINLAYSON, DarrinSwan Districts15 Nov 1972-0
17FINN, KeeganWest Perth02 Jan 2001Ocean Ridge JFC1
99FIRNS, ChristopherSwan Districts16 Feb 1996Eastern HIlls JFC0
57FISH, CoreyPeel Thunder06 May 1994South Mandurah JFC0
-FISH, TroyPeel Thunder08 Jan 1987North Mandurah JFC0
67FISHER, AndrewSwan Districts19 Apr 1991Kingsley0
65FISHER, BrendanEast Perth11 Jul 1994Ballajura JFC0
42FISHER, BrockSwan Districts13 Dec 2000York FC1
21FISHER, PatrickClaremont18 Feb 1997Christ Church0
38FISHER, ZacPerth15 Jun 1998York0
5FITZGERALD, AshleyPerth14 Nov 1994Trinity Aquinas0
67FITZGERALD, AshleyClaremont14 Nov 1994Quairading0
14FITZGERALD, BenClaremont13 Mar 1998Wembley Downs0
-FITZGERALD, GeorgeEast Fremantle12 Dec 1919-0
26FITZGERALD, KieranWest Perth07 Mar 2000Ocean Ridge JFC1
-FITZGERALD, MarkWest Perth14 Nov 1984Sandhurst0
-FITZGERALD, RobertEast Perth15 Aug 1968-0
-FITZPATRICK, Leith Claremont11 Jul 2001Marist JFC0
-FITZPATRICK, MichaelSubiaco28 Jan 1953-0
-FITZPATRICK, RhysWest Perth11 May 1983Upper Swan JFC0
-FITZSIMMONS, ShaneWest Perth24 Dec 1955-0
20FLAHERTY, JamesPeel Thunder05 Nov 1986Bendigo10
12FLAHERTY, ReganPerth05 Nov 2000Toodyay FC1
-FLEAY, BenPerth23 Jul 1982-0
35FLEAY, DionWest Perth01 May 1984South Fremantle0
-FLEAY, KodiePerth11 Mar 1994Beverley0
56FLEAY, ShaneSwan Districts16 Feb 1988South Bunbury0
37FLEAY, ThomasPeel Thunder20 Dec 1992York0
-FLEMATTI, AdrianPeel Thunder15 Mar 1977-0
-FLEMATTI, JacksonSubiaco09 Feb 1998Trinity College0
16FLEMATTI, ThomasSubiaco22 Feb 1995Kingsley JFC0
43FLEMING, JasonSwan Districts28 Dec 1985Cambell Town0
-FLEMING, NoelEast Fremantle08 Dec 1948-0
-FLEMMING, EdwardWest Perth30 Oct 1902-0
10FLETCHER, ChadSubiaco30 Aug 1979Karrinyup JFC0
-FLETCHER, GlenEast Fremantle27 Apr 1971-0
45FLETCHER, JackSubiaco08 Feb 1995Bullcreek Leeming JFC2
99FLETCHER, MattSwan Districts19 Nov 1997Midvale JFC0
21FLETCHER, SeanEast Fremantle03 Aug 1995Midvale JFC2
-FLETCHER, SeanSwan Districts03 Aug 1995Midvale JFC0
-FLETCHER, StevenSwan Districts17 Feb 2002Upper Swan JFC1
-FLINT, ChazClaremont30 Jun 1993Scarborough JFC0
-FLIPEK, TarwynPeel Thunder21 Jan 1996Warnbro1
31FLORENCA, JakeSouth Fremantle15 May 1997South Coogee JFC1
12FLORIO, MichaelPerth28 Feb 1991Thornlie JFC0
-FLUGGE, AshleySouth Fremantle18 Feb 1967-0
16FLYNN, JackEast Fremantle24 May 1997Rossmoyne0
-FODE, LenEast Fremantle06 Oct 1939-0
-FOKKEMA, MatthewEast Perth14 Aug 2001Augusta Margaret River JFC0
-FOLETTA, CharlesEast Fremantle02 Oct 1875-0
-FOLEY, AndrewEast Fremantle25 Oct 1968-0
40FOLEY, AnthonySubiaco09 Oct 1994Kingsley JFC0
-FOLEY, DanielWest Perth25 Oct 1960-0
39FOLEY, FraserWest Perth03 Nov 1997Sorrento Duncraig JFC1
-FOLEY, Gerald East Fremantle08 Jun 1926-0
47FOLEY, KaneSubiaco11 Jul 2001Sorrento-Duncraig JFC1
-FOLEY, Logan West Perth11 Jul 2002Ocean Ridge JFC1
22FOLEY, LukeSubiaco08 Oct 1999Sorrento Duncraig JFC1
-FOLEY, MauriceEast Fremantle06 Mar 1905-0
58FOLEY, SeanSubiaco15 Apr 1998Sorrento-Duncraig1
-FOLEY, ThomasEast FremantleN/A-0
-FOLEY, TimothyWest Perth11 Jan 1933-0
62FOLEY, TomClaremont28 Sep 1992Swanbourne JFC0
-FOLLET, JakeSubiaco22 Jul 1994Kingsway0
-FONG, LeslieWest Perth24 Aug 1956-0
10FONG, SamClaremont04 Apr 1993West Coast JFC / Hale0
-FOOTE, JaydenSouth Fremantle11 Jun 2002Jandakot Jets JFC1
-FOOTE, TroyPerth20 Apr 1973-0
-FORD, JaysonClaremont09 Jun 1949Royals0
45FORD , Tyson Swan Districts20 Sep 1994La Salle College 0
-FORDHAM, GeorgeEast Fremantle16 Mar 1905-0
-FORDHAM, WilliamEast Fremantle10 Nov 1910-0
-FORMAN, BryceEast Fremantle10 Aug 1961-0
-FORMANCZYK, MichaelSwan Districts03 Nov 1984Karratha NPFL0
-FORREST, DanielSubiaco09 Feb 1981-0
6FORREST, RobertSubiaco05 Jul 1986Railways0
99FORREST-YARRAN, AntionneSouth Fremantle05 Oct 1998Lakes1
62FORSTER, AlexPeel Thunder14 Jul 1993Norwood0
26FORSTER, AlexClaremont24 Jul 1997mt lawley inglewood0
1FORSYTH, JamieClaremont06 Oct 2000Cottesloe JFC1
-FORSYTH, JoelPerth26 Apr 1979-0
11FOSTER, AndrewClaremont31 Aug 1985East Fremantle FC / FFC0
21FOSTER, ChadSouth Fremantle07 Apr 1998Palmyra0
-FOSTER, DaleEast Perth17 Apr 1972-0
-FOSTER, DominicEast Fremantle28 Mar 1988East Fremantle JFC0
33FOSTER, JamieSouth Fremantle18 Nov 1996South Coogee JFC0
-FOSTER, KenEast Fremantle19 May 1939-0
28FOSTER, LukeEast Fremantle12 Feb 1991Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
41FOSTER, MarkSouth Fremantle07 Jul 1983Harvey Brunswick Leschernault SWFL0
-FOSTER, RobertEast Fremantle27 Oct 1922-0
44FOTHERINGHAM, BrentWest Perth23 Oct 1989Bayswater JFC0
-FOTHERINGHAME, BrentWest Perth23 Oct 1989Kulin Kondinin0
33FOULDS, CourtneyWest Perth18 May 1985Kukerin Dumbleyun UGSFL0
-FOURIE, JackPeel Thunder23 Sep 2002Secret Harbour Dockers FC1
99FOWLER, ClaytonSwan Districts01 Jan 2000Mingenew FC1
35FOWLER, ConorClaremont07 Oct 1997West Coast JFC0
17FOWLER, MatthewWest Perth11 Oct 1991Southport0
-FOWLER, RichardEast Fremantle26 Jun 1901-0
55FOWLER, SamuelSwan Districts14 Jun 1999High Wycombe JFC0
28FOWLER, ZacharyEast Fremantle21 Jan 1997Melville0
-FOX, KevinEast Fremantle20 Nov 1953-0
-FOXON, MarkSwan Districts04 Jan 1951-0
-FRAMPTON, JohnPerth27 Jun 1999Kardinya JFC0
-FRAMPTON, JohnPerth27 Jun 1999Kardinya JFC0
43FRAMPTON, JonathonSouth Fremantle27 Sep 1999Kardinya1
100FRAMPTON, WilliamSouth Fremantle20 Nov 1996East Fremantle JFC0
-FRANCE, BrianWest Perth09 Jul 1939-0
-FRANCESCHI, CambellSubiaco22 Apr 2002North Beach JFC1
-FRANCIS, FabianSouth Fremantle24 Oct 1973-0
37FRANCIS, LucasClaremont12 Jun 1996Marist0
39FRANCIS, PerrySouth Fremantle14 Mar 1996Busselton FC0
49FRANKLIN, ChrisWest Perth07 Dec 1988Imperials0
-FRANKLIN, DavronEast Perth15 Aug 1986Manjimup Imperials LSWFL0
-FRANKLIN, LancePerth30 Jan 1987-0
19FRANKLIN, MilesEast Fremantle06 Apr 1995Palmyra JFC1
99FRANZ, BrandonClaremont30 Aug 1985Marist JFC0
19FRANZONE, Samuel Subiaco20 Aug 1997Esperance FC0
-FRASER, AngusSouth Fremantle08 Aug 2002Jandakot Jets JFC1
28FRASER, BenPerth11 Apr 1987Gippsland0
22FRASER, BenEast Fremantle26 Feb 2000Rostrata JFC1
-FRASER, Lachlan Perth21 Jan 2001Manning JFC1
3FRASER, MitchellEast Perth17 May 1994Busselton1
-FRASER, TylerWest Perth06 Feb 2002Wanneroo JFC1
-FRAZER, JohnWest Perth12 Jan 1956-0
-FREDERICKS, LukeEast Perth20 Oct 1985Bridetown LSWFL0
-FREEMAN, PeterWest Perth01 Apr 1969-0
26FRENCH, AaronPerth25 Jun 1999Thornlie JFC1
-FRENCH, Francis East Fremantle01 Sep 1925-0
-FRENCH, FrankEast Fremantle29 Dec 1950-0
-FRENCH, JarrodSubiaco14 Sep 1997Kingsway0
99FRENCH, MatthewEast Perth27 Jul 2001Coolbinia JFC1
9FRENCH, NathanSubiaco12 May 2000Kingsway FC1
-FRENCH, RaymondEast Fremantle04 Jul 1929-0
-FRENCH, VictorEast Fremantle25 Apr 1922-0
1FRIDAY, JakeSouth Fremantle25 Jan 1995Kelmscott0
36FROST, DanielSubiaco29 Dec 2000Kingsley JFC1
-FROST, RickySouth Fremantle25 May 1980-0
99FROYLAND, JackSouth Fremantle28 Jan 1993Attadale JFC0
24FRY, BradleyPerth20 Mar 1987Thornlie JFC0
50FRYER, HarleePeel Thunder26 Jan 1991Midvale JFC0
-FUHRMANN, FranklynSouth Fremantle28 Sep 1904-0
-FULLARTON, MichaelSubiaco17 Aug 1999Sorrento-Duncraig JFC1
36FULLER, TimothyWest Perth22 Feb 1995Quinns JFC0
19FULLGRABE, BradleySwan Districts01 Apr 1998Upper Swan/ Guildford Grammar1
-FULLGRABE, HenrySwan Districts15 Apr 1938-0
41FULLGRABE, KaidynSubiaco14 Sep 1995Ocean Ridge1
57FULLGRABE, KobySubiaco27 Apr 1999Joondalup Kinross JFC1
57FURMARK, BraydnEast Perth04 Feb 1998Kingsway AFC1
-FYFE, ClaytonPeel Thunder06 May 1974-0
13FYFE, NathanPeel Thunder18 Sep 1991Lake Grace0
-FYFE, ShanePerth15 Sep 1982-0
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