Please note that this is not a complete list of all WAFL players since 1885. Listed records are complete for all players since 1994 only, when electronic recording of statistics began. Before 1994 select players who won individual awards or honours are listed. Should you require information on any WAFL player not listed or can supply missing information for those listed, please contact the WAFL historian Greg Wardell-Johnson by e mail:

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# Name Club DOB Club From Points Active
-GABELICH, RayWest Perth03 Jul 1934-0
15GABRIEL, RussellEast Fremantle22 Apr 1989Frankston0
-GABRIELSON, AndrewEast Fremantle14 Mar 1905-0
-GABRIELSON, DonaldEast Fremantle20 Apr 1920-0
-GABRIELSON, HaroldEast Fremantle07 Mar 1905-0
-GABRIELSON, RaymondEast Fremantle17 Mar 1926-0
-GABY, PaulPeel Thunder09 Jun 1974-0
-GAERTH, RyanClaremont26 Sep 1983Sth Mount Barker0
33GAFF, AndrewEast Perth16 Jun 1992Oakleigh Chargers0
53GAJEWSKI, NickPeel Thunder11 Nov 1994Claremont0
6GAJEWSKI, ThomasClaremont31 Dec 1996West Coast JFC / Scotch0
20GALANTINO, MatthewClaremont09 Feb 1993Albany0
57GALATI-RANDO, AnthonyEast Fremantle04 Dec 1992Willetton JFC0
-GALE, AaronEast Perth21 Oct 1971-0
-GALE, JasonPeel Thunder19 May 1975-0
-GALE, MarkClaremont07 May 1976-0
21GALE, RyanClaremont05 May 1986Scotch0
31GALIANO, AdamPerth08 Jan 1993South Coogee JFC0
59GALIANO, AdamSouth Fremantle08 Jan 1993south coogee0
-GALLAGHER, DanielEast Fremantle28 Aug 1897-0
-GALLAGHER, EdmundEast Fremantle28 Aug 1897-0
-GALLAGHER, Edmund SnrEast FremantleN/A-0
-GALLAGHER, MichaelSubiaco25 Oct 1980Eastlakes AFL ACT0
-GALLAGHER, ThomasEast Fremantle26 Aug 1900-0
-GALLOP, JoshuaEast Fremantle18 Oct 1971-0
-GALOVA, NavaroneClaremont08 Jan 1996Balgo0
43GALVIN, MichaelSouth Fremantle05 Nov 1986South Coogee JFC0
-GANGEMI, LachlanPerth21 Jun 2001Victoria Park JFC0
-GANNAWAY, AndrewEast Fremantle29 Sep 1975-0
-GANZER, MichaelSouth Fremantle23 Dec 1989Carnarvon0
41GARCIA, CallumSwan Districts19 Nov 1998Caversham JFC1
22GARCIA, JamesSubiaco29 Dec 1993Sorrento Duncraig JFC1
9GARCIA, RileySwan Districts30 Jan 2001Caversham JFC0
-GARDINER, ClaytonClaremont22 Apr 1978-0
43GARDINER, ClintonSubiaco08 Jun 1983Northern Districts0
-GARDINER, MichaelClaremont05 Jul 1979Royals, GSFL0
40GARDINER, RowanPeel Thunder14 Jul 1996Waroona0
-GARDNER, AustinEast Perth06 Feb 1918-0
130GARDOUD, AgidEast Perth01 Sep 1992Nollamara0
37GARE, DavidPerth24 Mar 1998Belmont0
66GARE, JackEast Perth01 Sep 1995Ballajura JFC0
20GARE, JoelEast Perth06 Feb 1998Ballajura0
22GARE, JordanEast Perth06 Feb 1998Ballajura0
-GARFIELD, MichaelSwan Districts08 Oct 1999Mazenod JFC1
64GARLAND, HarrisonEast Perth03 Mar 1992Claremont / Swanbourne JFC0
70GARLETT, AllanWest Perth19 May 1989Nollamara AFC1
13GARLETT, AntoineSubiaco23 Nov 1995Nollamara0
-GARLETT, ChaseSouth Fremantle31 Jul 2001Mundijong Centrals JFC0
-GARLETT, ClaytonSouth Fremantle16 Jun 1990Kwinana JKFC0
35GARLETT, ClintonPeel Thunder16 Apr 1991Carey Park0
-GARLETT, CodySwan Districts01 Dec 1989Carey Park SWFL0
76GARLETT, CruizePeel Thunder06 Mar 1989Railways/NMFC0
36GARLETT, CyrilSwan Districts30 Jun 1993Bassendean JFC0
54GARLETT, David Swan Districts21 Jan 1994Karratha Kats0
19GARLETT, DayleSwan Districts09 Jan 1994Upper Swan JFC0
53GARLETT, IanSubiaco14 Apr 1995Whitford JFC0
12GARLETT, JarrodSouth Fremantle03 May 1996Bibra Lake JFC1
-GARLETT, JaylenPerth09 Sep 2001Redcliffe JFC0
53GARLETT, JeffereySwan Districts03 Aug 1989Burracoppin EDFL0
20GARLETT, JeromeSubiaco25 Dec 1993Waneroo JFC0
99GARLETT, JohnSouth Fremantle02 Jan 1998Kwinana0
-GARLETT, KruzSwan Districts16 Aug 2001Swan View Football Club0
37GARLETT, RowanPerth27 Aug 1992Federals0
99GARLETT, StevenSwan Districts24 Apr 1999Newman0
38GARLETT, TrentSubiaco19 Dec 1995Kingsley JFC0
64GARLETT, TyronePerth14 Sep 1992Railways0
-GARMAN, RobertEast Fremantle28 Mar 1950-0
-GARNAUT, GraemeEast Perth09 Apr 1969-0
-GARNAUT, MatthewEast Perth07 Nov 1973-0
35GARRATT, CampbellSwan Districts22 Jan 1993Upper Swan JFC0
99GARRATT, CampbellSwan Districts16 May 1997Karratha Falcons0
-GARRITY, BasilEast Fremantle06 Jun 1926-0
43GARSTONE, SamuelPerth01 Jun 1995Upper Swan JFC1
-GARTLETT, AntoniePerth24 Jan 2001Morawa FC1
60GARVEY, TimothySubiaco21 May 1990West Coast Cowan0
-GASPAR, DamienEast Fremantle28 Mar 1975-0
-GASPAR, DarrenSouth Fremantle20 May 1976-0
6GASPAR, TravisPerth28 Mar 1981South Coogee JFC0
-GATLUAK GOLONG, FangakEast Perth06 Sep 2001Ellenbrook JFC0
-GAUCI, CameronPeel Thunder25 Oct 1985Western Jets TAC Cup0
-GAUCI, MatthewSubiaco16 Nov 1973-0
12GAULT, CoreySwan Districts28 Oct 1992Brookton Pingelly1
-GAULT, DavidSouth Fremantle02 Aug 1975York MFL0
-GAVIN, CameronPeel Thunder02 Jul 2001Halls Head JFC0
37GAVIN, KyrenPeel Thunder03 Jul 1999Halls Head FC0
-GAYNOR, WiliamEast Perth10 Sep 1891-0
35GEAPPEN, TimSwan Districts13 Oct 1983Clarence0
33GEARY, JacksonPeel Thunder04 Jul 1991Golden Square0
-GEARY, RichardSouth Fremantle24 Sep 1963-0
-GEDGE, Lachlan East Fremantle24 Mar 1999Bullcreek Leeming FC1
-GEGGIE, EdwardEast Fremantle22 Feb 1905-0
-GEHRIG, FraserPerth03 Mar 1976-0
63GEIER, JamieSwan Districts14 Jul 2000High Wycombe JFC1
-GEIER, JamieSubiaco14 Jul 2000High Wycombe JFC0
58GELDARD-KER, JustinClaremont23 Mar 1993Scarborough JFC0
60GELLATLY, AlexanderEast Perth31 Jan 1999Mt Lawley Inglewood JFC0
-GEMMILL, NathanPerth31 Jan 1977-0
-GENEFINI, BrettWest Perth25 Sep 1971-0
32GENOVESE, MichaelSubiaco10 Dec 1987Boulder City0
-GENT, ConnorClaremont01 Feb 2001Scarborough JFC0
-GEORGE, ChaynePeel Thunder08 Jan 1988Boulder City0
32GEORGE, LukePerth28 Apr 1994Gingin0
-GEORGE, MaxSwan Districts04 Jan 1952-0
-GEORGIADES, JohnSubiaco03 Jan 1966-0
-GEORGIADES, JosephSubiaco29 Apr 1979MARIST JFC0
-GEORGIADES, Mitchell Subiaco28 Sep 2001Marist JFC1
-GEPP, HenryEast Perth27 Dec 1899-0
-GEPP, TimothyEast Fremantle21 Jan 1960-0
38GERAGHTY, MartinWest Perth15 Feb 1994Whitford JFC1
-GERMAN, PeterPeel Thunder02 Feb 1965-0
23GERMS, KieranPerth22 Feb 1993Harvey Bulls0
23GERMS, MatthewSwan Districts28 May 1999Bunbury FC1
-GEROVICH, JohnSouth Fremantle23 Jun 1938-0
19GERRAND, JaydenSubiaco12 Mar 1997North Beach JFC0
-GERREYN, ChristopherEast Perth30 May 1971-0
3GERRITSEN, AdamWest Perth08 Feb 2001Wanneroo JFC1
-GHERARDI, JoshuaEast Fremantle28 Jul 1997Bullcreek Leeming0
-GIACOMELL, CraigClaremont18 Dec 1976-0
25GIANATTI, TobyPerth17 Jul 1990Mundijong/Peel Thunder0
62GIANCOLA, Ryan Perth03 Mar 1996Belmont JFC0
-GIANNAKIS, GeorgeEast Perth06 Jan 1967-0
-GIANOTTI, EnzoEast Fremantle28 Nov 1931-0
99GIARRIZZO , NicholasSouth Fremantle14 Nov 1998Williamstown/ Western Jets10
-GIBBNEY, NormanEast Perth24 Sep 1926-0
-GIBELLINI, GaryEast Fremantle10 Oct 1977-0
28GIBLETT, ClaytonPerth31 Jan 1996Deanmill2
-GIBSON, DarrenPeel Thunder25 Aug 1976-0
-GIBSON, GeorgePerth21 Aug 1999Mingenew FC1
-GIBSON, GerardPeel Thunder05 May 1980-0
-GIBSON, LaurieEast Perth26 Oct 1974-0
-GIBSON, ScottClaremont03 Aug 1979-0
-GIBSON, ToddEast Perth14 Jul 2001Imperials0
-GIBSON, WilliamEast Fremantle13 Mar 1905-0
30GIDGUP, IsaiahPerth06 Jul 1999Thornlie JFC0
-GIESCHEN, NicholasWest Perth15 Mar 1984Port Melbourne0
-GIESE, GusWest Perth10 Mar 1905-0
-GILBERT, DylanPerth01 Jan 1993Midvale JFC0
26GILBERT, EamonWest Perth11 May 1999Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
30GILBERT, FraserClaremont06 Feb 1997Claremont JFC / Scotch1
-GILBERT, FraserClaremont06 Feb 1997Collegians0
44GILBERT, KaidenClaremont03 Apr 1995Collegians1
-GILBERT, NickEast FremantleN/A-0
-GILBERT, PhillipPeel Thunder15 Nov 1969-0
-GILCHRIST, HarryClaremont20 Dec 2001Subiaco JFC0
-GILCHRIST, NormanPerth30 Apr 1925-0
71GILES, JacksonPerth24 Jan 1997Dongara0
29GILES, JonathanEast Perth08 Jan 1988Essendon0
-GILHOLME, MarkWest Perth26 Aug 1985Quinns JFC0
-GILL, CalebClaremont08 Jun 1998Railways FC0
-GILL, EmmentEast Fremantle13 Apr 1905-0
99GILL, JayWest Perth28 Nov 1999Narembeen FC1
77GILL, MitchellPeel Thunder02 Jan 1995Brookton Pingelly0
-GILLA, ShayneSubiaco29 Apr 1997Kingsway0
60GILLA, TerrenceSwan Districts27 Aug 1992Pioneers0
74GILLAM, BrennanPeel Thunder10 Jul 1991Halls Head JFC0
99GILLARD, BenSwan Districts19 Sep 1996Chittering1
21GILLESPIE, AlistairSouth Fremantle25 Aug 1989Swanbourne JFC / Scotch0
-GILLESPIE, JimiSouth Fremantle31 Dec 2000Boddington FC1
99GILLETT, Isaac Perth11 Feb 1997Victoria Park0
-GILLETT, MichaelPeel Thunder14 Aug 1974-0
13GILLIGAN, AlroyClaremont09 Jul 1990Yiyili Fitzroy / Richmond FC0
-GILLILAND, LukePerth08 Dec 1981-0
99GILMORE, DanielSouth Fremantle02 Mar 1983Roleystone JFC0
54GINGER, BraydenSwan Districts16 Jun 1994Desert Community0
17GITTOS, JacobEast Fremantle29 Dec 1996Willetton JFC0
22GIUMELLI, JustinPeel Thunder14 Feb 1989Pinjarra JFC0
22GIUMELLI, MatthewPeel Thunder29 Sep 1987Pinjarra JFC0
2GLANCY, CraigEast Perth16 May 1983Bridgetown0
40GLASFURD, ThomasPerth21 Aug 1995Moora FC/South Perth JFC0
-GLASKIN, JyeClaremont03 Oct 1980-0
-GLASS, AaronEast Fremantle07 Apr 1980-0
-GLASS, BenjaminEast Fremantle13 Aug 1982-0
99GLASS, DarrenEast Perth14 May 1981Railways0
-GLASS, DonSubiaco19 Dec 1930-0
-GLASS, EricEast Fremantle22 Feb 1910-0
-GLASS, OliverSubiaco28 Jun 1990Marist JFC0
48GLASS, RhoanEast Perth11 Jun 1987Busselton SWFL0
99GLASS-MCCASKER, JesseSwan Districts03 Jan 1997Bassendean JFC/Guildford Grammar0
28GLEDHILL, BronsonEast Perth14 Jul 1999Deanmill FC0
-GLENDINNING, RossEast Perth17 Sep 1956-0
-GLENDINNING, WilliamEast Perth12 Mar 1924-0
-GLENNIE, ColinEast Fremantle24 Aug 1949-0
17GLEW, MatthewEast Perth02 Apr 1996Ballajura JFC0
-GLOVER, AndrewPerth05 Nov 1978Bindoon0
4GOBBELS, JeffWest Perth14 Mar 1985Warwick Greenwood JFC0
-GOBBY, StephenWest Perth21 Jan 1976-0
24GODDARD, JeremyClaremont27 Mar 1998Marist1
-GODDARD, WilliamEast Fremantle24 Feb 1880-0
4GODDARD-NASH, ArranSwan Districts11 Jan 1994North Beach JFC0
37GODDEN, LukeEast Perth05 Jun 1995Mt Lawley0
-GODDEN, TonySubiaco19 Apr 1972-0
-GOLDING, BenjaminSubiaco25 Jul 2001North Beach JFC0
-GOLDING, WayneSubiaco07 Sep 1965-0
-GOLDSMITH, ScottEast Perth16 May 1981-0
45GOMBOC, JackPeel Thunder18 Jun 1996Rockingham JFC0
3GOMES, JaydenEast Fremantle04 Apr 1995Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
-GOOCH, ScottSubiaco04 Jul 1975-0
59GOOCH, ThomasPerth04 Jul 1998Dandaragan1
61GOODALL, DylanSouth Fremantle28 Apr 1998Kwinana JFC1
99GOODHEW, CalebPerth04 Jul 1996Gosnells JFC0
-GOODING, DaltonClaremont18 Nov 1954-0
12GOODRICK, JacobPeel Thunder30 Nov 1995Baldivis JFC1
-GOODRICK, NathanPeel Thunder24 Sep 2001Rockingham JFC0
5GOODRICK, TrentPeel Thunder23 Jan 1998Kwinana0
-GOODWIN, JoshuaEast Fremantle06 May 2001Booragoon JFC0
59GOODWIN, KaneSwan Districts26 Jun 1990South Perth JFC0
-GOOK, AlbertPerth28 Mar 1905-0
23GOONEWARDENE, AndrewEast Fremantle02 May 1995Booragoon JFC0
54GORDON, DylanSwan Districts21 Jul 1995Palmerston0
-GORDON, MattEast Perth29 May 1992Coolbinia JFC0
6GORDON, ZekePeel Thunder17 Jan 1994Pinjarra JFC0
-GORE, DarylEast Fremantle08 Dec 1941-0
-GORMAN, EricSwan Districts16 Aug 1942-0
-GORN, ValthorSwan Districts13 Feb 1912-0
23GORTER, TomEast Perth10 Sep 1996Kojonup1
-GOSDEN, RossSubiaco10 Oct 1940-0
-GOSNELL, JimWest Perth07 Jul 1899-0
-GOSS, MatthewSouth Fremantle03 Mar 2000Brookton/ Pingelly FC1
-GOTZ, MartinEast Fremantle26 Feb 1883-0
-GOULDING, StephenClaremont18 Aug 1960-0
-GOURDIS, DavidSubiaco14 Mar 1989Carine JFC0
-GOW, PaulSwan Districts27 May 1969-0
11GOYDER, MatthewClaremont05 May 1993Cottesloe JFC / Scotch1
-GRABE-PAPARONE, ChayseSubiaco21 May 2001Kambalda FC0
19GRABSKI, JamesSwan Districts27 Mar 1986La Salle JFC0
14GRABSKI, JamesSwan Districts27 Mar 1986La Salle JFC0
-GRACE, BenjaminSubiaco10 Jul 1989Railways0
55GRACE, CodySubiaco19 Mar 1996Kingsway JFC0
-GRACE, StephenEast Fremantle26 Dec 1963-0
-GRACIE, GarethSwan Districts06 Nov 1975-0
12GRAFTON, DavidPerth25 Oct 1994Railways0
-GRAHAM, AngusPerth16 Apr 1987Aberfeldie0
22GRAHAM, JaymieSouth Fremantle06 Feb 1983Mines Rovers0
-GRAHAM, KurtPerth02 Nov 1969-0
-GRAHAM, LeopoldEast Perth08 Sep 1913-0
58GRAHAM, Patrick West Perth18 Nov 1998Quinns Districts JFC1
-GRAHAM, RichardEast Perth18 Jun 1969-0
-GRAINGER, DeanEast Perth29 Apr 1976-0
-GRAINGER-BARRAS, DenverSwan Districts17 Apr 2002Kalamunda JFC0
-GRANEY, ThomasEast Fremantle11 Apr 1947-0
6GRANT, JoshuaSouth Fremantle06 Sep 2000Jandakot1
-GRANT, OscarClaremont02 Oct 2001West Coast JFC0
-GRANT, StevenSouth Fremantle05 Apr 1968-0
1GRANT, WilliamEast Fremantle26 Dec 1992East Fremantle JFC0
9GRANTIS, SeveEast Perth04 Jul 1993Margaret River0
-GRASSO, MickSwan Districts23 Dec 1966-0
-GRAVENER, AnthonyWest PerthN/A-0
-GRAY, BevanEast Fremantle05 Mar 1963-0
-GRAY, BrianSwan Districts22 Jan 1934-0
-GRAY, BrodiePerth16 Jul 2001Redcliffe JFC0
-GRAY, JimSwan Districts22 Sep 1972-0
3GRAY, JordanWest Perth05 Apr 1996Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
48GRAY, JordanWest Perth05 Apr 1996Sorrento-Duncraig0
-GRAY, RoyWest Perth13 Mar 1905-0
51GRAY, RyanPerth29 Oct 1991Gidgegannup0
40GRAY, TravisSwan Districts04 Feb 1992Bunbury0
-GREANEY, TimothyEast Perth21 Oct 1982Hale School0
30GREATWICH, BruceEast Perth31 Jul 1985Bridgetown LSWFL0
19GREAVES, DamonEast Perth24 May 2000Busselton1
-GREAVES, RyanWest Perth03 Mar 2000Koorda FC1
-GRECIAN, ErnestWest Perth14 Feb 1905-0
17GREEN, AndrewPeel Thunder18 Sep 1983Willetton JFC0
-GREEN, AndrewEast Fremantle18 Sep 1983E.Frem0
-GREEN, ArthurSubiaco16 Nov 1894-0
37GREEN, BradleyPeel Thunder30 Jan 1989Warnbro JFC0
-GREEN, BrendanClaremont11 Dec 1970-0
-GREEN, BrettClaremont20 Dec 1978-0
39GREEN, BrodieSubiaco12 Mar 1991Gibson0
-GREEN, BrynSubiaco17 Sep 1980-0
41GREEN, CarlEast Fremantle06 Jun 1996Towns FC1
-GREEN, DouglasEast Fremantle28 Oct 1951-0
-GREEN, JackEast Fremantle09 Mar 1924-0
19GREEN, JacobEast Fremantle09 Oct 1994Booragoon JFC1
2GREEN, KaseyEast Fremantle10 Sep 1979Chapman Valley0
-GREEN, LaurenceSouth Fremantle25 Nov 1927-0
12GREEN, LawsonPerth10 Jun 1994Gosnells0
39GREEN, MatthewEast Perth15 Apr 1989Kingsley JFC0
41GREEN, MatthewSouth Fremantle22 May 2000Kardinya JFC1
15GREEN, MitchellPeel Thunder07 May 1990Busselton0
-GREEN, ShaneSwan Districts14 Apr 1973-0
25GREEN, SimonPeel Thunder24 Feb 1994Harvey Brunswick Leschenault0
-GREEN, StephenEast Fremantle03 Jun 1957-0
-GREEN, TrevorWest Perth07 Dec 1970-0
99GREENE, TysonPerth03 Jun 1996Gingin FC0
-GREENWELL, JakePeel Thunder29 Apr 1997Eaton1
-GREGORY, BrandonPeel Thunder23 Jun 1999Eaton Boomers FC1
16GRESCOS, LaurenceSwan Districts08 Apr 1995Upper Swan JFC1
-GREY, AdamPeel Thunder30 May 1981-0
28GREY, BradyPeel Thunder20 Jul 1995Burnie Dockers0
-GREY, CalebEast Fremantle11 Sep 1999Brigades JFC1
-GREY, JaylenEast Perth17 Dec 2000Ellenbrook JFC1
-GREYLING, RuanClaremont10 Apr 1997Swanbourne JFC0
-GRGIC, IlijaPeel Thunder05 Mar 1972-0
36GRIBBLE, ClintonSwan Districts03 Jul 1985Bunbury SWFL0
-GRIBBLE, JesseSwan Districts05 Apr 1987Bunbury0
19GRIEVES, KellySubiaco22 Sep 1994Harvey Bulls0
-GRIFFIN, ArthurEast FremantleN/A-0
56GRIFFIN, DanielPeel Thunder26 Oct 1993Pinjarra0
34GRIFFIN, DwayneSwan Districts28 Dec 1977Mazenod0
16GRIFFIN, JonathonEast Fremantle14 Jan 1986Karoonda JFC1
21GRIFFITHS, BoydenSouth Fremantle12 Dec 1992Kelmscott JFC0
50GRIFFITHS, ImranEast Fremantle04 Jan 1993Gosnells0
38GRIFFITHS, JackClaremont27 Oct 1994Neerim Neerim South FC0
33GRIFFITHS, MichaelEast Fremantle10 Apr 1983Port Melbourne0
-GRIFFITHS, SamClaremont01 Sep 1978-0
-GRIGG, AllanPerth28 Apr 1912-0
-GRIGG, HenryPerth24 May 1906-0
32GRIGGS, CoreyPeel Thunder29 Jun 1984Collie Eagles1
7GRIMA, AlexSouth Fremantle20 Sep 1989Glenelg0
99GRIMES, MitchellSouth Fremantle27 Mar 1998Fremantle City0
-GRIMLEY, SamSubiaco03 Jan 1991Hawthorn0
35GRIMSON, JohnSwan Districts18 Jan 1999La Salle 1
-GRLJUSICH, GeorgeSouth Fremantle15 Jan 1939-0
-GRLJUSICH, JohnEast Fremantle05 Mar 1951-0
-GRLJUSICH, RodSouth Fremantle03 Apr 1964-0
19GRLJUSICH, SennaEast Fremantle08 Jun 1998Melville0
15GRLJUSICH, StellanEast Fremantle08 Jun 1998Melville0
-GRLJUSICH, TomSouth Fremantle13 Aug 1940-0
99GROENENBERG, NicholasSouth Fremantle14 May 1989Kwinana JFC0
-GROGAN, MarkPerth29 Sep 1971-0
-GROOM, ChrisWest Perth28 Aug 1973-0
-GROSSE, JoshuaPeel Thunder26 May 1973-0
12GROVER, AntoniSubiaco11 Mar 1980Balga JFC0
-GROVER, CameronEast Perth21 Dec 1992Northern Cobras JFC0
-GROVES, ReginaldEast Fremantle01 Nov 1935-0
57GRUBELICH, Matthew South Fremantle12 Mar 1997South Coogee JFC1
43GRUILICH, AlexClaremont23 Oct 1996Wembley Downs0
-GRUMLEY, ChrisSubiaco25 Aug 1968-0
-GRUNDY, HenryEast Fremantle29 Mar 1905-0
-GRYGOROCWICZ, BrandonEast Perth13 Jul 1997Ballajura0
-GUADAGNIN, HarleyPerth29 Nov 1999Dongara FC1
10GUADAGNIN, MatthewWest Perth17 Oct 1983Southern Cross1
62GUADAGNIN, ZacWest Perth17 May 1998Southern Cross1
-GUARD, JeremyClaremont11 Jul 1970-0
43GUATTA, TimWest Perth04 Aug 1987Whitford JFC0
20GUELFI, MattClaremont14 Aug 1997Wembley Downs JFC1
36GUELFI, ReeceClaremont16 Jan 1995Wembley Downs JFC0
99GUGLIELMANA, AdamSouth Fremantle02 Aug 1988Carnarvon0
41GUGLIELMANA, JarradSouth Fremantle05 Nov 1991Brigades0
-GUHL, JohnEast Perth13 Apr 1905-0
49GUIDI, JadenClaremont19 Dec 1990Denmark Walpole0
50GUINESS, DamonSubiaco20 Nov 1993Corrigin FC1
-GULLAN, HenryEast FremantleN/A-0
-GULLAN, JamesEast Fremantle30 Apr 1874-0
-GULLEY, BrendonSouth Fremantle03 Apr 1992South Coogee JFC0
3GUM, TristanSubiaco04 Dec 1983Sturt0
-GUMBLETON, ScottPeel Thunder03 Aug 1988Halls Head JFC0
76GUMBLETON, ScottPeel Thunder03 Aug 1988Halls Head0
-GUNDERSEN, KarlSouth Fremantle30 Jun 1976-0
99GUNDRY, MatthewSouth Fremantle16 Jun 1995Winnacott JFC1
-GUNNYON, JohnEast Fremantle14 Mar 1905-0
44GUPANIS, MitchellEast Perth24 Feb 1999Mt Lawley Inglewood JFC1
-GUTHRIE, CliffordEast Fremantle20 Jul 1930-0
-GUTHRIE, HughClaremont08 Jul 1916-0
-GUTHRIE, JimEast FremantleN/A-0
-GUTHRIE, ShanePerth08 Jul 1971-0
-GUTHRIE, ThomasEast Fremantle17 Mar 1936-0
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