Please note that this is not a complete list of all WAFL players since 1885. Listed records are complete for all players since 1994 only, when electronic recording of statistics began. Before 1994 select players who won individual awards or honours are listed. Should you require information on any WAFL player not listed or can supply missing information for those listed, please contact the WAFL historian Greg Wardell-Johnson by e mail:

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# Name Club DOB Club From Points Active
45HACKETT, BraydenSwan Districts01 Feb 1997South Hedland Swans1
65HACKETT, GlenEast Fremantle26 Aug 1991Railways0
60HADDEN, KaneEast Perth09 Oct 1997Dunsbrough1
-HADDOW, WilliamEast Fremantle03 Sep 1916-0
41HADDRILL, RobertSouth Fremantle28 Jan 1981Railways MFL0
2HADLEY, RichardEast Fremantle29 Mar 1983Willetton JFC0
-HADLOW, EdwardEast FremantleN/A-0
27HAGEN, ConnorEast Fremantle04 Apr 1997Melville JFC0
-HAGGAR, GlennPeel Thunder11 Oct 1987Rockingham0
2HAINES, DanielPeel Thunder11 Apr 1981South Mandurah0
-HAINES, JamesEast Perth20 Dec 1945-0
-HALDEN, CourtneyEast Perth03 Nov 1975-0
-HALE, AnthonyWest Perth21 Jan 1992St Marys0
-HALES, MichaelClaremont16 Feb 1983-0
-HALEY, AdamSwan Districts29 Jun 1980Bassendean JFC0
-HALL, Archie East Perth28 May 2000Deanmill FC1
99HALL, BrentSouth Fremantle07 Jan 1986Williams0
4HALL, ChrisEast Fremantle25 Jun 1990Woodvill West Torrens0
10HALL, ChristopherSubiaco03 Mar 1982South Adelaide SANFL0
-HALL, DerekPeel Thunder29 Nov 1970-0
36HALL, JoshuaEast Fremantle03 Feb 1995Huntingdale JFC0
38HALL, LachlanSubiaco28 Jun 1993Carine JFC0
-HALL, MichaelPeel Thunder30 May 2002Rockingham JFC1
-HALL, RolandSouth Fremantle12 Oct 1979-0
-HALL, TimothyEast Fremantle10 Mar 1983Hamersley Carine WAAFL0
-HALL, TravisSouth Fremantle08 Sep 1978-0
23HALL, TylerSouth Fremantle07 Mar 1989CBC Fremantle0
-HALL, WalterEast Fremantle17 Apr 1907-0
-HALLIDAY, AlfPerth21 Jan 1892-0
6HALLIGAN, JakeSubiaco03 May 1999Kingsway1
10HALLIGAN, KyleSubiaco11 May 1994Warwick Greenwood JFC1
64HALLIGAN, LukeSubiaco30 Jan 1998Kingsway JFC0
-HALPHEN, MartinPerth27 Oct 1970-0
-HAM, DavidClaremont20 Apr 1971-0
4HAM, OwenSouth Fremantle02 Jan 1997South Coogee JFC0
33HAMER-MATHEW, JarrodEast Perth02 Jun 2000Noranda JFC1
9HAMERSLEY, KyleSouth Fremantle24 Jul 2000Wagin1
-HAMILTON, AlexanderSubiaco18 Oct 1952-0
-HAMILTON, DaleSouth Fremantle23 Feb 1994Kelmscott JFC0
-HAMILTON, JohnSubiaco24 Aug 1898-0
-HAMILTON, MarkSouth Fremantle26 Mar 1980-0
36HAMILTON, MarkWest Perth23 Oct 1991Palmerston3
25HAMILTON, Maverick Perth12 Sep 2000Jandakot Jets JFC1
57HAMLET, NixonPerth15 Jun 1997South Perth/ Trinity1
-HAMLETT , RichardEast Fremantle20 Oct 1999Mullewa FC1
14HAMLING, JoelClaremont09 Apr 1993Cable Beach0
-HAMMOND, DarrenEast Fremantle08 Oct 1964-0
-HAMMOND, EdwardEast FremantleN/A-0
13HAMMOND, JordanEast Perth11 Jan 2000Noranda JFC1
8HAMMOND, LukePeel Thunder20 Apr 1982Yarrawonga0
26HAMP, AntonClaremont21 Jul 1992West Coast JFC / Hale / WCE1
-HAMPSON, ClintSwan Districts15 Jul 1978Eastern Hills JFC0
-HAMPSON, DamianSubiaco27 Mar 1970-0
11HAMPSON, GeorgeEast Fremantle08 Feb 1990Scarborough4
-HAMPSON, RegSubiaco23 Dec 1940-0
26HAMPSON-OTLEY , Troy Swan Districts12 Mar 1995Midvale / Swan Ath 0
37HAMS, AshtonSouth Fremantle06 Sep 1986Busselton1
33HAMS, KyleSouth Fremantle06 Sep 1986Busselton0
11HANBURY, DarbyClaremont26 Jan 1997Swanbourne0
-HANCOCK, Aaron Peel Thunder24 Jul 2000Warnbro Swans JFC1
12HANCOCK, BenjaminPeel Thunder23 Apr 1996Warnbro JFC1
28HANCOCK, BrendanPeel Thunder14 May 1983Leitchville0
68HANCOCK, CarlSwan Districts06 Jan 1991Stirling0
-HANCOCK, DamienEast Perth09 Nov 1970-0
16HANCOCK, ScottSubiaco11 May 1992East Fremantle FC3
-HANDGRAFF, PeterPerth19 Dec 1982-0
17HANDLEY, TrinityClaremont11 Mar 1984West Coast JFC0
-HANDS, LincolnEast Perth14 May 1991Boyup Brook0
34HANGAN , Benjamin West Perth23 Jun 1995Joondalup Kinross JFC 0
-HANKS, SamuelEast Fremantle21 Feb 1905-0
-HANLEY, GavinPerth01 Oct 1969-0
-HANLEY, MichaelPerth18 Jul 1967-0
-HANN, MarkClaremont29 May 1963-0
-HANNAH, WalterEast Fremantle27 Jan 1929-0
38HANNATH, JackPeel Thunder09 Jul 1991Central District0
-HANNELL, EdwinEast Fremantle15 Feb 1914-0
10HANSEN, AshleySwan Districts03 Mar 1983West Coast Eagles0
49HANSEN, CurtisPeel Thunder05 Sep 1991Queens Park JFC0
-HANSEN, CurtisPeel Thunder05 Sep 1991canning0
-HANSEN, DavidSouth Fremantle21 May 1976-0
9HANSEN, EthanPerth25 Jun 2000South Perth JFC1
52HANSEN, JamesPeel Thunder30 Jul 1989Kelmscott0
-HANSEN, Lachlan Perth04 Jan 2000Mt Lawley Inglewood JFC1
36HANSEN, LiamPeel Thunder04 Jan 1989Kelmscott0
-HANSEN, RobertSubiaco28 May 1974-0
-HANSEN, WilliamPeel Thunder04 Sep 1977-0
99HANSSON, BlakeSouth Fremantle11 Feb 1997Mundijong JFC0
-HANTKE, BrentonClaremont05 Mar 1974-0
-HARBECK, BrentEast Perth08 Oct 2001Countrys JFC0
28HARBERS, BenjaminSubiaco23 Sep 1996Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
-HARDACRE, WilliamEast FremantleN/A-0
-HARDER, Larry East Fremantle13 Feb 1959-0
-HARDIE, BradleySouth Fremantle10 Oct 1962-0
-HARDIE, BryanPeel Thunder23 May 1983-0
-HARDIMAN, LeslieSubiaco01 Apr 1911-0
44HARDING, BenEast Fremantle20 Feb 1998Attadale1
-HARDING, ChadPerth20 Feb 1979-0
48HARDING, ChrisEast Perth03 May 1994Esperance0
-HARDING, GregClaremont17 Sep 1976-0
-HARDING, LukeEast Fremantle20 Dec 1986Melville JFC0
-HARDING, MarkEast Fremantle08 Dec 1962-0
-HARDING, PaulEast Fremantle04 Jun 1964-0
-HARDINGHAM, BradEast Perth13 May 1980East Perth0
-HARDINGHAM, DanielPerth04 May 1976-0
34HARDINGHAM, KyleEast Fremantle01 Sep 1988Bullcreek-Leeming0
-HARDISTY, CharlesEast FremantleN/A-0
48HARDISTY, DeclanClaremont31 Jan 1998Claremont JFC / Scotch1
13HARDISTY, JaredClaremont07 Mar 1996Marist JFC / HAW.1
26HARDMAN, AndrewWest Perth29 Jul 1995Edgewater Woodvale JFC0
54HARDWICK, NathanSwan Districts14 Oct 1999Bassendean JFC1
52HARDY, DominicPeel Thunder30 Aug 1992Halls Head JFC0
-HARDY, ScottSwan Districts27 Mar 1970-0
-HARGRAVE, MatthewPerth26 Sep 1982Huntingdale0
-HARGRAVES, DanielSouth Fremantle06 Dec 1975-0
-HARKESS, ScottSubiaco02 Jan 1974-0
-HARMAN, HarrisonEast Perth12 Jun 2000Mt Lawley Inglewood JFC1
7HARMS, KyleWest Perth18 Jan 2001Kalannie1
-HARNETT, GabrielEast FremantleN/A-0
-HARPER, DarrenClaremont18 Jun 1981West Coast JFC0
-HARPER, DylanSwan Districts11 Jun 1985South Bunbury SWFL0
-HARPER, KeithPerth12 Jul 1927-0
-HARPER, RoyPerth14 Jul 1933-0
34HARPER, ThomasPeel Thunder14 Jan 1984South Mandurah0
-HARPLEY, LiamPeel Thunder09 Jan 1981-0
39HARRIS, BaileyPeel Thunder12 Apr 1996Warnbro JFC0
-HARRIS, DarrenWest Perth18 Jul 1968-0
24HARRIS, HaydenEast Perth01 Jan 1997Ellenbrook JFC/SDFC0
99HARRIS, JyeSubiaco19 Aug 1997Newtown/Condinup1
55HARRIS, LachlanSouth Fremantle28 Dec 1989Aspley0
-HARRIS, LeonEast PerthN/A-0
-HARRIS, MarkWest Perth01 Jul 1971-0
-HARRIS, MatthewPerth11 Sep 1992Melville0
-HARRIS, MichaelSwan Districts25 May 1982Bassendean JFC0
60HARRIS, TysePeel Thunder19 Feb 1991Cockburn0
-HARRIS-WALKER, JoshuaEast Fremantle11 Jul 2001Booragoon JFC0
23HARRISON, ScottWest Perth19 Sep 1994Ocean Ridge JFC0
55HARRISON, TaylorClaremont04 Aug 1989Marist JFC0
21HARRISON, TreyPerth26 Jul 1999High Wycombe AFC0
-HARROLD, HubertEast Perth09 Mar 1898-0
20HARROLD, JackSwan Districts25 Jul 1995Bassendean JFC0
14HARROLD, JamesEast Fremantle06 Feb 1997Bullcreek Leeming JFC1
9HARROLD, MitchellSwan Districts25 Jul 1995Bassendean JFC0
42HARROLD, MitchellSwan Districts25 Jul 1995Bassendean JFC0
-HARROP, AdamPeel Thunder26 Jul 1977-0
-HARROP, ReecePeel Thunder29 Aug 1975-0
-HARRY, BronsonClaremont10 Mar 1997Marist0
-HARRY, CraigEast Fremantle01 Sep 1981-0
31HART, AndrewWest Perth03 Aug 1994Quinns JFC0
-HART, ArthurSouth Fremantle01 Apr 1917-0
12HART, CallumEast Perth03 Feb 1994Noranda JFC 1
32HART, DalePerth15 Jan 1994Queens Park JFC0
-HART, DavidSouth Fremantle03 Mar 1964-0
68HART, DavidEast Perth15 Jun 1988Mt Lawley0
-HARTFIELD, BrentonClaremont28 Dec 1955-0
-HARTIN, BrettEast Perth08 May 1975-0
-HARVEY, BrynSubiaco26 Jan 1977-0
33HARVEY, DylanSwan Districts16 Jan 1990Guildford Grammer0
36HARVEY, LewisSouth Fremantle16 Oct 1990WPFC0
-HARVEY, MylesClaremont29 Mar 1978-0
61HARVEY, PeterWest Perth02 Aug 1994Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
-HARVEY, RichardClaremont29 Jul 1974-0
-HARVEY, WayneClaremont06 Aug 1940-0
63HARVEY-WILSON , CallumSwan Districts21 Feb 1995Midvale/Swan Ath0
53HARVIE, MitchellSubiaco02 Mar 1994Marist JFC0
-HARWOOD, KaiClaremont14 Jun 2001Scarborough JFC0
-HASKELL, MervynEast Fremantle17 Jul 1915-0
-HASKETT, LloydEast Perth16 Oct 1968-0
65HASLAM, IsaacEast Perth31 May 1999Busselton FC1
44HASLEBY, PaulSouth Fremantle12 Jun 1981Northampton0
-HASLER, PaulWest Perth08 Aug 1965-0
30HASLER, ScottEast Fremantle10 Jul 1996Melville0
-HASSETT, BrettPerth28 May 2002South Perth JFC1
-HASSETT, DavidPerth27 Aug 1979Vic Park0
10HASSETT, PatrickSubiaco15 May 1985Port Melbourne0
-HASTIE, MickPerth26 Dec 1968-0
-HASTINGS, FrederickEast Fremantle06 Mar 1881-0
-HATCH, ClaytonPeel Thunder09 Jan 1976-0
16HATCH, DanielPeel Thunder29 Jul 1997Rockingham0
-HATCH, GrantSouth Fremantle22 Apr 1969-0
68HATCH, JoshuaWest Perth16 Jul 1996Kingsway JFC1
-HATCH, JoshuaSubiaco16 Jul 1996Kingsway JFC0
45HATHWAY, SteeleWest Perth04 Apr 1993Kalannie0
68HATHWAY, TysonClaremont20 Aug 1991Kalannie/ West Perth FC0
-HAUB, CodyPeel Thunder14 May 1995Carey Park5
10HAVELBERG, KylePeel Thunder10 Aug 1999Rockingham Rams1
-HAWES, ToddSwan Districts14 Nov 1970-0
-HAWKE, NeilEast Perth27 Jun 1939-0
-HAWKESFORD, ConnorClaremont26 Jan 2000Scarborough JFC1
23HAWKINS, SladeWest Perth25 Jan 1999Wanneroo JFC1
-HAWKS, RaymondSwan Districts13 Apr 1905-0
77HAWKSLEY, JamesPeel Thunder05 Feb 1989Mandurah Centrals JFC0
12HAY, AdamSubiaco27 Jul 1978Glenelg0
30HAY, NickSubiaco01 Jun 1992Kalgoorlie City0
10HAY, StephenSwan Districts06 Dec 1998Ellenbrook1
-HAYDEN, AaronSouth Fremantle30 Apr 1976-0
-HAYDEN, CameronPeel Thunder18 Jan 1994Lynwood Ferndale1
-HAYDEN, DylanWest Perth02 Sep 2001Merredin JFC0
-HAYDEN, JordanEast Perth18 Apr 2000Busselton FC1
57HAYDEN, KyronSubiaco06 Jun 1999Hale School1
99HAYDEN, RogerSouth Fremantle09 Dec 1980Gosnells JFC0
55HAYDEN, ShannonSouth Fremantle10 Jan 1990Coolbellup0
-HAYDEN, Stirling South Fremantle31 Jul 2000Rockingham JFC1
-HAYDINGER, BarryEast Fremantle08 Nov 1954-0
-HAYDOCK, DeanSubiaco16 Jan 1977-0
16HAYDON, AndrewPeel Thunder21 Oct 1993South Mandurah JFC1
69HAYES, AaronClaremont07 Jun 1995Kyabram0
18HAYES, CaineSubiaco15 Jun 1979East Perth0
12HAYES, SeanPeel Thunder02 Mar 1990Quairading0
-HAYES, WilliamEast Fremantle11 Apr 1889-0
29HAYNES, DavidEast Perth10 Jun 1981Geelong0
-HAYNES, JonathonPerth12 Mar 1971-0
15HAYNES, MarkSubiaco23 Feb 1977Sandringham0
43HAYWARD, DamianSouth Fremantle13 Nov 1991Boddington0
-HAYWARD, GregPeel Thunder08 Oct 1972-0
3HAYWARD, Simon Perth06 Oct 2000Belmont FC1
-HAYWARD, ZacharyEast Fremantle18 Jan 2001Bullcreek Leeming FC0
-HAYWOOD, JacobEast Perth30 Jul 1997Ellenbrook0
42HEAD, JoshuaSouth Fremantle07 Apr 1983Roleystone JFC0
21HEADLAND, DesmondSubiaco21 Jan 1981Karrinyup JFC0
-HEADON, StanleyClaremont10 Apr 1910-0
-HEADY, BrettSubiaco04 Jan 1974-0
36HEAL, AaronSubiaco12 Jul 1992Peel Thunder FC1
-HEAL, ClintonPeel Thunder29 Aug 1983South Mandurah0
-HEAL, LachlanWest Perth07 Sep 2000Joondalup/Kinross JFC0
-HEAL, LaurenceWest Perth29 Sep 1953-0
-HEAL, StanleyWest Perth30 Jul 1920-0
55HEALES, BradWest Perth07 Jan 1994Quinns JFC0
-HEALEY, CraigSwan Districts09 Jun 1980Tuggeranong ACT/AFL0
-HEALEY, MichaelEast Perth13 May 1982Whitford JFC0
10HEALEY, RhysPeel Thunder13 Apr 1990Melbourne0
-HEALY, Joshua Perth16 Nov 2001Morley JFC0
49HEALY, StephenWest Perth21 Jun 1993Joondalup Kinross JFC0
-HEARD, KentSouth Fremantle12 Jun 1968-0
-HEASMAN, DylanPeel Thunder21 Sep 1998HBL1
-HEASMAN, OwenSwan Districts24 Jul 1983Bassendean JFC0
-HEATHCOTE, WiliamEast Fremantle08 May 1930-0
-HEATLEY, JasonSubiaco21 Feb 1972-0
37HEAVEN, MakenzieSwan Districts25 Feb 1998Eastern Hills JFC0
-HEBBARD, NathanEast Fremantle09 Aug 1981-0
-HEBBARD, WilliamEast Perth21 Feb 1892-0
-HEBERLE, KirkEast Fremantle30 Jul 1982-0
46HEBITON, JosefEast Fremantle26 Nov 1996Applecross1
99HEDLAM, MichaelSwan Districts25 Mar 1998Ellenbrook0
56HEDLEY, LouisPeel Thunder26 Jun 1993Mandurah0
-HEENAN, ThomasPeel Thunder01 Feb 2000Harvey Brunswick Lesch1
17HEFFERNAN-ROPER, BenSubiaco31 Jul 1988Western Magpies0
-HEGARTY, ChrisSwan Districts22 Sep 1998Kalamunda JFC1
-HEHIR, WesleyEast Perth11 Nov 1977-0
65HEIL, JordanSouth Fremantle30 Dec 1993Narrogin0
-HEINRICHS, AdolphEast Fremantle28 Apr 1883-0
-HEINRICHS, AlbertEast Fremantle25 Sep 1885-0
-HEINRICHS, Wilhelm East Fremantle10 May 1891-0
11HEISE, CameronPerth06 Mar 1987Ballajura JFC0
50HELLMRICH, DillonSouth Fremantle15 May 1994South Coogee JFC0
72HEMMINGS, ChristopherSouth Fremantle25 Nov 1998Mandurah Mustangs JFC1
14HEMPHILL, JasonPerth29 Dec 1998Thornlie JFC1
67HENDERSON, JordanPerth19 Nov 1998York FC1
-HENDERSON, MacKenzieEast Fremantle04 Oct 1995Rossmoyne JFC0
34HENDERSON, MitchellPerth20 Feb 1996York FC1
-HENDERSON, Oliver Claremont13 Jul 1999Claremont JFC1
43HENDRICKS, LukeSwan Districts30 Apr 1988North Beach0
-HENDRIE, MitchellSubiaco15 Jul 1999Kingsley JFC1
-HENDRY, BrendanClaremont22 Jun 1971-0
-HENFRY, ErnestPerth24 Jul 1921-0
45HENLEY, MitchellEast Fremantle03 Jan 1997Attadale JFC0
-HENLEY, RyanEast Fremantle18 Mar 1983-0
-HENLEY, Sean East Fremantle07 Feb 2001Attadale JFC0
3HENNEKER, MatthewEast Perth16 Jun 1997Coolbinia JFC0
-HENRY, GabrielSouth Fremantle25 Nov 1994Waratah0
34HENRY, LewisClaremont11 Dec 1999Cottesloe JFC0
26HENRY, LiamPerth21 Nov 1993Beverley0
-HENRY, LiamClaremont28 Aug 2001Cottesloe JFC1
42HENRY, MitchellPerth29 Jun 2000Swan View JFC1
-HENRY, TarkynPerth12 Apr 2001York FC1
-HENSON, MatthewEast Fremantle28 Feb 1984Rossmoyne JFC0
5HENSON, SeanEast Fremantle03 Mar 1992Rossmoyne JFC1
-HENWOOD, BrentSouth Fremantle24 Sep 1979-0
-HERBERT, FrankEast Fremantle16 Feb 1905-0
-HERBERT, Henry East Fremantle19 Dec 1865-0
-HERBERT, IanSwan Districts27 Jul 1983Kalamunda JFC0
22HERBERT, JamesEast Perth29 Sep 1993Augusta Margaret River0
-HERNAMAN, LachlanPeel Thunder07 Aug 1999Harvey Bulls FC1
27HERRING, RyanSubiaco10 Nov 1986Sturt0
99HERRON, StephenSwan Districts20 Aug 1996La Salle 0
99HERZFELD, RobertSwan Districts23 Oct 1996Swan Athletic0
-HESKETH, JamesEast Fremantle26 Feb 1905-0
-HETHERINGTON, JohnSubiaco06 Aug 1924-0
-HETHERINGTON, KimberleyEast Fremantle29 May 1961-0
-HEUER, ConnorPeel Thunder08 Jun 2002Halls Head JFC1
-HEUSLER, ArthurPerth20 Feb 1916-0
-HEWBY, WilliamEast Fremantle19 Jan 1896-0
25HEWETT, JoshuaEast Perth20 May 1997Busselton1
-HEWITT, EvanSouth Fremantle07 Jul 1978Adelaide0
-HEWITT, JacobPeel Thunder01 Oct 2000Rockingham FC1
-HEWITT, JarrodSwan Districts16 Aug 1971-0
-HEWITT-BROWN, JasonEast Fremantle04 Jan 1995Canning Vale JFC0
40HEWSON, AaronEast Fremantle04 Nov 1999Rossmoyne JFC0
30HICK, JackEast Perth12 Jan 1993Augusta Margaret River1
-HICKEY, FrancisEast Fremantle30 Nov 1928-0
-HICKEY, JakeSouth Fremantle10 Apr 1996South Coogee JFC0
-HICKEY, KennethEast Fremantle28 Feb 1922-0
-HICKEY, LeonSubiaco07 Aug 1921-0
-HICKEY, MatthewSwan Districts01 Apr 1973-0
13HICKMOTT, LiamSubiaco26 Jul 1999Sorrento Duncraig JFC1
16HICKMOTT, WilSubiaco11 Dec 2000Sorrento Duncraig JFC1
-HICKS, AtharrenPerth29 Sep 2002Redcliffe JFC1
-HICKS, ChristopherEast Fremantle07 Jul 1952-0
-HICKS, FrederickEast Fremantle06 Mar 1905-0
-HICKS, RobertEast Fremantle21 Feb 1929-0
-HIGGINS, BeauSwan Districts20 Oct 2001Hills Rangers JFC0
18HIGGINS, BrockSouth Fremantle11 Nov 1989East perth3
7HIGGINS, CoreyWest Perth23 Dec 1992Toodyay0
-HIGGINS, KaneSwan Districts23 Sep 2002Hills Rangers JFC0
-HIGGINS, KevinEast Fremantle03 Jul 1932-0
21HIGGINS, KienanSubiaco06 Oct 1994Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
-HIGGINS, PeterClaremont11 Oct 1966-0
-HIGGINS, PeterEast Fremantle10 Nov 1971-0
-HIGGINS, RichardWest Perth12 Aug 1971-0
33HIGGS, BenjaminClaremont28 Aug 1995Railways - Albany1
-HIGHAM, AlbertSouth Fremantle29 May 1916-0
16HILDEBRANDT, ShaunSubiaco03 Jun 1984Swan Districts0
-HILDERBRANDT, MarkPerth13 Feb 1971-0
-HILL, AshleySubiaco15 Jun 1995Nollamara JFC0
7HILL, BradleyPeel Thunder09 Jul 1993Quinns JFC0
19HILL, BrandonPeel Thunder18 Mar 1980Mandurah0
52HILL, BrettSouth Fremantle05 Dec 1993Cunderdin0
58HILL, CameronPeel Thunder21 Oct 1997Harvey Brunswick0
-HILL, CaryPeel Thunder15 Aug 1978-0
-HILL, DanielSubiaco25 May 2001Warwick Greenwood JFC0
37HILL, Ian Perth09 Feb 2000South Perth FC1
26HILL, JoshuaClaremont19 Jan 1989Broome1
-HILL, Joshua Peel Thunder27 Jan 1999Baldivis FC1
-HILL, JustinSouth Fremantle04 Feb 1988Ramblers0
-HILL, LukePeel Thunder13 Mar 1980-0
42HILL, MasonPeel Thunder06 Mar 1992Armadale0
40HILL, MatthewEast Fremantle25 Jun 1992Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
60HILL, NeilWest Perth20 Mar 1994Nollamara0
-HILL, NigelWest Perth09 Mar 1978-0
99HILL, StephenPeel Thunder01 May 1990Quinns JFC0
32HILL, ZacharyPerth07 Apr 1997Federals1
-HILL, ZacharyPerth07 Apr 1997Federals0
4HILLE, ShayneEast Perth11 May 1996Morley JFC1
-HILLIER, CliffordSouth Fremantle27 Jul 1932-0
-HILLIER, RobertSouth Fremantle18 Mar 1981-0
71HILLS, EthanWest Perth28 Jan 1997Edgewater0
-HILTON, BrentonSwan Districts19 May 2001Ellenbrook JFC0
-HILTON, JeffreyPeel Thunder27 May 1972-0
-HILTON, JohnClaremontN/A-0
-HILZ, MarcelPerth09 Feb 1921-0
-HINCHCLIFFE, ConnorWest Perth27 Dec 2001Ocean Ridge JFC0
37HINCHCLIFFE, KylePeel Thunder24 Feb 1997Rockingham JFC0
50HINCHLIFFE, ClintWest Perth23 Oct 1996Ocean Ridge JFC0
4HINDER, Joseph Swan Districts27 Jan 2000Bassendean JFC1
18HINDMARSH, KurtWest Perth17 Aug 1998Yanchep1
-HINDMARSH, TyronWest Perth09 Jan 2001Ocean Ridge JFC0
-HINDS, PaulEast Fremantle02 Nov 1957-0
-HINKLEY, AlanEast FremantleN/A-0
44HINKLEY, ClaytonSwan Districts21 Feb 1989Warrack Eagles0
-HINKLEY, KurtPerth02 Jun 1985Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
-HINTON, PrestonSouth Fremantle12 Jan 2001Winnacott JFC0
32HIOTIS, PeterWest Perth24 Jul 1997Whitford JFC0
-HIRD, JohnEast FremantleN/A-0
-HISCOCK, TroyEast Perth07 Aug 1979-0
21HISLOP, LeighSwan Districts01 Sep 1979Bunbury SWFL0
-HISLOP, MarlonEast Perth20 Feb 1995Busselton0
99HISLOP, MasonSwan Districts20 Feb 1995Busselton0
60HITCHCOCK, BenjaminClaremont01 Jun 1994North Albany0
67HITCHCOCK, CoreyClaremont08 Jun 1999North Albany FC1
16HITCHOCK, AaronPeel Thunder24 Jul 1992South Mandurah JFC0
-HNATOJKO, DylanPerth13 Apr 1994Huntingdale JFC0
-HOAD, GrahamEast Fremantle13 Jan 1947-0
-HOARE, DesmondEast Fremantle19 Oct 1934-0
63HOBBS, RyanEast Fremantle05 Apr 1998Chapman Valley0
46HOBBS, SamuelPerth23 Feb 1999Jurien Bay FC1
-HOBLEY, JoshSubiaco29 Nov 2001Kingsway JFC0
15HOBLEY, TristanSubiaco30 Jun 2000Kingsway JFC1
32HOBSON, BrodiePeel Thunder11 Aug 1995South Mandurah JFC0
9HOCKEY, ShaneSouth Fremantle21 Jul 1988Frankston FC10
-HOCKING, JarrodSubiaco07 Mar 1973-0
25HOCKINGS, JessePeel Thunder08 Jan 1991Eaton0
20HODDER, EthanEast Fremantle14 Oct 1995Aulbury0
23HODDER, StephenSwan Districts01 Aug 1998Hedland Reds1
-HODGE, BradleyPeel Thunder01 Sep 2000Mandurah Mustangs JFC1
5HODGE, BrettPerth16 May 1991Thornlie JFC0
99HODGE, TysonSwan Districts18 Apr 1993Upper Swan JFC1
45HODGKIN, Samuel Swan Districts21 Jul 1999La Salle 1
68HODGSON, CameronEast Perth24 Jan 1997Ballajura JFC0
24HODGSON, ThomasEast Perth12 Mar 1995Ballajura JFC1
-HODSON, GregEast Fremantle28 Apr 1963-0
-HOEKSTR, ReubenEast Fremantle06 Jan 1997Lilydale0
65HOFFMAN, JalenEast Perth20 Oct 1998Busselton FC1
-HOFFMAN, TylerEast Perth19 Jan 2000Busselton Magpies FC1
-HOFNER, PeterEast Fremantle13 Jun 1957-0
-HOFT, CyrilPerth24 Sep 1896-0
-HOGAN, FrederickEast Perth16 Feb 1882-0
48HOGAN, JackEast Perth14 Feb 1994Ballajura JFC0
8HOGAN, JesseClaremont12 Feb 1995Marist JFC0
45HOGAN, KarlSouth Fremantle31 Aug 1993Melville0
38HOGAN WILSON, LouisClaremont16 Jan 1997marist0
-HOGGAN, AaronWest Perth21 Jun 2001Quinns Districts JFC0
-HOGHTON, DanielPeel Thunder30 Mar 1982WONTHAGGI0
34HOLDEN, KyleWest Perth29 Mar 1987Marist JFC0
-HOLDER, AaronWest Perth22 Jun 1980-0
-HOLDMAN, RhysSubiaco13 Aug 1995Newtown Condingup0
-HOLDSWORTH, TedSwan Districts26 Jan 1917-0
-HOLLAND, BrodieSouth Fremantle03 Jan 1980-0
-HOLLAND, DavidPerth13 Dec 1978-0
26HOLLAND, SeanPerth02 Apr 1993Carlisle0
-HOLLINS, DavidEast Fremantle15 Feb 1951-0
-HOLLY, RileySubiaco09 Apr 2001Warwick Greenwood JFC0
38HOLMAN, BenjaminSwan Districts04 May 1994Ellenbrook JFC1
-HOLMAN, GrantEast Perth10 Jun 1977-0
55HOLMAN, KristopherSwan Districts11 Jul 1990North Albury0
39HOLMAN, NickSwan Districts16 Jan 1987North Albury0
33HOLMES, AaronEast Fremantle22 Nov 1993Applecross JFC1
-HOLMES, AndySwan Districts23 Jan 1967-0
78HOLMES, BradleyPeel Thunder03 Sep 1988Pinjarra JFC0
33HOLMES, ChristopherSwan Districts03 Oct 1989Eastern Hills Hawks0
37HOLMES, CoreyEast Fremantle19 Aug 1997Canning Vale1
-HOLMES, DonaldSwan Districts05 Jan 1959-0
-HOLMES, JasonEast Fremantle16 Feb 1972-0
-HOLMES, KelvinClaremont11 Jan 1973-0
6HOLMES, KyleEast Fremantle25 May 1993Canning Vale JFC0
42HOLMES, MichaelPeel Thunder18 Oct 1985South Mandurah0
-HOLMES, RobertEast Fremantle30 May 1945-0
-HOLMES, ToddSubiaco14 Jul 1979Kalgoorlie GFL0
8HOLT, AaronClaremont19 Feb 1991West Coast JFC / Scotch1
63HOLT, DylanClaremont06 Mar 1997Railways FC1
-HOLT, KennethEast Fremantle26 Apr 1934-0
-HOLT, Leslie East Fremantle04 Feb 1949-0
42HOLTHAM, BraydenPeel Thunder04 May 2000Secret Harbour Dockers1
-HOMSANY, SimonWest Perth14 Aug 2001Mt Hawthorn JFC0
-HONEYBONE, RobertEast Fremantle31 May 1886-0
1HOOD, ChrisSubiaco17 Jul 1983Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
-HOOKER, CaleEast Fremantle13 Oct 1988Melville JFC0
-HOOKER, RobertEast Fremantle02 Feb 1960-0
25HOOKER, ThomasEast Fremantle16 Apr 1992Melville JFC1
30HOOKS, JordenSubiaco02 May 1998Boulder City FC0
-HOOKWAY, DanielSubiaco22 Jul 1989Carine JFC0
-HOOPER, CharlesClaremont28 Feb 1913-0
46HOOPER, JaydenWest Perth25 Mar 1998Narembeen FC0
35HOOPER, JoelPerth06 Mar 1996Narembeen FC/South Perth JFC0
6HOOPER, KeenanEast Perth11 Nov 1996Ballajura JFC0
12HOOPER, LiamSubiaco10 Jul 1996Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
-HOOPER, StephenEast Perth09 May 1969-0
99HOOPER, ThomasSubiaco16 Sep 1996Sorrento Duncraig JFC1
17HOPES, ThomasWest Perth03 Aug 1996Kingsley JFC0
-HOPKINS, FrancisClaremont08 Feb 1909-0
-HOPKINS, GeorgeEast Fremantle03 Feb 1873-0
-HOPKINS, Luke Subiaco13 Jan 1999Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
25HORAN, Daniel Perth04 Jul 1996South Perth JFC1
66HORGAN, JoelWest Perth01 Sep 1997Whitfords JFC1
24HORNBY, TimothyEast Perth25 Jan 1999Marist JFC1
30HORNER, SimonPerth15 Dec 1983Waroona JFC0
38HORSBURGH, ScottEast Fremantle07 Jan 1989Coolbinia JFC0
1HORSLEY, KyalSubiaco02 Sep 1987Kalgoorlie City1
-HORSMAN, BenjaminSouth Fremantle29 Apr 1995Roleystone JFC0
26HORSMAN, BradleySouth Fremantle03 May 1985Wesley Curtin0
-HORTON, RonaldEast Fremantle28 Feb 1935-0
22HORTON-FRENCH, JoshuaSubiaco26 Jul 1993Warwick Greenwood JFC0
19HOSKIN, AlexanderSouth Fremantle04 Jan 1995Baldivis JFC0
34HOSKING, KyleSouth Fremantle19 Dec 1995East Fremantle JFC0
-HOSKING, RyanWest Perth16 Oct 2001Joondalup/Kinross JFC0
24HOSKINS, CraigSubiaco27 Oct 1992Sorrento Duncraig JFC1
-HOSKINS, GregoryPerth08 Sep 1980-0
-HOSKINS, PhilipPerth08 Mar 1982Claremont JFC0
24HOTTES, MarcusSubiaco02 Apr 1987Lilydale0
-HOUGH, KeithClaremont17 Mar 1908-0
99HOUGHTON, JoelSwan Districts26 Nov 1991Huntingdale JFC/Perth/FFC0
42HOULIHAN, TimEast Fremantle10 Feb 1989North Ballarat0
-HOULT, Glen East Fremantle18 Nov 1959-0
14HOUSE, FraserClaremont08 Oct 1998Wembley Downs JFC1
-HOUSE, LeslieEast Fremantle11 Mar 1946-0
63HOUSE, TimmClaremont26 May 1995Gnowangerup0
-HOUSTON, BruceEast Fremantle01 Mar 1952-0
18HOUWEN, JoshuaClaremont01 Jan 1998Marist JFC0
42HOWARD, AkeemClaremont02 Sep 1994Broome/North Fremantle 0
25HOWARD, AlexSwan Districts20 Jun 1993Swan View JFC1
-HOWARD, BenClaremont15 Oct 1971-0
-HOWARD, ElijahClaremont10 Jan 1997Broome / Clontarf0
-HOWARD, PhillipEast Fremantle25 Jan 1937-0
38HOWAT, ChristopherPeel Thunder08 Dec 1997North Mandurah0
-HOWATSON, RohanPerth21 Apr 1972-0
-HOWE, AlbertSubiaco01 Nov 1921-0
-HOWE, JackPerth28 Aug 2002Redcliffe JFC1
2HOWES, JakePeel Thunder28 Nov 2000Secret Harbour JFC1
-HOWES, JakePeel Thunder28 Nov 2000Secret Harbour Dockers0
-HOWES, JoelPerth29 Aug 1968-0
25HOWES, KirkPerth04 Jun 1997South Perth 0
-HOWIE, CampbellSubiaco02 Feb 1997North Beach0
2HOWLETT, BenPeel Thunder21 Oct 1988Donnybrook 1
100HOWLETT, MitchellEast Perth16 Mar 1993Busselton0
29HOWLETT, ThomasEast Fremantle03 Mar 1989Busselton0
-HOWSON, AlbertEast FremantleN/A-0
30HOWSON, AlexEast Fremantle25 May 1994Booragoon JFC1
-HOYCARD, CraigEast Fremantle05 Sep 1968-0
30HRIBERNIK, ConradPerth27 Jan 1994Thornlie JFC0
-HUBBARD, JoshuaEast Perth05 Sep 2001Ellenbrook JFC0
-HUBBLE, JarradClaremont23 May 1975-0
-HUDDLESTONE, EdwardWest Perth26 Jan 1982-0
-HUDDLESTONE, IsovaineClaremont07 Mar 1997Broome Saints0
40HUDSON, RyanWest Perth16 Jan 2001Kalannie1
12HUG, DanielEast Fremantle28 Jun 1993Rostrata JFC0
24HUG, KieranPerth09 May 1994Toodyay FC0
34HUGHES, BrandonEast Perth15 Jan 1994Busselton0
22HUGHES, DannySubiaco10 Dec 1986Melbourne0
15HUGHES, EthanPeel Thunder07 Dec 1994HBL1
43HUGHES, JamesSubiaco12 Jul 1994Melville JFC0
45HUGHES, JoshuaPeel Thunder05 Sep 1990Quairading0
8HUGHES, KaneEast Perth08 Sep 2000Noranda JFC1
26HUGHES, LeighPeel Thunder18 Feb 1981Perth0
37HUGHES, LoganSwan Districts09 Apr 1992HBL1
65HUGHES, MitchellSubiaco05 Nov 1998East Fremantle1
-HUGHES, RhiordonSubiaco10 Sep 1998Gibson FC1
-HUGHES, ThomasEast FremantleN/A-0
9HUGHES, TomSwan Districts28 Apr 1995Saints0
-HULL, TroyPeel Thunder07 Aug 1974-0
51HUMBLE, ChadEast Fremantle13 Jun 1993Mandurah JFC0
54HUMBLE, DarrenPerth10 Jun 1986Bullcreek Leeming0
32HUMBLE, MichaelPeel Thunder05 Feb 1998South Mandurah1
7HUMM, JeremyEast Perth05 Jan 1983Nth Ballarat0
50HUMPHREYS, AshleyPeel Thunder21 Jul 1998Rockingham1
46HUMPHREYS, LucasPeel Thunder16 Mar 1995Rockingham Rams1
-HUMPHRIES, AlbyPeel Thunder05 Sep 1987Narrogin Hawks0
-HUMPHRIES, CleveSouth Fremantle09 Aug 1982-0
1HUMPHRIES, GregorySwan Districts23 Feb 1999Eaton Boomers1
54HUMPHRIES, HermanSwan Districts04 Apr 1995Carey Park0
99HUMPHRIES, JarrodSwan Districts15 Apr 1997Carey Park0
-HUMPHRIES, KevinEast Perth02 Feb 1979-0
53HUMPHRIES, KylePeel Thunder02 Apr 1994Mandurah0
45HUMPHRIES, TravisSwan Districts10 Oct 1994Centrals0
-HUMPHRY, SamClaremont23 Mar 1996Wembley Downs JFC / Hale0
-HUNGERFORD, HarryPerth23 Jun 1912-0
-HUNT, AngusClaremont09 Feb 1998Claremont JFC0
12HUNT, DanielWest Perth08 May 1984South Fremantle0
42HUNT, JoshSubiaco08 Dec 1990Mines Rovers0
-HUNT, LaurenceEast Fremantle13 Jun 1941-0
39HUNT, MatthewPerth01 Oct 1991Trinity Aquinas0
-HUNT, RobertWest Perth13 Jun 1980Warwick Greenwood JFC0
99HUNT, SamuelSouth Fremantle13 Apr 1983Geelong0
27HUNT, TimothyPerth03 Jun 1990Warrnambol0
23HUNTER, AdamSwan Districts18 Jun 1981South Bunbury0
62HUNTER, CampbellPerth12 Apr 1995Railways0
-HUNTER, DavidEast Fremantle20 Feb 1905-0
26HUNTER, JackSwan Districts26 Jul 1998Karratha Kats JFC0
10HUNTER, JoshuaWest Perth04 Nov 1998Joondalup Kinross JFC0
-HUNTER, KennethClaremont28 Apr 1957-0
-HUNTER, KingsleyEast Fremantle27 May 1975-0
-HUNTER, LeonardEast Fremantle08 Feb 1918-0
-HUNTER, StanleyEast Fremantle27 Jun 1940-0
56HUNTER, TabEast Perth10 Apr 1999Augusta Margaret River FC1
-HUNTER, WilliamClaremont20 Jul 1990Town1
16HUNTLEY, LochieSwan Districts15 Feb 1999Kalamunda JFC1
-HURA, NoahPeel Thunder31 Jan 1998Mandurah1
50HURLEY, SeanPeel Thunder02 Mar 1992Ireland0
-HURN, KyeEast Perth05 Mar 2001Caversham JFC0
-HURN, ShannonEast Perth04 Sep 1987Central Districts0
-HURRELL, BruceEast Fremantle06 Aug 1946-0
-HUTCHERSON, KingsleySouth Fremantle09 Apr 1972-0
34HUTCHINGS, CoreyEast Perth30 Apr 1990Kingsley JFC0
55HUTCHINGS, MarkEast Perth25 May 1991Coolbinia JFC0
51HUTCHINGS, MichaelEast Perth19 Jan 1993Warwick Greenwood JFC0
10HUTCHINS, AlexEast Perth09 Jun 1988West Adelaide0
36HUTCHINS, LukeEast Perth24 Mar 1996Busselton0
-HUTCHINSON, AshleyEast Perth25 Feb 1978-0
-HUTCHINSON, BretSubiaco06 Mar 1964-0
42HUTCHINSON, RileyWest Perth21 Jan 1994Carey Park1
-HUTCHINSON, RossEast Fremantle10 Sep 1914-0
-HUTSON, RobertPeel Thunder10 Jun 2001Halls Head JFC1
45HUTTON, CharlieClaremont06 Jul 1995Swanbourne JFC / Scotch0
-HUTTON, JohnClaremont28 May 1966-0
-HUTTON, StephenSwan Districts15 Apr 1964-0
-HUYNH, KevinEast Perth03 Jun 1993Noranda JFC0
-HYDE, JohnClaremont11 Apr 1930-0
-HYLAND, MathewPerth16 Aug 1975-0
-HYMUS, HerbertEast Fremantle14 Apr 1899-0
-HYNAM, AnthonyPeel Thunder28 Mar 1981-0
-HYNES, DavidSouth Fremantle31 Mar 1967-0
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