Please note that this is not a complete list of all WAFL players since 1885. Listed records are complete for all players since 1994 only, when electronic recording of statistics began. Before 1994 select players who won individual awards or honours are listed. Should you require information on any WAFL player not listed or can supply missing information for those listed, please contact the WAFL historian Greg Wardell-Johnson by e mail:

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# Name Club DOB Club From Points Active
10JACKMAN, JamesPeel Thunder11 Feb 1991Mandurah0
-JACKSON, BailliePerthN/A-0
-JACKSON, CameronPeel Thunder06 Aug 1975-0
23JACKSON, DeclanSubiaco27 Aug 1994Collie FC1
-JACKSON, JaiEast Fremantle25 Apr 2001Chapman Valley Juniors0
-JACKSON, MarkSouth Fremantle30 Aug 1959-0
-JACKSON, OliverSwan Districts12 Jan 1999Bunbury Bulldogs0
-JACKSON, ReganWest Perth18 Dec 2001Whitford JFC0
9JACKSON, RyanClaremont04 Apr 1987Carlton FC0
36JACKSON, SamSwan Districts18 Feb 1995Bunbury0
-JACKSON, SamSwan Districts18 Feb 1995Bunbury0
-JACKSON, StevanSouth Fremantle09 Mar 1970-0
-JACKSON, SydneyEast Perth01 Jul 1944-0
-JACKSON, TobyPerth27 Jan 1968-0
31JACKSON, TysonSubiaco23 Aug 1994Marist JFC0
24JACKSON, ZacharyEast Fremantle16 Apr 1999Canning Vaqle JFC1
28JACKY, JarrhanWest Perth05 Apr 1989Sorrento Duncraig JFC10
-JACOBS, AndrewEast Perth05 Feb 1978-0
8JACOBS, JulianPerth02 Jan 1989Ports1
4JAEGER, O MearaPerth23 Feb 1994Railways0
46JAKOVICH, CallumSouth Fremantle10 Feb 1993South Coogee JFC0
-JAKOVICH, GlenSouth Fremantle24 Mar 1973-0
37JAMES, AlexSwan Districts03 Mar 1989Hyden Kalgarin0
99JAMES, BayleeWest Perth09 Jan 1999Hyden-Kalgarin1
-JAMES, CharlesEast Fremantle09 Dec 1907-0
-JAMES, Charles East Fremantle09 Dec 1907-0
42JAMES, FrankPerth12 Feb 1997Marist JFC0
60JAMES, SamuelSouth Fremantle15 Feb 1999Kwinana1
-JAMES, SolomonSouth Fremantle03 Nov 2001Kwinana JFC0
60JAMES, StantonWest Perth10 Jul 1992Quinns JFC0
-JAMES, WilliamEast Fremantle19 Mar 1905-0
-JAMES, WilliamEast Fremantle06 Feb 1927-0
-JAMES, WilliamEast Fremantle17 Mar 1928-0
-JAMIESON, MatthewSouth Fremantle13 Feb 1981-0
-JANSEN, EmiloSubiaco17 Jan 2000Saints JFC1
28JANSEN, JaredEast Fremantle02 May 1995Bulcreek Leeming JFC1
10JANSEN, ScottEast Fremantle30 Sep 1990Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
-JANSSEN, BrandonPeel Thunder01 May 1999Eaton JFC1
55JANZEKOVIC, JakobPeel Thunder12 Jul 1997Rockingham JFC1
-JARDINE, TimothyWest Perth03 Aug 1982-0
-JARVIS, AaronClaremont24 Mar 1985Karrinyup JFC0
-JARVIS, CarlisleEast Fremantle10 Dec 1906-0
-JARVIS, FrancisEast Fremantle10 Apr 1905-0
-JARVIS, LyleEast Fremantle01 Mar 1930-0
-JARVIS, RonaldEast Fremantle20 Jan 1929-0
-JAS, ChrisPeel Thunder31 Mar 1979-0
-JASPER, KyeEast Perth25 Sep 2001Southerners0
-JEAVONS, KyleEast Perth26 Mar 1983Guildford Grammar0
-JEFFERY, GrahamSubiaco15 Jun 1961-0
-JEFFERYS, HaroldEast Fremantle09 Sep 1922-0
26JELLIS, AlexanderClaremont21 Mar 1996West Coast JFC / Hale0
33JENKINS, BenSubiaco20 May 1994Toodyay0
-JENKINS, ChristianSubiaco07 Jun 1973-0
-JENKINS, FrankSouth Fremantle11 Aug 1918-0
-JENKINS, RaymondEast Fremantle22 Feb 1921-0
-JENKINS, ToddEast Fremantle31 Mar 1965-0
-JENNINGS, CyrilSouth Fremantle18 Mar 1905-0
-JENNINGS, JackSubiaco08 May 1911-0
6JENNINGS, JackWest Perth01 Oct 1998Wanneroo JFC0
-JENNINGS, WalterEast Fremantle07 Jun 1905-0
-JENSEN, CarlEast Fremantle25 Mar 1911-0
-JENZEN, AllanPerth08 Apr 1946-0
18JENZEN, DaneEast Fremantle10 Aug 1999Rossmoyne JFC1
-JENZEN, MichaelEast Fremantle02 May 1963-0
99JEREZ, BenjaminPerth31 Aug 1995South Bunbury0
53JETTA, AaronPeel Thunder02 Apr 1994Carey Park0
40JETTA, AaronSwan Districts02 Apr 1991Harvey0
29JETTA, BernardSwan Districts28 Dec 1993Carey Park0
16JETTA, BrandonSwan Districts05 Mar 1994carey park0
47JETTA, ColinSwan Districts14 Mar 1999Carey Park FC1
99JETTA, GrahamSwan Districts11 Nov 1986Bridgetown0
5JETTA, LeroyPeel Thunder06 Jul 1988Brookton Pingelly/Essendon11
55JETTA, LewisEast Perth04 May 1989Swan Districts0
-JETTA, NevilleSwan Districts12 Feb 1990Carey Park0
21JETTA, Rodney Swan Districts02 Aug 1992mines rovers0
3JETTA-BOLTON, IsaiahWest Perth19 Oct 1995Bruce Rock0
-JEZ, MichaelEast Fremantle07 Jun 1954-0
28JOACHIM, JesseSouth Fremantle04 Aug 1993Mundijong Centrals JFC0
51JODRELL, KyleEast Perth21 Feb 1991Quinns0
61JOHANNISEN, JasonEast Fremantle08 Nov 1992Willetton JFC0
-JOHANSON, GeraldEast Fremantle13 Sep 1925-0
-JOHN, BarrieEast Fremantle20 Nov 1937-0
31JOHN, NyikaPerth28 Nov 2000Queens Park FC1
9JOHNS, CourtneyEast Fremantle14 Nov 1984-0
21JOHNS, LachlanWest Perth24 Feb 1999Joondalup Kinross JFC0
53JOHNS, MarlonSubiaco27 Sep 1990Coolbelup FC0
56JOHNS, MatthewSubiaco10 Jun 1992Swanbourne JFC0
-JOHNS, RonaldEast Fremantle02 Dec 1925-0
-JOHNSON, AlanPerth20 Nov 1956-0
11JOHNSON, AlecWest Perth15 Jul 1999Kingsway JFC1
33JOHNSON, AshleyClaremont06 Oct 1997Southern Districts0
-JOHNSON, AshleyClaremont06 Oct 1997Southern Districts0
-JOHNSON, BenWest Perth06 Mar 2001Whitford JFC0
20JOHNSON, BlaineSouth Fremantle28 Jul 1995Kwinana JFC1
30JOHNSON, BlakePerth21 Feb 1998Thornlie1
-JOHNSON, BrettSwan Districts28 Oct 1981-0
-JOHNSON, CallumWest Perth11 Oct 2001Whitford JFC0
-JOHNSON, ChristopherEast Fremantle25 Jan 1986Melville JFC0
-JOHNSON, ClintonSubiaco25 Jun 1974-0
-JOHNSON, CoreyWest Perth03 Oct 1974-0
23JOHNSON, ErnieClaremont24 May 1994Kununurra Demons0
28JOHNSON, JackSouth Fremantle26 Oct 1997Melville0
47JOHNSON, JacobClaremont29 May 1987St Marys0
-JOHNSON, LachlanSouth Fremantle13 Dec 2000South Coogee JFC1
-JOHNSON, MarkPerth23 May 1978-0
15JOHNSON, MatthewWest Perth05 Sep 1994Whitford JFC1
-JOHNSON, MaxwellEast Fremantle14 Aug 1959-0
14JOHNSON, MichaelSwan Districts27 Jan 1983High Wycombe JFC0
22JOHNSON, MichaelPeel Thunder20 Oct 1984Victoria Park JFC0
-JOHNSON, NathanEast Fremantle30 Apr 1984East Fremantle JFC0
119JOHNSON, PaulEast Perth26 Jun 1984Hawthorn0
-JOHNSON, PercyEast Fremantle28 Jan 1933-0
-JOHNSON, PercyEast Fremantle29 May 1955-0
-JOHNSON, RobbieClaremont03 Mar 2001Belmont FC0
-JOHNSON, RobbieClaremont03 Mar 2001Belmont FC0
-JOHNSON, RobertEast Fremantle03 Jun 1935-0
-JOHNSON, RobertEast Fremantle15 Apr 1959-0
49JOHNSON, ShaiPeel Thunder02 Aug 1992Kwinana0
69JOHNSON, TrevorSwan Districts02 Sep 1984High Wycombe JFC0
-JOHNSON, TroySouth Fremantle27 Jul 1977-0
-JOHNSTON, AlanPerth19 Mar 1905-0
-JOHNSTON, ClintonEast Perth13 Sep 1972-0
-JOHNSTON, DavidSwan Districts16 Mar 1971-0
-JOHNSTON, DavidPerth17 Jun 1990South Bunbury0
65JOHNSTON, JacobEast Perth11 Jan 1995Noranda0
-JOHNSTON, JeffEast Fremantle05 Feb 1981-0
30JOHNSTON, MathewEast Perth03 May 1983Kambalda0
-JOHNSTON, MichaelPeel Thunder18 Feb 1989Quairading0
-JOHNSTON, Thomas East Fremantle21 Apr 2001Willeton JFC0
-JOHNSTON, TimothyClaremont31 Jan 1974-0
35JOHNSTONE, JaydenPerth05 Jan 1998Huntingdale1
-JOHNSTONE, LlyleEast Perth31 Aug 1967-0
-JOINER, WilliamEast Fremantle29 Aug 1939-0
-JONCOUR, DavidPerth06 Sep 1988Thornlie JFC0
-JONES, AdamSubiaco21 Feb 1984CARINE JFC0
20JONES, AllanSubiaco16 Apr 1994Warwick Greenwood JFC0
-JONES, AngusSubiaco02 Feb 2001Sorrento-Duncraig JFC0
12JONES, AnthonyClaremont19 Dec 1974Osbourne Park0
-JONES, BenjaminSouth Fremantle10 Mar 1981-0
20JONES, BrandonSubiaco29 Aug 1995Whitford0
79JONES, BrendonPeel Thunder18 Apr 1986Quairading0
-JONES, BrentPerth26 Jul 1979South Bunbury0
-JONES, BrentEast Fremantle26 Jul 1979-0
38JONES, BrettClaremont06 Aug 1982University0
53JONES, CameronPerth28 Oct 1992Wesley Curtin0
-JONES, CarlClaremont18 Jul 1982-0
20JONES, ChadClaremont15 Jun 1984Hale/Nth Melb/WCE0
42JONES, ChapmanPerth28 Sep 1996Belmont JFC0
-JONES, ChrisEast Perth28 Feb 1983Noranda JFC0
-JONES, ClemPeel Thunder09 Jun 1989Borden0
5JONES, ClintonPerth02 Feb 1984South Coogee JFC12
22JONES, DanielEast Perth16 Jul 1984Box Hill VFL0
-JONES, Deltyn East Fremantle17 Jul 2000Towns FC1
52JONES, DillanSwan Districts06 Apr 1992Centrals Football & Sporting Club1
65JONES, FraserPerth22 May 1995York0
-JONES, GregEast Perth20 Feb 1970-0
-JONES, HerbertEast FremantleN/A-0
40JONES, JakeEast Perth15 Feb 1996Marist JFC0
17JONES, JakeWest Perth23 Mar 1999Quinns District JFC1
63JONES, JaykEast Perth30 Jan 1996High Wycombe1
-JONES, JohnEast FremantleN/A-0
5JONES, JordanWest Perth29 Jun 1990Geelong Falcons0
-JONES, LeonPerth16 May 1981-0
-JONES, LeslieEast Fremantle22 Feb 1910-0
29JONES, MarshallPerth26 Aug 1997York FC1
30JONES, MatthewSouth Fremantle26 Jun 1992Bibra Lake JFC0
54JONES, MatthewPeel Thunder11 Feb 1992Safety Bay JFC0
-JONES, MickEast Perth02 Mar 1970-0
79JONES, MitchellSwan Districts10 May 1999Tom Price1
-JONES, OwenEast Fremantle04 Apr 1905-0
49JONES, ReginaldEast Fremantle23 Feb 1995Lynwood Ferndale JFC0
-JONES, RichardEast Fremantle05 Jun 1926-0
-JONES, RowanClaremont19 Nov 1979Scotch College0
-JONES, RussellEast Fremantle31 Oct 1964-0
28JONES, ScottPeel Thunder20 May 1995Busselton1
-JONES, SimonSwan Districts21 Jul 1986Guildford Grammar0
-JONES, TroyEast Fremantle03 Jun 1999Kelmscott FC0
-JONES, WarrenEast Fremantle18 Jan 1939-0
-JONES , WilliamEast Fremantle19 Mar 1963-0
-JONES, ZacEast Perth18 Apr 1998South Bunbury0
-JORDAN, BenjaminEast Fremantle03 May 1976-0
-JORDAN, DanielEast Fremantle27 Apr 1981ST BERNARDS FC0
-JORDAN, TroySwan Districts07 Feb 1972-0
-JOSLIN, JamesEast FremantleN/A-0
-JOVANOVIC, CraigSouth Fremantle02 Jan 1985Mundijong JFC0
-JOYCE, AlanEast Fremantle21 Oct 1942-0
-JOYCE, BevanEast Fremantle11 Nov 1948-0
2JOYCE, JustinSubiaco30 Dec 1992Carine JFC1
-JOYCE, LesterSubiaco14 Apr 1951-0
7JOYCE, ThomasEast Fremantle07 Mar 2000Melville JFC1
-JUBADAH, JamarliusClaremont06 Mar 1996Noonkanbah Blues0
-JUDD, ChrisEast Perth08 Sep 1983Sandringham0
-JUDGE, KennethEast Fremantle15 Jan 1958-0
47JUDGE, TristanPerth06 Aug 1998High Wycombe JFC1
-JUKAWICS, BrettEast Perth24 Feb 1966-0
32JUKES, MatthewSwan Districts26 Sep 1991Attadale JFC1
-JULIAN, PeterSubiaco31 Mar 1976-0
-JUNIPER, JackPerth10 Nov 1986Glenelg0
8JUPP, MatthewEast Fremantle28 Sep 1993South Perth JFC1
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