Please note that this is not a complete list of all WAFL players since 1885. Listed records are complete for all players since 1994 only, when electronic recording of statistics began. Before 1994 select players who won individual awards or honours are listed. Should you require information on any WAFL player not listed or can supply missing information for those listed, please contact the WAFL historian Greg Wardell-Johnson by e mail:

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# Name Club DOB Club From Points Active
49KAHN, Matthew Subiaco26 Feb 2000Wembley JFC0
-KAIN, FrankEast Fremantle09 Apr 1918-0
-KAIN, GiancarloClaremont04 Aug 2002Cottesloe JFC1
-KAKER, MartinClaremont18 Sep 1997Wembley Downs0
99KAKER, MartinSubiaco18 Sep 1997Wembley 1
32KALAJZIC, JoelEast Fremantle02 Dec 1993South Perth JFC3
-KALAJZICH, JosephEast Fremantle02 Sep 1938-0
99KALIMERIS, TonySwan Districts03 Jul 1995Ballajura JFC0
24KAMMANN, JonathonEast Perth06 Jul 1997Imperials FC0
56KANE, JoelEast Perth20 Mar 1995Ballajura JFC0
25KANE, NickPerth04 Sep 1985Box Hill0
13KANE, StephenPeel Thunder09 Nov 1993Eaton0
-KAPOOR, RohanEast Perth30 Nov 1980-0
-KARPANY, MalcolmEast PerthN/A-0
1KARPANY, MalcolmEast Perth01 Jun 1995Woodville West Torrens0
99KASSEM, YusefPerth13 Feb 1997Belmont JFC0
-KAVANAGH, CharlesEast FremantleN/A-0
-KAVANAGH, KieranClaremont19 Dec 2002Subiaco JFC1
-KAY, PeterEast Fremantle30 Sep 1953-0
7KAYLER-THOMSON, JarrodSubiaco26 Jul 1985Mansfield0
51KAZAKOFF, BraddonSwan Districts26 Jul 1986Halls Head0
53KEARING, JaidonPeel Thunder26 Jan 1999Pinjarra1
-KEARNEY, RyanPerth20 Oct 1972-0
-KEAST, BradleyPerth06 Aug 1991Kalgoorlie City0
31KEATH, JyeEast Perth21 Sep 1985Wanneroo JFC0
-KEAYS, PeterEast Fremantle04 Sep 1955-0
14KEDDELL, MitchellPeel Thunder07 Aug 1988Port Melbourne0
46KEEFFE, JakeEast Perth11 Jan 1994Coolbinia0
66KEEN, JoshuaEast Fremantle10 Mar 1989Pennent Hills0
-KEENAN, ThomasEast Fremantle14 Feb 1905-0
-KEENE, LaurieSubiaco02 Jan 1961-0
35KEENE, TysonSubiaco06 Feb 1990West Coast JFC0
4KEEVERS, BenSubiaco06 Sep 1982Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
-KEIGHTLEY, CyrilPerth29 Jun 1909-0
37KEITEL, TylerWest Perth07 Feb 1996Noranda JFC1
17KEITH, GeorgePerth29 Aug 1996South Perth 0
-KELDERMAN, StevenSwan Districts14 Jul 1977-0
-KELEMAN, NoahSouth Fremantle20 Aug 2001East Fremantle JFC0
-KELEY, CalebSouth Fremantle31 Oct 2002Katanning Wanderers1
99KELLEY, JacobSwan Districts14 Apr 1996Chittering JFC1
-KELLY, AustinPerth04 Jan 1973-0
58KELLY, BaronPeel Thunder14 Apr 1994Pinjarra0
-KELLY, ChristianWest Perth31 Jul 1974-0
-KELLY, DesSouth Fremantle22 Jan 1930-0
-KELLY, ErnestEast Fremantle17 Nov 1884-0
-KELLY, FinneganClaremont28 Dec 2002Cottesloe JFC1
-KELLY, Harvey (Duff)South Fremantle24 Mar 1883-0
99KELLY, JoelSouth Fremantle09 Feb 1993South Coogee JFC0
41KELLY, JordanEast Fremantle08 Jan 1997Northampton0
27KELLY, JoshuaSwan Districts31 Aug 1992Carey Park0
99KELLY, LeighSouth Fremantle06 Dec 1988Dunsborough0
34KELLY, LiamEast Perth16 Jul 1996Busselton0
99KELLY, LiamSwan Districts14 Jun 2002Caversham JFC1
-KELLY, LiamClaremont07 May 2002Scarborough JFC1
43KELLY, ManfredSouth Fremantle15 Dec 2001Armadale Demons FC1
36KELLY, MatthewEast Perth23 Feb 1993Landsdale JFC0
-KELLY, MervynPerth16 Jul 1966-0
-KELLY, NathanSwan Districts08 Feb 1972-0
-KELLY, OttoEast Fremantle15 May 1880-0
-KELLY, PeterSwan Districts01 Jan 1974-0
-KELLY, PhilEast Perth26 Aug 1957-0
-KELLY, RhysSubiaco19 Nov 2001Wanneroo JFC0
1KELLY, RichardWest Perth08 Jan 1982Maddington JFC0
8KELLY, TimothySouth Fremantle26 Jul 1994Palmyra JFC1
-KELLY, WilliamEast Fremantle24 Mar 1883-0
63KELTON, TreClaremont28 Aug 1996Palmerston Magpies1
-KEMP, AubreyEast FremantleN/A-0
-KEMP, DeanSubiaco17 Feb 1969-0
-KEMP, GarrySubiaco22 Mar 1964-0
29KEMP, JedEast Perth06 Mar 1998Busselton0
-KEMP, JedSubiaco09 Jul 2002Railways FC1
-KEMP, NormanEast Fremantle31 Aug 1926-0
-KEMP, SunnyEast Perth06 Jan 2001Augusta Margaret River JFC0
-KEMSHALL, PeterPeel Thunder17 Feb 1981-0
39KENDELL, RoryEast Perth27 Aug 1997Trinity Aquinas AFC0
-KENDLE, MatthewSwan Districts04 Aug 1972-0
56KENNEDY, AbrahamSubiaco06 Feb 1997Coolbinia JFC0
3KENNEDY, HaydenSubiaco27 Apr 1995Mines1
99KENNEDY, Jack East Perth23 Aug 2001Countrys JFC1
99KENNEDY, JoshuaEast Perth25 Aug 1987Northampton0
31KENNEDY, LukePeel Thunder07 Sep 1982Halls Head0
27KENNEDY, TreySubiaco01 Nov 2001Warwick Greenwood JFC1
-KENNEWELL, MatthewEast Fremantle26 Feb 1980-0
99KENNEY, BrodyWest Perth14 Jan 2000Ocean Ridge JFC1
-KENNEY, GarryEast Fremantle13 Feb 1959-0
-KENNEY, WallaceEast Fremantle29 Dec 1913-0
5KENNY, JamesEast Perth05 Nov 1996Noranda JFC0
-KENNY, MichaelEast Fremantle09 Oct 1878-0
-KENNY, MichaelEast Fremantle17 Jan 1898-0
2KENT, DeanPerth24 Feb 1994Federals0
34KENT, DrewPerth02 Aug 1993Kelleberrin Tammin0
-KENT, SheayEast Fremantle02 Jun 1979East Fremanlte0
-KENT, StephenEast Fremantle30 May 1972-0
-KEOGH, AmmonSouth Fremantle09 Oct 2002South Coogee JFC1
-KERCHEVAL, ChrisWest Perth30 Jan 1981-0
-KERINAIUA, AdamSouth Fremantle10 Jul 1974-0
28KERMODE, Jack West Perth04 Dec 2000Warwick Greenwood JFC1
6KERR, DanielEast Fremantle16 May 1983Melville JFC0
-KERR, JonEast Fremantle21 Feb 1971-0
2KERR, RhettSubiaco07 Dec 1988Gibson0
-KERR, RogerEast Fremantle18 Dec 1960-0
4KERR, RohanWest Perth17 Nov 1991Carlton5
-KERSHAW, JohnEast Fremantle12 Apr 1905-0
20KERSTEN, BradleySouth Fremantle02 Jun 1997Lakes JFC0
22KERSTEN, ShanePeel Thunder15 Mar 1993Kwinana JFC0
42KESICH, ChristianPerth27 Aug 1998Attadale JFC0
-KESTEL, StewartSwan Districts19 Jan 1971-0
-KESTEL, WesleySwan Districts25 May 1978-0
-KETTLEWELL, LaurieSubiaco11 Dec 1935-0
-KETTLEWELL, ScottEast Perth01 Jul 1971-0
19KEUNEN, ChristopherWest Perth07 Oct 1983ST Bernards OC1
-KEYS, ChristopherSubiaco25 Jun 1974-0
-KEYS, JasonClaremont12 Apr 1971-0
-KEYSER, GavinSubiaco07 Dec 1968-0
-KEYSER, GrantSouth Fremantle09 Aug 1973-0
-KHONGJAROEN, PhillipSwan Districts26 Aug 1995Karratha Falcons0
46KICKETT, CameronSwan Districts21 Jun 1991Railways0
99KICKETT, CodyPerth15 Jan 1998Railways1
-KICKETT, DaleClaremont04 May 1968-0
-KICKETT, DerekSubiaco06 Oct 1962-0
-KICKETT, GrahamEast Fremantle27 Jul 1959-0
99KICKETT, JaydenSouth Fremantle07 Jun 1988Nightcliffe NTFL0
-KICKETT, JoshuaPerth28 Aug 1989Huntingdale JFC0
11KICKETT, MarkPerth30 Nov 1993Gosnells0
44KICKETT, XavierSwan Districts23 Jun 1999Ellenbrook Eels1
99KIDD, DeclanWest Perth10 Jan 2000Quinns Districts JFC1
44KIDD, JacksonSubiaco07 May 1997Kingsway JFC0
-KIDD, JacksonSubiacoN/AKingsway JFC0
56KIDD, OliverWest Perth05 Mar 1999Joondalup Kinross JFC1
62KIEFER, LucaEast Perth03 Dec 2000Busselton Magpies FC1
-KILBURN, TyClaremont23 Mar 1973-0
45KILLEN, CodyWest Perth30 Nov 1994Quinns0
-KILMARTIN, HaydonEast Fremantle22 Jul 1973-0
-KILMINISTER, NormanEast Fremantle08 Dec 1911-0
-KILMURRAY, TedEast Perth18 Aug 1934-0
-KIMBERLEY, BarrySwan Districts24 May 1957-0
8KIMPTON, JyePeel Thunder10 Feb 2000Secret Harbour JFC1
51KING, AdamPeel Thunder09 Nov 1990Eaton0
45KING, BenjaminWest Perth23 Oct 1992GinGin1
-KING, BevanEast Fremantle21 Mar 1961-0
-KING, BrettWest Perth04 Mar 1980-0
-KING, Cassius Claremont09 Jan 2002Marist JFC1
-KING, Chad East Perth23 Oct 2002Ellenbrook JFC1
-KING, DalePeel Thunder01 Feb 1979-0
43KING, DenholmEast Fremantle26 Aug 1994Eaton Bombers0
-KING, GeorgeSwan Districts04 Mar 1919-0
23KING, Harrison East Fremantle08 Aug 1996Brigades0
38KING, HaydenPerth07 Nov 1989Dowerin0
-KING, HaydenEast Perth12 Apr 1989Ballajura JFC0
60KING, JamesEast Perth27 Jul 1991Quinns JFC0
-KING, Jordan Subiaco11 Jun 2002Subiaco JFC1
-KING, JustinEast Perth05 Jun 1985-0
30KING, KieranEast Fremantle05 Mar 1991Rossmoyne JFC0
63KING, LiamPeel Thunder22 Jul 1996Secret Harbour0
1KING, MahliEast Perth24 Aug 1998Carey Park0
40KING, SamEast Fremantle13 Nov 1991Fremantle CBC0
47KING-DAVIES, KadanClaremont19 Oct 1995Denmark Walpole0
66KINGI, StevenEast Perth27 Dec 1996Noranda JFC1
-KINGSBURY, ArthurEast Fremantle16 Sep 1907-0
63KINNEEN, ThomasEast Perth07 May 1988Kelmscott0
-KINNINMONT, ReidPeel Thunder08 Feb 2002Harvey Brunswick Leschenault FC1
-KINROSS, AndrewEast FremantleN/A-0
33KIRBY, JamesPeel Thunder17 Nov 1996South Bunbury1
-KIREY, ClintonEast Fremantle11 Jul 1978-0
60KIRK, AlexEast Fremantle13 May 1994Melville JFC0
99KIRK, CoreyWest Perth26 Jul 1999Ocean Ridge JFC1
-KIRK, LeighClaremont22 Apr 1974-0
-KIRK, LukeSouth FremantleN/ABrookton/ Pingelly FC1
-KIRK, MassimoSubiaco19 Mar 1999University FC0
-KIRK, RobertEast Fremantle05 Apr 1905-0
100KIRK, TysonSouth Fremantle13 Apr 1999Brookton/ Pingelly FC1
-KIRK-WILLIAMS, ShuanEast Fremantle18 Jan 1995Melville JFC0
-KIRKHAM, DarrenPeel Thunder11 Apr 1976-0
-KIRKLAND, CurtisSouth Fremantle27 May 2002Kwinana JFC1
-KIRKPATRICK, TaiSubiaco02 Aug 2002Sorrento-Duncraig JFC1
66KIRKUP, JoshuaSwan Districts21 May 1993High Wycombe JFC1
40KIRWEN, CoreyWest Perth05 May 1999Joondalup/Kinross JFC0
72KIRWEN, JesseWest Perth13 May 1995Warwick Greenwood JFC0
-KIRWEN, TroyEast Perth20 Dec 1979-0
5KITCHIN, LeighSubiaco08 Jan 1990Frankston FC5
99KITCHING, JacobWest Perth10 Nov 2001Brighton JFC1
-KITCHINGMAN, BodiePeel Thunder27 Mar 2002Secret Harbour Dockers FC1
-KITSON, DonaldEast Fremantle31 Dec 1926-0
99KITSON, JessePerth21 Jan 1997Gosnells JFC0
57KITT, PeterPeel Thunder29 Jul 1990Bunbury0
41KITTYEA, DeanWest Perth28 May 1991Burracoppin0
-KJELLGREN, ErnestEast Fremantle23 Jan 1884-0
-KLARICICH, TomEast Perth19 Aug 1975-0
86KLASZTORNY, FletcherPeel Thunder08 Mar 1998Halls Head FC0
99KLAUSE, JamesSouth Fremantle22 Aug 1990Kununurra0
-KLEMM, DarrenClaremont04 Dec 1965-0
25KLEPPE, LachlanEast Fremantle18 May 1998Willeton JFC0
25KLEPPE, MitchellEast Fremantle05 Mar 1996Willetton JFC0
-KLUMPP, JohnPeel Thunder03 Mar 1983-0
-KLUVER , HaydenSubiaco18 Mar 1980-0
7KNIGHT, BrodeeSouth Fremantle26 Jul 1999Kardinya1
29KNIGHT, JacksonPeel Thunder21 Feb 2001Mandurah FC1
-KNIGHT, LukeClaremont15 Jul 2000Marist JFC1
-KNIGHTS, BenjaminSubiaco03 Feb 1978-0
-KNIGHTS, TravisSubiaco02 Sep 1975East Perth0
28KNOTT, KeeganWest Perth20 Jul 1992North Beach AFC2
-KNOX, FrederickUnions26 Mar 1868-0
-KNOX, RobertEast Fremantle25 May 1950-0
-KOCH, RussellEast Fremantle03 May 1957-0
38KOHLMANN, LeighSwan Districts13 Aug 1992Bunbury0
1KOMMER, NickEast Fremantle28 Sep 1990Scarborough10
-KONDAROVSKIS, JamesEast Fremantle26 Apr 1983Blackburn FC0
-KOOPS, StevenWest Perth24 Jul 1978-0
45KOVACEVICH, ToddPeel Thunder24 Jul 1988Kwinana JFC0
-KOWAL, DarrenClaremont18 Jun 1972Melbourne0
8KRAKOUER, AndrewWest Perth04 Feb 1983collingwood0
-KRAKOUER, AndrewSouth Fremantle09 Jul 1971-0
-KRAKOUER, JimClaremont13 Oct 1958-0
60KRAKOUER, LewisEast Fremantle20 Mar 1991Halls Head FC0
-KRAKOUER, NathanSouth Fremantle05 May 1988Mount Barker1
-KRAKOUER, PhilClaremont15 Jan 1960-0
-KRAKOUER, WilliamEast Fremantle08 Sep 1966-0
63KRAKOUER-LOO, Emmanuel East Perth24 Apr 1996Queens Park FC0
26KRAUSS, JoelClaremont01 Jul 2000Cottesloe JFC1
-KREIGER, JosephSwan Districts13 Dec 1986Sandringham0
36KREMER, KajWest Perth11 Feb 1998Quinns Rock1
-KREPP, GeorgeSwan Districts21 Jul 1912-0
5KRUEGER, JoshPerth27 Oct 1983Glenelg SANFL0
-KRUGER, CharlesEast Fremantle25 Feb 1905-0
-KRUMMEL, BrendanEast Fremantle24 Jun 1972-0
31KUEK, SebitEast Perth11 Nov 2000Ellenbrook JFC1
-KUHN, PascalEast Fremantle23 Mar 1987Rossmoyne0
-KUYER, BrodieSouth Fremantle16 Feb 1980-0
-KUZMICICH, DanielEast Fremantle27 Nov 1967-0
20KYANGA, AnthonyEast Perth19 Mar 1990Rovers0
62KYLE, JoshuaSouth Fremantle18 Mar 1994Kelmscott JFC0
-KYLE, PeterClaremont06 Mar 1930-0
37KYRIAKACIS, NickSubiaco04 Mar 1993West Coast JFC0
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