Please note that this is not a complete list of all WAFL players since 1885. Listed records are complete for all players since 1994 only, when electronic recording of statistics began. Before 1994 select players who won individual awards or honours are listed. Should you require information on any WAFL player not listed or can supply missing information for those listed, please contact the WAFL historian Greg Wardell-Johnson by e mail:

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# Name Club DOB Club From Points Active
38LA FONTAINE - ROBERTS, KaneEast Perth15 Jan 1999Augusta Margaret River FC1
42LACHLAN, JarradSouth Fremantle20 Sep 1997South Coogee JFC0
-LADHAMS, Joshua East Perth20 Jun 2001Southerners0
-LAFFIN, StanleyEast Fremantle26 Oct 1908-0
-LAGUE, MitchellPerth23 Jul 1993Busselton3
-LAING, BryceWest Perth29 Sep 2001Whitford JFC0
36LAKE, DwayneEast Fremantle28 Sep 1988Melville JFC0
40LAKE, DwayneEast Perth28 Sep 1988University0
-LAKE, JackSouth Fremantle25 Jan 2001South Coogee JFC0
33LALICH, JacobEast Perth16 Jan 1986Kalgoorlie City0
-LALICH, JuddEast Perth26 Dec 1975-0
-LALLY, KennethEast Fremantle03 Apr 1943-0
-LALLY, StevenEast Fremantle09 Dec 1964-0
-LAMB, ColinEast Fremantle22 Dec 1968-0
-LAMB, DwayneSubiaco20 Dec 1961-0
38LAMB, TomEast Perth19 Oct 1996Dandenong0
-LAMBERT, FrederickEast Fremantle10 Aug 1914-0
-LAMBERT, HenryEast Fremantle16 Feb 1913-0
36LAMBERT, JacquesEast Perth06 Sep 1999Dunsborough JFC0
37LAMBERT, JacquesEast Perth06 Sep 1999Dunsborough JFC0
-LAMBERTINI, MarkPerth28 Jan 1976-0
-LAMBOURN, MarkWest Perth24 May 1967-0
54LAMMIE, ConnorSwan Districts27 Aug 1993South Bunbury0
27LAMMIE, WesleySwan Districts26 Dec 1988South Bunbury0
41LAMONT, SamClaremont21 Dec 1993Royals Football Club0
-LANDGREN, BrodieSubiaco21 Feb 1994Palm Beach Currumbin0
37LANDGREN, TrentSubiaco21 Feb 1994Palm Beach Currumbin QLD0
-LANE, TysonSwan Districts25 Aug 1976Manunda AFL Cairns0
-LANG, DonaldEast Fremantle26 May 1942-0
8LANG, KadePerth08 Feb 1983Mazenod0
8LANGDON, EdPeel Thunder01 Feb 1996Sandringham0
59LANGDON, GuySwan Districts14 Mar 1993Dampier0
-LANGDON, KarlSubiaco28 Mar 1968-0
21LANGDON, ZacClaremont13 Nov 1995Dampier Sharks / GGS1
27LANGE, AdamSwan Districts12 Jan 1979Subiaco0
-LANGE, TichSubiaco01 Jun 1979-0
-LANGER, JonathonWest Perth18 Oct 1974-0
-LANGLANDS, JohnWest Perth17 Apr 1973-0
-LANGRIDGE, RowanEast Perth15 Jul 1980-0
29LAPTHORNE, MichaelSubiaco04 Jun 1999Kingsley JFC0
-LARCOMBE, JackWest Perth07 Feb 1925-0
-LARDI, BryanEast Fremantle07 Aug 1922-0
20LARKINS, JackPeel Thunder12 Apr 1999Mandurah Mustangs0
64LARKINS, LukePeel Thunder08 Mar 1997Mandurah Mustangs0
53LARKINS, MatthewPeel Thunder20 Apr 1992South Mandurah JFC0
19LARKINS, SamSubiaco08 Nov 1980Whitford JFC0
57LARMETT, EwanWest Perth04 Nov 1997Ocean Ridge JFC1
-LAROSA, BrodySouth Fremantle02 Mar 1995South Coogee JFC0
-LARSEN, ThomasEast FremantleN/A-0
-LARSON, LarsEast Perth07 Jan 1996-0
47LASSCOCK, ClaytonWest Perth26 Apr 1979Kingsley JFC0
-LASSCOCK, RyanWest Perth02 Feb 1977-0
10LATCH, BrentPerth09 Apr 1992Wesley Curtin/SDFC3
-LATHAM, ArthurEast Fremantle23 Jul 1926-0
39LATHAM, JoelSubiaco03 Apr 1992West Perth1
-LATHAM, RalphSwan Districts17 Oct 1924-0
-LATHWELL, TroyEast Fremantle19 Dec 1967-0
22LAURANCE, ElliotWest Perth14 Oct 1998Ballajura1
5LAURANCE, NelsonWest Perth16 Aug 1995Kingsway JFC0
51LAURENDI, JosephPeel Thunder05 Feb 1989Mandurah0
25LAURIE, JesseClaremont21 Sep 1990Denmark FC / PAFC1
-LAURIE, JohnEast Fremantle08 Aug 1905-0
-LAURIE, RaymondEast Fremantle29 Mar 1934-0
99LAURINO, JamesSouth Fremantle10 Mar 1993Katanning0
-LAURISSON, WilliamClaremont14 Apr 1997Derby0
-LAURITO, JohnSwan Districts19 Apr 1973-0
45LAVELL-LEE, JackEast Fremantle21 Feb 1993Attadale JFC0
38LAW, JordanClaremont25 Aug 1995Wembley Downs JFC1
20LAWFORD, CameronPeel Thunder15 Sep 1994Warnbro JFC0
14LAWLER, BraydenSwan Districts24 Jul 1994Carey Park0
7LAWLER, BraydenPeel Thunder24 Jul 1994Carey Park1
35LAWLER, LindsayPeel Thunder13 Mar 1992Southern Districts0
-LAWN, AlfredSouth Fremantle04 May 1904-0
-LAWN, JosephEast Fremantle31 Jan 1899-0
30LAWRENCE, BenjaminClaremont29 Sep 1993Swanbourne JFC0
-LAWRENCE, BrianEast Fremantle14 Dec 1936-0
-LAWRENCE, JohnEast Fremantle03 May 1971-0
8LAWRENCE, KelvinPerth14 Oct 1992Rockingham/Peel Thunder0
-LAWRENCE, MackenzieSubiaco26 Mar 1998Palmerston0
48LAWRENCE, McKenzieSubiaco26 Mar 1998Warwick-Greenwood JFC1
-LAWRENCE, RaymondPerth30 Jan 1941-0
-LAWRENCE, RonaldEast Fremantle13 Feb 1936-0
59LAWRENCE, SeanSubiaco18 Mar 1992Marist JFC0
49LAWRENCE, TomClaremont12 Feb 1998Wembley JFC1
-LAWSON, JosephSwan Districts03 Jun 1934-0
-LAWSON, RobertPeel Thunder17 Mar 1971-0
-LAWTON, Blake South Fremantle22 Nov 2001Jandakot Jets JFC0
16LE FANU, CharlesClaremont21 Dec 1993Subiaco FC5
-LE GUIER, MelvilleEast FremantleN/A-0
-LE PLASTRIER, JulianSwan Districts13 Mar 1978Wangaratta Rovers0
37LE ROY, AndrewPeel Thunder01 Mar 1986Waroona JFC0
54LEACH, DanielSubiaco24 Mar 1994Brigades1
35LEACH, JacksonClaremont07 Dec 1994Cable Beach0
-LEACH, QuentonSubiaco20 Aug 1972-0
30LEAHY, MatthewSubiaco22 Dec 1983Warwick Greenwood JFC0
20LECRAS, BrentWest Perth12 Oct 1981Cervantes0
3LECRAS, MarkEast Perth30 Aug 1986Cervantes0
-LECRAS, Peter East Fremantle01 Mar 1957-0
-LEDGER , BenjaminClaremont08 Dec 2001West Coast JFC0
68LEDGER, EvanClaremont28 Dec 1996Cottesloe0
24LEDGER, MatthewClaremont26 Jun 1996West Coast JFC / Scotch0
14LEDGER, ThomasClaremont17 Mar 1992Swanbourne / Scotch / STK1
-LEE, AlexEast Fremantle05 Apr 1984-0
63LEE, Blake South Fremantle17 Feb 1995Safety Bay Football Club0
-LEE, BrendanEast Perth24 Sep 1987Busselton0
44LEE, DamianEast Perth02 Mar 1994Busselton0
-LEE, HerbertEast Fremantle26 Feb 1905-0
-LEE, JamesSubiaco19 May 1992Carine JFC0
10LEE, JohnEast Fremantle16 Sep 1994Willetton JFC0
58LEE, JordanSwan Districts20 Oct 1993Kalamunda JFC0
-LEE, JoshuaEast Perth06 Jul 2001Vasse Royals FC0
-LEE, MickSubiaco24 Sep 1961-0
32LEE, NigelEast Perth10 Dec 1985Busselton SWFL0
60LEE, PhillipSwan Districts28 Feb 1994Swan Valley0
3LEE, ThomasClaremont02 Jan 1991Mosman Park / ADE / STK1
-LEE, TysonEast Perth10 Feb 1986-0
-LEE-STEERE, SelbyEast Fremantle09 Jun 1989Northampton0
47LEECE, MatthewSouth Fremantle28 May 1989Booragoon JFC0
19LEECH, RhysPerth27 Oct 1996Belmont JFC0
51LEEDER, JayEast Perth13 Aug 1981Cervantes CMCFL0
16LEESON, JoelWest Perth08 Aug 1991Dongara5
39LEESON, JordanPerth08 Dec 1994Goomalling0
-LEESON, PaulEast FremantleN/A-0
-LEESON, PeterEast Fremantle20 May 1963-0
-LEESON, PeterEast Fremantle01 Oct 1900-0
36LEGGETT, CodyPerth10 Jun 1996Attadale JFC1
36LEGGETT, LachlanEast Perth23 Nov 1994Southerners0
-LEHNER, TylerPerth01 Jan 2000Coolbinia JFC1
43LEISHMAN, DanielSubiaco15 Jul 1987North Beach0
-LEITHHEAD, MitchellWest Perth14 Jul 1983Ocean Ridge JFC0
-LEMON, FredEast FremantleN/A-0
-LENAGHAN, PaulPerth19 Oct 1969-0
64LENDICH, JonathonSwan Districts07 Oct 1992Swan Athletic0
36LENEGAN, MitchellClaremont31 Jul 1998North Albany FC1
-LENNON, KadeSubiaco28 Mar 2001Kingsway JFC0
37LENNOX, ThorEast Perth25 Feb 1999Carine JFC1
68LENZO, DanielEast Perth30 Nov 1996Coolbinia0
29LEO, BronsonClaremont02 Jun 1994Royals Football Club0
45LEONARD, ChrisPerth25 Oct 1997Chapman Valley FC1
-LEONARD, JohnSubiaco08 Jun 1903-0
-LEPIDI, DamianSwan Districts18 Nov 1977-0
40LEROY, AndrewPeel Thunder01 Mar 1986Calingiri FC0
10LESLIE, CallumEast Fremantle21 Jan 1989Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
-LESLIE, DanielPerth15 Oct 1982North Albury O&MFL0
-LESTER, JulianClaremont04 Nov 2001Claremont JFC0
-LESTER, StephenSubiaco29 Jun 1970-0
12LESTER-SMITH, DanielEast Fremantle30 Aug 1994Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
-LESTER-SMITH, NeilEast Fremantle16 Apr 1964-0
-LESTER-SMITH, RodEast Fremantle18 Jul 1959-0
18LESTER-SMITH, RyanEast Fremantle19 Jun 1992Willeton JFC1
-LETESSIER, RyanSwan Districts26 Oct 2001Mazenod JFC1
-LETHRIDGE, JamesEast Fremantle10 Oct 1909-0
-LETHRIDGE, JohnEast Fremantle21 Jan 1907-0
-LEUBA, PaulEast Perth04 Jun 1972-0
-LEUENBERGER, MatthewEast Perth07 Jun 1988Nth Innaloo JFC0
18LEUNIG, JoshuaSubiaco05 Nov 1999Carine JFC0
-LEUNIG, JoshuaSubiaco05 Nov 1998Carine JFC0
-LEUNIG, WilliamEast Fremantle08 Mar 1905-0
-LEUZZI, GuidoPerth05 Feb 1935-0
46LEVIEN, John Perth15 May 1998Kenwick1
-LEVIS, BraydenSwan Districts19 Mar 1995Karratha0
-LEVITZKE, BrentEast Fremantle28 Jan 1954-0
-LEVY, HeathSouth Fremantle24 Sep 1971-0
-LEWINGTON, CliveSouth Fremantle28 Feb 1920-0
-LEWINGTON, NeilSouth Fremantle29 Jul 1916-0
-LEWIS, ChrisClaremont16 Mar 1969-0
-LEWIS, FrederickEast Fremantle06 Feb 1947-0
16LEWIS, JakeEast Perth11 Sep 1996Ballajura0
-LEWIS, JakeClaremont06 Aug 2001Cottesloe JFC0
-LEWIS, JohnClaremont25 Jul 1949-0
-LEWIS, JustinSouth Fremantle26 Jan 1993Armadale0
63LEWIS, JustinSouth Fremantle26 Jan 1993Armadale0
53LEWIS, Mitchell Peel Thunder04 Aug 1997Warnbro Swans1
-LEWIS, PaulPerth06 May 1975-0
6LEWIS, SamuelEast Fremantle21 Nov 1998Kelmscott1
58LEWSEY, Jack Claremont07 Jan 1999Swanbourne JFC / CCGS1
-LEWSEY, TomClaremont15 Feb 2001Jack Lewsey0
13LEYENDEKKERS, MitchellPerth05 Oct 1992Harvey Brunswick Leschenault0
-LIAROS, LukeClaremont26 Sep 1997Marist0
50LIBRIZZI, MatthewEast Fremantle19 Aug 1993Railways0
-LIDDELL, MattPeel Thunder12 Mar 1983-0
13LIDDELOW, ConnorEast Fremantle16 Sep 1998Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
18LILL, CharlesSwan Districts31 Jan 1995Mt Lawley0
37LILL, HarrisonEast Perth21 Dec 1995Margaret River0
-LILLEY, JamesEast FremantleN/A-0
-LILLY, RohanPeel Thunder07 Feb 1985Riverton JFC0
42LIM, BrendonClaremont01 May 1994Hale / West Coast JFC0
6LIM, RyanClaremont20 Mar 1996West Coast JFC / Hale1
-LIMB, HerbertSubiaco19 Jun 1889-0
32LINDBERG, TylerSwan Districts07 Mar 1995Porth Hedland0
21LINDSAY, JarrydEast Fremantle27 Nov 1992Willeton JFC0
25LINDSAY, PaulEast Fremantle28 Feb 1976East Fremantle0
-LINDSAY, RSubiaco21 Dec 1922-0
29LINDSELL, LachlanSouth Fremantle16 Apr 1999Winnacott JFC1
-LINES, KadeClaremont23 Apr 2001Marist JFC0
79LINTHORNE, BrodyClaremont23 Oct 1998Royals FC1
89LINTHORNE, CoreyClaremont23 Oct 1998Royals FC1
-LINTHORNE, DanielEast Perth18 Oct 1993Ballajura JFC0
-LIPPIATT, DonaldEast Fremantle17 Apr 1926-0
57LITCHFIELD, HarleyPerth08 Jul 1994Juren Bay0
8LITHERLAND, AngusSubiaco12 Oct 1992Ongerup10
44LITHERLAND, JaxonSouth Fremantle13 Apr 1999Jandakot Jets1
8LITTLE, BlakePerth12 Jul 1999Thornlie JFC0
99LITTLE, CheyenneSwan Districts16 Oct 1996Queens Park JFC0
-LITTLE, JohnEast FremantleN/A-0
-LITTLE, MichaelEast Fremantle14 Sep 1967-0
11LITTLE, StefanEast Fremantle08 Apr 1998Kelmscott0
-LITTLE, WEast Fremantle30 Mar 1905-0
-LJUBIC, AntonySouth Fremantle23 Mar 1976-0
68LLOYD, RhettClaremont07 Aug 1998North Albany FC1
16LLOYD, TimothyPerth28 Jan 1993South Perth JFC0
-LOADER, JakeSubiaco19 May 1997Woodvale JFC0
21LOBB, RorySwan Districts09 Feb 1993Swan Athletic0
26LOCANTRO, JulianEast Fremantle15 Jul 1993Mt. Lawley JFC0
25LOCK, DamienPeel Thunder01 Oct 1978Eaglehawk0
-LOCKITT, SpiderEast Perth14 Mar 2001Mt Hawthorn JFC0
-LOCKWOOD, GeorgeEast Fremantle06 Dec 1872-0
-LOCKWOOD, WilliamEast Fremantle25 Jun 1871-0
12LOCKYER, AdamEast Fremantle21 Jan 1994East Fremantle JFC0
-LOCKYER, AllanSwan Districts20 Apr 1926-0
-LOCKYER, AndrewEast Fremantle07 Jul 1965-0
21LOCKYER, JordanSubiaco15 Jun 1993Joondalup Kinross JFC/Sydney Swans5
-LOCKYER, PaulEast Perth12 Sep 1913-0
-LOCKYER, RyanSouth Fremantle28 Mar 1984Wyalkatchem MFL0
99LOERSCH, CameronEast Fremantle20 Oct 1995South Mandurah JFC10
59LOFFLEY, DenimPeel Thunder08 Mar 1996Beacon FC1
65LOFFLEY, PaulPeel Thunder08 Mar 1996Beacon FC0
52LOFTHOUSE, BrettSubiaco21 Jan 1993Harvey Bulls FC0
-LOFTS, JaredPerth16 Aug 1973-0
-LOGAN, AdamWest Perth14 Jan 1983-0
3LOGAN, AshbyEast Perth27 Jan 1998Ellenbrook JFC0
-LOGAN, BrendonWest Perth17 Dec 1975Lynwood Ferndale JFC0
-LOGAN, IanWest Perth14 Jan 1951-0
-LOGAN, RhysPerth26 Apr 1994Lynwood Ferndale0
24LOGUE, GriffinPeel Thunder13 Apr 1998Guildford Gramma0
-LOHDE, KarlSwan Districts31 Jan 1982Dimboola WimmeraFL0
-LOHMAN, JohnEast Fremantle27 Nov 1944-0
-LOK, WilliamSwan Districts07 Jul 1983Eastern Hills JFC0
99LOMBARDI, JaxonWest Perth30 Dec 1999Merredin JFC1
-LOMBARDI, SilvioSwan DistrictsN/A-0
-LONDON, KeithWest Perth27 Oct 1932-0
-LONG, AlbertEast FremantleN/A-0
-LONG, JordanSwan Districts07 Feb 2000Upper Swan JFC1
-LONG, LucasClaremont28 Feb 1997Halls Creek Hawks0
-LONG, MaythanClaremont18 Jul 1995Kururrungku Roos0
45LONGBOTTOM, MarkEast Perth28 May 1994Kukerin Dumbleyung1
-LONGMUIR, JustinWest Perth21 Jan 1981Koorda EDFL0
8LONGMUIR, TroyWest Perth25 May 1979Koorda0
-LONGTHORN, JordanWest Perth07 Jul 1994Mt Lawley0
69LONGTHORN, LewisClaremont17 Feb 1991Whitford AFC0
38LOO, DylanPerth24 Jun 1995Victoria Park JFC0
-LOO, Emmanuel East Perth24 Apr 1996Queens Park FC0
55LOO, JoshuaEast Perth13 Feb 1996Belmont1
-LOPRESTI, JasonEast Perth24 Aug 1995Coolbinia JFC 0
17LORD, TysonWest Perth24 Feb 1985Cervantes CMCFL0
-LORD, WilliamEast FremantleN/A-0
-LOUGHRIDGE, JohnWest Perth14 Feb 1923-0
8LOUREY, MichaelWest Perth06 Oct 1989Frankston5
-LOUTHEAN, DonaldEast Fremantle20 Apr 1914-0
55LOUTHEAN, JakeSouth Fremantle03 Apr 1993Melville0
-LOVE, WilliamPerth28 Apr 1899-0
-LOVEGROVE, EdwinClaremont29 Nov 1907-0
67LOVEGROVE, Jimi-JamesSwan Districts10 Apr 1990Carlisle0
-LOVELL, AnthonyPeel Thunder28 Jul 1970-0
-LOVELL, ChrisEast Perth02 Mar 1974-0
-LOVETT, AndrewEast Perth11 Nov 1982St Kilda0
-LOVING, ScottEast Perth27 Nov 1973-0
-LOWE, RoyEast Fremantle24 Jun 1889-0
66LOWER, NickPerth23 Jun 1987Norwood0
-LOWNDES, MatthewSubiaco06 Dec 2001Kingsley JFC0
-LOWNDES, MatthewSubiaco06 Dec 2001Kingsley JFC0
17LOWNDES, ThomasSubiaco17 Jan 1997North Beach AFC0
-LOWRIE, SamualSouth Fremantle22 Jul 1994Winnacott JFC0
-LOWRY, RobertSwan Districts10 Apr 1905-0
-LOXLEY, KaneClaremont05 Jan 1984West Coast JFC0
37LUCANUS, AntonSwan Districts03 Jun 1994Bassendean JFC0
-LUCAS, DavidSubiaco24 Jan 1973COROWA-RUTHERGLEN FC0
39LUCAS, KaneEast Fremantle26 Jun 1991Winnacott Kats1
48LUCEV, leeSouth Fremantle14 Sep 1993Kojonup0
99LUCKENS, LachlanSouth Fremantle31 Jul 1996Roleystone JFC0
60LUCKMAN, BrentClaremont27 Jul 1992West Coast JFC0
39LUCKMAN, JakeClaremont03 Feb 1994West Coast JFC0
-LUERS, David Perth06 Aug 2000South Perth JFC0
40LUFF, ChristopherSouth Fremantle07 Jan 1991Halls Head JFC3
-LUKO, AliyudEast Perth21 Jul 2001Ellenbrook JFC0
-LUNDGREN, CharlesEast Fremantle12 Nov 1920-0
-LUSHEY, PeterClaremont03 Dec 1930-0
11LUTTRELL, BrentonPerth18 Jan 1984Lynwood Ferndale JFC0
9LUZI, KaiSwan Districts09 Oct 1999Bunbury FC1
19LYCETT, ScottEast Perth26 Sep 1992Port Adelaide0
-LYDON, WEast Fremantle29 May 1884-0
-LYLE, BraydenEast Perth06 Mar 1973-0
40LYNCH, AidanWest Perth27 Sep 1994Edgewater Woodvale JFC1
-LYNCH, BradleyPeel Thunder11 Jul 1997Mandurah JFC0
99LYNCH, BradleySwan Districts11 Jul 1997Mandurah Mustangs0
23LYNCH, ConalWest Perth10 Sep 1997Edgewater Woodvale JFC1
-LYNCH, DamianEast Perth23 Apr 1981-0
44LYNCH, QuintenWest Perth24 Jan 1983Koorda0
46LYNCH, SeanPerth30 Jan 1994Kelmscott 0
87LYNCH, TrumanClaremont11 Feb 1999Cable Beach FC1
-LYNN, BarryEast FremantleN/A-0
-LYNN, HaydenSouth Fremantle11 Apr 1995Baldivis0
-LYNN, TobyPerth27 Mar 2001Manning JFC0
62LYNN, ZacharyClaremont24 Aug 1997Old Scotch Collegians0
-LYON, LeoEast Fremantle17 Nov 1912-0
29LYONS, JacksonEast Fremantle24 Apr 1993East Fremantle JFC0
-LYONS, JacksonSouth Fremantle24 Apr 1993Melville0
-LYONS, MervynWest PerthN/A-0
10LYSTER, TimEast Perth16 Jan 1980Manjimup Tigers LSWFL0
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