Please note that this is not a complete list of all WAFL players since 1885. Listed records are complete for all players since 1994 only, when electronic recording of statistics began. Before 1994 select players who won individual awards or honours are listed. Should you require information on any WAFL player not listed or can supply missing information for those listed, please contact the WAFL historian Greg Wardell-Johnson by e mail:

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# Name Club DOB Club From Points Active
28MACARTHUR, StevenPerth16 Feb 1993High Wycombe0
22MACAULAY, DanielSwan Districts22 Apr 1988Wagin0
33MACAULAY, RobertEast Perth06 Aug 1992Bayswater Morley JFC0
99MACBEAN, JamesSouth Fremantle02 Aug 1989Kingsway AFC0
-MACDONALD, BrendanSubiaco02 Mar 1972-0
-MACDONALD, ConnorSouth Fremantle24 Oct 1994Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
-MACDONALD, DarrenSubiaco24 Jan 1973-0
28MACDOUGALL, FraserEast Fremantle02 May 1991Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
-MACERI, Nicholas Claremont17 Sep 1999North Beach JFC1
-MACGREGOR, RobertSwan Districts10 Nov 1978-0
-MACGREGOR, RobertEast Fremantle10 Nov 1978-0
-MACKAY, PeterSubiaco23 Jun 1905-0
59MACKAY, WilliamSouth Fremantle07 Aug 1986Canning Vic Park0
39MACKENZIE, CallumClaremont05 Mar 1999Swanbourne JFC0
41MACKENZIE, EricEast Perth19 May 1988Claremont JFC0
14MACKENZIE, MitchellSwan Districts07 Oct 1995Railways1
9MACKENZIE, RyanEast Perth04 Nov 1981Corowa / Rutherglen0
-MACKENZIE, ScottClaremont12 Jul 1980-0
-MACLEAN, CraigEast Fremantle19 Aug 1971-0
-MACNISH, AndrewSubiaco11 Sep 1965-0
37MACPHERSON, AndrewEast Fremantle29 May 1987Rossmoyne JFC0
-MACPHERSON, LeslieEast Fremantle10 Jan 1926-0
13MACSHANE, JobeEast Perth07 Dec 1994Busselton1
-MACTAGGART, KirwanPerth08 Aug 2001Northam Saints0
-MADAFFARI, PaddyWest Perth18 Feb 1966-0
-MADDAFORD, JohnEast Fremantle22 Mar 1905-0
39MADDOCK, LukeClaremont22 Jan 1996Werribee Tigers5
-MADIGAN, GregoryEast Fremantle24 Jan 1970-0
-MADIH, HenricoPeel Thunder14 Jul 1997Mandurah FC1
27MADUT, DavidSubiaco01 Oct 1993Kingsway AFC1
-MAFFINA, GordonClaremont10 Jan 1926-0
-MAGEE, StuartEast Fremantle13 Oct 1943-0
8MAGINNESS, WilliamEast Perth13 Jan 1995Oakleigh Chargers10
-MAGRO, StanleyPerth28 Jul 1954-0
5MAGUANG, DengSouth Fremantle12 Feb 1998Armadale0
-MAGUIRE, ChristopherPerth26 Oct 1974Aramadale0
32MAGUIRE, EthanSwan Districts04 Jun 1996Bunbury1
-MAGUIRE-DIAMOND, LouisPerth24 Jul 2001Redcliffe JFC0
-MAHER, DanielPerth12 Jul 1981Benalla0
5MAHER, HaydnSubiaco26 Feb 1993Kalgoorlie0
-MAHER, KelvinPeel Thunder03 May 1976-0
-MAHER, PaulPerth11 Jun 1976Kenwick0
46MAHER, RhonenSubiaco13 Dec 1988Towns0
-MAHIA, ElijahClaremont25 Feb 2002Scarborough JFC1
14MAHONEY, BrettSubiaco05 Mar 1990Mansfield0
-MAHONEY, WarrenPerth13 Apr 1970-0
11MAIN, BenjaminWest Perth27 Oct 1993Narembeen0
21MAIN, DylanSouth Fremantle02 Sep 1995South Coogee JFC1
-MAINSTONE, JaymiClaremont17 Jul 1998Scarborough JFC0
-MAINWARING, ChrisEast Fremantle27 Dec 1965-0
-MAINWARING, ZacClaremont16 Sep 2001Cottesloe JFC0
23MAIORANA, JesseSouth Fremantle20 Sep 1990East Fremantle JFC0
-MAISEY, KimEast Fremantle23 Jan 1959-0
42MAISTER, BeauClaremont20 Mar 1986Railways / WCE / STK1
-MAJOR, PeterEast Fremantle28 Mar 1985Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
-MAKANI, ManaseSwan Districts31 Jul 2002Redcliffe JFC1
-MALARKEY, GaryEast Perth23 May 1953-0
-MALAXOS, StephenEast Fremantle19 Jun 1961-0
11MALDENIS, RyanEast Perth26 Jan 1992Kingsley JFC0
-MALLAND, JarrodEast Perth24 Mar 1973-0
-MALLARD , MichaelWest Perth15 Jan 2002Wanneroo JFC1
-MALLARD, ShanePerth25 May 1979-0
-MALLIS, SpiroEast Perth30 Jun 1973-0
-MALLY, RyanPerth07 Nov 2001York FC1
-MALONE, CharlieClaremont11 Jun 2000Scarborough JFC1
-MALONE, DanielEast Fremantle26 Dec 1950-0
-MALONE, MickSubiaco09 Oct 1950-0
-MALONE, RobertWest Perth04 May 1970-0
62MALONE, XavierClaremont28 Mar 1994Marist JFC / Trinity0
-MALONEY, RichardSubiaco03 May 1975-0
5MALSEED, TimothySouth Fremantle26 Jun 1980Hawthorn0
-MANCUVENI, NoelPerth27 Apr 2001Queens Park FC0
-MANCZAK, BradleyPeel Thunder09 Feb 1981-0
-MANERA, JackSubiaco06 Jun 1995Warwick Greenwood0
-MANN, DonEast Fremantle29 Jul 1921-0
-MANN, FrederickEast Fremantle11 Jun 1911-0
-MANN, FrederickEast Fremantle25 Oct 1878-0
-MANN, GordonEast Fremantle08 Apr 1913-0
-MANN, HassaSouth Fremantle10 Oct 1940-0
27MANN, LukeSubiaco05 Feb 1999Kingsley JFC0
-MANN, PeterSouth Fremantle07 Sep 1970-0
-MANN, RobertEast Fremantle12 Apr 1905-0
57MANNERS, TroyWest Perth01 Jul 1996Whitford JFC0
47MANNING, KodyWest Perth28 Sep 1991Ocean Ridge JFC1
-MANNING, PeterSwan Districts17 May 1946-0
-MANNING, ZackerySwan Districts31 Dec 1999-0
99MANNION, JamesEast Perth02 Aug 2002Mt Lawley Inglewood JFC1
36MANSFIELD, StephenEast Perth04 Apr 1991Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
25MANSON, WaylenClaremont24 Apr 1993Kururrungku0
46MANT, MattWest Perth28 Jun 1993Edgewater Woodvale JFC0
99MANTON, JesseSwan Districts08 Oct 1993Kalamunda JFC1
1MANTON, RoderickSwan Districts23 Oct 1989Kalamunda JFC1
27MANUEL, AlexanderClaremont19 Aug 1995Collegians / Scotch1
99MANUEL, BraydenPerth31 Jan 1996Calingiri FC0
18MANUEL, CameronPerth04 Nov 1989Swan Athletic0
-MANUEL, RoyEast FremantleN/A-0
9MANZONE, TrentWest Perth27 Jul 1991Aspley3
21MAPLESTON, DavidSubiaco10 Aug 1981East Lake AFL ACT0
67MARINELLI, DylanEast Fremantle08 Dec 1992East Fremantle JFC0
33MARINGONI, RileySwan Districts06 Jan 2000Upper Swan JFC1
-MARINKO, DonaldWest Perth27 Aug 1907-0
32MARINONI, MatthewEast Perth10 Apr 1996Kojonup0
40MARINOVICH, DavidEast Perth20 Nov 1987West Coast0
57MARINOVICH, JakeSubiaco02 Aug 1996Sorrento-Duncraig JFC0
59MARINOVICH, NicholasWest Perth17 Jun 1998Whitford JFC1
20MARIOT, MichaelSouth Fremantle18 May 1994Cockburn JFC0
18MARIS, ConnorWest Perth14 Apr 1994Quinns District JFC0
50MARK, PeterClaremont03 Apr 1992Collegians0
99MARLEE, Joshua West Perth05 Aug 1999Whitford JFC1
-MARLEY, AaronEast Perth12 Feb 1975-0
-MARLEY, BlairEast Fremantle14 Jan 2001Booragoon JFC1
44MARLIN, LennonPerth21 Dec 1995Victoria Park JFC1
20MARMION, BenWest Perth28 May 1998Whitfords JFC0
99MARMO, Tristan South Fremantle12 Jan 1988North Fremantle0
-MARONI, EricEast Perth07 Dec 1969-0
-MARR, MurtonEast Fremantle25 Dec 1920-0
53MARRIOTT, BaileyWest Perth22 Dec 1998Noranda JFC1
23MARRIOTT, Dylan South Fremantle17 Jan 2000Jandakot Jets0
-MARSH, BarryPeel Thunder11 Nov 1974-0
-MARSH, BarryEast Fremantle03 Jan 1955-0
-MARSH, FrederickEast Fremantle26 Dec 1988East Fremantle0
9MARSH, HarrisonEast Fremantle13 Jan 1994Margaret River0
10MARSH, JonathonEast Fremantle17 Oct 1995Augusta Margaret River1
-MARSH, KaineEast Perth29 Jul 1977Donnybrook SWFL0
-MARSH, MitchelSouth Fremantle20 Oct 1991Attadale JFC0
25MARSH, NickSubiaco30 Jan 1997Carine0
-MARSH, StephenSouth Fremantle12 Sep 1924-0
-MARSHALL, ArthurEast Fremantle08 May 1934-0
-MARSHALL, BrendanSubiaco03 Jan 1977-0
-MARSHALL, BruceEast Fremantle06 Nov 1961-0
53MARSHALL, CallumPerth06 Oct 1994Mundijong1
-MARSHALL, DenistonClaremont17 Oct 1940-0
17MARSHALL, JordanSubiaco28 Jul 1995Canning Vale0
14MARSHALL, JoshuaEast Perth17 Jul 2000Mt Lawley JFC1
-MARSHALL, KenSubiaco14 Aug 1960-0
-MARSHALL, NeilClaremont06 Jul 1977CLAREMONT0
31MARSHALL, ThomasEast Fremantle19 Dec 1997East Fremantle1
-MARTIENSON, DesmondEast Fremantle28 Nov 1930-0
-MARTIENSON, ErnestEast Fremantle02 Dec 1908-0
-MARTIN, AlbertEast Fremantle14 May 1927-0
64MARTIN, ChristianSubiaco02 May 1999Carine1
18MARTIN, CurtisEast Perth19 Apr 1989Carine JFC0
62MARTIN, HadenPerth05 Aug 1982West Coast0
11MARTIN, JackClaremont29 Jan 1995Towns / Broome0
20MARTIN, JaygarSwan Districts12 Mar 2000Forrestfield JFC1
-MARTIN, JyeSwan Districts26 Mar 2002Bassendean JFC1
57MARTIN, KyleEast Perth25 Dec 1983North Beach WAAFL0
-MARTIN, LeighSouth Fremantle09 May 1984-0
8MARTIN, LiamWest Perth19 Jan 2001Ocean Ridge JFC1
29MARTIN, LiamEast Perth21 Jul 2000Mt Lawley Inglewood JFC1
22MARTIN, LindsayPerth14 Oct 1998Kenwick AFC1
-MARTIN, MichaelSwan Districts31 May 1976-0
-MARTIN, NeilSwan Districts14 Mar 1988Federals0
-MARTIN, NicholasSubiaco03 Apr 2001Noranda JFC0
-MARTIN, RickClaremont24 Jan 1976-0
25MARTIN, StephenSubiaco25 Aug 1988Whitford JFC0
-MARTIN, TimothyEast Perth13 Jan 1989Port Melbourne0
17MARTIN, TrentEast Perth07 Jun 1985Carine JFC0
-MARTIN, TysonPeel Thunder08 Sep 1989Casltemaine0
-MARTIN, WallySubiaco26 Nov 1940-0
99MARTINEZ, JacobSouth Fremantle10 Sep 1992South Coogee JFC0
20MARTINIS, LachlanClaremont06 Jul 1996Wembley AFC1
5MARTINO , JacksonSubiaco04 Jan 2001Warwick Greenwood JFC1
-MARTINSON, JohnEast Fremantle18 Apr 1945-0
20MARUSIC, ShaunWest Perth24 Mar 1992Frankston0
48MARWICK, CoenClaremont28 Mar 1996Railways0
36MARWOOD, LukeWest Perth29 May 1993Joondalup Kinross JFC0
29MASCOULIS, MichaelWest Perth27 Jan 1993Northern Knights0
-MASKIELL, WalterEast Fremantle19 Jan 1926-0
33MASKOS, JasonSouth Fremantle03 Mar 1993South Coogee JFC1
43MASON, AarronPerth17 Feb 1999Kelmscott FC0
-MASON, AttenEast Fremantle11 Jan 2001Brigades JFC0
64MASON, JarredPerth05 Mar 1997High Wycombe0
1MASON, Jesse South Fremantle15 Nov 1999Kelmscott1
-MASON, MelvilleEast Fremantle08 Apr 1941-0
12MASON, RhettPeel Thunder30 Mar 1991Waroona JFC0
-MASON , RobertEast Fremantle25 Jan 1926-0
35MASTEN, ChrisEast Perth02 May 1989Rossmoyne JFC0
33MATERA, BaileySubiaco22 Aug 1996Bullcreek Leeming JFC2
-MATERA, BrandonPeel Thunder11 Mar 1992South Fremantle0
99MATERA, Jordan South Fremantle11 Apr 1997Sandringham Dragons0
99MATERA, KaidenSouth Fremantle09 Jun 1994Melville JFC0
-MATERA, PeterSouth Fremantle03 Apr 1969-0
-MATERA, PhillipSouth Fremantle27 Nov 1975-0
-MATERA, WallySouth Fremantle09 Sep 1963-0
66MATHANDA, SheaEast Perth06 Apr 1990Ports0
36MATHER, MarcPerth29 Mar 1995South Perth JFC0
29MATHER, MichaelPerth13 May 1990Trinity College0
11MATHERS, JoshuaPeel Thunder27 Apr 1993Warnbro JFC1
-MATHESON, ScottSubiaco18 Aug 1978Burnie0
30MATHRANG, SandiEast Perth18 Nov 2000Ellenbrook JFC1
-MATSON, AdamSwan Districts18 Feb 1973-0
-MATSON, PhillipEast Perth20 Oct 1884-0
-MATSON, TomClaremont06 Mar 1982Christchurch Grammar0
99MATTHEW, ShorterSwan Districts15 Jan 1996Chittering0
10MATTHEWS, HaydnPeel Thunder07 May 1997Rockingham JFC1
47MATTHEWS, JasonSouth Fremantle27 Jan 1984Cockburn JFC0
21MATTHEWS, OskarSwan Districts26 Oct 1998Hills Rangers FC1
-MATTHEWS, PercivalEast Fremantle21 Aug 1887-0
-MATTHEWS, RichardClaremont23 Jul 1922-0
-MATTHEWS, StevenEast Fremantle10 May 1961-0
-MATTHEWS-HERRALD, BenSwan Districts18 Feb 1980Port Melbourne VFL0
99MAURICIO, RyanSouth Fremantle30 May 1991South Coogee JFC0
-MAVOR, GeorgeEast Fremantle13 Jul 1935-0
13MAXWELL, CurtisEast Perth24 Aug 1999Noranda JFC1
-MAXWELL, FrankEast Fremantle04 Jul 1918-0
11MAXWELL, JackWest Perth02 May 1995Joondalup Kinross JFC0
28MAXWELL, ReeceClaremont11 Aug 1990Kingsley JFC0
20MAY, JoshuaPerth16 Nov 1992Wesley Curtin0
3MAY, KadeEast Perth30 Apr 1998Mt Lawley AFC0
85MAY, KainePeel Thunder27 Sep 1996Warnbro0
-MAY, KieranPeel Thunder14 Aug 1995Pinjarra JFC1
-MAY, RileyEast Perth18 Apr 2003Noranda JFC1
49MAYNE, ChristopherPeel Thunder02 Nov 1988Belmont JFC0
10MAYO, JackSubiaco22 Jul 1999Carine1
-MAZUREK, PaulEast Perth24 Jan 1970-0
-MAZUREK, TimothySouth Fremantle04 Oct 1973-0
-MAZZUCHELLI, BrianEast Fremantle13 Jan 1959-0
-MAZZUCHELLI, KevinEast Fremantle20 Feb 1951-0
29MCADAM, QuinnClaremont25 Sep 1998Mt Hawthorn JFC1
98MCADAM, ShaneClaremont28 May 1995Halls Creek / Hale 1
24MCALISTER, RhysSubiaco13 Sep 1995Kingsway JFC0
-MCALLAN, FrankEast Perth10 Dec 1911-0
61MCALLISTER, JordanClaremont28 Mar 1991Gibson0
-MCALPINE, LoganClaremont21 Feb 1998Claremont JFC0
50MCASKIL, JoshuaPeel Thunder27 Feb 1995Brigades0
-MCATEE, WilliamEast Fremantle11 Apr 1943-0
36MCAULEY, JackPerth23 Feb 2000Dongara JFC1
-MCAULLAY, EthanSubiaco23 Feb 2001Warwick Greenwood JFC0
-MCAULLAY, KennethEast Perth29 Sep 1949-0
-MCBRIDE, BrendanPerth25 May 1984Carine JFC0
31MCBRIDE, ConnorPerth31 May 1997Toodyay0
-MCBRIDE , Tod Swan Districts28 Apr 1995La Salle College 0
-MCCAFFERY, JackPerth26 Nov 2001Huntingdale JFC0
-MCCAFFREY, PeterEast Fremantle14 Nov 1949-0
37MCCAGH, DuaneSwan Districts18 Mar 1984Bassendean JFC0
21MCCAGH, ScottSwan Districts21 Jun 1996Swan Valley0
31MCCAGH, ScottSwan Districts21 Jun 1996Swan valley0
-MCCALL, IanEast Fremantle06 Mar 1926-0
-MCCALLUM, GlennWest Perth10 Apr 1973-0
11MCCARREY, AndrewSouth Fremantle28 Dec 1982Applecross JFC0
38MCCARREY, ZacEast Fremantle10 Aug 1993Applecross JFC1
22MCCARTHY, CameronPeel Thunder01 Apr 1995South Coogee JFC0
-MCCARTHY, JohnEast Fremantle01 Jan 1894-0
-MCCARTNEY, AnthonyPerth08 Mar 1979Frankston0
30MCCASHNEY, CohenEast Perth08 Aug 1998Augusta Margaret River FC1
-MCCLELLAND, OwenPerth19 Sep 2000Kellerberrin/Tammin0
-MCCLEMENTS, SamuelClaremont12 May 1922-0
42MCCLINTOCK, EoinWest Perth12 Jun 1984Wanneroo JFC0
39MCCLURKIN, JordanSubiaco01 Oct 1998Carine JFC1
-MCCOLGAN, GeorgeClaremont30 Jul 1997North Beach JFC0
64MCCOMB, DanielSouth Fremantle23 Mar 1993Melville JFC0
99MCCOMB, JoelSouth Fremantle25 Mar 1997Kardinya JFC1
-MCCONNELL, DanielWest Perth21 Jun 1986Noth Melbourne0
-MCCONNON, AnthonyWest Perth16 May 1969-0
-MCCORKELL, JarrodPerth03 Mar 1984North Ballarat0
-MCCORMACK, CharlieEast Fremantle10 Feb 2001East Fremantle JFC0
-MCCORMACK, SimonEast Fremantle02 Nov 1972-0
-MCCORRY, CalvinEast Fremantle16 Jan 1950-0
37MCCRACKEN, HarrisonClaremont07 Jul 1995Marist JFC / Hale1
-MCCREANOR, AlexanderSouth Fremantle29 Nov 2002Jandakot Jets JFC1
-MCCREANOR, CameronSouth Fremantle19 Jan 2001Jandakot Jets JFC0
13MCCRORY, LukeSubiaco28 Apr 1994Stirling0
23MCCULLOCH, ClayEast Perth15 Jan 1997Mt Lawley-Inglewood0
-MCCULLOCH, GrahamEast Fremantle04 Mar 1929-0
-MCCULLOCH, TomPeel Thunder31 May 1989South Mandurah0
-MCDIARMID, JohnWest Perth03 Oct 1903-0
32MCDIARMID, WyvernSubiaco13 May 1999Redcliffe Eagles0
41MCDONALD, AlanPeel Thunder17 May 1982Warnbro0
33MCDONALD, BradleyPerth26 Aug 1984Thornlie JFC0
31MCDONALD, BradleySubiaco24 Jun 1988Penguin0
-MCDONALD, BryceSubiaco19 Aug 2002Gibson FC1
-MCDONALD, DeanSwan Districts19 Dec 1981Wanneroo Kingsway SFL0
-MCDONALD, GarySwan Districts03 Mar 1953-0
-MCDONALD, IanEast Fremantle02 May 1947-0
-MCDONALD, IsaacPerth29 May 2000Merridan FC1
-MCDONALD, JesseClaremont22 Sep 2001Cottesloe JFC0
-MCDONALD, JohnClaremont05 Mar 1974-0
-MCDONALD, JohnEast Fremantle03 Apr 1905-0
-MCDONALD, JordanPerth29 May 2000Merridan FC1
-MCDONALD, LeightonPerth31 Mar 1989Kenwick JFC0
-MCDONALD, LoganPerth04 Apr 2002Coorow Latham1
33MCDONALD, OliverSwan Districts02 Nov 1994Swan Valley0
-MCDONALD, ScottSubiacoN/A-0
12MCDONALD, SeanEast Fremantle16 Oct 1993Willetton JFC0
26MCDONNELL, RowenSubiaco29 Jul 1986Kingsley0
-MCDONNELL, ScottSubiaco03 Oct 1973-0
21MCDOUGALL, AndrewSubiaco29 Jun 1983Wesley College0
-MCDOUGALL, BradSubiaco11 Jan 1967-0
-MCDOUGALL, JackSwan Districts22 Jan 1996South Bunbury0
64MCEWAN, TysonEast Fremantle19 Feb 1996Towns0
-MCFARLAND, RhysPerth02 Oct 1984Wickepin0
14MCFARLANE, DevinPerth04 Sep 1992South Mandurah JFC7
-MCFARLANE, HamishPerth08 Mar 2001York FC1
-MCFARLANE, SamSubiaco05 Dec 1975-0
-MCFAULL, BrendonEast Fremantle08 May 1957-0
-MCGAHY, JackWest Perth03 Jul 2002Quinns Districts JFC1
-MCGENNISKEN, PeterPeel Thunder25 Jan 1985Rockingham0
-MCGILL, KevinEast Perth27 Jul 1937-0
26MCGILLIVRAY, BenjaminSwan Districts28 Apr 1992Moora1
45MCGILLIVRAY, SamPerth25 Mar 1996Moora FC0
-MCGINLAY, DanielPerth31 Jan 1984Toodyay MFL0
5MCGINNITY, PatrickEast Perth18 Feb 1989Marist JFC1
1MCGINTY, EdwardClaremont03 Aug 1994Halls Creek0
70MCGIVERN, CallumSwan Districts20 Jan 1994Ellenbrook JFC0
42MCGLINN, BaileyClaremont26 May 2000Lake Grace/ Pingrup FC1
-MCGLINN, DavidEast Fremantle17 Apr 1909-0
1MCGOUGH, MarkEast Fremantle22 Jun 1984Montmorency0
-MCGOVERN, AndrewClaremont07 Apr 1968-0
18MCGOVERN, JeremyEast Perth15 Apr 1992North Albany0
32MCGOVERN, Mitchell Claremont11 Oct 1994North Albany Football Club1
20MCGOWAN, BradleyPeel Thunder25 Jul 1995Warnbro JFC1
-MCGOWAN, ShaneSubiaco19 Feb 1976-0
-MCGRATH, AshleySouth Fremantle20 May 1983Brisbane Lions0
-MCGRATH, BrianEast Fremantle09 Sep 1927-0
-MCGRATH, CorySouth Fremantle04 Feb 1979Katanning0
-MCGRATH, CraigPerth09 Oct 1963-0
29MCGRATH, JackEast Fremantle17 Jan 1999Palmrya1
-MCGRATH, JackEast Fremantle17 Jan 1999Palmyra JFC0
-MCGRATH, Lachlan East Fremantle18 Oct 2001East Fremantle JFC0
49MCGRATH, MatthewEast Perth19 Apr 1990Ballajura JFC0
-MCGRATH, ThomasEast Fremantle15 Aug 2002Attadale JFC1
39MCGRATH, TobySouth Fremantle11 Oct 1980Katanning0
-MCGREGOR, BradleyEast Fremantle21 Feb 1963-0
-MCGUINESS, CharlesEast Fremantle12 Mar 1905-0
44MCGUINESS, RoyPerth26 Jun 1998Dongara0
99MCGUINNESS, CallumSouth Fremantle29 May 1997Jandakot JFC0
-MCGUINNESS, SeanPeel Thunder03 Jun 1974-0
25MCGUIRE, BenEast Perth18 Sep 1999Bassendean JFC1
7MCGUIRE, ChristopherEast Perth18 Feb 1994Ellenbrook JFC0
22MCGUIRE, CoreyPerth29 Sep 1993Railways0
100MCGUIRE, JamesSouth Fremantle01 Dec 1996Attadale JFC0
22MCGUIRE, LiamEast Fremantle26 Jul 1986Bunbury0
-MCGUIRE, M OR WEast FremantleN/A-0
-MCGUIRE, ReubanEast FremantleN/AWilleton JFC0
-MCGURGAN, BernardPeel Thunder27 May 1975-0
60MCHENRY, AndrewEast Perth03 Nov 1991Kelmscott0
-MCHENRY, RussellEast Fremantle21 Apr 1950-0
-MCILDUFF, SolSubiaco28 Jul 2001Sorrento-Duncraig JFC0
22MCINNES, FraserEast Perth19 Jul 1993South Perth JFC0
99MCINNES, HarryPerth21 Jun 1995South Perth JFC1
7MCINTOSH, AdamSouth Fremantle12 Jan 1990Bibra Lake JFC1
-MCINTOSH, AshleyClaremont20 Oct 1972-0
-MCINTOSH, GlennPerth17 Jan 1980-0
-MCINTOSH, JackSubiaco08 Feb 2001North Beach JFC0
-MCINTOSH, JohnClaremont01 Nov 1943-0
32MCINTOSH, KamdynPeel Thunder03 Apr 1994Pinjarra JFC0
-MCINTOSH, MervynPerth25 Nov 1922-0
-MCINTOSH, NathanSubiaco11 Oct 1968-0
-MCINTOSH, WilliamEast Fremantle03 Dec 1926-0
-MCINTYRE, WilliamEast Fremantle18 Feb 1905-0
30MCKAY, AngusSouth Fremantle15 Sep 2000Katanning1
43MCKAY, DavidSwan Districts19 Feb 1993South Bunbury1
-MCKAY, JoelSubiaco16 Jul 1979-0
-MCKAY, JosephSouth Fremantle10 Aug 1955-0
-MCKAY, LachlanClaremont30 Jul 2001Wembley Downs JFC1
-MCKEEMAN, ThomasPeel Thunder18 Jun 2001Baldivis JFC0
19MCKEICH, DylanEast Perth17 Nov 1997Ballajura0
35MCKENDRY, HamishWest Perth10 Apr 1996Joondalup Kinross JFC0
-MCKENNA, BarryEast Perth23 Sep 1934-0
23MCKENNA, CalebSubiaco29 Sep 2000Kingsway JFC1
-MCKENNA, DustynPerth23 Oct 1972-0
-MCKENNA, GuyClaremont11 May 1969-0
99MCKENNA, LiamPerth18 Apr 1992Safety Bay JFC/Peel Thunder2
-MCKENNA, TrentSubiaco20 May 1983Kingsley JFC0
-MCKENZIE , AlexanderClaremont10 Aug 1999Peninsula Bombers FC1
29MCKENZIE, BenjaminEast Perth10 Oct 1993Railways0
-MCKENZIE, EzekielClaremont17 Jan 1995Saints Football Club0
-MCKENZIE, JavanClaremont03 Nov 1998North Beach JFC0
12MCKENZIE, JavanClaremont03 Nov 1998North Beach JFC1
-MCKENZIE, PhillipClaremont18 Jan 1978-0
99MCKENZIE, ShaquilleSubiaco22 Apr 1994Northern Cobras0
-MCKENZIE, TravisEast Perth12 May 1978-0
-MCKEOWN, BradleySwan Districts06 Aug 2002Mazenod JFC1
12MCKINLAY, AdamSwan Districts01 Sep 1990Hills Hawks JFC0
18MCKINLAY, DavidSwan Districts21 Dec 1985Eastern Hills JFC0
9MCKINLAY, MichaelSwan Districts12 Oct 1987Hills Hawks JFC0
48MCKINLAY, RyanPeel Thunder05 Jun 1990Waroona0
34MCKINLEY, BenEast Perth04 Mar 1987North Melbourne0
-MCKINNON, DonaldEast Perth24 Feb 1905-0
6MCKINNON, JakeSubiaco08 Sep 1999Maddington AFC1
-MCKINNON, SamuelEast Fremantle27 Feb 2001Winnacott JFC0
-MCKNIGHT, BruceSouth Fremantle02 Apr 1973-0
-MCLAREN, ChristopherSouth Fremantle03 Mar 1980KOROIT VIC0
-MCLAREN, JoeSouth Fremantle11 Dec 1977-0
-MCLARTY, OwenPeel Thunder02 Feb 1983-0
-MCLAUGHLIN, AlbertWest Perth17 Mar 1905-0
63MCLAUGHLIN, GarrickPerth06 Apr 1991High Wycombe JFC1
-MCLEAN, BernardWest Perth08 Jun 1976-0
-MCLEAN, DavidClaremont08 Mar 1978-0
45MCLEAN, Lachlan West Perth31 Aug 1998Sorrento Duncraig JFC1
-MCLEAN, LukePeel Thunder28 Dec 1979-0
-MCLEAN, TravisWest Perth03 Apr 1975-0
-MCLELLAND, JakePerth15 Oct 1998Kelleberrin/ Tamin FC1
-MCLENNAN, MichaelEast Fremantle12 Jan 1944-0
57MCLEOD, AlexanderPerth07 Oct 1987East Fremantle JFC0
-MCLEOD, CallumClaremont18 Jan 2002Wembley Downs JFC1
15MCLEOD, GrantSouth Fremantle12 May 1996Nhill0
9MCLEOD, HaydenPeel Thunder27 Apr 1984Exmouth0
-MCLEOD, LachieWest Perth28 Mar 2002North Beach JFC1
40MCLERNON, AustinSouth Fremantle24 Dec 1999South Coogee JFC1
33MCLERNON, ClayClaremont18 Jul 1985Perth FC0
44MCLLHENEY, MitchPerth27 Mar 2001Manning JFC1
34MCMAHEN, CalebPeel Thunder03 Mar 1996Mandurah Mustangs0
-MCMAHON, DamienPerth26 May 1976Scarborough WAAFL0
-MCMAHON, JamesClaremont29 Mar 1989Marist JFC0
-MCMAHON, JamieSouth Fremantle06 Jan 1983-0
23MCMAHON, JoshuaPeel Thunder06 Jun 1997Safety Bay JFC1
-MCMAHON, MarkEast Perth22 Nov 1971-0
-MCMANUS, BenjaminSouth Fremantle29 Apr 1982-0
-MCMANUS, LachlanEast Fremantle02 Oct 2001East Fremantle JFC1
-MCMANUS, SamSubiaco07 Mar 1980Port Melbourne0
8MCMANUS, ShaunEast Fremantle09 Feb 1976Willetton JFC0
29MCMASTER, JackSouth Fremantle23 Jul 1996South Coogee JFC0
8MCMORRAN, HamishClaremont25 May 2000Royals FC1
21MCMURRAY, JaredEast Fremantle24 Feb 1999Melville1
-MCMURRAY, MathewEast Fremantle30 Aug 1972-0
-MCNALLY, KobiEast Fremantle03 Jan 2002Rossmoyne JFC1
41MCNALLY, MatthewEast Fremantle15 Oct 1982Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
54MCNAMARA, AaronSwan Districts17 Feb 1993Upper Swan JFC0
48MCNAMARA, BenjaminWest Perth28 Mar 1994Mukinbuddin0
57MCNAMARA, DeclanClaremont23 Nov 1998Royals FC1
2MCNAMARA, JamieEast Fremantle06 Mar 1988Booragoon JFC1
45MCNAMARA, TobyWest Perth07 Mar 1991Mukinbuddin0
6MCNAMARA, TynamPerth24 Nov 1999Lynwood Ferndale JFC0
-MCNAUGHTON, CraigSubiaco27 Nov 1970-0
-MCOUAT, ShaneSouth Fremantle21 Jul 1975-0
3MCPARTLAND , ConorEast Fremantle28 Apr 2001Willeton JFC1
-MCPHAIL, AshleyPerth08 Sep 1969-0
24MCPHAIL, BradleyPerth22 Feb 1996Armadale JFC2
99MCPHAIL, Joshua South Fremantle25 Jul 1999Armadale0
31MCPHAIL, LachlanWest Perth22 Jun 1993Landsdale JFC0
43MCPHAN, DavidPeel Thunder20 Jun 1985Belconnen0
-MCPHARLIN, DavidEast Perth18 Jul 1980-0
99MCPHARLIN, LukePeel Thunder01 Dec 1981Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
-MCPHARLIN, WalterEast Fremantle21 Feb 1916-0
49MCPHEE, AdamClaremont06 Oct 1982Dandenong0
-MCPHEE, AdamEast Fremantle06 Oct 1982-0
-MCPHEE, AndrewEast Perth15 Mar 1969-0
-MCPHEE, JackClaremont13 Apr 1994North Albany Football Club0
49MCPHEE, MitchellSubiaco08 Apr 1993Edgewater Woodvale JFC0
37MCPHEE, SamuelClaremont10 Oct 1996North Albany0
-MCPHERSON, BRENTWest Perth07 Aug 1984Swan View0
6MCPHERSON, LiamSwan Districts29 Jul 1998Caversham JFC1
67MCPHERSON, LukeWest Perth20 Nov 1987Swan View0
-MCQUEEN, MarkSwan Districts18 Mar 1975-0
27MCQUIGGIN, CallumSubiaco30 Mar 1993Boulder City0
2MCQUILKIN, TobySouth Fremantle10 Nov 2000Mundijong Centrals1
-MCRAE, JamesClaremont07 Apr 1979-0
-MCRAE, W.G.East Fremantle21 Mar 1905-0
-MCRAE, WilliamWest Perth18 Jun 1904-0
-MCROBB, KeatonEast Fremantle16 Sep 1987Bunbury0
55MCSWEENEY, WilliamClaremont09 Apr 1996North Albany0
32MCVEE, CallumEast Perth15 Oct 2000Ballajura JFC1
-MCWILLIAMS, EthanPeel Thunder04 Jan 2002Secret Harbour Dockers FC1
-MEAD, BrendanEast Perth21 Dec 1972-0
-MEAD, HaidenPeel Thunder11 Sep 2001Secret Harbour Dockers FC0
-MEAD, StephenWest Perth16 May 1969-0
13MEADE, JamieEast Fremantle03 Dec 1997Booragoon JFC0
12MEADOWCROFT, AaronEast Fremantle03 Feb 2000Fremantle CBC1
4MEADOWS, LukeWest Perth16 Nov 1994Kingsley1
99MEALOR, CameronSouth Fremantle10 Oct 1992Mosman Park0
18MEDHAT, ThomasWest Perth16 Aug 2000Sorrento Duncraig JFC1
-MEDHAT, ThomasWest Perth16 Aug 2000Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
6MEDHURST, PaulClaremont11 Dec 1981Wembley Downs JFC / Hale0
-MEDHURST, PeterWest Perth07 Dec 1939-0
57MEDLEN, CraigWest Perth10 Apr 1991Railways0
-MEEK, LloydPeel Thunder22 Apr 1998North Ballarat0
53MEEKING, LincolnPerth03 Nov 1990Hyden Kalgarin0
-MEIERS, GeorgeEast Fremantle08 Nov 1917-0
-MELESSO, PeterClaremont30 Nov 1961-0
40MELLINGTON, JoshuaWest Perth29 Dec 1992Murray Bushrangers0
-MELLODY, MartinEast Fremantle25 Dec 1969-0
-MELLOWSHIP, RonaldEast Fremantle23 Oct 1920-0
-MELONCELLI, ZakPerth07 Nov 2002Redcliffe JFC1
99MELROSE, DenholmSwan Districts21 Oct 1999Kalamunda JFC1
-MELROSE, GlennEast Fremantle20 Apr 1979-0
-MELROSE, GrahamEast Fremantle20 Apr 1949-0
-MELVILLE, RobertClaremont23 Oct 1952-0
30MELVIN, EdwardSubiaco30 Nov 1992Scarborough JFC0
-MENAGLIO, PeterWest Perth04 Sep 1958-0
40MENAGLIO, TomWest Perth13 Apr 2000Mt Lawley Inglewood JFC1
-MENCSHELYI, AndrewEast Fremantle16 Jul 1978-0
26MENEGOLA, JaiSwan Districts11 Feb 1988Mukinbudin0
44MENEGOLA, NickSubiaco02 Jan 1997Booragoon1
7MENEGOLA, SamSubiaco07 Mar 1992Attadale JFC/Hawthorn/FFC1
-MENEGOLA, ToddSwan Districts25 Dec 1967-0
-MENTINK, JackClaremont03 Jul 2002Subiaco JFC1
-MENTIPLAY, MichaelPerth15 Jul 1999Forrestdale FC1
42MERCER, AndriesPerth12 Jun 1995Huntingdale JFC1
-MERCER, DavidEast Fremantle19 Jan 1950-0
-MERENDA, MarkWest Perth29 Oct 1975-0
-MERIFIELD, KevinSubiaco24 Jan 1938-0
-MERILLO, JamesWest Perth27 Nov 1972-0
-MERRETT, JoshuaWest Perth10 Apr 2001Quinns Districts JFC0
-MERRIMAN, RussellSouth Fremantle06 Apr 1968-0
-MERRINGTON, AndrewEast Perth27 Nov 1978Carlton0
-MERRITT, GaryPerth31 Aug 1972-0
17MERRITT, NicholasPeel Thunder08 Oct 1997Pinjarra JFC1
50MERRITT, ZachariahSouth Fremantle15 Jul 2000Mundijong Centrals1
11MERSON, KarlPerth19 Dec 1994Sydney Hills0
4MESSINA, Blake East Fremantle28 Nov 2000Railways FC1
-METCALF, FletcherClaremont14 Aug 2001Mosman Park JFC0
-METCALF, PeterEast Fremantle20 Feb 1950-0
-METCALF, TyrellPeel Thunder17 Oct 2002Mandurah Mustangs JFC1
-METHERELL, ArchibaldEast Fremantle27 Mar 1905-0
-METHERELL, SamuelEast Fremantle03 Feb 1885-0
-METHERELL, WilliamSubiaco17 Oct 1908-0
-METROPOLIS, DanielSubiaco17 Mar 1972-0
34MEWS, ScottSubiaco21 Jun 1999Kingsway JFC0
40MEYERS, LincolnPeel Thunder02 Jan 1992Halls Head JFC0
-MICALE, AnthonyEast Fremantle22 Nov 1949-0
-MICALE, BenEast Perth20 Dec 2002Augusta Margaret River JFC1
2MICALE, LachlanEast Perth02 May 1994Busselton0
-MICHAEL, ClemSouth Fremantle16 Jul 1976-0
-MICHAEL, DanielSouth Fremantle04 Oct 1988Williams UGSFL0
-MICHAEL, StephenSouth Fremantle15 Mar 1956-0
4MICHALCZYK, NicholasPerth17 Sep 1994Trinity Aquinas0
43MICHELL, WilliamWest Perth16 Feb 1996Joondalup Kinross JFC1
54MICHELON, AlexanderEast Perth18 Jul 1997Mt Lawley1
32MICHIE, VivianPeel Thunder23 Feb 1992Oakley Chargers0
18MIDDLETON, BenPeel Thunder09 Sep 2001Halls Head JFC1
-MIDGLEY, ClintonWest Perth17 Jun 1981-0
-MIFKA, PaulWest Perth08 Jun 1965-0
67MIGRO, JakeEast Perth30 Nov 1995Morley Bulldogs JFC 0
-MIGRO, JosephEast Fremantle13 May 1911-0
24MIGRO, MitchellEast Perth23 Mar 1993Morely JFC0
-MIGUEL, RyanWest Perth20 Jun 1984-0
-MILANKO, LukeClaremont08 Jan 1977-0
-MILDENHALL, NeilWest Perth08 Sep 1968-0
-MILENTIS, GavinClaremont12 Jan 1976-0
-MILES, EthanEast Perth23 Nov 2000Busselton Magpies FC0
35MILES, HarrisonClaremont30 Jan 1993Albany0
9MILES, LukeSwan Districts30 Oct 1986Guildford Grammar0
-MILES, SamSubiaco09 Jan 1986Mines Rovers GFL0
41MILLAR, FraserPerth01 Oct 1993South Bunbury0
12MILLAR, JacobSouth Fremantle21 Aug 1997Jandakot0
-MILLARD, LeslieEast Fremantle20 Feb 1905-0
6MILLER, BenWest Perth11 Feb 1994Whitford JFC0
11MILLER, BenjaminEast Perth06 Dec 1997Dunsborough1
39MILLER, BenjaminSubiaco31 Aug 1999Railways FC1
-MILLER, BradleyPerth29 May 1983Horsham0
-MILLER, CaineSubiaco15 Mar 1977-0
-MILLER, DavidEast Perth01 Feb 1917-0
-MILLER, GavinEast Fremantle09 Jan 1967-0
-MILLER, GavinEast Fremantle08 Nov 1962-0
-MILLER, GlennEast Fremantle05 Aug 1959-0
-MILLER, IanPerth16 Dec 1949-0
30MILLER, JacobSubiaco28 Jan 1998Railways FC1
-MILLER, JamesEast Fremantle28 Feb 1950-0
99MILLER, JimmySouth Fremantle25 Jul 1997Exmouth1
55MILLER, KerwinSwan Districts29 Jun 1993-0
-MILLER, KevinSouth Fremantle21 Feb 1941-0
9MILLER, KrisSouth Fremantle29 Sep 1980Railways0
7MILLER, LouisEast Perth25 May 2000Dunsborough JFC1
19MILLER, MarkSouth Fremantle14 Feb 1982Railways0
31MILLER, NashSouth Fremantle14 Feb 2000South Coogee JFC1
70MILLER, NathanSwan Districts31 May 1989Mt Lawley0
-MILLER, PaulSubiaco11 Sep 1971-0
-MILLER, PeterEast Perth06 Apr 1969-0
16MILLER, RhysSouth Fremantle09 Apr 1994Armadale0
-MILLER, TimothyPeel Thunder20 May 1983PORT HEDLAND ROVERS0
31MILLER, TyreseWest Perth18 Mar 1999Kingsway1
-MILLER, TyronEast Fremantle01 May 1987Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
-MILLER, TyronPeel Thunder30 Jun 1977-0
100MILLER -LEWIS, JermaineSouth Fremantle23 Feb 1996Armadale JFC1
-MILLER-SABBIONI, ChristianSubiaco01 Aug 2001Mt Hawthorn JFC0
30MILLIGAN-ARMSTRONG, RiverEast Fremantle01 Apr 1997Attadale0
-MILLINDEE, ShaquilleClaremont03 Feb 1997Looma Eagles0
70MILLINGTON, StaceyEast Fremantle26 May 1993Northampton0
5MILLS, AndrewEast Perth18 Jun 1981Sandringham VFL0
-MILLS, BrennanClaremont25 Oct 1987Hale School0
35MILLS, JordanWest Perth13 Dec 1990Kingsley JFC1
-MILLS, LesSubiaco12 Apr 1905-0
28MILLS, StephenPerth10 Apr 1995Southport0
14MILLS-PROUDFOOT, BoedyPeel Thunder11 Apr 1995Rockingham0
-MILNE, GerardPerth06 Dec 1970-0
-MILNE, SteelePerth29 Jun 1999Kenwick AFC0
99MILTON, RaffertyEast Perth26 Sep 2001Augusta Margaret River Football Club1
30MILWARD, BrettPeel Thunder30 Nov 1997Pinjarra JFC1
21MILWARD, JakePeel Thunder25 Mar 1996Pinjarra JFC0
18MINERVINI, LiamEast Fremantle22 Feb 1999East Fremantle Power 1
28MINERVINI, MatthewEast Fremantle08 Jan 1996East Fremantle JFC0
28MINISSALE, BaileyEast Fremantle18 Jul 1995Brigades0
-MINSON, WilliamEast Perth18 May 1898-0
3MIRAUDO, StefanEast Perth19 Aug 1996Coolbinia0
65MIRCO, JakeSouth Fremantle17 May 1993South Coogee JFC0
25MIRCO, JesseEast Fremantle28 Jan 1997South Coogee JFC1
4MIRCO, KyleEast Fremantle14 Sep 1999South Coogee JFC1
4MIRCO, NicholasEast Perth01 Mar 1996Ballajura JFC0
42MISIC, Nikolas Subiaco26 Oct 1999Carine JFC1
-MISICH, ScottClaremont30 Oct 1975-0
99MITCHELL , BraydenEast Perth27 Aug 1999Ballajura JFC0
47MITCHELL, CoreyClaremont23 May 1998West Coast FC / Hale1
-MITCHELL, DavidEast FremantleN/A-0
-MITCHELL, GavinClaremont28 Dec 1972-0
-MITCHELL, GeraldEast Fremantle01 Jan 1935-0
-MITCHELL, GlennEast Fremantle04 Jan 1962-0
1MITCHELL, KaneClaremont01 Dec 1989Marist JFC / PAFC1
-MITCHELL, KevinClaremont17 May 1963-0
-MITCHELL, LachlanPeel Thunder04 Jul 1999Baldivis JFC1
-MITCHELL, MichaelClaremont25 Nov 1961-0
-MITCHELL, SimonSubiaco19 Jan 1978SUBIACO0
-MITCHELL, SimonEast Fremantle19 Jan 1978-0
18MITCHELL, TomClaremont31 May 1993Hale School0
4MODICA, PeterEast Perth29 Mar 1997Bassendean JFC0
-MOFFAT, AlfredEast Perth15 Mar 1870-0
-MOFFLIN, PercivalEast FremantleN/A-0
44MOGRIDGE, IsaiahEast Perth14 May 2000Morley JFC1
-MOHAMMED, AltayebSubiaco01 Jan 1996Kingsway0
1MOHAMMED, AlteyebEast Perth21 Jan 1996Kingsway0
-MOHAMMED, AlteyebEast Perth01 Jan 1996Kingsway0
-MOHEN, PeterWest Perth31 Mar 1974-0
-MOIR, GlenEast Fremantle26 Aug 1963-0
-MOIR, KeithEast Fremantle19 Apr 1937-0
99MOLA, ZakWest Perth26 Mar 1999Whifords JFC1
-MOLLARD, ScottClaremont19 Jan 1976-0
40MOLLER, CraigPeel Thunder22 Aug 1994Sydney University0
-MOLLICA, TroyPeel Thunder15 Mar 1982-0
-MOLONEY, GeorgeClaremont07 Aug 1909-0
-MOLONEY, ShaneSouth Fremantle09 Sep 1973-0
-MOLONEY, StephenEast Perth23 Dec 1968-0
49MONACO, DanielSwan Districts06 May 1994Mt Lawley JFC1
30MONACO, JustinSouth Fremantle07 Nov 1992Attadale JFC0
-MONAGHAN, BillPeel Thunder28 Aug 1968-0
9MONAGHAN, JackClaremont19 Sep 1999Wembley JFC1
62MONAGHAN, KurtWest Perth22 Sep 1998Whitford JFC1
34MONAGHAN, TomEast Fremantle31 Jan 2000Rostrata Rhinos1
-MONEY, JamesPeel Thunder17 Mar 1969-0
51MONEY, SamuelWest Perth22 Jan 1994Ocean Ridge JFC0
-MONGER, WesleyEast Fremantle22 Feb 1905-0
23MONGOO, LanceEast Perth05 Jul 1996Morley Bulldogs JFC0
16MONK, AaronEast Fremantle15 Aug 1987Gosford0
-MONK, CalebPerth07 Oct 2002Thornlie JFC1
34MONKHOUSE, Samuel East Perth19 Apr 1998Augusta Margaret River FC0
-MONKS, StevenWest Perth12 Oct 1979-0
-MONOHAN, ShaunPerth02 Dec 1982Mansfield, GVFL0
54MONTAUBAN, AlexanderEast Fremantle03 Mar 1998Rossmoyne JFC1
-MONTEATH, BruceClaremont20 Sep 1955-0
-MONTEATH, DonaldEast Fremantle18 Jan 1932-0
11MONTEATH, KymEast Perth24 Aug 1987Rossmoyne JFC0
-MONTEATH, RhysEast Fremantle19 Sep 1984-0
-MONTELEONE, AntonSubiaco13 Jan 2002Kingsway JFC1
99MONTGOMERIE, ChadSwan Districts12 Sep 2002South Bunbury JFC1
40MONTGOMERIE, JedEast Perth29 Sep 2000South Bunbury JFC1
15MONTGOMERY, HunterPerth26 Dec 2000Queens Park FC1
37MONTILLE, JesseWest Perth03 Mar 1997Whitford JFC0
55MOODY, AndrewSouth Fremantle21 Mar 1994Railways0
29MOODY, DavidEast Perth28 Apr 1995Mt Lawley0
41MOODY, EricSouth Fremantle23 Mar 1993Railways0
25MOODY, JordanPerth29 Aug 1993Federals0
10MOODY, MatthewPerth23 Sep 1985Kelmscott JFC0
-MOODY, ZacharyPeel Thunder07 Jan 1999Waroona FC1
-MOON, TrentPerth19 Sep 1979-0
-MOORE, AndrewWest Perth27 Nov 1898-0
-MOORE, BradleyPeel Thunder18 Apr 1976-0
28MOORE, DanielSouth Fremantle12 Jun 1996Bibra Lake JFC0
-MOORE, HarrisonEast Perth06 Nov 1996-0
-MOORE, JefferyEast Fremantle30 Dec 1967-0
3MOORE, JordanWest Perth05 Aug 1998Whitford JFC1
4MOORE, LukeSouth Fremantle07 Apr 2000Bibra Lakes JFC1
27MOORE, ScottPerth13 Sep 1990Belmont JFC0
6MOORE, SimonSubiaco18 Jan 1993Sorrento Duncraig JFC1
99MOORE, ThomasSwan Districts15 Dec 2000Goomalling FC1
-MOORE, WadeSubiaco28 Dec 2001Kingsway JFC0
20MOORES, CourtneySubiaco29 Dec 1985Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
11MOORHOUSE, JesseWest Perth29 Apr 1998Whitford JFC0
12MORABITO, AnthonyClaremont29 Oct 1991Peel / FFC10
35MORABITO, LukePeel Thunder11 Jan 1993Harvey Brunswick Leschenault0
-MORAN, JamesEast FremantleN/A-0
32MORAN, TexWest Perth14 Jan 1999Whitford JFC0
-MORCOM, DavidEast Fremantle11 Mar 1949-0
16MORE, DenzelSwan Districts02 Aug 1999Upper Swan JFC1
-MORELLINI, FrankSouth Fremantle22 Mar 1973-0
44MORENO, AlexanderEast Fremantle21 Jul 1994Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
-MORENO, OscarPerth04 Feb 1967-0
-MORFESSE, CharlesClaremont20 Apr 2002Marist JFC1
69MORGAN, BeauWest Perth14 Mar 1995Augusta Margaret River0
-MORGAN, Benjamin South Fremantle31 May 2001Wagin0
31MORGAN, BlakeSubiaco16 Jun 1995Carine JFC0
-MORGAN, DavidEast Fremantle27 Mar 1975-0
3MORGAN, DylanClaremont24 Sep 1993Royals0
33MORGAN, HarrisonPerth04 Oct 1991Augusta Margaret River0
-MORGAN, JasonEast Fremantle07 Apr 1976-0
-MORGAN, JoshuaClaremont10 Feb 2002Swanbourne JFC1
59MORGAN, MackenzieClaremont22 Jun 1994North Beach JFC0
52MORGAN, MichaelEast Perth22 Dec 1992Wembley0
-MORGAN, PaulClaremont31 Jul 1968-0
7MORGAN, RylieClaremont24 Mar 2000Claremont JFC1
30MORGAN, StephenWest Perth29 Aug 1983Busselton SWFL0
16MORGAN, TajEast Perth05 Nov 1999Mt Lawley AFC1
-MORGAN, WilliamSubiaco24 Mar 1889-0
22MORGAN, ZaacClaremont01 Nov 1998Marist JFC1
20MORGAN-HOBBS, AlexClaremont02 Apr 1994Marist JFC / Trinity0
-MORIARTY, TerrancePerth03 Jul 1925-0
58MORISEY, JustinPerth10 Jul 1996Rostrata0
27MORISEY, KristianPerth25 Jan 1998Booragoon JFC1
-MORISON, JohnSwan Districts11 Apr 1979-0
55MORLEY, MitchPeel Thunder30 Jun 1993Waroona0
-MORPHETT, KaneWest Perth17 Mar 1972-0
-MORPHETT, RichardEast Fremantle05 Jan 1948-0
-MORRELL, DigbyWest Perth10 Oct 1979-0
-MORRIS, BlakeSubiaco11 Sep 2002Kingsley JFC1
-MORRIS, BrodieSwan Districts02 Jul 2002South Bunbury JFC1
6MORRIS, CoreyPeel Thunder30 May 1994Waroona JFC1
-MORRIS, JefferyEast Fremantle18 Mar 1971-0
-MORRIS, JohnEast Fremantle14 Aug 1947-0
-MORRISON, ChadEast Fremantle29 Mar 1978-0
-MORRISON, ScottEast Fremantle10 Sep 1973-0
-MORRISSEY, John East Fremantle04 Dec 1941-0
-MORRISSEY, RobertEast Fremantle13 Oct 1941-0
26MORROW, JosephWest Perth27 Nov 1989Wanneroo JFC1
24MORTIMER, JacobPerth27 Feb 1995Vic Park JFC0
60MORTIN, WesSwan Districts16 Apr 1992Bassendean JFC0
22MORTON, CalePerth18 Jan 1990Lake Grace/WCE0
9MORTON, JarrydPerth05 Oct 1988Lake Grace / Hawthorn FC0
45MORTON, KadePerth07 Nov 1997Cervantes FC0
1MORTON, MitchellPerth28 Jan 1987Lake Grace/Sydney Swans0
55MORTON, ShaquilleClaremont11 Jul 1998Waringarri Crows / Clontarf1
-MORTON, TimSwan Districts11 Aug 1980-0
50MORTON-SMITH, NathanEast Fremantle03 May 1996Rossmoyne JFC1
-MOSE, BillEast Perth26 Dec 1933-0
-MOSES, JoshuaSubiaco19 Sep 2002Sorrento-Duncraig JFC1
-MOSS, GarryEast Perth05 Jul 1988Marist0
-MOSS, GrahamClaremont14 May 1950-0
-MOSS, NathanClaremont12 Feb 1975-0
-MOSS, SimonEast Fremantle22 Jan 1968-0
13MOSTERT, RobertSwan Districts16 Jun 1997La Salle0
-MOSTYN, ThomasPeel Thunder02 Jul 1999Secret Harbour Dockers FC1
8MOTLOP, MarlonPeel Thunder17 Apr 1990Wanderers0
-MOTLOP, ThomasSouth Fremantle18 Dec 1987Nightcliffe NTFL0
-MOTT, BrendanEast Fremantle02 Mar 1973-0
-MOTT, RickySouth Fremantle21 Apr 1981-0
67MOULTON, KaneEast Perth26 Apr 1991Wanneroo JFC0
-MOULTON, MarkWest Perth10 Dec 1976-0
34MOULTON, TysonWest Perth23 Jan 1996Wanneroo JFC1
55MOUNTFORD, BenjaminWest Perth20 Jul 1997Joondalup Kinross0
3MOUNTFORD, DeclanClaremont13 Feb 1997North Albany0
-MOURAMBINE , Virlen East Fremantle03 Aug 2000Northampton FC1
39MOURISH, CalibEast Fremantle08 Jul 1988Towns GNFL0
-MOURISH, JonathonPeel Thunder25 Dec 1975-0
-MOURISH, LeighPeel Thunder04 Sep 1978-0
-MOURISH, NathanPeel Thunder06 Apr 1974-0
47MOW, KendallSouth Fremantle13 Nov 1990Cairns City Lions0
-MOXHAM, ZaddieClaremont21 Oct 2002Swanbourne JFC1
-MOYLETT, SeanPeel Thunder04 May 1987Safety Bay0
30MOZHAEV, SevaWest Perth01 Jan 1991Railways1
8MSANDO, JacobEast Perth25 Feb 2000Busselton FC1
15MUAVOU, FilimoneWest Perth03 Feb 2000Wanneroo JFC1
99MUDGE, JesseSouth Fremantle25 Sep 1996St George0
-MUDIE, RaymondEast Fremantle03 Jul 1895-0
20MUGAMBWA, PaulSouth Fremantle30 May 1981Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
-MUHAAMAD NOH, NazifiWest Perth10 May 2001Quinns Districts JFC0
32MUHAMMAD NOH, NazifiWest Perth10 May 2001Wanneroo AFC1
-MUIR, DavidClaremont17 Jul 1971-0
-MUIR, DavidPerth10 May 1925-0
-MUIR, GriffinClaremont08 Jun 2002Swanbourne JFC1
-MUIR, Kya Perth19 May 2001Canningvale JFC0
-MULCAHY, MickPeel ThunderN/AMandurah FC0
-MULETTA, MatthewPeel Thunder16 Jan 1979-0
38MULGRAVE, RyanPeel Thunder23 Jan 1993Mandurah JFC0
32MULHOLLAND, JamahlPeel Thunder11 Jun 1993HBL0
63MULLALLY, MarkClaremont02 May 1986Mt Lawley0
46MULLANE, EthanWest Perth09 Jan 1997Yanchep0
-MULLANEY, JamesEast Fremantle14 Feb 1905-0
-MULLARVEY, PaulEast Perth12 Jan 1974-0
24MULLER, RorySubiaco12 Jun 1990Warwick Greenwood JFC0
-MULLIGAN, Dylan Claremont13 Aug 2002Scarborough JFC1
-MULLUMBY, JakeWest Perth19 Jun 1998Joondalup/Kinross JFC0
22MULLUMBY, TrentWest Perth27 Jun 1997Wanneroo JFC0
52MUMFORD, DarrenClaremont06 Aug 1990Denmark Walpole FC0
-MUMME, LeslieClaremont14 Apr 1937-0
34MUNDAY, JasperEast Perth13 May 1995Mt Lawley Inglewood JFC 0
37MUNDY, DavidPeel Thunder20 Jul 1985Murray Bushrangers0
-MUNDY, RickEast Fremantle22 Feb 1973-0
13MUNNS, DeanWest Perth28 Sep 1995Beacon1
10MUNNS, JoshuaWest Perth13 Sep 1994Beacon0
-MUNRO, GeorgeEast Fremantle26 Jun 1873-0
-MUNRO, HectorEast Fremantle15 Jun 1907-0
-MUNRO, JohnEast Fremantle25 Mar 1905-0
-MUNRO, JohnClaremont27 Dec 1928-0
-MUNRO, KaneSwan Districts11 Mar 1982Bendigo Pioneers0
-MUNRO, PeterSubiaco16 Nov 1957-0
-MUNRO, RobertEast Fremantle05 Sep 1916-0
57MUNT, GavinSwan Districts05 Mar 1994Swan Athletic0
26MURDOCH, MathesonPeel Thunder30 Apr 1992South Mandurah JFC0
1MURDOCK, MilanEast Fremantle30 Jun 2000Winnacott JFC1
62MURDOCK, RomanEast Fremantle24 Nov 1995East Fremantle0
-MURISON, ConnorSubiaco15 Feb 1999Kalgoorlie City FC0
5MURPHY, JakeClaremont18 Jan 1990Cottesloe JFC / Scotch1
49MURPHY, LukeEast Fremantle25 Feb 1993Railways0
-MURPHY, MarkEast Fremantle06 Feb 1951-0
17MURPHY, MaxEast Fremantle24 Mar 2000Railways FC1
12MURPHY, RyanClaremont20 May 1997West Coast JFC1
15MURPHY, RyanSouth Fremantle24 May 1985Gippsland Power0
-MURPHY, SamEast Perth08 Jan 1995Los Angeles Dragons1
42MURPHY, StephenEast Perth13 Jun 1997Coolbinia1
-MURPHY, StevenWest Perth16 Feb 1967-0
34MURPHY, ThomasSwan Districts11 May 1993Swanleigh JFC0
49MURPHY, TravisPeel Thunder02 Jan 1992Mandurah JFC0
-MURRAY, BradleyWest Perth18 May 1982MYRTLEFORD0
60MURRAY, ClaySubiaco03 Mar 1989Scarborough0
19MURRAY, DainWest Perth27 Aug 1993Whitford JFC0
-MURRAY, DanielPerth21 Apr 1974-0
43MURRAY, DanielPerth03 May 1990MT Lawley JFC0
56MURRAY, DylanPerth26 Mar 1992Moora Rovers0
-MURRAY, Elijah Claremont06 Mar 2000Fitzroy Hawks1
49MURRAY, HamishClaremont29 Aug 1994Swanbourne JFC / Scotch0
53MURRAY, JamesEast Fremantle27 Oct 1988Ballajura JFC0
30MURRAY, JamesSubiaco20 Jun 1996Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
-MURRAY, JohnEast Fremantle04 Dec 1925-0
-MURRAY, JohnSwan Districts15 Jul 1913-0
-MURRAY, KevinEast Perth18 Jun 1938-0
43MURRAY, LindsaySwan Districts20 Feb 1996Midvale JFC1
9MURRAY, NathanWest Perth27 Nov 1999Ocean Ridge JFC1
64MURRAY, WyndellClaremont10 Oct 1997Mount Barker0
-MURRAY-SMITH, ColinEast Fremantle22 Oct 1949-0
-MUSA, TonyPerth19 Jan 2002East Kenwick JFC1
1MUSIKA, JackSouth Fremantle15 Apr 2001Cockburn JFC1
47MUSIKA, JesseSouth Fremantle29 Apr 1997East Fremantle Power JFC1
53MUSITANO, BenClaremont14 Nov 1996West Coast0
34MUTIMER, KurtEast Perth11 Mar 1997Dandenong0
54MUTIMER, SamPeel Thunder09 Jul 1993Swan View0
-MYERS, DanielSwan Districts18 Feb 1996South Roos0
-MYERS, DavidPerth30 Jun 1989Victoria Park JFC0
5MZUNGU, TendaiPerth28 Feb 1986Trinity Aquinas1
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