Please note that this is not a complete list of all WAFL players since 1885. Listed records are complete for all players since 1994 only, when electronic recording of statistics began. Before 1994 select players who won individual awards or honours are listed. Should you require information on any WAFL player not listed or can supply missing information for those listed, please contact the WAFL historian Greg Wardell-Johnson by e mail:

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# Name Club DOB Club From Points Active
46NAITANUI, NicholasEast Perth04 May 1990Midvale JFC0
19NALDER, CambellEast Fremantle20 Dec 1993Applecross JFC0
-NALDER, GrantSouth Fremantle10 Nov 1968-0
25NAMNIK, JethroEast Perth19 May 2000Tigers FC1
-NANI, JamieEast Perth23 Mar 1975-0
-NANI, ShaneEast Perth01 Jul 1977-0
23NANKERVILLE, DanielSwan Districts29 Oct 1984Whitford JFC0
2NANKERVIS, ShanePeel Thunder21 Jul 1995Halls Head JFC0
-NANNUP, TreakWest Perth16 Jul 2000Quinns Districts JFC0
-NANNUP, WayneEast Fremantle13 Aug 1967-0
-NAPOLI, RossEast Fremantle13 Apr 1972-0
-NARKLE, AlanPerth15 Sep 2000Toodyay FC1
-NARKLE, CailemSouth Fremantle05 Dec 2001Narrogin Hawks0
-NARKLE, DempseySouth Fremantle04 Nov 1966-0
-NARKLE, GeoffClaremont19 May 1976-0
-NARKLE, KeithSwan Districts20 Nov 1952-0
-NARKLE, NathanSwan Districts06 Mar 1980-0
55NARKLE, PeterSouth Fremantle19 Jun 1979Armadale SFL0
-NARKLE, PhillipSwan Districts29 Jan 1961-0
40NARKLE, QuintonPerth03 Dec 1997Maddington0
25NARRIER, GordonPerth27 Nov 1998Hale1
-NASH, StevenSwan Districts10 Nov 1981-0
31NATION, Mark West Perth28 Feb 1998Narembeen FC0
-NAUGHTON, AaronPeel Thunder30 Nov 1999Rockingham JFC1
-NAUGHTON, GeoffreyEast Fremantle05 Feb 1954-0
47NAUGHTON, TravisPeel Thunder27 Jun 1997Rockingham1
-NAUGHTON, TrevorEast Fremantle22 Mar 1951-0
-NAYLOR, BernardSouth Fremantle19 Apr 1923-0
13NEALE, LachiePeel Thunder24 May 1993Glenelg0
1NEATES, RyanClaremont21 Jun 1991Carine JFC / WCE1
-NEAVES, SebastianSubiaco10 Mar 1995Carine JFC0
-NEEDHAM, ArthurEast Fremantle28 May 1920-0
-NEEDLE, BrianEast Fremantle16 Sep 1954-0
-NEEDLE, ThomasEast Fremantle28 Mar 1905-0
-NEESHAM, DavidEast Fremantle18 Sep 1946-0
-NEESHAM, GerardEast Fremantle11 Dec 1954-0
-NEESHAM, HenryEast Fremantle07 Apr 1945-0
-NEESHAM, JohnEast Fremantle18 Jan 1979-0
-NEILL, RyanSwan Districts20 Sep 1976-0
-NEILSON, JohnEast FremantleN/A-0
55NELLI, TimmothySwan Districts07 Aug 1986Pinjarra0
25NELSON, CodyEast Fremantle02 Aug 1993Canning Vale JFC0
-NELSON, CraigWest Perth26 Apr 1963-0
99NELSON, DylanSubiaco24 Aug 1996Bassendean JFC2
67NELSON, GregSouth Fremantle26 Mar 1993mundurah mustangs0
59NELSON, GregoryPeel Thunder26 Mar 1993Mandurah JFC0
3NELSON, Jackson East Perth15 Mar 1996Geelong Falcons0
27NELSON, MarkEast Fremantle25 Oct 1999Rostrata JFC1
24NELSON, ScottWest Perth15 Dec 1997Edgewater Woodvale JFC1
14NELSON, ShaneWest Perth11 May 1993Edgewater Woodvale JFC1
46NELSON, Shannon Subiaco07 Apr 1996Esperance FC1
-NENER, ToddEast Perth06 Mar 1978-0
-NESBITT, AnthonySwan Districts26 Apr 1938-0
42NESS, JacobSwan Districts06 Feb 1996University FC1
-NESS, JordanSwan Districts27 Oct 1998Baldivis FC1
-NETHERWAY, BrettSwan Districts13 Dec 1972-0
-NETTLEBECK, CraigEast Perth26 May 1972-0
-NETTLETON, MatthewSubiaco11 Jan 1981-0
65NEVILL, DwayneEast Fremantle07 Aug 1998Rover FC1
-NEVILLE, GavinEast Fremantle20 Sep 1972-0
52NEW, JohnPerth20 Mar 1989Warnbro JFC0
35NEWALL, SebastianEast Perth15 Feb 1995Augusta Margaret River0
-NEWBY, DarrenSwan Districts09 Feb 1972-0
27NEWICK, LukeSubiaco08 Jul 1981Northern Districts0
28NEWING, DeclanEast Fremantle10 Jan 1994Rossmoyne JFC0
-NEWLAND, KennethEast Fremantle04 May 1949-0
-NEWLAND, KennethEast Fremantle04 May 1949-0
58NEWMAN, BrodieSwan Districts30 Sep 2000Karratha Kats1
-NEWMAN, IanEast Fremantle22 Apr 1965-0
-NEWMAN, Isaac Subiaco14 Dec 1997Warwick-Greenwood JFC0
16NEWMAN, JoshuaEast Fremantle18 Feb 1995Canning Vale JFC0
99NEWMAN, MurraySwan Districts18 Nov 1993Upper Swan JFC1
-NEWMAN, RichardEast Fremantle29 Jan 1929-0
57NEWTON, AlexEast Fremantle13 May 1997Bullcreek-Leeming1
11NEWTON, BenjaminSubiaco08 Aug 1992Mundijong JFC10
-NEWTON, IsaacEast Fremantle19 Feb 1905-0
99NEWTON, RossEast Fremantle14 Apr 1999Bullcreek Leeming1
62NEWTON, TrentEast Fremantle29 Jun 1999Booragoon1
26NICHOLAS, KaseyPerth01 May 1996South Perth1
-NICHOLAS, LachlanClaremont27 Feb 1998Marist0
53NICHOLAS, TysonSwan Districts23 Sep 1989Wickham Wolves0
-NICHOLAS, WarrenPerth25 Aug 1967-0
-NICHOLLS, AndrewWest Perth16 Feb 1982-0
-NICHOLLS, PaulEast Fremantle10 Nov 1946-0
-NICHOLLS, TrentEast Fremantle07 Apr 1969-0
-NICHOLSON, GodfreyEast Fremantle05 Mar 1905-0
57NICHOLSON, MatthewSouth Fremantle04 Jul 1994CBC0
60NICKELS, TommyWest Perth05 Jan 1998Federals FC1
-NICOL , Luke Swan Districts09 Aug 1994Swan Athletic 0
35NICOLAOU, MasonEast Perth19 Jan 1999Noranda JFC0
-NICOLAOU, RomanEast Perth02 Jan 2001South Perth JFC0
-NICOLL, Stanley East Fremantle10 Apr 1905-0
-NICOLLS, AaronSwan Districts03 Oct 1985Upper Swan JFC0
24NICOSKI, MarkSubiaco24 Nov 1983Carine JFC0
-NIELSON , NathanPerth06 Jul 2001Jurien Bay FC0
29NIELSON, TrentPerth18 Jan 2000Carlisle FC1
-NIKLAUS, KurtPerth07 Jul 1981-0
-NILSSON, KristofferPeel Thunder02 Mar 2000South Mandurah0
29NIMMO, SimonClaremont02 Nov 1977Swanbourne JFC0
35NIND, ChristopherEast Perth10 Apr 1993Wanneroo0
-NIND, MatthewPeel Thunder17 Mar 1998Secret Harbour0
8NINYETTE, CodyPerth30 Dec 1997Kelmscott1
-NINYETTE, Dakota South Fremantle04 Dec 2000Kelmscott JFC1
1NINYETTE, JarrodClaremont23 Mar 1987Victoria Park JFC0
28NISBETT, BradleyClaremont10 Mar 1991West Coast JFC0
-NISSEN, BertSubiaco17 Jun 1906-0
73NITSCHKE , Cooper Claremont28 Sep 1998Marist JFC1
-NIVEN, AlanPeel Thunder30 Jun 1979-0
36NIX, Mckenzie East Perth16 Oct 1998Boyup Brook JFC1
22NOAKES, BenPerth28 Apr 1986Augusta Margaret River0
24NOAKES, TimothyPerth19 Jan 1984Augusta Margaret River0
36NOBLE, Brayden Swan Districts31 Jul 1992Trinity Aquinas AFC1
52NODARI, AnthonySouth Fremantle11 Aug 1996Jandakot Jets JFC1
-NODARI, AnthonySouth Fremantle11 Aug 1996Jandakot0
-NOLAN, JohnEast Fremantle20 Mar 1959-0
44NOLAN, JoshuaWest Perth07 Jul 1996Joondalup Kinross JFC0
-NOONAN, JustinEast Perth20 Jul 1972-0
-NORMAN, BenjaminEast Fremantle02 Dec 1996Northampton0
-NORMAN, JackPeel Thunder19 May 1999Rockingham JFC0
14NORMAN, ShaunPeel Thunder18 Dec 1995Rockingham0
30NORONHA, CheanPeel Thunder22 Apr 1996Baldivis0
-NORRISH, JasonClaremont26 Jan 1972-0
32NORRISS, LukeSubiaco11 May 1993Kinglsey JFC0
-NORSWORTHY, MarkEast Fremantle18 Apr 1955-0
31NORTH, HaydenSouth Fremantle28 Dec 1983Boddington0
49NORTH, TaylorEast Perth31 Jul 1997Boyup Brook1
-NORTH, TomPeel Thunder14 Feb 1999Eastern0
-NORTHCOTT, ColinWest Perth10 Dec 1953-0
-NOTT, RaymondClaremont05 Apr 1903-0
28NOTTE, TonySwan Districts15 Apr 1990Upper Swan JFC1
29NOWAK, DeanSubiaco22 Feb 1994Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
-NOWOTNY, StanleySwan Districts06 Sep 1950-0
-NUGENT, JohnEast Fremantle03 Mar 1905-0
-NUGENT, LaurenceEast Fremantle27 Feb 1932-0
38NUGENT, LukePerth16 Jan 1988Attadale JFC0
-NUGENT, Michael East Perth22 Jul 1996noranda0
14NUICH, JakeSwan Districts07 May 1995Swan Athletic1
21NYE, RyanPeel Thunder21 Jun 1986Mandurah0
21NYE, RyanPeel Thunder21 Jun 1986Safety Bay0
-NYHAN, ThomasEast Fremantle28 Feb 1905-0
-NYHUIS, KeeganEast Fremantle15 May 2000Nightcliff FC1
43NYHUIS, RyanPeel Thunder06 Sep 1996NT Thunder0
-NYKYFORAK, JohnWest Perth21 Apr 1946-0
27NYLANDER, BaileySubiaco13 Jun 1997Kingsway JFC0
-NYLANDER, VerneEast Fremantle09 Jul 1943-0
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