Please note that this is not a complete list of all WAFL players since 1885. Listed records are complete for all players since 1994 only, when electronic recording of statistics began. Before 1994 select players who won individual awards or honours are listed. Should you require information on any WAFL player not listed or can supply missing information for those listed, please contact the WAFL historian Greg Wardell-Johnson by e mail:

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# Name Club DOB Club From Points Active
-PAAP, ShanePerth11 Apr 1978Sorrento Duncraif JFC0
-PACKARD, DarrylEast Fremantle28 Aug 1935-0
-PADLIE, JoshuaPeel Thunder31 Dec 2000South Bunbury JFC1
-PADUANO, GiacomoSwan Districts20 Jul 2001Mazenod JFC0
31PADWICK, LloydPeel Thunder25 Mar 1990Safety Bay JFC0
23PAGE, BrendanPeel Thunder01 Nov 1983Lavington Panthers0
19PAGE, DeanSouth Fremantle01 Sep 1986Mandurah0
-PAGE, RobertPerth31 Oct 1945-0
26PAILTHORPE, JaylenEast Fremantle16 May 2000Rossmoyne JFC1
21PAINE, NicholasSouth Fremantle16 Mar 1988Ainslie0
-PAINTER, LeithWest Perth05 Jun 1969-0
-PALASSIS, GiorgioEast Fremantle24 Sep 1925-0
23PALFREY, MatthewClaremont01 Dec 1995Railways1
19PALLISTER, JacobEast Fremantle27 Jul 1992Rossmoyne JFC0
-PALM, DavidWest Perth07 Jul 1958-0
13PALM, SamWest Perth13 Jan 1989Whitford JFC0
-PALMA, HugoSouth Fremantle15 Feb 2001South Perth JFC1
38PALMER, CameronClaremont15 Feb 1994Whitford JFC0
-PALMER, ForrestEast FremantleN/A-0
-PALMER, FrazerSwan Districts26 Aug 1994Karratha Kats0
-PALMER, NicholasClaremont30 Aug 1995Kururrungku Roos0
22PALMER, RhysEast Fremantle13 Feb 1989Bullcreek Leeming JFC1
6PALUMBO, JoelSouth Fremantle14 Apr 1990South Coogee JFC0
-PANETTA, LukePerth31 Jan 1998Gosnells0
-PANG, RichardSubiaco11 Nov 1972-0
-PANIZZA, DarrellClaremont11 Mar 1959-0
40PANIZZA, EthanClaremont01 Oct 1991Royals0
99PANIZZA, MatthewSubiaco27 Jun 1994Southern Cross0
99PANIZZA, SimonSouth Fremantle08 Aug 1993Williams0
5PANNELL, MatthewSubiaco27 Oct 1999Sorrento Duncraig0
44PANTANO, JosephSouth Fremantle16 Aug 1990CBC0
-PAPADOPOULOS , ChristopherWest Perth16 Jun 2001Whitford JFC0
48PAPARONE, JackEast Fremantle14 Oct 1989Wesley Curtin0
23PAPARONE, MarcoEast Fremantle03 Sep 1994Palmyra JFC0
54PAPERTALK, CallumPerth12 Aug 1992Chapman Valley1
-PAPERTALK, KristianPerth17 Jun 1990Kelmscott0
-PAPERTALK, LenEast Fremantle20 Apr 2000Chapman Valley Football Club1
20PARADELLA, Jaidyn East Fremantle31 Dec 1997Towns0
31PARDI , JaiceWest Perth07 Apr 1995Ocean Ridge 0
8PARDINI, LiamWest Perth30 Jan 1996Whitford JFC0
5PARDINI, LukeEast Perth16 Feb 1993Ballajura JFC0
-PARENTICH, AnthonySouth Fremantle17 Jan 1932-0
45PARFITT, GabrielEast Fremantle18 Oct 1998Rover FC1
6PARFITT, KieranEast Perth20 Oct 1993Bussleton0
-PARIN, Jordan Claremont07 Jul 2000Scarborough JFC1
52PARISH, OliverEast Fremantle24 Mar 1997East Fremantle1
9PARKER, AidanSubiaco25 Jan 1983Carine JFC0
-PARKER, Benjamin Claremont18 Oct 2001Swanbourne JFC0
-PARKER, BrendanWest Perth12 Apr 1973Tuggeranong0
-PARKER, DanSubiaco25 May 1974-0
69PARKER, Daniel East Fremantle21 Jun 1994Mt Barker FC0
-PARKER, HaydenClaremont14 Jun 2001Denmark Walpole FC0
34PARKER, MatthewSouth Fremantle25 Jan 1996Melville1
-PARKER, ShaneSubiaco18 Feb 1973Karrinyup JFC0
-PARKER, ThomasClaremont25 Mar 1982Cervantes0
-PARKER, WilliamWest Perth02 Jan 1980-0
55PARKES, BenWest Perth20 May 1989Ballajura JFC0
-PARKES, KymClaremont21 Oct 1978-0
-PARKIN, ArthurEast FremantleN/A-0
-PARKINSON, JohnClaremont07 Nov 1944-0
-PARKINSON, RossEast Fremantle22 Apr 1905-0
-PARKS, Stanley East Fremantle08 Oct 1925-0
-PARRIMAN, MarkSubiaco17 Jun 1978-0
-PARRY, ArnoldEast Perth17 Aug 1907-0
-PARRY, CraigSubiaco06 Nov 1983-0
5PARRY, JarrodSouth Fremantle25 May 1991Bibra Lake JFC1
29PARRY, SimonSubiaco29 May 1990La Salle1
-PARSONS, AshleySubiaco12 Apr 1979Wickepin UGSFL0
-PARSONS, BaileySouth Fremantle11 Feb 2000Brookton/ Pingelly FC1
17PARSONS, DeclanEast Fremantle22 Jul 1994Towns0
-PARSONS, JoshuaPeel Thunder21 Mar 1981-0
-PARSONS, JustinClaremont10 Nov 1978-0
-PARSONS, LewisSouth Fremantle11 Feb 2000Brookton/ Pingelly FC1
-PARSONS, QuinnPeel Thunder24 Jan 2001Halls Head JFC0
-PARSONS, SydneyEast FremantleN/A-0
-PARSONS, ZaneSouth Fremantle06 Nov 1976-0
14PARTINGTON, LukeEast Perth05 Mar 1997Norwood0
4PASALICH, ReubenEast Perth17 Oct 2000Coolbinia JFC1
59PASINI, JakeSwan Districts06 Feb 2001Caversham JFC0
-PASSERI, GeoffSwan Districts16 May 1969-0
6PATAT, DanielEast Fremantle23 Aug 1996Winnacott JFC0
2PATAT, NicholasEast Fremantle22 Sep 1999Winnacott JFC1
31PATCH, DuranSouth Fremantle19 Feb 1996Wiluna0
99PATCHING, Daniel Swan Districts19 Jul 1989South Mandurah0
-PATCHING, JustinSwan Districts30 Dec 1996Karratha Falcons0
56PATCHING, MichaelPerth15 Aug 1989Toodyay0
15PATERSON, MaxEast Perth28 Jan 1998Augusta Margaret River FC0
-PATERSON, RyanPeel Thunder30 Jan 2001Pinjarra JFC0
-PATERSON, ShanePerth09 Aug 2001Huntingdale JFC0
-PATFIELD, AlfredEast Fremantle06 Sep 1887-0
3PATMORE, JakeClaremont29 Jan 1999Swanbourne JFC1
-PATMORE, JarredPerth16 Nov 2001Northam Saints0
-PATON, TomSwan Districts17 Apr 1995Port Hedland0
-PATTEN, JakeEast Fremantle23 Oct 1994Rovers0
-PATTERSON, ScottClaremont04 Aug 1977-0
44PATTERSON, ZakWest Perth05 Jul 2000Joondalup/Kinross JFC1
47PATTISON, BradleyPerth28 Nov 1997South Perth JFC1
33PAULITZ, BrandonSubiaco17 Oct 1995Kingsway JFC0
-PAULSEN, DanielSubiaco13 Jan 1976-0
50PAUSIN, AndrewSouth Fremantle19 Jan 1998Cockburn0
99PAVLICH, MatthewPeel Thunder31 Dec 1981Woodville West Torrens0
-PAYNE, DarrenWest Perth01 Jul 1974-0
-PAYNE, JacobPerth09 Dec 1992Margaret River/EPFC0
68PAYNE, JordanEast Perth27 Nov 1994Margaret River Hawks0
14PAYNE, MitchellEast Perth25 Jan 1995Margaret River0
-PAYNE, StevenEast Perth10 Jul 1990Augusta Margaret River1
45PAYRITS, AaronPeel Thunder20 May 1991North Mandurah0
7PEACOCK, XavierSubiaco21 Jan 2000Sorrento Duncraig JFC1
7PEAKE, BrettEast Fremantle05 Jul 1983Willetton0
-PEAKE, BrianEast Fremantle04 Dec 1953-0
-PEAKE, JasonPerth22 Jul 1980-0
-PEAKE, LaurenceEast Fremantle10 Apr 1905-0
4PEAKE, ThomasEast Fremantle04 Jul 1999Bullcreek Leeming0
2PEARCE, AlexPeel Thunder09 Jun 1995Ulverstone0
-PEARCE, AlexClaremont25 Aug 2001North Albany FC0
-PEARCE, AllanEast Fremantle01 Jan 1909-0
57PEARCE, BrennanSubiaco25 Jan 1996Kingsway JFC0
-PEARCE, ChristopherWest Perth23 Apr 1981-0
46PEARCE, ClanceeSwan Districts23 Oct 1990Noranda JFC1
37PEARCE, DanylePeel Thunder07 Apr 1986Sturt0
-PEARCE, GeorgeClaremont02 Jun 1923-0
-PEARCE, JesseSwan Districts02 Jan 1985Bassendean JFC0
-PEARCE, JosephSwan Districts28 Feb 1917-0
15PEARCE, JoshuaWest Perth09 Apr 1983Warwick Greenwood JFC0
-PEARCE, MatthewSouth Fremantle12 Dec 1980-0
-PEARCE, MatthewEast Perth12 Jul 1994Kingsway0
32PEARCE, NathanClaremont11 Mar 2000West Coast1
-PEARCE, RyanPerth04 Feb 1983Toodyay MFL0
-PEARCE, SimonEast Fremantle18 May 1983Rockingham JFC0
-PEARS, BenjaminSouth Fremantle28 Jun 2001Willeton JFC0
-PEARS, StephenPeel Thunder20 Aug 1970-0
-PEARS, TayteEast Perth24 Mar 1990Deanmill1
-PEARSE, RichardEast FremantleN/A-0
12PEARSON, Chad South Fremantle14 Feb 1998Bullcreek Leeming JFC1
99PEARSON, LukeSouth Fremantle02 Feb 1996Bullcreek-Leeming JFC0
-PEARSON, MarkClaremont13 May 1980-0
35PEARTON, LeonEast Fremantle07 Mar 1998East Fremantle1
-PECK, RichardEast Perth25 Apr 1975-0
26PEDLEY, Joseph Claremont08 May 1999Port Wyndham Crocs1
-PEEL, ChrisSwan Districts07 Jun 1973-0
25PEIRCE, MitchellWest Perth04 Oct 1996Whitford JFC1
-PEJKOVICH, LjuboslavEast Fremantle23 Nov 1927-0
-PELETIER, JacobSubiaco12 Aug 2000Ports FC1
-PELL, MichaelClaremont03 Apr 1979-0
-PEMBERTON, NicholasPeel Thunder02 Apr 2001Bunbury JFC0
-PENDAL, PatrickPerth07 Jul 2001South Perth JFC0
-PENDLETON, SteveSwan Districts07 May 1975-0
99PENNANT, CharlesSwan Districts18 Dec 1996Horsham0
-PENNIMENT, JackClaremont27 Feb 2001Marist JFC0
-PENNY, BrandonPeel Thunder11 Oct 1998South Mandurah1
-PENNY, DanielSwan Districts16 Feb 1967-0
-PENNY, KylePeel Thunder22 Jan 2001South Mandurah JFC0
-PENSINI, AdrianPerth27 Feb 1970-0
54PEOS, JacksonEast Perth27 Jan 1994Hale School0
-PEOS, PaulEast Perth28 Jan 1968-0
-PEPE, JohnPerth30 Mar 1978-0
-PEREIRA-HEATH, EthanSwan Districts05 Jun 1996Karratha Kats0
45PERER, JakeEast Fremantle07 Jun 1991Plamyra JFC0
-PEREZ, ZacWest Perth05 Feb 1984Bendigo0
65PERHAM, FrazerEast Fremantle02 Jan 1996Brigades0
55PERHAM, HenryEast Fremantle02 Jan 1996Brigades0
9PERHAM, JackEast Fremantle12 Jun 1990Brigades1
37PERKINS, DanielSubiaco21 Nov 1993Coolbinia JFC1
-PERKINS, JustinPerth07 Jan 1983-0
37PERKUSICH, SamPerth24 Mar 1998Dongara1
-PERRETT, JonEast Perth18 Dec 1983-0
-PERRIE, RogerEast Perth17 Mar 1972-0
-PERRY, BradleyPeel Thunder02 Jul 1970-0
-PERRY, DevanEast Perth23 May 1972-0
31PERRY, FraserEast Fremantle15 Jul 1996Railways1
3PERRY, JacksonPeel Thunder14 Oct 1999Secret Harbour Dockers1
49PERRY, JacobPeel Thunder15 Apr 1998South Mandurah1
-PERRY, RaymondEast Perth13 May 1926-0
8PESCUD, BlakeSwan Districts12 Aug 1999High Wycombe JFC1
-PETCHELL, RussellPeel Thunder22 Oct 1981-0
99PETERA, SamuelSouth Fremantle13 Jan 1997Carnarvon0
39PETERS, HamishWest Perth09 Oct 1995Nukarni0
33PETERS, LachlanWest Perth18 Apr 1993Nukarni0
-PETERSEN, JoshuaSwan Districts10 May 1991Waroona0
-PETERSON, CarlClaremont03 Jul 1987Ord River Magpies EKFA0
3PETHER, CameronEast Fremantle01 Jun 1994Palmyra JFC0
59PETHYBRIDGE, ZacSwan Districts17 Jun 1998Narrogin Hawks1
-PETKOVIC, AlecSouth Fremantle29 Dec 2001South Coogee JFC0
-PETKOVIC, BuddyEast Perth13 Mar 1979-0
7PETREVSKI-SETON, SamClaremont19 Feb 1998Halls Creek / Clontarf0
25PETRIE, DrewEast Perth15 Oct 1982North Melbourne FC0
-PETROPULOS, VictorEast Perth06 Jun 1982Coolbinia JFC0
5PETTIFER, KayneEast Perth22 Jan 1982Richmond0
36PETTIGREW, MichaelWest Perth16 Mar 1985Whitford JFC0
48PEZET, EddySouth Fremantle08 Aug 2000Kardinya JFC1
15PHELAN, ChristopherSubiaco25 Jul 1988Kingsley JFC1
-PHELPS, RyanEast Fremantle29 Nov 1979-0
99PHILIP, AlasdairSwan Districts05 Oct 1999-0
20PHILLIPS, Brennan East Perth15 Jan 2000Ellenbrook JF1
61PHILLIPS, CallumSouth Fremantle28 Jun 1992Tuggerong0
10PHILLIPS, CaseyEast Perth06 May 1999Ellenbrook JFC0
33PHILLIPS , JarrodWest Perth28 Jan 1995Ocean Ridge 0
-PHILLIPS, JustinSwan Districts12 Sep 1987Bassendean JFC0
72PHILLIPS, KaylePerth23 Jul 1997Canning Vale JFC0
13PHILLIPS, NathanSubiaco20 Aug 1987Halls Head0
67PHILLIPS, TraeEast Fremantle26 Oct 1995Thornlie FC0
9PHILP, MitchelEast Fremantle19 Sep 1997Canning Vale0
99PHIRI, TakhudzwaSwan Districts24 Feb 1997Bassendean JFC0
-PIANI, MarkSwan Districts13 Dec 1975East Fremantle0
30PIAVANINI, JaidenPeel Thunder29 Oct 1995Collie Eagles0
6PICKERING, AdamEast Perth18 Apr 1981Carlton0
-PICKERING, RayEast Fremantle07 Jul 1939-0
-PICKERING, RobertEast Fremantle17 Mar 1933-0
13PICKETT, AllistairSubiaco04 Aug 1973Narrogin0
31PICKETT, AllistonSubiaco09 Dec 1992Northern Cobras JFC0
56PICKETT, DustinEast Fremantle11 Aug 1986Port Adelaide0
-PICKETT, JacobPeel Thunder28 Jul 1999Harvey Bulls FC1
100PICKETT, JarrodSouth Fremantle18 Aug 1996Jandakot JFC1
-PICKETT, KeithSouth Fremantle07 Jul 1987Fremantle JFC0
99PICKETT, KevinSwan Districts09 Aug 1996Eaton0
41PICKETT, LanceSouth Fremantle03 Nov 1993Jandakot Jets JFC0
25PICKETT, MarlionSouth Fremantle06 Jan 1992Swan Districts1
48PICKETT, ThomasSouth Fremantle02 Jul 1987Tigers0
19PICKETT, TysonSouth Fremantle20 Dec 1997York FC1
41PIETRANGELI, DavidSouth Fremantle13 Dec 1997Jandakot Jets0
41PIGGOT, BlakePeel Thunder11 Apr 1991Harvey Bulls0
-PIGGOTT, BenSwan Districts07 Jul 1979-0
57PIGGOTT, BradenPerth15 Jul 1995South Bunbury FC1
42PIGGOTT, GuyPerth14 Apr 1991South Bunbury FC0
34PIGGOTT, MatthewPeel Thunder30 Aug 1995Halls Head JFC1
19PIGRAM, JesseClaremont21 Apr 1999Broome Saints1
-PIGRAM, LeroyEast Fremantle08 Aug 2001East Fremantle JFC0
28PIGRAM, TristramClaremont25 Aug 1987Broome0
-PIKE, ClintonEast Fremantle19 Nov 1962-0
37PILAWSKAS, PetrasClaremont09 Jan 1999Collie Eagles1
-PILL, ShaneEast Fremantle30 Oct 1966-0
-PILLING, AlllanEast Fremantle13 May 1924-0
-PILLING, MarkEast Fremantle05 Jan 1981Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
47PINA, JarvisPeel Thunder30 Oct 2000South Mandurah FC1
44PINCI, JamesEast Fremantle15 Jan 1993Wesley Curtin0
-PIPER, RaymondEast Fremantle30 Oct 1903-0
99PIRANGI, KaineSouth Fremantle16 Jul 1996Jandakot JFC0
-PIRES, GregoryPerth21 Dec 1976-0
-PIRRITT, GlenClaremont27 Dec 1978-0
-PIRROTTINA, KarlEast Fremantle27 Jan 1977-0
5PISANO, JamieEast Perth09 May 1996Ballajura JFC0
52PISANO, JarradSubiaco20 Dec 1991Kingsley JFC0
8PISANO, StevenPerth14 Dec 1993Maddington0
-PISCONERI, DanielPeel Thunder30 Jan 1985-0
-PITCHER, MalcolmEast Fremantle29 May 1925-0
-PITCHER, RobertEast Fremantle29 Sep 1938-0
-PITCHER, RyanClaremont02 Nov 1979-0
-PITT, BrettSouth Fremantle02 Jul 2000Kwinana JFC1
44PITT, JaydenPeel Thunder07 Oct 1992Geelong0
-PITT, JustinSwan Districts06 Jan 1978-0
57PITTARD, TysonSouth Fremantle09 Aug 2000Winnacott JFC1
36PITTAWAY, TimothyEast Perth04 Mar 1996Noranda JFC0
-PITTORINI, JohnEast Fremantle18 Mar 1959-0
28PLANE, MadocSubiaco12 Aug 1999Sorrento-Duncraig0
99PLANT, TobyClaremont04 Aug 1993Port Melbourne0
-PLATELL, MarkEast Fremantle16 Jan 1954-0
22PLUNKETT, BrodieSouth Fremantle24 Sep 2000South Coogee JFC1
-POBJOY, AlanEast Fremantle28 Jul 1942-0
-POBJOY, ChrisEast Fremantle08 Dec 1967-0
54POBJOY, RileySouth Fremantle21 Jun 1997Willeton JFC1
50POCKLINGTON, ChristianSubiaco21 Feb 1991Claremont 0
43POHLENZ-SAW, PhillipPeel Thunder04 Nov 1990Baldivis JFC0
-POLA, JackWest Perth16 Nov 1914-0
4POLAK, GrahamEast Perth16 Jun 1984Rostrata JFC0
40POLAK, ReidSubiaco21 Jan 1997Belmont JFC2
-POLAK, TroyPerth23 Nov 1972-0
4POLCE, NicholasEast Fremantle17 Feb 1982Melville JFC0
-POLETTI, AlanEast Fremantle10 Aug 1949-0
66POLICH, JeremySwan Districts04 Aug 1986Swan Athletic0
99POLLOCK, Harrison East Fremantle20 Oct 1999Applecross JFC1
16POMARE-HUGHES, JakeWest Perth06 Feb 1999Quinns Districts JFC0
31PONTILLO, RyanSouth Fremantle12 May 1995Winnacott JFC0
-POOL, TavisWest Perth29 Mar 2001Mazenod JFC0
46POPZELEFF, GeorgeWest Perth09 Oct 1998Whitford JFC0
53PORTEOUS, JoshuaPeel Thunder24 Sep 1997Donnybrook0
-PORTER, BrittonSwan Districts05 May 1925-0
-PORTER, DonWest Perth12 Sep 1925-0
16PORTER, Jack West Perth21 Mar 1998Joondalup Kinross JFC0
-PORTER, JohnSouth Fremantle14 Jul 1970-0
-PORTER, KennethWest Perth17 Nov 1935-0
99PORTER, LiamSouth Fremantle08 Jul 2000Jandakot Jets JFC1
-PORTER, ShanePerth31 Jan 1972-0
27POTENTE, StevenWest Perth10 Oct 1990High Wycombe JFC2
-POTTER, KennethEast Fremantle17 Apr 1926-0
-POTTER, MarinusEast Fremantle05 Jan 1958-0
-POTTS, BrianEast Fremantle14 Apr 1905-0
-POWELL, LiamEast Perth09 Sep 1997Mt Hawthorn0
-POWELL, LiamEast Perth09 Sep 1997-0
-POWELL, LukeSwan Districts12 Jul 1985Manunda Hawks AFL Cairns0
30POWELL, RowenSubiaco17 Sep 1995Towns - Broome / WCE10
8POWELL, Tyson Peel Thunder07 Apr 2000Rockingham JFC1
2POWELL, WilClaremont26 Aug 1999Scarborough JFC1
24POWELL-PEPPER, SamuelEast Perth08 Jan 1998Mt Hawthorn0
28POWER, BenjaminPerth27 Feb 1990Trinity Aquinas1
41POWER, JoshuaSwan Districts28 Feb 1997Kalamunda JFC/ Wesley1
31POWER, KeeganPeel Thunder09 Aug 1996Warnbro1
42POWER, MathewPerth22 Dec 1985Sebastapol0
-POWER, MathewEast Fremantle22 Dec 1985-0
-POZZI, BradEast Fremantle11 Jun 1980-0
-POZZI, RaymondEast Fremantle06 Feb 1947-0
22PRATT, BenEast Fremantle10 Sep 1996Kelmscott0
4PRATT, LukeSwan Districts08 Oct 1989Swan Athletic0
-PRATT, RobertEast Fremantle15 Apr 1905-0
-PREEDY, AstenSwan Districts10 Jan 1995Bunbury0
-PREEN, AlanEast Fremantle04 Jul 1935-0
-PRENDERGAST, MarkSwan Districts29 Apr 1975-0
-PRENDIVILLE, JackClaremont10 Nov 1995Swanbourne JFC / Scotch0
-PRENTICE, MichaelPeel Thunder01 Sep 1976-0
-PRESCOTT, AshleySouth Fremantle11 Sep 1972-0
-PRESTON , RaymondSubiaco01 Dec 1924-0
-PRETTY, DavidPerth02 Apr 1951-0
23PRICE, MitchellSwan Districts08 Oct 1997Kalamunda JFC/ Guildford Grammar1
-PRICE, MitchellSwan Districts06 Jul 2000Mazenod JFC1
54PRICE, SCOTTEast Fremantle02 Jan 1994Wembley0
-PRICE, Stanley East FremantleN/A-0
-PRICE, WalterWest Perth02 Jun 1926-0
-PRIDDIS, MatthewSubiaco21 Mar 1985Sorrento Duncriag JFC1
-PRIMERANO, MatteoPerth22 Jun 2001Manning JFC0
-PRINCE, GeorgeEast Fremantle21 May 1918-0
-PRINCE, IvanEast Fremantle09 Feb 1947-0
-PRING, Albert East FremantleN/A-0
10PRIOR, AdamEast Perth19 Jan 1987Wodonga0
28PRIOR, JaxonWest Perth04 Jun 2001Sorrento-Duncraig JFC1
-PRIOR, MichaelEast Perth06 Sep 1973-0
-PROCTER, JoePerth01 Oct 1969-0
-PROSS, BrianEast Fremantle27 Jul 1938-0
-PROSSER, AllanEast Fremantle29 Dec 1946-0
-PROSSER, JamesEast Fremantle03 Apr 1909-0
-PROSSER, TomWest Perth07 Aug 2001Sorrento-Duncraig JFC0
56PROTT, MorganSubiaco02 Apr 1991Gibson0
-PROTT, RyanSubiaco02 Apr 1991Gibson0
-PROUD, VincentPerth28 Jul 1975-0
56PROUDLOVE, WarrickClaremont04 Dec 1991North Albany0
-PROWSE, FrederickEast Fremantle10 Jul 1947-0
-PRUNSTER, RossWest Perth20 Sep 1951-0
-PRUYN, AndrewSwan Districts04 Jul 1984Mazenod JFC0
-PUDDEY, FrederickPerth02 Nov 1915-0
99PULLMAN, JoshSouth Fremantle10 Jun 1989Guildford Grammer2
51PULLMAN, SamSwan Districts11 Sep 1991Guildford Grammer0
49PUNCH, ArnoldPerth11 Oct 1997Maddington1
-PUNCH, RonaldPerth24 May 1995Maddington JFC0
-PURCELL, KaneEast Perth20 Aug 1974-0
-PURSER, AndrewEast Fremantle31 Oct 1958-0
2PURSER, DavidSubiaco23 Apr 1999Sorrento Duncraig0
-PUTLAND, CampbellEast Fremantle14 Nov 1997Booragoon0
-PYE, JavinClaremont27 May 1996Yakanarra Dockers0
-PYKE, DonaldClaremont05 Dec 1968-0
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