Please note that this is not a complete list of all WAFL players since 1885. Listed records are complete for all players since 1994 only, when electronic recording of statistics began. Before 1994 select players who won individual awards or honours are listed. Should you require information on any WAFL player not listed or can supply missing information for those listed, please contact the WAFL historian Greg Wardell-Johnson by e mail:

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# Name Club DOB Club From Points Active
41RADALJ, MitchellPerth12 Jul 1996Chittering JFC0
-RADANOVICH, SamEast Fremantle13 May 1919-0
57RADCLIFFE, ClaytonWest Perth16 Apr 1988Cobras JFC0
14RADECKI, CallumEast Perth14 May 1997Mt Hawthorn0
30RADECKI, DomenicEast Perth10 Jun 1994Coolbinia JFC0
-RADFORD, RickySubiaco12 Feb 1976-0
-RADI, EthanPerth04 Mar 1993Thornlie JFC0
22RADICI, AdamWest Perth20 Apr 1984Upper Swan JFC0
-RADOMILJAC, JacobPerth24 May 2001South Perth JFC0
61RAFFAELLI, DanielPeel Thunder29 Aug 1994Mandurah0
27RAICH, Joshua East Fremantle17 Oct 1997Willeton0
-RAINOLDI, WilliamWest Perth14 Jul 1909-0
58RAJANAYAGAM, LiamEast Fremantle28 Jul 1998Rossmoyne JFC1
-RALPH, EdwardEast Fremantle26 May 1926-0
-RALPH, GrahamEast Fremantle20 Jul 1970-0
37RALPH, TateEast Perth10 Dec 1998Baldivis FC1
-RALPH, WarrenClaremont25 Feb 1959-0
-RALPH, WilliamSubiaco10 Feb 1924-0
26RALSTON, Reece East Perth02 Jul 1998Donnybrook0
-RAMM, JamiePeel Thunder05 Oct 1975-0
61RAMM, SeanEast Perth22 Aug 1999Noranda JFC1
-RAMSAY, DylanPeel Thunder17 Oct 1993Eaton0
2RAMSAY, JacksonEast Perth20 Nov 1994Coolbinia1
62RAMSAY, JaxonPerth05 Oct 1990Wagin0
-RAMSHAW, BenClaremont21 Jun 2002Scarborough JFC1
-RANCE, AlexSwan Districts09 Oct 1989High Wycombe JFC0
5RANDALL, BenSubiaco18 Dec 1984Scotch College0
13RANDALL, JordanEast Fremantle13 Oct 2001Bullcreek Leeming FC1
9RANDALL, MichaelPeel Thunder20 Feb 2000South Mandurah1
-RANDALL, NeilSubiaco04 Aug 1953-0
-RANDELL, GEast Fremantle23 Feb 1905-0
28RANGITOHERIRI, JackPerth11 May 1999Thornlie JFC1
-RANKIN, CorneliusEast FremantleN/A-0
-RANKIN, DavidEast Fremantle12 Jul 1960-0
-RANKIN, JamesEast FremantleN/A-0
12RANKIN, ZacharyPeel Thunder15 Feb 2001Eaton Boomers1
-RANSOM, JohnSouth Fremantle04 Apr 1981-0
18RANSTED, KanePerth13 Feb 1987Victoria Park JFC0
21RASMUSSEN, LaineWest Perth02 Apr 1993Sorrento Duncraig JFC1
31RASMUSSEN, LukeSouth Fremantle19 Dec 1994Narrogin0
24RASMUSSEN, StevenSouth Fremantle01 Feb 1994Cockburn JFC0
24RATCLIFFE, HaydenPeel Thunder24 Feb 1993Mandurah JFC0
-RATCLIFFE, WilliamEast Fremantle04 Mar 1877-0
18RAUBENHEIMER, NolanEast Perth19 Apr 1994St Ives0
-RAWLINGS, DaneClaremont31 Jan 1982-0
-RAWLINSON, ArhurEast Fremantle23 Oct 1894-0
57RAWLINSON, MatthewClaremont10 Feb 1992Claremont JFC0
38RAWSON, KilianPeel Thunder30 Dec 2000South Mandurah FC1
-RAY, FarrenPeel Thunder23 Mar 1986Mandurah JFC1
7RAYNER, JamesEast Fremantle14 Jun 1996East Fremantle JFC0
-RAYNER, LukeWest Perth06 Apr 1975-0
50RAYNOR, TristenSwan Districts14 Jul 1997High Wycombe JFC1
1RAZALI, IzharSwan Districts21 Jan 1995South Hedland0
29RE, MarcSubiaco20 Jan 1988Marist JFC0
-REA, MickPerth10 Dec 1956-0
-READ, BradleyEast Fremantle19 Nov 1968-0
35READ, CoreyEast Perth19 May 1995Augusta Margaret River0
17READ, JakePeel Thunder15 Aug 1998Warnbro Swans1
54READ, JamesClaremont23 May 1988Swanborne0
7READ, PhillipSubiaco20 Oct 1979Wesley College0
99READ, SamuelEast Fremantle23 Oct 1991Willetton1
-READ, ScottEast Fremantle14 Mar 2000Rostrata JFC1
44REAGAN, JackClaremont06 Dec 1984Claremont JFC0
-REARDON, AlbertEast Fremantle20 Mar 1905-0
41REBELLO, JacobPerth02 Aug 1997Gosnells0
21REDDEN, JackEast Perth09 Dec 1990Brisbane0
-REDFERN, RyanWest Perth01 Mar 1978-0
19REDHEAD, AaronEast Perth14 Jul 1998Killarney Vale FC1
8REDMAN, MichaelSouth Fremantle02 Jun 2000Secret Harbour1
-REDMOND, HaydenEast Fremantle27 Sep 2000Winnacott JFC0
24REED, Brandon Subiaco26 Dec 1999Kingsway1
43REED, Trent Perth06 May 1998Victoria Park JFC0
62REED, Trent South Fremantle01 Apr 1999Cobden Football Club1
-REEKIE, CraigSwan Districts11 Apr 1973-0
62REES, Thomas East Perth03 Jun 1995Mt Lawley Inglewood JFC 0
36REES-TURNER, RileySouth Fremantle30 Apr 2001Winnacott JFC1
57REEVE, EthanEast Perth17 Mar 1999Harvey Bulls FC1
28REEVE, JacobSouth Fremantle04 Jul 1999Jandakot FC1
37REEVE, JoshuaEast Perth12 Feb 1995Deanmill0
32REEVES, JoshuaPeel Thunder09 Jan 1996Mandurah0
39REGAN, ConorEast Fremantle08 Aug 1995Winnacott JFC1
-REGAN, CorneliusEast Fremantle30 Sep 1934-0
-REGAN, DavidPeel Thunder18 Sep 1972-0
-REGAN, DwainEast Fremantle14 Jun 1970-0
24REGAN, HarrisEast Fremantle08 Sep 1997East Fremantle0
-REGAN, Henry East Fremantle07 May 1931-0
50REGAN, JacobWest Perth09 Apr 1994Quinns JFC0
-REGAN, MarkEast Fremantle11 Oct 1954-0
-REGAN, MichaelEast Fremantle12 Jun 1941-0
-REGAN, SeanEast Fremantle04 Sep 1966-0
-REID, AlanEast Fremantle29 Jan 1956-0
43REID, BenSubiaco16 Oct 1997Kingsway0
-REID, CurtisEast Fremantle25 Apr 1876-0
-REID, JamesClaremont01 May 1913-0
60REID, JordanClaremont20 Jun 1999Mount Barker FC1
-REID, NicholasClaremont04 Sep 1995North Beach JFC0
17REIDY, WilliamSwan Districts13 Mar 1999Aquinas College1
31REIDY-CROFT, DevlinSouth Fremantle28 Nov 1993Maddington0
-REILLY, JohnSouth Fremantle03 Sep 1916-0
-REILLY, LukeWest Perth01 Oct 2002Whitford JFC1
16REILLY, Patrick East Perth09 Oct 2001Boyup Brook JFC1
5REILLY, WilliamClaremont15 Sep 2000Cottesloe JFC1
8REIMERS, KylePerth10 Jan 1989Bunbury0
22RENEHAN, KevinSubiaco16 Apr 1994Pioneers Alice Springs0
-RENNEX, DavidEast Fremantle06 Feb 1979-0
-RENNICK, DarrynSouth Fremantle02 Dec 1971-0
-RENOUF, ArthurEast Fremantle21 Feb 1905-0
-RENZULLO , Joshua Swan Districts10 Feb 1995Swan Athletic 0
-REPACHOLI, AndrewPeel Thunder26 Feb 1983Kondinin0
-REPACHOLI, DenisEast Fremantle05 May 1970-0
36RETALLACK, BradenClaremont07 Apr 1999North Albany FC0
-RETELL, ArthurEast Fremantle22 Jan 1906-0
-RETZLAFF, BrendonSwan Districts22 Apr 1969-0
-REUBEN, ClaytonWest Perth20 Apr 1974-0
21REWELL, LachlanWest Perth16 Aug 2001Ocean Ridge JFC1
-REYNOLDS, AnthonyWest Perth02 Jun 1971-0
-REYNOLDS, ClarenceEast Fremantle16 Mar 1908-0
-REYNOLDS, FrederickEast Fremantle08 Mar 1905-0
23REYNOLDS, JoelEast Perth05 Jun 1984Geelong0
-REYNOLDS, MattSouth Fremantle07 Apr 2002Jandakot Jets JFC1
99RHODES, BrandonSouth Fremantle22 Nov 1996Bullcreek-Leeming JFC1
33RICCIARDELLO, AdrianEast Fremantle13 Oct 1990South Coogee JFC0
-RICCIARDO, AlexanderEast Fremantle11 Jun 1996East Fremantle0
5RICE, JoelWest Perth02 Jul 1985Marcellin0
11RICH, DanielSubiaco07 Jun 1990Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
2RICHARDS, GrahamWest Perth07 Oct 1999Wanneroo JFC0
10RICHARDS, GuySwan Districts19 Dec 1990Collingwood0
-RICHARDS, HerbertEast Fremantle21 Jan 1901-0
26RICHARDS, IsaacEast Fremantle07 Jul 2000Winnacott JFC1
3RICHARDS, JamieEast Fremantle13 Jan 1995Forrestdale JFC0
-RICHARDS, LaurieWest Perth14 Jan 1947-0
45RICHARDS, LiamPeel Thunder12 Apr 2001Baldivis FC1
-RICHARDS, LindsayEast Fremantle27 Mar 1909-0
-RICHARDS, NormanEast Fremantle28 Jun 1865-0
-RICHARDS, RaymondSouth Fremantle23 Feb 1931-0
45RICHARDS, ToddSubiaco11 Aug 1989Quairading0
20RICHARDS, TraeEast Perth06 Sep 1993Noranda JFC0
-RICHARDSON, ColinEast Fremantle24 Oct 1948-0
-RICHARDSON, ColinEast Fremantle01 Apr 1925-0
-RICHARDSON, CraigPerth24 Sep 1975-0
-RICHARDSON, Edward (Ted)East Fremantle16 Feb 1939-0
4RICHARDSON, IanClaremont14 Oct 1987West Coast JFC1
10RICHARDSON, JackClaremont15 Feb 1993Swanbourne JFC / Scotch1
-RICHARDSON, JamieClaremont17 Sep 1972-0
-RICHARDSON, JohnEast FremantleN/A-0
-RICHARDSON, MichaelSwan Districts16 Mar 1959-0
-RICHARDSON, MikeWest PerthN/A-0
32RICHARDSON, PaulSwan Districts25 May 1986Mazenod0
-RICHARDSON, RaymondEast Fremantle29 Jul 1921-0
50RICHARDSON, ReesePerth03 Jun 1993Federals0
-RICHARDSON, ShanePerth17 Aug 2002Manning JFC1
-RICHARDSON, StephenSwan Districts16 Mar 1959-0
-RICHINGS, LewisEast Perth28 Aug 2002Bridgetown FC1
-RICHMOND, DanielSwan Districts16 Oct 1979St George0
-RICHTER, MatthewClaremont25 Feb 1976-0
-RICONI, AnthonyEast Fremantle18 Sep 1893-0
-RIDDLE, MichaelSubiaco01 Sep 1971-0
32RIDDOCH, RudyWest Perth05 Mar 1993Bassendean JFC5
39RIDLEY, Alex East Perth30 Apr 1995Mt Lawley Inglewood JFC 0
-RIDLEY, KieranClaremont21 Feb 1994Wangkatjunka0
31RIDLEY, LeviSwan Districts17 Feb 1997Bassendean JFC1
-RIDLEY, PaulSubiaco01 Jun 1975East Perth0
-RIDLEY, ToddSubiaco11 Feb 1969-0
4RIDLEY, ZacharyPerth27 Apr 1995Huntingdale JFC0
-RIEKIE, Harrison Claremont04 Oct 1997Western Tigers0
-RIEKIE, WillClaremont28 Jun 2001Cottesloe JFC0
15RIETHMULLER, WilliamClaremont11 Feb 1999Swanbourne JFC1
-RIGBY, DarrenPerth21 Feb 1972-0
-RIGBY, JettPerth06 Dec 2001Mannning JFC0
-RIGBY, ZanePerth24 Aug 2000Manning JFC0
-RIGG, BasilPerth12 Aug 1926-0
18RIGGIO, MattSwan Districts14 Mar 1988Waroona JFC3
-RIGOLL, ChristopherWest Perth01 Apr 1973-0
-RIGOLL, KimberleyWest Perth01 Apr 1973-0
58RIIEL, AlexPerth06 Mar 1994Victoria Park JFC0
26RILEY, BlakeEast Perth17 May 1995Busselton1
-RILEY, ErnestEast Fremantle12 Oct 1889-0
38RILEY, FabianPeel Thunder27 Nov 1992South Coogee JFC0
2RILEY, Jack East Perth13 Apr 2000Bassendean JFC1
1RILEY, LachlanPeel Thunder02 Jul 2000South Bunbury FC1
50RILEY, WilliamSwan Districts15 Apr 1996Swan Valley0
-RILEY, WilliamSwan Districts15 Apr 1996Upper Swan JFC0
32RIMBAS, MichaelEast Perth03 Jun 1993Ellenbrook JFC0
-RINALDI, BrendanSubiaco26 Jul 1983Box Hill, VFL0
12RINALDI, CameronSwan Districts14 Feb 1988Maryborough0
14RINDER, PaulPeel Thunder12 Aug 1993Collie0
-RINTOUL, ChadEast Fremantle07 Jul 1974-0
54RINTOUL, ChrisSwan Districts15 Apr 1992Carey Park0
-RIOILI, IzayahSouth Fremantle20 Nov 2002Jandakot Jets JFC1
-RIOLI, DeanSouth Fremantle20 May 1978-0
-RIOLI, MauriceSouth Fremantle01 Sep 1957-0
-RIOLI, WilliamSouth Fremantle21 Feb 1972-0
64RIOLI, WilliamEast Perth04 Jun 1995St Marys1
23RISOL, JaredPerth17 Oct 1990Werribee10
60RISSMAN, TroySwan Districts27 Feb 1995Mt Gravatt0
3RITCHIE, JoshuaEast Fremantle30 Dec 1999Kardinya JFC1
60RIVERS, JamesPerth30 Nov 1992Halls Creek0
-RIVERS, Thomas South Fremantle18 Nov 2002South Coogee JFC1
26RIVERS, TrentEast Fremantle30 Jul 2001Bullcreek Leeming FC1
-RIX, LocheEast Perth06 Apr 1994Ballajura JFC0
30RIX, MichaelSubiaco08 Jan 1981St Kilda0
-ROACH, BenSwan Districts01 Mar 1997Karratha Kats0
6ROACH, ThomasSwan Districts02 Sep 1985North Ballarat0
25ROADS, BoweClaremont09 Jul 1999Sorrento Duncraig JFC1
-ROBBINS, BenPerth27 Dec 1976-0
-ROBBINS, DavidSubiaco09 Aug 1980-0
11ROBBINS, JoshuaClaremont19 Nov 1999Scarborough JFC1
-ROBBINS, ThomasSubiaco07 May 1934-0
-ROBBINS-BEVIS, NicholasEast Perth21 Feb 2000Mt Lawley Inglewood JFC1
39ROBERTON, DylanEast Perth21 Jun 1991Dandenong0
-ROBERTS, AlexEast Fremantle01 Apr 1989Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
-ROBERTS, AlexanderEast FremantleN/A-0
-ROBERTS, AndrewClaremont19 Nov 1982-0
20ROBERTS, AnthonySwan Districts24 Dec 1993Lalor0
43ROBERTS, BenPeel Thunder08 Jun 2000Harvey Brunswick Leschenault FC1
-ROBERTS, BrianEast Fremantle28 Apr 1948-0
-ROBERTS, DamonSouth Fremantle22 Aug 2002Winnacott JFC1
-ROBERTS, DouglasClaremont18 May 1982-0
-ROBERTS , FrederickEast Fremantle27 Aug 1877-0
60ROBERTS, GavinPerth13 Mar 1991Norwood0
38ROBERTS, HenryClaremont08 Jul 1988Hale School0
38ROBERTS, JoshSwan Districts28 Apr 1984Mazenod0
36ROBERTS, Phil East Perth23 Mar 1992Trinity Aquinas AFC0
-ROBERTS, SidneyEast Perth06 Jun 2003Bassendean JFC1
-ROBERTSON, AustinSubiaco29 Apr 1943-0
-ROBERTSON, CoreyPerth07 Oct 1972-0
58ROBERTSON, DanielWest Perth11 Mar 1997Kingsway JFC0
-ROBERTSON, DevenPerth30 Jun 2001Manning JFC1
-ROBERTSON, JamesEast FremantleN/A-0
37ROBERTSON, MitchellSubiaco04 Jan 1994North Shore0
16ROBERTSON, NicholasWest Perth03 Jun 1995Joondalup Kinross JFC0
-ROBERTSON, RonaldEast Perth23 Mar 1926-0
-ROBERTSON, StephenEast Fremantle18 Apr 1954-0
-ROBERTSON, TateSubiaco22 Jan 2002North Beach JFC1
20ROBILLIARD, LiamClaremont23 Mar 1999West Coast JFC1
18ROBINS, KainPeel Thunder23 May 1984Eaglehawk0
50ROBINSON, AlexSouth Fremantle24 Jun 1998South Coogee JFC1
-ROBINSON, ArthurEast Fremantle03 Mar 1905-0
57ROBINSON, BlakePerth19 May 1994Federals0
11ROBINSON, BrettSubiaco04 Dec 1985Werribee/SDFC0
9ROBINSON, CoreyEast Fremantle25 Dec 1999Marist JFC1
13ROBINSON, DrewPeel Thunder14 Mar 1985Gosnells JFC0
7ROBINSON, JakeSubiaco12 Sep 1992Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
26ROBINSON, JarrodSwan Districts09 Jan 1984Forrestfield JFC0
35ROBINSON, KyleEast Perth31 Jan 2001Caversham JFC1
17ROBINSON, LukePeel Thunder21 Jan 1994Baldivis0
40ROBINSON, MichaelEast Perth30 Oct 1983Scarborough0
-ROBINSON, MichaelEast FremantleN/A-0
-ROBINSON, NealeEast Fremantle10 Mar 1953-0
99ROBINSON, NeilSouth Fremantle26 Nov 2000South Coogee JFC0
-ROBINSON, ShaunSouth Fremantle18 Mar 1984-0
-ROBIS, ZarneWest Perth17 Feb 2002Quinns Districts JFC1
-ROBSON , Alex Swan Districts27 Jul 1995La Salle College 0
-ROCCHI, JohnSouth Fremantle21 Dec 1904-0
26ROCHE, DavidEast Perth17 May 1993Southerners0
-ROCKE, IanEast Fremantle21 Aug 1992Rossmoyne JFC0
-ROCKE, JonasSubiaco04 Dec 2002Sorrento-Duncraig JFC1
-ROCKE(ROCCHI), AnthonyEast Fremantle13 Aug 1900-0
20RODDA, NicholasWest Perth06 Jul 1994Whitford JFC1
8RODGERS, ChrisPerth23 Feb 1990South Perth JFC0
23RODGERS, CodyEast Perth06 Jun 2001Augusta Margaret River JFC1
66RODGERS, HamishEast Fremantle02 Jun 1999Melville JFC1
-RODGERS, NelsonEast Fremantle04 Jul 1940-0
28RODIN ZIMDAHL, TravisSouth Fremantle27 Jan 1999Cockburn1
13RODOREDA, MalakiSwan Districts14 Jul 2000Noranda JFC1
-RODRIGUEZ, RichardSubiaco16 Mar 1900-0
23ROE, DominicPerth18 Dec 1999South Perth FC0
24ROE, JasonEast Perth13 Mar 1984Brisbane Lions0
20ROE, LaughlanWest Perth15 Mar 1997Quinns0
99ROE, ZarethPerth18 Sep 1998South Perth 1
18ROGERS, BaileyClaremont22 Mar 1997Marist JFC1
24ROGERS, CoreyClaremont29 Aug 1997North Albany0
-ROGERS, GlenEast Fremantle14 Feb 1963-0
-ROGERS, GraemeEast Fremantle19 Sep 1947-0
20ROGERS, JackEast Perth10 May 1993Busselton0
-ROGERS, MattSubiaco13 Aug 2001Gibson FC1
8ROGERS, MatthewSwan Districts10 Sep 1990Cunderdin3
-ROGERS, NormanEast Fremantle07 May 1937-0
44ROGERS, PietWest Perth13 Feb 1984Ports EDFA0
28ROGERS, ToddPerth07 Sep 1994Cunderdin0
-ROGERS, WilliamPerth27 Jan 2000Quairading FC1
-ROGERSON, CharlesEast Fremantle14 Nov 1924-0
-ROGERSON, RalphEast Perth24 Apr 1938-0
35ROHDE, DrewSubiaco31 Aug 1993Whitford JFC5
38ROLLEY, ScottSubiaco18 Aug 1995Scarborough JFC0
-ROMAINE , MassimilianPerth03 Apr 2000Mazenod JFC1
51ROMANELLI, JoshuaWest Perth18 Jun 1998Quinns Rock1
-ROMANO, LukeClaremont04 Feb 2001Marist JFC0
-ROMANO, MarcusClaremont29 Dec 2002Subiaco JFC1
-ROMARO, TerryEast Fremantle04 Oct 1948-0
65ROSA, MatthewEast Perth23 Nov 1986North Ballarat0
3ROSA, SimonPeel Thunder02 Mar 1983Bendigo Bombers0
-ROSARIO, MitchellEast Perth18 Jul 1997Mt Hawthorn JFC0
-ROSARIO, PrestonEast Perth25 Sep 2001Mt Hawthorn JFC0
-ROSARIO, Preston East Perth25 Sep 2001Mt Hawthorn JFC0
-ROSBENDER, WimPerth25 Feb 1951-0
-ROSE, AdamEast Fremantle12 Jun 1981-0
-ROSE, AlanSouth Fremantle26 May 1952-0
-ROSE, GavinEast Perth29 Sep 1969-0
30ROSE, JessePerth13 Dec 1995Wesley Curtin AFC0
-ROSE, PeterPeel Thunder17 Jun 1979-0
-ROSE, RobertClaremontN/A-0
-ROSE, RonanSubiaco04 Jul 2002Sorrento-Duncraig JFC1
-ROSE, SethPerth10 Sep 2002Northam Saints1
-ROSE, VictorSouth Fremantle11 Apr 1905-0
-ROSE, WilliamSouth Fremantle03 Jan 1926-0
-ROSEL, JoshuaPeel Thunder01 Sep 1997Eaton Boomers0
34ROSER, JoshuaEast Perth20 Mar 1997Ballajura JFC0
-ROSER, WayneEast Fremantle28 Jan 1973-0
-ROSEWARNE, ClementSwan Districts22 Mar 1914-0
32ROSHER, LukeClaremont14 Jan 1995Wembley Downs JFC / Hale0
-ROSICH, DanielClaremont09 Jan 1998Melville JFC0
-ROSS, AdamSwan Districts30 Dec 1977-0
99ROSS, DinoSwan Districts14 Feb 1996Swan View0
17ROSS, DylanClaremont26 Jun 1990Marist JFC0
22ROSS, JamesClaremont04 Jun 1995Wembley Downs JFC0
-ROSS, JonathonPeel Thunder03 Nov 1973-0
-ROSS, MichaelWest Perth09 Dec 2002Ocean Ridge JFC1
29ROSS, RyanEast Perth13 Jul 1996Mt Lawley0
41ROSSITER, LesliePerth10 Jul 1998Hills Rangers1
43ROTHAM, JoshuaEast Perth25 Feb 1998Whitford JFC0
15ROTHAM, SamWest Perth19 Apr 1996Whitfords JFC1
62ROTHWELL, ReubenEast Fremantle06 Jan 1997Cockburn0
-ROTUMAH, MichaelWest Perth11 Aug 1974-0
43ROUPHAEL, JoshuaPerth17 Aug 1996South Perth JFC0
-ROUT, RobertSubiaco03 Jul 1991Railways0
-ROWAN, JohnEast Fremantle30 Mar 1942-0
-ROWE, BradleyEast Fremantle23 Nov 1969-0
13ROWE, DanielWest Perth05 Sep 2000Whitfords JFC1
-ROWE, DarcyEast Fremantle23 Apr 2001Mullewa FC0
-ROWE, DavidEast Fremantle28 Apr 1969-0
27ROWE, IanClaremont19 Dec 1986Claremont JFC0
20ROWE, JesseEast Fremantle14 Oct 1999Ports FC1
-ROWE, JonathanPerth07 Aug 1972-0
-ROWLAND, CecilEast Perth24 Apr 1912-0
-ROWLAND, ScottEast Fremantle22 Oct 1963-0
-ROWLANDS, ErnestEast Fremantle03 Jun 1884-0
6ROWLANDS, RhysSwan Districts12 Jun 1985High Wycombe0
-ROWLANDS, SamEast Fremantle28 Feb 1996Willeton0
-ROWLANDS, SamuelEast Fremantle28 Feb 1996Canning Vale JFC0
-ROWLES, RaymondEast Perth18 Dec 1936-0
-ROWLEY, AlbertClaremont10 Feb 1899-0
55ROWLING, TysonPerth10 Sep 1991Bencubbin0
27ROWLINSON, BlakeSwan Districts16 Nov 1999Swan View JFC1
-ROWNEY, PeterEast Fremantle14 Oct 1943-0
-ROY, GryphonPerth23 Apr 2001Victoria Park JFC0
100ROY-MCGREGOR, DanielSouth Fremantle22 Feb 1995Lynwood Ferndale1
33ROYAL, MitchellPeel Thunder01 Jul 1993Halls Head0
-RUBERY, JackPeel Thunder22 Apr 1989Boddington0
42RUBERY, MatthewPeel Thunder22 Sep 1993South Mandurah JFC0
18RUCK, AndrewClaremont16 Dec 1985Albany - Royals0
32RUDD, ClintonEast Fremantle22 Oct 1982Boulder0
-RUDD, SimonPerth14 Oct 1975-0
23RUDD, TysonEast Perth23 Feb 1989East Fremantle0
2RUDEFORTH, ClancyClaremont01 Feb 1983WDJFC/Hale/WCE0
32RUDRUM, JamieEast Perth21 Jan 1995Hamersley/ Carine AFC1
62RUFFLES, TimPerth05 Oct 1990North Ballarat0
40RUGGIERO, MarcusEast Perth08 Jan 1994Coolbinia0
65RUIZ, SebastianSwan Districts29 Apr 1990Mt Lawley0
-RULE, JosephEast FremantleN/A-0
23RUMBLE, DarrenSubiaco20 Sep 1984Balga JFC0
-RUMMER, DavidEast Fremantle27 Dec 1924-0
-RUNDLE, CoreyWest Perth12 Jan 2002Whitford JFC1
-RUNDLE, KevinSwan Districts30 Jan 1976-0
12RUNDLE, SamSouth Fremantle08 Jan 1994Katanning/Wanderers0
45RUREMESHA, FredEast Perth22 Jul 2000Ellenbrook JFC1
23RUSCOE, BenEast Fremantle30 Nov 1999Willeton JFC1
24RUSCOE, TreyEast Fremantle03 Nov 2001Booragoon JFC1
-RUSH, GlennPeel Thunder18 Mar 1985Pinjarra JFC0
66RUSHFORTH, BenClaremont30 Jul 1997West Coast JFC1
-RUSHTON, RobertPerth26 Feb 1980East Fremantle WAAFL0
-RUSLING, RichardEast Fremantle12 Apr 1905-0
38RUSSELL, AaronWest Perth27 Jul 1987Swan View0
18RUSSELL, BenjaminSubiaco15 Dec 1993Carine JFC0
-RUSSELL, GraemeClaremont11 Apr 1905-0
5RUSSELL, James South Fremantle12 May 2000Secret Harbour JFC1
37RUSSELL, JustinPerth24 Feb 1989Trinity College0
4RUSSELL, KyleSouth Fremantle12 Jan 1998Secret Harbour JFC1
37RUSSELL, MarkEast Perth28 Aug 1998Ballajura0
68RUSSELL, MarkEast Perth28 Aug 1998Ballajura1
41RUSSELL, MichaelSouth Fremantle04 Jun 1991Eaton0
40RUSSO, DanielEast Perth10 Dec 1996Coolbinia JFC1
-RUSSO, PhillipSouth Fremantle03 Feb 1982-0
99RUTHERFORD, JustinSwan Districts30 Jul 1996La Salle0
42RUTHERFORD, Thomas Peel Thunder25 Mar 2000Secret Harbour Dockers FC1
60RYAN, AdamPerth16 Mar 1995Lynwood Ferndale0
40RYAN, AmbroseEast Fremantle22 Nov 1998Winnacott1
46RYAN, BradleyWest Perth30 Sep 1994Dandaragan0
-RYAN, BradleyWest Perth30 Sep 1994Dandaragan Football Club0
-RYAN, BrianEast Perth01 Nov 1910-0
-RYAN, ChristopherEast Fremantle02 Feb 1974-0
62RYAN, DanielSubiaco13 Aug 1997Sorrento-Duncraig0
-RYAN, DarrenClaremont10 Jun 1974-0
23RYAN, GrahamWest Perth21 Jul 1993Whitford JFC0
43RYAN, HenryWest Perth23 Mar 2001Sorrento-Duncraig JFC1
-RYAN, JacksonSwan Districts08 May 2002Hills Rangers JFC0
-RYAN, JacksonSwan Districts08 May 2002Ellenbrook JFC1
-RYAN, JacobSubiaco26 May 1981-0
51RYAN, LiamEast Perth02 Oct 1996Rover FC0
38RYAN, LukePeel Thunder06 Feb 1996Maribyrnong Park FC0
43RYAN, MitchellPeel Thunder11 Dec 1991Baldivis0
26RYAN, NathanPerth28 Dec 1981Horsham0
50RYAN, OliverEast Perth07 Dec 1994Busselton1
-RYAN, PhillipEast Fremantle14 May 1951-0
-RYAN, SamuelEast Fremantle26 Feb 2002Booragoon JFC1
-RYAN, ShaneSubiaco07 Jan 1981Geelong0
-RYAN, StaniforthEast Fremantle16 Mar 1905-0
-RYAN, TajEast Fremantle18 Jan 2001Winnacott JFC0
34RYAN, TrentClaremont19 Jul 1994Karrinyup JFC / Hale0
23RYDER, BradleyEast Fremantle06 Aug 2000Brigades JFC1
-RYDER, HeathPeel Thunder12 Jul 2000Eaton Boomers1
-RYDER, JamiePeel Thunder28 Mar 1973-0
65RYDER, JamieWest Perth16 Apr 1996Nollamara0
-RYDER, JoshuaSwan Districts22 Jul 1976-0
14RYDER, KyleWest Perth09 Feb 1994Quinns JFC0
-RYDER, MarkEast Fremantle12 Jul 1969-0
-RYDER, PatrickEast Fremantle14 Mar 1988-0
-RYDER, RevisEast Fremantle07 Nov 1963-0
-RYDER, WaynePerth03 Oct 1963-0
-RYNEHART, BrentWest Perth20 Apr 1980-0
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