Please note that this is not a complete list of all WAFL players since 1885. Listed records are complete for all players since 1994 only, when electronic recording of statistics began. Before 1994 select players who won individual awards or honours are listed. Should you require information on any WAFL player not listed or can supply missing information for those listed, please contact the WAFL historian Greg Wardell-Johnson by e mail:

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# Name Club DOB Club From Points Active
-WADDINGTON, BenjaminPeel Thunder09 Jun 1999Baldivis JFC1
31WADE, RyanSubiaco05 Jul 1991Kingsley JFC1
15WAIGHT, AdamEast Fremantle01 Nov 1990Gosnells JFC0
-WAILU, ChristopherEast Fremantle12 Dec 1989Karratha0
64WAINWRIGHT, AidenEast Fremantle07 Sep 1998Brigades1
-WAITE, NelsonEast Perth07 Oct 1997Mt Lawley JFC/Trinity0
14WAITE, NelsonEast Perth07 Oct 1997Mt Lawley1
-WAKE, GavinEast Fremantle02 Jul 1964-0
-WAKE, KennethEast Fremantle02 Jul 1964-0
16WAKE, MitchellEast Fremantle09 May 1996Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
-WAKELY, CharlesEast Fremantle21 Feb 1905-0
-WALDRAM, LukeEast Perth07 May 1996Morley Bulldogs JFC0
63WALKER, AreefEast Perth23 Jan 1994Augusta Margaret River0
-WALKER, BenSubiaco09 May 1984Carine JFC0
-WALKER, FrankPerth10 Sep 1933-0
-WALKER, GregSwan Districts08 Jul 1967-0
-WALKER, HenryEast Perth07 Aug 1892-0
8WALKER, JamesSouth Fremantle15 Jan 1979North Ballarat0
-WALKER, KingsleyPeel Thunder19 Jul 1978-0
-WALKER, LeeEast Perth07 Feb 1973-0
55WALKER, MaevaSwan Districts08 Jan 1998Karratha Kats1
61WALKER, MarshallPerth07 Jun 1995Vic Park JFC0
21WALKER, MitchellSwan Districts12 Aug 1994Wickham0
30WALKER, TimEast Perth14 Jul 1999West Coast JFC1
-WALKER, William (Bill)Swan Districts23 Feb 1941-0
-WALKINGSHAW, DaleSouth Fremantle30 Apr 1978-0
-WALL, MichaelEast Fremantle21 Sep 1982-0
-WALLACE, BrandonSouth Fremantle22 Nov 1996-0
-WALLACE, GlennWest PerthN/A-0
34WALLACE, Isaac Claremont22 Jul 1998Murray Bushrangers10
-WALLACE, JamesEast PerthN/A-0
-WALLACE, MitchellPeel Thunder30 Jun 1996Mandurah JFC1
-WALLAM, AshleyEast Perth07 Jan 1995Kojonup0
45WALLAM, DalePerth12 Jul 1993Mullewa0
33WALLAM, DylanClaremont04 Jul 1997Warwick-Greenwood0
-WALLER, AndrewEast Perth19 Sep 1975-0
99WALLEY, CallumPerth06 Apr 1990Whitford JFC1
25WALLEY, MalachiSouth Fremantle31 Jul 2001Fremantle City Dockers JFC1
39WALLEY, MartyPerth10 Jun 1990Donnybrook0
-WALLEY, MitchellPerth05 Oct 1996Whitfords JFC0
-WALLEY, PatrickSouth Fremantle18 Feb 1993Kwinana JFC0
48WALLIS, RichardEast Fremantle07 Dec 1993Willeton JFC0
60WALLIS, RickPerth07 Dec 1993Willeton0
-WALLIS, ThomasEast Fremantle17 Aug 2001Attadale JFC0
-WALLRODT, KadeSwan Districts22 Mar 2001South Bunbury JFC0
23WALSH, AaronPerth07 Feb 1993Thornlie JFC0
42WALSH, AdamPeel Thunder13 Jan 1982York AFA0
37WALSH, AndrewPeel Thunder09 Dec 1994Rockingham0
4WALSH, BradleyPeel Thunder03 Sep 1996Rockingham JFC1
28WALSH, CoreyPerth25 Sep 1992Quairading0
58WALSH, MaxEast Perth27 May 1992Busselton0
38WALSH, MitchellEast Perth30 Oct 1995Kojonup0
22WALTERS, MaxSubiaco09 Aug 1996Whitford JFC1
4WALTERS, MichaelPeel Thunder07 Jan 1991Midvale JFC0
-WALTERS, StewartSwan Districts25 Jun 1983-0
31WALTON, BroderickWest Perth24 Apr 1994Kinglsey JFC1
-WALTON, JacsonSubiaco26 Feb 1994Kingsley JFC0
-WALTON, JayPeel Thunder08 Mar 1988Mandurah0
-WALTON, OliverPeel Thunder23 Oct 1998Baldivis JFC1
1WALTON, RoryClaremont30 Jun 1985Marist JFC0
-WALTON, RussellPerth27 Mar 1976-0
-WANSBOROUGH, BertPerth17 Feb 1933-0
45WARAN, Emmanuel South Fremantle23 Dec 1998South Coogee JFC1
-WARBURTON, IanEast Fremantle27 Sep 1949-0
31WARD, BrockClaremont17 Sep 1998West Coast1
-WARD, BrockClaremont17 Sep 1998West Coast0
-WARD, JonSouth Fremantle04 Jun 1979-0
19WARD, LachlanWest Perth02 Jul 1998Whitfords JFC0
15WARD, MatthewSouth Fremantle24 Nov 1999South Coogee JFC1
40WARD, ScottSubiaco05 Aug 1988Kingsley JFC0
-WARDELL-JOHNSON, LeighClaremont17 Mar 1970-0
-WARDEN, HamishSwan Districts27 Jul 1999Bayswater Bears1
-WARDLE, BenEast Fremantle31 Mar 2001Willeton JFC0
-WARDLE, BenjaminEast Fremantle12 Jan 2001Winnacott JFC0
-WARDROPE, BradleyPeel Thunder07 Jul 1975-0
18WARE, AaronEast Fremantle11 May 1985Wonthaggi0
38WARE, KierenPerth10 Dec 1994Kellerberrin/Tammin0
38WARE, MathewPeel Thunder13 Sep 1984Rockingham0
41WARLAND, BrannenWest Perth24 Jun 1999Quinns Districts JFC0
50WARNE, JacobSouth Fremantle08 Aug 1998South Coogee1
16WARNER, BlakePerth19 Jun 1990Lynwood Ferndale JFC0
-WARNER, ChadEast Fremantle19 May 2001Willeton JFC0
49WARNER, DylanPerth30 Jul 1992Winnacott JFC0
-WARNER, TravisSouth Fremantle06 Feb 1976-0
61WARNOCK, RobertWest Perth19 Sep 1987Sandringham0
45WARRELL, ChristopherEast Perth14 Mar 1994Northern Cobras JFC0
99WARRELL, Dominic South Fremantle17 Jul 1992Melville0
100WARRELL, EdwardSouth Fremantle16 Oct 1998Kwinana FC0
7WARRELL, MarvinSouth Fremantle19 Sep 1994Kwinana JFC0
45WARRELL, MichaelSubiaco22 Sep 1999Moora FC1
-WARREN, BrettEast Fremantle22 Jan 1978-0
-WARREN, DaleWest Perth30 Jun 1972-0
33WARREN, JyePeel Thunder15 Mar 1990Coburg0
9WARREN, MichaelEast Fremantle20 Mar 1982South Bunbury0
-WARREN, TonySouth Fremantle13 Aug 1972-0
-WASHBOURNE, JimEast Perth30 Nov 1926-0
-WASLEY, JeremySwan Districts09 Jan 1973-0
-WASLEY, StevenWest Perth25 May 1969-0
-WATERHOUSE, CliveClaremont23 Jun 1974-0
39WATERMAN, AlecClaremont19 Aug 1996Marist JFC1
-WATERMAN, ChrisEast Fremantle19 Sep 1968-0
20WATERMAN, JakeEast Perth06 May 1998Marist JFC0
-WATERMAN, RussellEast Fremantle04 Jul 1964-0
27WATERS, BeauEast Perth30 Mar 1986West Adelaide0
54WATERS, BradSubiaco13 Apr 1996Sorrento Duncraig0
-WATERS, GlennEast Fremantle01 Jan 1979-0
53WATERS, JimmyPeel Thunder02 Apr 1993Pinjarra0
-WATERS, JimmyPeel Thunder02 Apr 1993Pinjarra0
-WATERS, JohnEast Fremantle17 Sep 1943-0
4WATERS, RhysSubiaco14 Oct 1993Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
-WATERS, WalterEast FremantleN/A-0
-WATERSON, ColinEast Fremantle25 Jun 1959-0
-WATHERSTON, BrettPeel Thunder11 Apr 1974-0
-WATKINS, DwaynePeel Thunder07 Feb 1985EATON0
-WATKINS, JoshuaWest Perth21 Apr 2001Wanneroo JFC0
-WATLING, AlanWest Perth23 Jul 1948-0
66WATSON, AustinEast Perth04 Jul 1998Ellenbrook JFC1
-WATSON, BenPerth20 Jun 2000Cervantes FC1
-WATSON, Benjamin Claremont08 Aug 1999Royals FC1
37WATSON, FrancisEast Perth29 Sep 1995Claremont FC1
33WATSON , Hayden Swan Districts19 May 1995Upper Swan JFC 0
24WATSON, JackSwan Districts23 Jul 1997Chittering JFC1
-WATSON, JakSwan Districts04 May 2001South Bunbury JFC0
5WATSON, JarrodPeel Thunder04 Jul 1994HBL0
26WATSON, JoshSubiaco16 Jun 1990Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
-WATSON, KimPerth19 Nov 1977-0
-WATSON, LaurenceEast Fremantle15 Nov 1942-0
-WATSON, MarkPerth04 Apr 1960-0
21WATSON, MatthewEast Fremantle16 Jul 1992Carlton10
28WATSON, Nicholas East Fremantle25 Feb 2000Winnacott JFC1
40WATSON, TobeSwan Districts03 Dec 1997Donnybrook FC1
-WATT, KeithSubiaco19 Jan 1952-0
-WATTERS, ScottSouth Fremantle25 Jan 1969-0
-WATTS, AlanEast Perth05 Nov 1925-0
99WATTS, JakeSwan Districts18 Mar 1997Carey Park0
-WATTS, JakeSwan Districts18 Mar 1997Carey Park0
-WATTS, JohnEast Perth21 Jan 1937-0
-WATTS, WalterEast Fremantle16 Jun 1872-0
99WAYNE, JarrodPerth28 Aug 1995Thornlie JFC0
58WEAL, AaronPeel Thunder30 Jan 1992Halls Head0
-WEBB, AnthonySouth Fremantle17 May 1973-0
-WEBB, JohnEast Perth12 Apr 1905-0
-WEBB, JohnEast Fremantle09 Dec 1891-0
19WEBB, JoshPeel Thunder29 Aug 1998Eaton Eagles0
24WEBB, MarcSubiaco23 Feb 1979Port Melbourne0
-WEBB, MurrayEast FremantleN/A-0
-WEBB, RobertEast Fremantle19 Aug 1918-0
-WEBB, RyanSouth Fremantle07 May 1976Warwick JFC0
-WEBB, SimonEast Perth18 Dec 1979-0
-WEBER, RobertEast Fremantle25 Sep 1966-0
99WEBSDALE, MaxwellSouth Fremantle22 Sep 1997Carey Park FC0
-WEBSTER, DaneSubiaco17 Aug 2000Sorrento-Duncraig JFC0
53WEBSTER, JordanSubiaco04 Apr 1995Carine JFC0
38WEBSTER, LukeEast Perth25 May 1982Trinity College0
-WEBSTER, RaymondEast Perth31 Dec 1929-0
1WEBSTER, RyanEast Perth13 Aug 1980East Perth0
59WEDDERBURN , IsaacPeel Thunder27 Feb 1995Donnybrook0
1WEDDING, AshleySwan Districts11 Oct 1983East Perth0
5WEDGE, CallumEast Fremantle07 May 1994Booragoon JFC0
44WEEDON, GerrickClaremont25 May 1991Derby / WCE0
55WELBURN, MatthewPerth18 Sep 1989Toodyay0
-WELHAN, DeonPeel Thunder28 Jan 2001Secret Harbour Dockers FC0
-WELLER, JakeEast Fremantle18 Dec 1986Zilmere AFLQ0
14WELLER, LachiePeel Thunder23 Feb 1996SouthPort0
19WELLER, LukeEast Fremantle13 Jan 1982Zilmere0
13WELLINGHAM, SharrodEast Perth07 Jul 1988South Perth JFC12
26WELLS, ChristopherSubiaco06 Aug 1999Sorrento-Duncraig JFC1
-WELLS, DanielPeel Thunder03 Feb 1985-0
-WELLS, LeonardPeel Thunder31 Mar 1983-0
41WELLS, NicSubiaco18 Oct 1997Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
12WELLS, ThomasWest Perth12 Jan 1995Ocean Ridge JFC0
60WELLS, TroySwan Districts15 Oct 1995Carey Park0
-WELSH, AaronPeel Thunder29 Jan 1984-0
25WELSH, GrantPeel Thunder15 Nov 1980Wickepin0
-WENDT, GrahamEast FremantleN/A-0
-WENDT, NormanEast Fremantle30 Mar 1918-0
22WENN, AlexSubiaco13 Aug 1996Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
13WENN, AlexWest Perth13 Aug 1996Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
-WERAGAMA, TrevinSouth Fremantle01 Jan 2001Roleystone JFC0
-WERNER, PaulSwan Districts16 Feb 1962-0
-WESCOMBE, ScottSubiaco03 Oct 1984-0
-WESSELS, George South Fremantle12 May 2001Boddington 1
21WEST, ConnorWest Perth07 May 1999Joondalup Kinross JFC1
-WEST, RobertWest Perth07 Mar 1969-0
35WEST, SamuelSubiaco14 Oct 1999Sorrento-Duncraig JFC0
-WEST, TroyWest Perth25 Aug 1971-0
-WESTAWAY, JordanPeel Thunder02 Oct 1997HBL0
-WESTCOTT, DarrynPeel Thunder06 Mar 1992South Mandurah0
-WESTERGARD, HoraceEast Fremantle21 Apr 1899-0
-WESTERN, AlbertEast Fremantle13 Feb 1923-0
-WESTERN, CedricEast Fremantle26 Mar 1905-0
39WESTON, ThomasSouth Fremantle12 Sep 1999East Fremantle JFC1
38WESTWOOD, BraydenPeel Thunder09 Nov 1995Baldivis0
82WESTWOOD, KylePeel Thunder11 Mar 1994Rockingham JFC0
-WHEATCROFT, ChristopherSouth Fremantle07 Jul 1979-0
7WHEATLEY, ClayPeel Thunder26 Mar 1996Pinjarra JFC0
-WHEATLEY, RodneyEast Perth29 Aug 1974-0
20WHEELER, ClancySubiaco28 Mar 1988Newtown Condingup1
-WHEELER, HudsonClaremont27 Jan 1988Cottesloe JFC0
43WHEELER, HudsonEast Perth27 Jan 1988Kelmscott0
12WHEELER, ThomasSouth Fremantle15 Nov 1995Harvey Brunswick Leschenault0
-WHINNEN, AllanWest Perth06 Oct 1942-0
-WHITBY, BradleyPerth03 Mar 1981Bindi Miling0
-WHITBY, ShannonSubiaco08 Sep 1978-0
-WHITCHER, JustinSouth Fremantle12 Jan 1974-0
-WHITE, AlanSubiaco31 Mar 1933-0
43WHITE, Aloysius East Perth13 Apr 1999Dunsborough JFC1
-WHITE, BarrySouth Fremantle22 Apr 1934-0
-WHITE, BrendonPerth11 Jun 1996Esperance FC0
-WHITE, CameronPeel Thunder26 Feb 1986Collie SWFL0
-WHITE, Cameron Peel Thunder17 Oct 1999Waroona FC1
66WHITE, ChristopherEast Perth13 Apr 1999Augusta Margaret River FC1
16WHITE, CraigSouth Fremantle08 Jan 1985Williams0
-WHITE, DamonPerth16 Aug 1983Quairading0
34WHITE, DanielSubiaco04 May 1995Carine JFC0
-WHITE, DenePerth16 Dec 1988Quairading0
-WHITE, JeffreyEast Perth19 Feb 1977-0
57WHITE, JessePeel Thunder08 Jan 1993Carlisle0
-WHITE, JoelPeel Thunder23 Nov 1980Ainslie FC0
12WHITE, MarcusEast Perth24 Oct 1990North Melboune0
54WHITE, MatthewPerth07 Sep 1992Mount Isa0
-WHITE, MitchellSubiaco28 Mar 1973-0
-WHITE, NelsonSwan Districts18 Jul 2001Manning JFC0
29WHITE, SimonSubiaco17 Jun 1988Carine JFC1
9WHITE, SpencerPerth22 Sep 1994St Kilda10
63WHITEFOOT, CuanWest Perth27 Jun 1990Ocean Ridge0
70WHITEHEAD, DanielEast Perth07 Oct 1990Busselton0
23WHITEHEAD, DavidEast Perth06 Mar 1989Busselton0
-WHITEHEAD, JasonSouth Fremantle15 Dec 1978-0
49WHITEHEAD, MasonClaremont16 Apr 1995Scarborough JFC0
-WHITELAW, MartinWest Perth22 May 1976-0
-WHITELAW, PaulClaremont15 Feb 1978-0
-WHITELY, WilliamEast Fremantle07 Mar 1905-0
-WHITFIELD, ChrisPeel Thunder16 Mar 1977-0
-WHITFORD, TrevorEast Fremantle18 Oct 1945-0
9WHITING, BrettSubiaco31 Dec 1993Gibson0
99WHITSED, BenjaminSwan Districts07 Aug 1995Mazenod0
-WHITTLE, A.WEast FremantleN/A-0
29WHITTLE, ThomasSwan Districts29 Aug 1998Upper Swan JFC1
-WHITTLESTON, DanielPerth28 May 1993South Perth JFC0
46WHYTE, TimSubiaco01 Jun 1989Trinity Aquinas0
-WICKS, WilliamEast Fremantle10 Mar 1905-0
-WIDDICOMBE, FrankEast Fremantle15 Jul 1933-0
-WIDDICOMBE, LanceEast Fremantle09 Mar 1929-0
-WIESE, ChrisClaremont18 Jan 1983-0
-WIGHT, Richard (Dixon)Peel Thunder13 Jan 1997North Mandurah1
-WILBRAHAM, GavinEast Perth21 Jan 1981Kardinya JFC0
-WILBRAHAM, GavinEast Fremantle21 Jan 1981-0
-WILCOX, RonaldEast Fremantle24 Jun 1947-0
-WILEY, RobertPerth24 Mar 1955-0
17WILHELM, BlakeWest Perth11 Sep 1992Wanneroo1
54WILKEY, ReisePeel Thunder06 May 1995Pinjarra JFC0
99WILKIE, GerardSouth Fremantle22 Feb 1985Boddington0
-WILKIE, RobertEast Fremantle23 Jul 1981-0
-WILKIN, RyanSwan Districts05 Oct 1975-0
43WILKINS, AdenClaremont10 May 1997West Coast JFC / Hale1
15WILKINS, LainePerth30 Mar 1994Halls Head JFC5
48WILKINSON, ConnorSubiaco12 Feb 1996Warwick Greenwood0
53WILKINSON, DalePeel Thunder15 Jun 1996South Bunbury0
-WILKINSON, GregorySubiaco23 Apr 1961-0
61WILKINSON, HarrySubiaco11 Jan 1996University0
13WILKINSON, Zachary East Fremantle25 Feb 2000Rostrata JFC1
8WILKS, CodyWest Perth25 Mar 1993Kinglsey JFC0
9WILLCOCKS, AshleyEast Perth26 Jul 2000Ellenbrook JFC1
46WILLCOCKS, KyeEast Perth08 Apr 1998Ellenbrook JFC1
-WILLDAY, BrycePerth03 Jun 1986Trinity Aquinas0
-WILLDAY, ThomasPerth03 Jun 1986Trinity Aquinas0
-WILLET, RodneySubiaco10 Oct 1964-0
13WILLETT, ThomasClaremont04 Apr 1989Marist JFC0
-WILLIAMS, AndrewClaremont01 Mar 1979-0
-WILLIAMS, AshleySwan Districts05 Oct 1981-0
99WILLIAMS, BenjaminPerth15 Dec 1996Queens Park JFC0
50WILLIAMS, ChristopherPeel Thunder28 Sep 1993High Wycombe JFC0
-WILLIAMS, DarrenEast Perth13 Mar 1967-0
-WILLIAMS, DaveEast FremantleN/A-0
-WILLIAMS, DeanPeel Thunder12 Dec 1983Mundijong0
10WILLIAMS, DylanEast Fremantle19 Aug 1998Bullcreek Leeming FC1
-WILLIAMS, FredSubiaco28 Aug 1919-0
-WILLIAMS, GEast Fremantle30 May 1905-0
-WILLIAMS, GrahamEast Fremantle14 Jul 1949-0
41WILLIAMS, HarrySubiaco06 Jun 1992Carine JFC0
-WILLIAMS, IvorClaremont26 Jan 1993Kojunup0
19WILLIAMS, JacobPeel Thunder31 Jan 1988South Bunbury0
12WILLIAMS, JaigahEast Fremantle26 Aug 1998Railways FC0
-WILLIAMS, JamenPeel Thunder11 Aug 1983Mandurah0
-WILLIAMS, JohnEast FremantleN/A-0
-WILLIAMS, JohnEast Fremantle05 Feb 1914-0
36WILLIAMS, JohnClaremont08 Oct 1988Essendon5
-WILLIAMS, JoshuaPerth16 Mar 1994Rockingham JFC0
23WILLIAMS, JoshuaPeel Thunder16 Mar 1993Rockingham JFC0
-WILLIAMS, KerryEast Fremantle29 Apr 1951-0
-WILLIAMS, MalcomPerth07 Sep 1969-0
2WILLIAMS, MarleyClaremont20 Jul 1993North Albany0
-WILLIAMS, NathanEast Fremantle01 Jul 1973-0
-WILLIAMS, RaheenSwan Districts09 Jun 1993Ellenbrook JFC0
-WILLIAMS, RobertEast Fremantle01 Oct 1952-0
-WILLIAMS, RossClaremont14 Jan 2000Sorrento-Duncraig JFC1
-WILLIAMS, RussellSouth Fremantle20 Jan 1974-0
24WILLIAMS, ScottPerth11 Aug 1999Gingin FC1
-WILLIAMS, TimEast Perth22 Sep 1975-0
27WILLIAMS, ZavierPeel Thunder30 Jul 1999Harvey Brunswick FC1
60WILLIAMSON, AshtonSubiaco24 Jul 1997Wembley Downs JFC1
31WILLIAMSON, BostonEast Fremantle28 Oct 1992Coolbinia JFC2
-WILLIAMSON, JohnEast Fremantle19 Feb 1905-0
49WILLIAMSON, JordanEast Fremantle07 Feb 1996Railways1
-WILLIAMSON, MichaelSubiaco31 May 1974-0
-WILLIAMSON, RobertEast Fremantle01 Feb 1918-0
100WILLIAMSON, SandySouth Fremantle18 Jun 1996Wickepin0
-WILLIS, JakePeel Thunder01 Apr 2001Secret Harbour Dockers FC0
-WILLISON, LeighEast Fremantle14 Oct 1969-0
21WILLMOTT, CampbellPerth13 Mar 1997Bullcreek Leeming0
37WILLMOTT, NathanClaremont11 Feb 1994Tambellup 0
-WILLS, AndrewEast Fremantle03 Jan 1972-0
-WILLS, BrettPerth06 Nov 1971-0
-WILSON, AlanPerth07 Jan 1981Leongatha0
-WILSON, BarryEast Fremantle04 Dec 1952-0
30WILSON, BlayneSouth Fremantle26 Jan 1992Halls Head5
46WILSON, BrettClaremont11 Dec 1996Bridgetown1
18WILSON, CallumSouth Fremantle09 Jun 1988South Coogee JFC0
13WILSON, CameronClaremont01 Jul 1997Marist-Wembley0
100WILSON, CruzeSouth Fremantle26 Aug 1997North Mandurah JFC1
-WILSON, DanielPeel Thunder29 Mar 1983-0
59WILSON, DermittSwan Districts04 May 1990South Headland0
-WILSON, GeoffreyPerth07 Dec 1970-0
12WILSON, GraydonSwan Districts17 Feb 2000Centrals Football & Sporting Club1
46WILSON, HaydenWest Perth06 Mar 1984Morningside0
-WILSON, JamiePerth27 Sep 2000Thornlie JFC0
42WILSON, JoshuaPeel Thunder27 Feb 1992Safety Bay JFC0
39WILSON, JustinEast Fremantle18 Jul 1985Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
8WILSON, KeenanEast Perth04 Jun 1993Imperials0
33WILSON, KyleEast Perth23 Sep 1999Bridgetown FC0
-WILSON, LeonClaremont20 Jun 1981Wembley0
15WILSON, LewisEast Perth19 Oct 1993Ballajura JFC1
99WILSON, MacLainEast Fremantle09 Dec 1998Willeton JFC0
82WILSON, NathanPeel Thunder07 Jan 1993Mandurah JFC0
25WILSON, PatrickClaremont13 Jul 1994University / Hale0
-WILSON, PeterEast Fremantle15 Nov 1963-0
-WILSON, RichardPeel Thunder14 Dec 1978-0
-WILSON, ThomasEast Fremantle03 Nov 1872-0
-WILSON, TroyEast Perth19 Jan 1972-0
59WILSON, TroyEast Perth14 Jan 1992Imperials0
47WILSON, WarrickSwan Districts29 Jan 1996Clontarf1
-WILSON, WayneSwan Districts06 Feb 1980-0
-WILSON, WilliamEast FremantleN/A-0
21WILSON-KING, JordanSouth Fremantle31 Oct 1993Wanderers0
13WILTON, ZacharyEast Fremantle25 Apr 1994Booragoon0
99WILTSHIRE, AaronEast Fremantle28 May 1998Rossmoyne0
-WILTSHIRE, JamesPeel Thunder03 Jul 2000South Mandurah FC1
-WIMBRIDGE, FredWest Perth09 Mar 1893-0
-WIN, JaredSwan Districts01 Oct 1995Port Hedland Rovers0
-WINCH, GeorgeEast FremantleN/A-0
-WINDSOR, RobertEast FremantleN/A-0
-WINGROVE, BenWest Perth09 Jul 1989Kingsley JFC0
-WINMAR, JasonSouth Fremantle05 Apr 2000Brookton/ Pingelly FC1
-WINMAR, LaurenceEast Fremantle11 Jun 1966-0
-WINMAR, LloydWest Perth09 May 1977-0
-WINMAR, NeilSouth Fremantle25 Sep 1965-0
22WINMAR, NeilPerth08 Apr 1997Maddington0
19WINMAR, NicholasClaremont27 Apr 1991Scarborough JFC1
-WINNER, RodneyWest Perth12 Jun 1973-0
-WINNETT, MarkEast Fremantle22 Aug 1979-0
12WINTER, JarradSouth Fremantle06 Jan 1989Lakes JFC0
59WINTERS, JackPeel Thunder23 Aug 1995Secret Harbour0
22WINTON, DylanEast Fremantle27 Jul 1996Halls Head JFC3
-WIRA, BradleyClaremont16 Mar 1972North Albany0
-WIRRAPUNDA, DavidEast Perth03 Aug 1979Healsville0
62WISE, DanielEast Fremantle29 Jan 1993Gosnells0
-WISE, StanleyEast Fremantle09 Mar 1905-0
30WISHNOWSKY, MitchellPerth03 Mar 1992Federals0
-WITHELL, SidneyEast Fremantle16 May 1896-0
-WITHEROW, DenymPeel Thunder24 Sep 1974-0
26WITYK, IvanEast Perth26 Mar 1995Mt Lawley Inglewood JFC 0
39WITYK, StevenSwan Districts02 Feb 1992Bayswater Morley JFC/EPFC1
-WOEWODIN, ShaneEast Fremantle12 Jul 1976Bullcreek Leeming JFC0
54WOHLING, CameronSubiaco20 Mar 1994Gibson0
33WOJTOWICZ, RileySubiaco05 Aug 1999Boulder City1
-WOLAK, MarcusSouth Fremantle23 Aug 1972-0
-WOLF, ClintonClaremont18 Dec 1968-0
5WOLFE, JoshuaSwan Districts01 Oct 1998Swan View JFC0
-WOLFENDEN, BrettPerth20 Jul 1989High Wycombe JFC/SDFC0
-WOOD, AngusEast Fremantle01 Feb 2001Railways JFC0
41WOOD, BenjaminPeel Thunder06 Jan 1996Harvey0
-WOOD, DonaldEast FremantleN/A-0
-WOOD, GraemeEast Fremantle06 Nov 1956-0
-WOOD, JustinPeel Thunder18 Dec 1979-0
2WOOD, MichaelSubiaco15 Jul 1994Sorrento Duncraig JFC0
-WOOD, StevenSwan Districts30 Mar 1985Toodyay MFL0
47WOOD, Thomas Peel Thunder31 Oct 1990South Mandurah0
99WOOD, TysonSwan Districts13 Oct 1996HBL0
55WOODALL, BenClaremont20 Jan 1988West Perth0
20WOODEN, JacobSubiaco16 Jun 1988Collie0
-WOODEN, JoshuaClaremont14 Nov 1978Port Adelaide0
-WOODLEY, ChristianPeel Thunder10 Jul 1979-0
99WOODLEY, JeremySubiaco15 May 1996Kingsley JFC0
26WOODLEY, JustinSubiaco21 Apr 1997Kingsway JFC0
-WOODS, AndrewEast Fremantle06 Jul 1868-0
-WOODS, AndrewSwan Districts11 May 1996Karratha Kats0
3WOODS, BoydSouth Fremantle29 Jun 1998Katanning0
31WOODS, BrandonClaremont16 Feb 1999Albany Football Club0
-WOODS, CliffordEast Fremantle03 Apr 1923-0
5WOODS, DionPerth25 Jan 1982Belmont JFC0
-WOODS, FabianPerth16 Jun 1983Belmont JFC0
64WOODS, GregsonWest Perth10 Jul 1984Ellenbrook FC1
57WOODS, HenrySouth Fremantle05 Nov 1992Denmark0
29WOODS, JaydenSouth Fremantle19 Sep 1989North Albany0
19WOODS, JyrinClaremont04 Aug 1994Royals - Albany0
-WOODS, KeithEast Fremantle09 Apr 1925-0
-WOODS, LindsayPerth24 May 1983-0
-WOODS, MarlonPeel Thunder23 Nov 1974-0
-WOODS, MichaelEast Fremantle06 Feb 1904-0
-WOODS, NormanPerth24 Jan 1982-0
-WOODS, NormanEast Fremantle24 Jan 1982-0
-WOODS, OwenSouth Fremantle29 Feb 1976-0
-WOODS, RobertSouth Fremantle04 Aug 2001Bibra Lakes JFC0
21WOODS-HUNTER, MarleyPeel Thunder09 Dec 1995Pinjarra0
-WOOLDRIDGE, MatthewPeel Thunder15 Jan 1975-0
-WOOLES, LawsonClaremont28 Apr 2001Cottesloe JFC0
-WOOTTON, GregSouth Fremantle13 Jul 1971-0
-WORLAND, AndrewEast Perth26 Jun 1973-0
-WORSFOLD, JohnSouth Fremantle25 Sep 1968-0
-WORSFOLD, PeterSouth Fremantle11 Jul 1970-0
-WORTH , KalePerth08 Dec 1998Gin Gin FC1
8WORTHINGTON, ScottSubiaco28 Jan 1991Boulder City0
-WRENSTED, MurrayEast Fremantle26 Aug 1964-0
8WRIGHT, BenjaminPeel Thunder02 May 1986Waroona JFC0
44WRIGHT, BenjaminSouth Fremantle23 Jun 1997Melville0
99WRIGHT, DamianPerth20 Sep 1995Huntingdale JFC0
67WRIGHT, DavidClaremont06 May 1989Marist JFC0
-WRIGHT, MatthewClaremont28 Aug 1973-0
-WRIGHT, MichaelEast Fremantle02 Jan 2001Chapman Valley Juniors1
7WRIGHT, StanleyEast Perth18 Mar 1998Dunsbrough1
-WRIGHT, TomEast Fremantle03 Dec 1999Winnacott JFC1
-WRIGHT, WilburEast FremantleN/A-0
-WRIGHT, WilfredEast Fremantle17 Apr 1929-0
-WRIGHTSON, ArthurEast Fremantle30 Mar 1886-0
-WRIGHTSON , GusEast Perth17 Dec 2001Augusta Margaret River JFC0
-WRIGHTSON, RoyEast Fremantle01 Mar 1891-0
20WRIGLEY, ChadPeel Thunder14 Nov 1997Halls Head JFC0
26WRIGLEY, ChristopherPeel Thunder22 Jun 1995Rockingham1
70WROTH, HarrisonClaremont22 Feb 1998Cottesloe JFC0
4WULF, DanielSwan Districts19 May 1980St Kilda0
13WULFF, CraigEast Perth13 Feb 1983Thornlie JFC0
-WULFF, OttoEast Fremantle04 Oct 1885-0
46WYATT, AlexSouth Fremantle19 Jun 1991Winnacott JFC0
65WYATT, CheSubiaco09 Sep 1998Esperance FC1
33WYBENGA, TennaseyPerth19 Jan 2000Thornlie JFC1
-WYLLIE, JonathonSubiaco09 May 1982-0
-WYNNE, JamiePerth27 Jan 1971-0
39WYNNE, JaredPerth03 Oct 1998Northam Railways1
52WYNNE, JesseEast Fremantle18 Jan 1997Swanbourne JFC1
-WYNNE, JohnWest Perth24 Sep 1947-0
57WYNNE, RussellEast Fremantle29 Mar 1997Mt Barker / Clontarf1
-WYNNE, WayneEast Perth14 Apr 1978-0
85WYTHES, JordanPeel Thunder09 Dec 1993Warnbro JFC0
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