About the Dhara Kerr Award

The Dhara Kerr Medal is awarded to the best and fairest player in the WAFL Women's (WAFLW) during the home-and-away season, as determined by votes cast by the officiating field umpires after each game. The award was part of the original West Australian Women's Football League competition and was carried over to the WAFLW when it commenced in 2019. Kerr was born in Warrnambool, Victoria in 1971 and died in Perth in 1995, three years after she had relocated to Western Australia and begun playing football for Innaloo.

Dhara Kerr Medalists - West Australian Football League
Season Winner Club Votes
2023Jayme HarkenClaremont24
2022Sharon WongEast Fremantle18
2021Ella SmithClaremont15
2020Danika PisconeriSubiaco9
2019Hayley MillerSubiaco13
2019Danika PisconeriSubiaco13
Dhara Kerr Medalists - WAWFL from 1988 - 2018
Season Winner Club Votes
2018 Hayley Miller Coastal Titans  
2017 Jodie White Coastal Titans  
2016 Kiara Bowers Coastal Titans  
2016 Emma King Coastal Titans  
2015 Kiara Bowers Coastal Titans  
2014 Kiara Bowers Coastal Titans  
2013 Kiara Bowers Coastal Titans  
2013 Chelsea Randall Swan Districts  
2012 Lauren Stammers Coastal Titans  
2011 Melissa Caulfield East Fremantle  
2010 Melissa Caulfield Southern River  
2009 Deanne Coates Coastal Titans  
2009 Kiara Bowers Southern River  
2008 Deanne Coates Coastal Titans  
2007 Shelley Matcham Melville  
2007 Louise Knitter Gosnells  
2006 Belinda Bentley Melville  
2005 Louise Knitter Forrestfield  
2004 Louise Knitter Forrestfield  
2003 Louise Knitter Forrestfield  
2002 Deanne Coates Innaloo  
2001 Priscilla Harry Southern Thunder  
2000 Amanda Crean UWA  
1999 Amanda Crean UWA  
1998 Amanda Crean UWA  
1997 Louise Knitter Koonga Valley  
1996 Tammy Licence Melville  
1995 Kylie Hodges Vic Park  
1994 Dhara Kerr Innaloo  
1993 Dhara Kerr Innaloo  
1992 Dhara Kerr Innaloo  
1992 Kelley Lutey Carlisle  
1991 Larissa Ukich Melville  
1990 Kara Graham Innaloo  
1989 Karen Cooper Carlisle  
1988 Kara Graham Innaloo