About Joanne Huggins Leading Goalkicker Award

The Joanne Huggins Leadings Goal Kicker is awarded to the players with the most goals in the WAFLW League competition during the home and away season.

Joanne Huggins Leading Goalkicker
Season Player Club GOALS (H&A) GOALS (FINALS)
2023Adele ArnupClaremont260
2022Kate BartlettPeel Thunder390
2021Kate BartlettPeel Thunder353
2020Kira PhillipsPeel Thunder134
2019Tarnee TesterSubiaco261
Joanne Huggins Leading Goalkicker - WAWFL from 1990 - 2018
Season Player Club GOALS (H&A) GOALS (FINALS)
2018 Kira Phillips Peel Thunder    
2017 Kira Phillips Peel Thunder    
2016 Amy Lavell Coastal Titans    
2015 Trisha Ramsay Coastal Titans    
2014 Trisha Ramsay Coastal Titans    
2013 Trisha Ramsay Coastal Titans    
2012 Kiara Bowers Coastal Titans    
2011 Amber Steiber East Fremantle    
2011 Melissa Caulfield East Fremantle    
2010 Ashlee Atkins Swan Districts    
2009 Loren Fricker Coastal Titans    
2008 Loren Fricker Coastal Titans    
2007 Loren Fricker Coastal Titans    
2006 Krystal Rivers Coastal Titans    
2005 Natalie McDonald Coastal Titans    
2004 Charlene Headland Southern Thunder    
2003 Jodie Shuttleworth Innaloo    
2002 Danielle Fagents Innaloo    
2001 Joanne Hartley Southern Thunder    
2000 Denise Wallace Melville    
1999 Nicole George Belmont    
1999 Denise Wallace Melville    
1998 Nicole George Belmont    
1997 Cindy Farinosi Innaloo    
1996 Vanessa Chrisp Innaloo    
1995 Kelley Lutey Vic Park    
1994 Susan Daly Vic Park    
1993 Karen Cooper Vic Park    
1992 Kelley Lutey Carlisle    
1991 Janice Woods Carlisle    
1990 Kelley Lutey Carlisle